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Migrating aurora to beta for Firefox 10

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<!-- General -->

<!ENTITY calendar.calendar.label     "Calendari">
<!ENTITY calendar.calendar.accesskey "C">

<!ENTITY calendar.newevent.button.tooltip         "Crea una cita nova" >
<!ENTITY calendar.newtask.button.tooltip          "Crea una tasca nova" >

<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.todoitems.label       "Tasques" >
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.showcompletedtodos.label "Mostra les tasques finalitzades">

<!ENTITY       "Avui">
<!ENTITY calendar.tomorrow.button.label       "Demà">
<!ENTITY calendar.soon.button.label           "Aviat">

<!ENTITY "Totes les cites">
<!ENTITY "Cites d'avui">
<!ENTITY "Totes les cites futures">
<!ENTITY "Dia seleccionat actualment">
<!ENTITY "Cites en els propers 7 dies">
<!ENTITY "Cites en els propers 14 dies">
<!ENTITY "Cites en els propers 31 dies">
<!ENTITY "Cites en aquest mes del calendari">

<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.done.label          "Acabada">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.priority.label      "Prioritat">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.title.label         "Títol">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.percentcomplete.label "&#37; realitzat">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.startdate.label     "Inici">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.enddate.label       "Fi">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.duedate.label       "Fi">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.completeddate.label "Finalització">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.categories.label    "Categories">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.location.label      "Ubicació">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.status.label        "Estat">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.calendarname.label  "Nom del calendari">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.duration.label      "Temps restant">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.close.tooltip            "Tanca la llista i la cerca de cites">

<!ENTITY          "Vés a avui" >
<!ENTITY calendar.todaypane.button.tooltip      "Mostra el plafó d'avui" >

<!ENTITY            "Canvia a vista diària" >
<!ENTITY calendar.week.button.tooltip           "Canvia a vista setmanal" >
<!ENTITY calendar.month.button.tooltip          "Canvia a vista mensual" >
<!ENTITY calendar.multiweek.button.tooltip      "Canvia a vista multisetmanal" >

<!ENTITY calendar.nextday.label                 "Dia següent" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevday.label                 "Dia anterior" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextday.accesskey             "s" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevday.accesskey             "a" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextweek.label                "Setmana següent" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevweek.label                "Setmana anterior" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextweek.accesskey            "S" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevweek.accesskey            "a" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextmonth.label               "Mes següent" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevmonth.label               "Mes anterior" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextmonth.accesskey           "s" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevmonth.accesskey           "a" >

<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.nextday.tooltip    "Un dia després" >
<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.prevday.tooltip    "Un dia abans" >
<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.nextweek.tooltip   "Una setmana després" >
<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.prevweek.tooltip   "Una setmana abans" >
<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.nextmonth.tooltip  "Un mes després" >
<!ENTITY calendar.navigation.prevmonth.tooltip  "Un mes abans" >

<!ENTITY calendar.newevent.button.label         "Cita nova" >
<!ENTITY calendar.newtask.button.label          "Tasca nova" >
<!ENTITY calendar.print.button.label            "Imprimeix" >

<!ENTITY calendar.export.calendar                "Exporta el calendari…" >

<!ENTITY              "Vista diària" >
<!ENTITY calendar.week.button.label             "Vista setmanal" >
<!ENTITY calendar.month.button.label            "Vista mensual" >
<!ENTITY calendar.multiweek.button.label        "Vista multisetmanal" >
<!ENTITY calendar.onlyworkday.checkbox.label    "Només els dies feiners" >
<!ENTITY calendar.onlyworkday.checkbox.accesskey  "d" >
<!ENTITY calendar.displaytodos.checkbox.label   "Tasques visualitzades" >
<!ENTITY calendar.displaytodos.checkbox.accesskey "q" >
<!ENTITY calendar.completedtasks.checkbox.label     "Mostra les tasques finalitzades" >
<!ENTITY calendar.completedtasks.checkbox.accesskey "f" >

<!ENTITY calendar.orientation.label "Gira la vista" >
<!ENTITY calendar.orientation.accesskey "G" >

