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Jordi Serratosa's work

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!ENTITY devmgr.title                           "Gestor de dispositius">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE ( This is CSS style for Device Manager
     window size. Don't translate "width" nor "height". Adjust the numbers
     to make window contents fit. -->
<!ENTITY                           "width: 56em; height: 36em;">

<!ENTITY devmgr.devlist.label                   "Mòduls i dispositius de seguretat">
<!ENTITY devmgr.details.title                   "Detalls">
<!ENTITY devmgr.details.title2                  "Valor">
<!ENTITY devmgr.status.label                    "Estat">
<!ENTITY devmgr.version.label                   "Versió">

<!ENTITY devmgr.button.changeslotname.label     "Reanomena la ranura">
<!ENTITY devmgr.button.changeslotname.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY devmgr.button.login.label              "Inicia la sessió">
<!ENTITY devmgr.button.login.accesskey          "n">
<!ENTITY devmgr.button.logout.label             "Finalitza la sessió">
<!ENTITY devmgr.button.logout.accesskey         "z">
<!ENTITY devmgr.button.changepw.label           "Canvia la contrasenya">
<!ENTITY devmgr.button.changepw.accesskey       "y">
<!ENTITY devmgr.button.load.label               "Carrega">
<!ENTITY devmgr.button.load.accesskey           "g">
<!ENTITY devmgr.button.unload.label             "Descarrega">
<!ENTITY devmgr.button.unload.accesskey         "D">
<!ENTITY devmgr.button.fips.accesskey           "F">

<!ENTITY                        "Introduïu la informació del mòdul que voleu afegir.">
<!ENTITY loaddevice.modname                     "Nom del mòdul:">
<!ENTITY loaddevice.modname.accesskey           "m">
<!ENTITY loaddevice.modname.default             "Nou mòdul PKCS#11">
<!ENTITY loaddevice.filename                    "Nom de fitxer del mòdul:">
<!ENTITY loaddevice.filename.accesskey          "f">
<!ENTITY loaddevice.browse                      "Navega…">
<!ENTITY loaddevice.browse.accesskey            "N">

<!ENTITY loaddevice.title                       "Carrega el dispositiu PKCS#11">