Acholi: update from Pootle
authorSan Emmanuel James <>
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Acholi: update from Pootle
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd
@@ -209,18 +209,18 @@ These should match what Safari and other
 <!ENTITY inspectMenu.label            "Ngiyone matutd">
 <!ENTITY inspectMenu.accesskey        "d">
 <!ENTITY inspectMenu.commandkey       "I">
 <!ENTITY inspectContextMenu.label     "Ngiyo gin moni">
 <!ENTITY inspectContextMenu.accesskey "Q">
-<!ENTITY responsiveDesignTool.label   "Responsive Design View">
-<!ENTITY responsiveDesignTool.accesskey "R">
+<!ENTITY responsiveDesignTool.label   "Neno me Yubu Kakare">
+<!ENTITY responsiveDesignTool.accesskey "N">
 <!ENTITY responsiveDesignTool.commandkey "M">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (scratchpad.label): This menu item label appears
   -  in the Tools menu. See bug 653093.
   -  The Scratchpad is intended to provide a simple text editor for creating
   -  and evaluating bits of JavaScript code for the purposes of function
   -  prototyping, experimentation and convenient scripting.
   -  It's quite possible that you won't have a good analogue for the word
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/
@@ -306,17 +306,17 @@ addKeywordTitleAutoFill=Yeny %S
 # TabView
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (tabview.title): %S is the application name.
 tabview.title=%S - Gur Diricani weng
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (tabview.moveToUnnamedGroup.label): Semi-colon list of plural forms.
 # See:
 # #1 is the page title of the first tab in the unnamed group, 
 # #2 is the number of remaining tabs.
-tabview.moveToUnnamedGroup.label=#1 and 1 more;#1 and #2 more
+tabview.moveToUnnamedGroup.label=#1 ki 1 mukene;#1 ki #2 mukene
 extensions.{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}.name=Dwok kit ma obedo tye kede
 extensions.{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}.description=Kit ma nen kwede.
 # safeModeRestart
 safeModeRestartPromptTitle=Caki odoco ki lamede ma nongo kijuko
 safeModeRestartPromptMessage=I moko adaa ni i mito kwanyo woko lamedd-ons weng matye i te nwoyo cako?
 safeModeRestartButton=Cak odoco
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/advanced-scripts.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/advanced-scripts.dtd
@@ -5,11 +5,11 @@
 <!ENTITY advancedJSDialog.title         "Kite me tero JavaScript madit">
 <!ENTITY window.width                   "37em">
 <!ENTITY allowScripts.label             "Yee ki coc me:">
 <!ENTITY moveResizePopupWindows.label     "Nyik onyo lok dit pa dirija ma pye atura">
 <!ENTITY moveResizePopupWindows.accesskey "N">
 <!ENTITY raiseLowerWindows.label        "Nyik malu onyo dwok ping dirija">
-<!ENTITY raiseLowerWindows.accesskey    "N">
+<!ENTITY raiseLowerWindows.accesskey    "i">
 <!ENTITY disableContextMenus.label      "Mi ka nongo pe tii onyo lok">
 <!ENTITY disableContextMenus.accesskey  "M">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/advanced.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/advanced.dtd
@@ -4,42 +4,42 @@
 <!-- Note: each tab panel must contain unique accesskeys -->
 <!ENTITY generalTab.label                "Kacel">
 <!ENTITY accessibility.label             "Kite me nongo">
 <!ENTITY useCursorNavigation.label       "Tii ki jami me nyiko pi beyo iyi pot buk">
-<!ENTITY useCursorNavigation.accesskey   "n">
+<!ENTITY useCursorNavigation.accesskey   "j">
 <!ENTITY searchStartTyping.label         "Yeny pi coc ka acako coyo coc">
 <!ENTITY searchStartTyping.accesskey     "c">