<!ENTITY " que continguin">

<!ENTITY calendar.list.header.label                 "Calendari">

<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.title.label           "Mostra">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.all.label             "Totes">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.all.accesskey         "T">
<!ENTITY           "Avui">
<!ENTITY       "A">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.next7days.label       "Els pròxims 7 dies">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.next7days.accesskey   "7">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.notstarted.label      "Tasques sense començar">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.notstarted.accesskey  "c">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.overdue.label         "Tasques sobreposades">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.overdue.accesskey     "s">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.completed.label       "Tasques finalitzades">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.completed.accesskey   "f">
<!ENTITY            "Tasques en procés">
<!ENTITY        "p">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE(calendar.task.filter.current.label)
     "Current Tasks" will show all tasks, except those with a start date set
     that is after today and after the selected date. If a task repeats, a
     separate entry will be shown for each of the occurrences that happen on or
     before today (or the selected date, whichever is later). -->

<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.current.label         "Tasques actuals">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.current.accesskey     "u">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.repeating.label       "Tasques repetitives">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.repeating.accesskey   "r">

<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.title.label           "títol">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.organizer.label       "des de">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.priority.label        "prioritat">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.priority.low.label    "Baixa">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.priority.normal.label "Normal">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.priority.high.label   "Alta">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.status.label          "estat">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.category.label        "categoria">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.repeat.label          "repetició">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.attachments.label     "adjuncions">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.start.label           "data d'inici">
<!ENTITY calendar.task-details.due.label             "data de venciment">

<!ENTITY calendar.task.category.button.tooltip  "Categorització de tasques">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.complete.button.tooltip  "Marca les tasques seleccionades com a acabades">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.priority.button.tooltip  "Canvia la prioritat">
<!-- Statusbar -->

<!ENTITY statusText.label            "Document: Fet">
<!-- Context Menu -->

<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewitem.label      "Obre">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewitem.accesskey  "O">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewtask.label      "Obre la tasca…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewtask.accesskey  "O">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newevent.label              "Cita nova…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newevent.accesskey          "C">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newtodo.label               "Tasca nova…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newtodo.accesskey           "o">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletetask.label            "Suprimeix la tasca">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletetask.accesskey        "S">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteevent.label           "Suprimeix la cita">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteevent.accesskey       "S">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.cutevent.label              "Retalla">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.cutevent.accesskey          "t">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.copyevent.label             "Copia">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.copyevent.accesskey         "C">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.pasteevent.label            "Enganxa">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.pasteevent.accesskey        "x">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.button.label                "Plafó d'avui" >
<!ENTITY calendar.context.button.accesskey            "a" >
<!ENTITY       "Assistència" >
<!ENTITY   "s" >
<!ENTITY calendar.context.attendance.occurrence.label "Aquesta cita" >
<!ENTITY calendar.context.attendance.all.label        "Totes les cites" >
<!-- Task Context Menu -->

<!ENTITY calendar.context.progress.label              "En curs">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.progress.accesskey          "E">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.priority.label              "Prioritat">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.priority.accesskey          "r">
<!--=percent sign-->

<!ENTITY percnt "&#38;#37;" >

<!ENTITY calendar.context.markcompleted.label     "Marca finalitzada">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.markcompleted.accesskey "f">

<!ENTITY progress.level.0             "0&percnt; finalitzat">
<!ENTITY progress.level.0.accesskey   "0">
<!ENTITY progress.level.25            "25&percnt; finalitzat">
<!ENTITY progress.level.25.accesskey  "2">
<!ENTITY progress.level.50            "50&percnt; finalitzat">
<!ENTITY progress.level.50.accesskey  "5">
<!ENTITY progress.level.75            "75&percnt; finalitzat">
<!ENTITY progress.level.75.accesskey  "7">
<!ENTITY progress.level.100            "100&percnt; finalitzat">
<!ENTITY progress.level.100.accesskey  "1">

<!ENTITY priority.level.none                "Sense especificar">
<!ENTITY priority.level.none.accesskey      "n">
<!ENTITY priority.level.low                 "Baixa">
<!ENTITY priority.level.low.accesskey       "B">
<!ENTITY priority.level.normal              "Normal">
<!ENTITY priority.level.normal.accesskey    "N">
<!ENTITY priority.level.high                "Alta">
<!ENTITY priority.level.high.accesskey      "A">
<!-- Task View -->
<!-- Note that the above *.context.* strings are currently used for the other
     task action buttons -->

<!ENTITY calendar.taskview.delete.label     "Suprimeix">
<!ENTITY calendar.taskview.delete.accesskey "u">
<!-- Server Context Menu -->

