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   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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<!ENTITY GeneratedName.label                   "Nom">
<!ENTITY GeneratedName.accesskey               "N">
<!ENTITY PrimaryEmail.label                    "Adreça electrònica">
<!ENTITY PrimaryEmail.accesskey                "e">
<!ENTITY Company.label                         "Organització">
<!ENTITY Company.accesskey                     "z">
<!ENTITY _PhoneticName.label                   "Nom fonètic">
<!ENTITY _PhoneticName.accesskey               "o">
<!ENTITY NickName.label                        "Sobrenom">
<!ENTITY NickName.accesskey                    "S">
<!ENTITY SecondEmail.label                     "Adreça electrònica alternativa">
<!ENTITY SecondEmail.accesskey                 "l">
<!ENTITY Department.label                      "Departament">
<!ENTITY Department.accesskey                  "r">
<!ENTITY JobTitle.label                        "Títol">
<!ENTITY JobTitle.accesskey                    "T">
<!ENTITY CellularNumber.label                  "Mòbil">
<!ENTITY CellularNumber.accesskey              "b">
<!ENTITY PagerNumber.label                     "Buscapersones">
<!ENTITY PagerNumber.accesskey                 "p">
<!ENTITY FaxNumber.label                       "Fax">
<!ENTITY FaxNumber.accesskey                   "F">
<!ENTITY HomePhone.label                       "Telèfon particular">
<!ENTITY HomePhone.accesskey                   "u">
<!ENTITY WorkPhone.label                       "Telèfon de la feina">
<!ENTITY WorkPhone.accesskey                   "f">
<!ENTITY ChatName.label                        "Nom de xat">
<!ENTITY ChatName.accesskey                    "x">
<!ENTITY sortAscending.label                   "Ascendent">
<!ENTITY sortAscending.accesskey               "A">
<!ENTITY sortDescending.label                  "Descendent">
<!ENTITY sortDescending.accesskey              "D">