 <!ENTITY blockAutoRefresh.label          "Kwenyoro ka kakube tye katemo me nyutu onyo pango pot buk">
 <!ENTITY blockAutoRefresh.accesskey      "k">
 <!ENTITY browsing.label                  "Yenyo">
 <!ENTITY useAutoScroll.label             "Tii ki nyiko makene">
 <!ENTITY useAutoScroll.accesskey         "n">
 <!ENTITY useSmoothScrolling.label        "Tii ki nyiko mayot">
 <!ENTITY useSmoothScrolling.accesskey    "a">
 <!ENTITY allowHWAccel.label              "Tii ki dwiro ma nyonyo medo ka tye">
 <!ENTITY allowHWAccel.accesskey          "o">
 <!ENTITY checkSpelling.label             "Rot nukta mamega calo A co">
-<!ENTITY checkSpelling.accesskey         "c">
+<!ENTITY checkSpelling.accesskey         "R">
 <!ENTITY systemDefaults.label            "Kite ne">
 <!ENTITY alwaysCheckDefault.label        "Jwii nen pi &brandShortName; bedo i kite ne iyi acaki">
 <!ENTITY alwaysCheckDefault.accesskey    "w">
 <!ENTITY setDefault.label                "Mii &brandShortName; obedlayeny ma gang">
 <!ENTITY setDefault.accesskey            "l">
 <!ENTITY isDefault.label                 "&brandShortName; obedo layeny me gang mamegi">
 <!ENTITY submitCrashes.label             "Cwal ngec me poto atura">
-<!ENTITY submitCrashes.accesskey         "C">
+<!ENTITY submitCrashes.accesskey         "w">
 <!ENTITY submitTelemetry.label           "Cwal tic me jami">
 <!ENTITY submitTelemetry.accesskey       "t">
 <!ENTITY networkTab.label                "Kakube me wiyamo">
 <!ENTITY connection.label                "Kite me kube">
 <!ENTITY connectionDesc.label            "Yik kite ma &brandShortName; kube kede">
@@ -55,27 +55,27 @@
   &limitCacheSizeBefore.label [textbox for cache size in MB] &limitCacheSizeAfter.label;
 <!ENTITY limitCacheSizeBefore.label      "Mi ka gwoko obed manok">
 <!ENTITY limitCacheSizeBefore.accesskey  "M">
 <!ENTITY limitCacheSizeAfter.label       "Rwom kabedo me MB">
 <!ENTITY clearCacheNow.label             "Kwany Kombedi">
-<!ENTITY clearCacheNow.accesskey         "K">
+<!ENTITY clearCacheNow.accesskey         "w">
 <!ENTITY clearOfflineAppCacheNow.label   "Kwany Kombedi">
-<!ENTITY clearOfflineAppCacheNow.accesskey "K">
+<!ENTITY clearOfflineAppCacheNow.accesskey "w">
 <!ENTITY overrideSmartCacheSize.label    "Le kit ne ma kene ki kite me loyo gwoko">
 <!ENTITY overrideSmartCacheSize.accesskey "L">
 <!ENTITY updateTab.label                 "Ngec">
 <!ENTITY updateApp.label                 "&brandShortName; Ngec:">
 <!ENTITY updateAuto.label                "Ket ngec pire kene (kimoko woko: gwoko kuc ma ki yubo)">
-<!ENTITY updateAuto.accesskey            "K">
+<!ENTITY updateAuto.accesskey            "n">
 <!ENTITY updateCheck.label               "Rot pi ngec, ento wek ayer ka aromo keto gi">
 <!ENTITY updateCheck.accesskey           "R">
 <!ENTITY updateManual.label              "Pe i rot pi ngec (pe kimoko: twero me gwoko kuc)">
 <!ENTITY updateManual.accesskey          "P">
 <!ENTITY updateAutoAddonWarn.label       "Kwenyoro an ka ma eni ni obi mino lamed pe tiyo kakare">
 <!ENTITY updateAutoAddonWarn.accesskey   "K">
@@ -104,17 +104,17 @@
 <!ENTITY protocols.label                 "Cik">
 <!ENTITY useSSL3.label                   "Tii ki SSL 3.0">
 <!ENTITY useSSL3.accesskey               "3">
 <!ENTITY useTLS1.label                   "Tii ki TLS 1.0">
 <!ENTITY useTLS1.accesskey               "1">
 <!ENTITY certificates.label              "Certificates">
 <!ENTITY certSelection.description       "Ka lapok tic kwayo pi Certificate para:">
-<!ENTITY                      "Yer acel pire kene">
+<!ENTITY                      "Yer acel pire kekene">
 <!ENTITY            "I">