<!ENTITY calendar.context.newserver.label              "Nou calendari">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newserver.accesskey          "N">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.findcalendar.label           "Cerca un calendari…" >
<!ENTITY calendar.context.findcalendar.accesskey       "C" >
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteserver.label           "Suprimeix el calendari">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteserver.accesskey       "S">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.reloadserver.label           "Actualitza els calendaris remots">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.reloadserver.accesskey       "A">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.publish.label                "Publica el calendari…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.publish.accesskey            "b">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.export.label                 "Exporta el calendari…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.export.accesskey             "E">
<!ENTITY             "Propietats">
<!ENTITY         "P">

<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.label              "Converteix en">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.accesskey.mail     "n">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.accesskey.calendar "v">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.event.label        "Cita…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.event.accesskey    "C">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.message.label      "Missatge…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.message.accesskey  "M">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.task.label         "Tasca…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.task.accesskey     "T">

<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.minimonth.label           "Mini mes">
<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.minimonth.accesskey       "M">

<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.calendarlist.label        "Llista de calendaris">
<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.calendarlist.accesskey    "L">

<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.filtertasks.label           "Filtra les tasques">
<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.filtertasks.accesskey       "F">
<!-- Calendar Alarm Dialog -->

<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.location.label              "Lloc:" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.details.label               "Detalls…" >

<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snoozefor.label             "Torna'm a avisar d'aquí " >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snoozeallfor.label          "Torna'm a avisar de tot d'aquí " >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.title.label                 "Alarma del calendari" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.dismiss.label               "Para l'alarma" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.dismissall.label            "Para totes les alarmes" >

<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.5minutes.label       "5 minuts" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.10minutes.label      "10 minuts" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.15minutes.label      "15 minuts" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.30minutes.label      "30 minuts" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.45minutes.label      "45 minuts" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.1hour.label          "1 hora" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.2hours.label         "2 hores" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.1day.label           "1 dia" >
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (calendar.alarm.snooze.cancel)
     This string is not seen in the UI, it is read by screen readers when the
     user focuses the "Cancel" button in the "Snooze for..." popup of the alarm
     dialog. -->

<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.cancel               "Cancel·la l'avís">
<!-- Calendar Server Dialog -->

<!ENTITY calendar.server.dialog.title.edit          "Edita el calendari">
<!ENTITY          "Nom del calendari:">
<!-- Calendar Properties -->

<!ENTITY calendarproperties.color.label                    "Color:">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.webdav.label                   "iCalendar (ICS)">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.caldav.label                   "CalDAV">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.wcap.label                     "Servidor de sistema de calendaris de Java de Sun (WCAP)">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.format.label                   "Format:">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.location.label                 "Ubicació:">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.refreshInterval.label          "Actualització:">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.refreshInterval.manual.label   "Manual">
<!ENTITY                     "Nom:">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.readonly.label                 "Només de lectura">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.firealarms.label               "Mostra les alertes">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.cache2.label                   "Memòria cau">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.enabled.label                  "Mostra aquest calendari">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.forceDisabled.label            "No s'ha pogut trobar el proveïdor d'aquest calendari. Això sol passar quan s'han inhabilitat o s'han desinstal·lat complements.">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.unsubscribe.label              "Cancel·la la subscripció">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.unsubscribe.accesskey          "C">
<!-- Calendar Publish Dialog -->

<!ENTITY calendar.publish.dialog.title              "Publica el calendari">
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.url.label                 "URL de publicació">
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.publish.button      "Publica">
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.close.button      "Tanca">

<!ENTITY calendar.publish.example.url.description   "Quelcom semblant a">
<!-- Select Calendar Dialog -->

<!ENTITY    "Selecció d'un calendari">
<!-- Calendar Printing -->

<!ENTITY calendar.print.window.title "Imprimeix un calendari">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.title.label "Títol:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.layout.label "Format:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.range.label "Què imprimir:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.currentView2.label "Vista actual">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.selectedEventsAndTasks.label "Cites i tasques seleccionades">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.tasks.label "Tasques">
<!ENTITY "Cites">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.selected.label "Cites seleccionades">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.custom.label "Interval de dates personalitzat:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.from.label "De:">
<!ENTITY "Fins:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.settingsGroup.label "Paràmetres d'impressió">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.optionsGroup.label "Opcions">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.taskswithnoduedate.label "Tasques sense data de venciment">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.completedtasks.label "Tasques acabades">
<!-- Error reporting -->

<!ENTITY calendar.error.detail "Detalls…">
<!ENTITY calendar.error.code "Codi d'error:">
<!ENTITY calendar.error.description "Descripció:">
<!ENTITY calendar.error.title "S'ha produït un error">