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<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.titleseparator): DONT_TRANSLATE -->
<!ENTITY mainWindow.titleseparator " - ">

<!ENTITY back.label            "Enrere">
<!ENTITY back.tooltip          "Enrere">
<!ENTITY forward.label         "Endavant">
<!ENTITY forward.tooltip       "Endavant">
<!ENTITY reload.label          "Actualitza">
<!ENTITY reload.tooltip        "Actualitza">
<!ENTITY stop.label            "Atura">
<!ENTITY stop.tooltip          "Atura">
<!ENTITY search.label          "Cerca">
<!ENTITY search.tooltip        "Cerca">
<!ENTITY go.label              "Vés-hi">
<!ENTITY go.tooltip            "Vés-hi">
<!ENTITY openLocation.label    "Obre una ubicació">
<!ENTITY openLocation.tooltip  "Obre una ubicació">
<!ENTITY star.label            "Senyala">
<!ENTITY star.tooltip          "Afegeix a les adreces d'interès">
<!ENTITY bookmarks.label       "Adreces d'interès">
<!ENTITY bookmarks.tooltip     "Visualitza les adreces d'interès">

<!ENTITY newtab.label          "Crea una pestanya">
<!ENTITY closetab.label        "Tanca la pestanya">

<!ENTITY cut.label             "Retalla">
<!ENTITY copy.label            "Copia">
<!ENTITY copylink.label        "Copia l'enllaç">
<!ENTITY paste.label           "Enganxa">
<!ENTITY delete.label          "Suprimeix">
<!ENTITY selectAll.label       "Selecciona-ho tot">
<!ENTITY noSuggestions.label   "(Cap suggeriment)">
<!ENTITY addToDictionary.label "Afegeix al diccionari">

<!ENTITY bookmarksHeader.label     "Adreces d'interès">
<!ENTITY bookmarksManage.label     "Gestiona">
<!ENTITY foldersHeader.label       "Carpetes">

<!ENTITY editBookmarkEdit.label    "Edita">
<!ENTITY editBookmarkMove.label    "Mou">
<!ENTITY editBookmarkTags.label    "Etiquetes:">
<!ENTITY editBookmarkDone.label    "Fet">

<!ENTITY findOnCmd.label     "Cerca a la pàgina…">
<!ENTITY findOnCmd.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY findOnCmd.commandkey "f">
<!ENTITY findAgainCmd.label  "Torna a cercar">
<!ENTITY findAgainCmd.accesskey "r">
<!ENTITY findAgainCmd.commandkey "g">
<!ENTITY findAgainCmd.commandkey2 "VK_F3">

<!ENTITY addonsHeader.label        "Complements">
<!ENTITY addonsLocal.label         "Els vostres complements">
<!ENTITY addonsRepo.label          "Aconsegueix complements">
<!ENTITY addonsRecommended.label   "Vegeu els recomanats">
<!ENTITY addonsSearch.label        "Cerqueu-ne al catàleg">
<!ENTITY addonsSearch.emptytext    "Cerqueu uns complements">

<!ENTITY addonOptions.label        "Opcions">
<!ENTITY addonEnable.label         "Habilita">
<!ENTITY addonDisable.label        "Inhabilita">
<!ENTITY addonInstall.label        "Instaŀla">
<!ENTITY addonUninstall.label      "Desinstaŀla">
<!ENTITY addonCancel.label         "Canceŀla">

<!ENTITY downloadsHeader.label     "Baixades">
<!ENTITY downloadsSortDate.label   "Per data">
<!ENTITY downloadsSortSite.label   "Per lloc">
<!ENTITY downloadsSortName.label   "Per nom">
<!ENTITY downloadsSearch.label     "Cerca">
<!ENTITY downloadsSearch.emptytext "Cerca un fitxer baixat">

<!ENTITY downloadShowPage.label    "Vés a la pàgina">
<!ENTITY downloadShow.label        "Cerca un fitxer">
<!ENTITY downloadOpen.label        "Obre un fitxer">
<!ENTITY downloadCancel.label      "Canceŀla">
<!ENTITY downloadPause.label       "Posa en pausa">
<!ENTITY downloadResume.label      "Reprèn">
<!ENTITY downloadRetry.label       "Reintenta">

<!ENTITY identity.unverifiedsite2 "El lloc web no proporciona informació d'identitat.">
<!ENTITY identity.connectedTo "Esteu connectat a">
<!-- Localization note (identity.runBy) : This string appears between a
domain name (above) and an organization name (below). E.g.
which is run by
Example Enterprises, Inc.

The layout of the identity dialog prevents combining this into a single string with
substitution variables.  If it is difficult to translate the sense of the string
with that structure, consider a translation which ignores the preceding domain and
just addresses the organization to follow, e.g. "This site is run by " -->
<!ENTITY identity.runBy "que funciona amb">