 <!ENTITY certs.ask                       "Penya caa weng">
 <!ENTITY certs.ask.accesskey             "i">
 <!ENTITY viewCerts.label                 "Nen karatac me ngec">
 <!ENTITY viewCerts.accesskey             "t">
 <!ENTITY viewCRLs.label                  "Revocation me yiko">
 <!ENTITY viewCRLs.accesskey              "R">
 <!ENTITY verify2.label                   "Neno">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/colors.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/colors.dtd
@@ -6,21 +6,21 @@
 <!ENTITY  window.width                    "38em">
 <!ENTITY  window.macWidth                 "41em">
 <!ENTITY  allowPagesToUse.label           "Wek pot buk i yero rangi mamegi, akaka en ma an ayero ki malu eni">
 <!ENTITY  allowPagesToUse.accesskey       "W">
 <!ENTITY  color                           "Nyig coc ki Yonge">
 <!ENTITY  textColor.label                 "Nyig coc:">
-<!ENTITY  textColor.accesskey             "N">
+<!ENTITY  textColor.accesskey             "i">
 <!ENTITY  backgroundColor.label           "Ngeye:">
 <!ENTITY  backgroundColor.accesskey       "N">
 <!ENTITY  useSystemColors.label           "Tii ki kala ne">
 <!ENTITY  useSystemColors.accesskey       "i">
 <!ENTITY  underlineLinks.label            "Ngol te kakube">
-<!ENTITY  underlineLinks.accesskey        "N">
+<!ENTITY  underlineLinks.accesskey        "o">
 <!ENTITY  links                           "Rangi me Kubo">
 <!ENTITY  linkColor.label                 "Kakubo ma pe kilimo:">
 <!ENTITY  linkColor.accesskey             "a">
 <!ENTITY  visitedLinkColor.label          "Kakube ma kilimo:">
 <!ENTITY  visitedLinkColor.accesskey      "K">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/connection.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/connection.dtd
@@ -10,17 +10,17 @@
 <!ENTITY  proxyTitle.label              "Yik kite me neno intanet">
 <!ENTITY  noProxyTypeRadio.label        "Proxy peke">
 <!ENTITY  noProxyTypeRadio.accesskey    "y">
 <!ENTITY  systemTypeRadio.label         "Tii ki proxy me nyonyo">
 <!ENTITY  systemTypeRadio.accesskey     "T">
 <!ENTITY  WPADTypeRadio.label           "Nong proxy mekene iyi kakube">
 <!ENTITY  WPADTypeRadio.accesskey       "u">
 <!ENTITY  manualTypeRadio.label         "Yiko proxy maiketo:">
-<!ENTITY  manualTypeRadio.accesskey     "Y">
+<!ENTITY  manualTypeRadio.accesskey     "x">
 <!ENTITY  autoTypeRadio.label           "Cano proxi kene i URL:">
 <!ENTITY  autoTypeRadio.accesskey       "C">
 <!ENTITY  reload.label                  "Pang odoco">
 <!ENTITY  reload.accesskey              "a">
 <!ENTITY  ftp.label                     "FTP me Proxi:">
 <!ENTITY  ftp.accesskey                 "F">
 <!ENTITY  http.label                    "HTTP Proxi:">
 <!ENTITY  http.accesskey                "x">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/content.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/content.dtd
@@ -1,19 +1,19 @@
 <!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
    - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
    - file, You can obtain one at -->
 <!ENTITY  blockPopups.label           "Jami me windows me Bloc pop-up">
 <!ENTITY  blockPopups.accesskey       "B">
 <!ENTITY  popupExceptions.label       "Mukene…">
-<!ENTITY  popupExceptions.accesskey   "M">
+<!ENTITY  popupExceptions.accesskey   "e">
 <!ENTITY  loadImages.label            "Ket cale kene">
-<!ENTITY  loadImages.accesskey        "c">
+<!ENTITY  loadImages.accesskey        "l">
 <!ENTITY  exceptions.label            "Mukene…">
 <!ENTITY  exceptions.accesskey        "u">
 <!ENTITY  enableJavaScript.label      "Mi JavaScript tii">
 <!ENTITY  enableJavaScript.accesskey  "J">
 <!ENTITY  advancedJS.label            "Madito…">
 <!ENTITY  advancedJS.accesskey        "d">
@@ -27,15 +27,15 @@
 <!ENTITY  defaultFont.accesskey       "K">
 <!ENTITY  defaultSize.label           "Caji:">
 <!ENTITY  defaultSize.accesskey       "C">
 <!ENTITY  advancedFonts.label         "Madito…">
 <!ENTITY  advancedFonts.accesskey     "M">
 <!ENTITY  colors.label                "Kala mapol…">
-<!ENTITY  colors.accesskey            "K">
+<!ENTITY  colors.accesskey            "o">
 <!ENTITY languages.label              "Leb mapol">
 <!ENTITY chooseLanguage.label         "Yer leb ma imito pi nyuto pot buk">
 <!ENTITY chooseButton.label           "Yer…">
 <!ENTITY chooseButton.accesskey       "e">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/fonts.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/fonts.dtd
@@ -13,17 +13,17 @@
 <!ENTITY  size.label                              "Ditere:">
 <!ENTITY  sizeProportional.accesskey              "z">
 <!ENTITY  sizeMonospace.accesskey                 "e">
 <!ENTITY  proportional.label                      "Rom ne:">
 <!ENTITY  proportional.accesskey                  "R">
 <!ENTITY  serif.label                             "Rek ari macek:">
-<!ENTITY  serif.accesskey                         "R">
+<!ENTITY  serif.accesskey                         "e">
 <!ENTITY  sans-serif.label                        "Sans-serif:">
 <!ENTITY  sans-serif.accesskey                    "n">
 <!ENTITY  monospace.label                         "Monospace:">
 <!ENTITY  monospace.accesskey                     "M">
 <!ENTITY  font.langGroup.latin1                   "Tung poto ceng">
 <!ENTITY  font.langGroup.latin2                   "Central European">
 <!ENTITY  font.langGroup.japanese                 "Japanese">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/main.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/main.dtd
@@ -6,29 +6,29 @@
 <!ENTITY startupPage.label         "Ka &brandShortName; Ocake:">
 <!ENTITY startupPage.accesskey     "O">
 <!ENTITY startupHomePage.label     "Nyut pot buk me acaki mera">
 <!ENTITY startupBlankPage.label    "Nyut pot buk ma tye nono">
 <!ENTITY startupLastSession.label  "Nyut dirija mera ki tab cako iyi mukato">
 <!ENTITY homepage.label            "Pot buk magang:">
-<!ENTITY homepage.accesskey        "m">
+<!ENTITY homepage.accesskey        "u">
 <!ENTITY useCurrentPage.label      "Tii ki pot karatc ma kombedi">
 <!ENTITY useCurrentPage.accesskey  "p">
 <!ENTITY useMultiple.label         "Tii ki pot buk ma kombedi">
 <!ENTITY chooseBookmark.label      "Tii ki Lagwokk…">
 <!ENTITY chooseBookmark.accesskey  "L">
 <!ENTITY restoreDefault.label      "Dwok wa ikit macon">
 <!ENTITY restoreDefault.accesskey  "D">
 <!ENTITY downloads.label     "Kwanyo">
 <!ENTITY showWhenDownloading.label     "Nyut pot buk me kwanyo ka itye kakwanyo buk">
-<!ENTITY showWhenDownloading.accesskey "m">
+<!ENTITY showWhenDownloading.accesskey "b">
 <!ENTITY closeWhenDone.label "Ceg ka lakwany weng gutum">
 <!ENTITY closeWhenDone.accesskey "k">
 <!ENTITY saveTo.label "Gwok buk iyi">
 <!ENTITY saveTo.accesskey "w">
 <!ENTITY chooseFolderWin.label        "Yeny…">
 <!ENTITY chooseFolderWin.accesskey    "e">
 <!ENTITY chooseFolderMac.label        "Yer…">
 <!ENTITY chooseFolderMac.accesskey    "r">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/privacy.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/privacy.dtd
@@ -1,31 +1,31 @@
 <!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
    - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
    - file, You can obtain one at -->
 <!ENTITY tracking.label                 "Ngiyo">
 <!ENTITY doNotTrack.label               "Waci kakube me Web ni pe amito ni kimaka">
-<!ENTITY doNotTrack.accesskey           "e">
+<!ENTITY doNotTrack.accesskey           "a">
 <!ENTITY  history.label                 "Lok macon">
 <!ENTITY  locationBar.label             "Kabedo ne">
 <!ENTITY  locbar.pre.label              "Ka itic ki kabedo ne, mi tam:">
 <!ENTITY  locbar.pre.accessKey          "i">
 <!ENTITY             "">
 <!ENTITY  locbar.both.label             "Lok macon ki Alama me buk mapol">
 <!ENTITY  locbar.history.label          "Lok macon">
 <!ENTITY  locbar.bookmarks.label        "Alama me buk mapol">
 <!ENTITY  locbar.nothing.label          "Gin mo pe">
 <!ENTITY  acceptCookies.label           "Yee jami ma i kakube mukene">
-<!ENTITY  acceptCookies.accesskey       "Y">
+<!ENTITY  acceptCookies.accesskey       "j">
 <!ENTITY  acceptThirdParty.label        "Yee jami mukene">
 <!ENTITY  acceptThirdParty.accesskey    "e">
 <!ENTITY  keepUntil.label               "Gwok naka wang ma i:">
 <!ENTITY  keepUntil.accesskey           "G">
 <!ENTITY  expire.label                  "gutwero gik woko">
@@ -60,17 +60,17 @@
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (dontrememberActions.pre.label): include a trailing space as needed -->
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE ( include a starting space as needed -->
 <!ENTITY  dontrememberActions.pre.label          "Ka bene imito ">
 <!ENTITY  dontrememberActions.clearHistory.label "kwany woko lok mukato ma kombedi weng">
 <!ENTITY         ".">
 <!ENTITY  privateBrowsingPermanent2.label "Jwii tii ki kite me yenyo mamegi">
-<!ENTITY  privateBrowsingPermanent2.accesskey "k">
+<!ENTITY  privateBrowsingPermanent2.accesskey "i">
 <!ENTITY  rememberHistory2.label      "Poo ikom yenyo mega ki kwanyo lok macon">
 <!ENTITY  rememberHistory2.accesskey  "k">
 <!ENTITY  rememberSearchForm.label       "Poo ikom yeny ki buk me lok mukato">
 <!ENTITY  rememberSearchForm.accesskey   "b">
 <!ENTITY  clearOnClose.label             "Kwany lok mukato ka &brandShortName; lore">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/security.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/security.dtd
@@ -11,17 +11,17 @@
   useDownloadedList.label convey the meaning "reported" (and not something like
 <!ENTITY  blockAttackSites.label     "Geng woko kakube ma gi cobo">
 <!ENTITY  blockAttackSites.accesskey "g">
 <!ENTITY  blockWebForgeries.label     "Geng kakube ma rac ma gicwalo ngec ne">
-<!ENTITY  blockWebForgeries.accesskey "G">
+<!ENTITY  blockWebForgeries.accesskey "e">
 <!ENTITY  addonExceptions.label         "Mukene…">
 <!ENTITY  addonExceptions.accesskey     "M">
 <!ENTITY  passwords.label               "I cwil me donyo">
 <!ENTITY  rememberPasswords.label       "Poyo i cwil me donyo pi di bar">
--- a/browser/chrome/overrides/netError.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/overrides/netError.dtd
@@ -128,17 +128,17 @@ ni &brandShortName; kimini twero me dony
 <!ENTITY malwareBlocked.longDesc "<p>Kakube ma ki romo monyone romo  keto purugram ma kwalo ngec pa dano, tii ki komputa mamegi me gengo jo mukene, pe gubal kit tic mamegi woko.</p> 
 <p>wegi di bar me Web ma gumoko adaa ni di bar gi ki omiyo ngec ni tye ki gin macobo i bal twero <a href='' >kwa neno ne odoco</a>.</p>">
 <!ENTITY phishingBlocked.title "Web ma Kigeco ni Tic Aranyi!">
 <!ENTITY phishingBlocked.longDesc "<p>Keto kit ngec pa dano mo keken i pot buk man romo kelo adwogi me kwo me i onyo jami mogo marac.</p> 
 <p>kit tic bwami me Web magi kitiyo kwede i kwo ma ngene calo monyo ne, ma pot buk ata ki email kitiyo kwede me ka ma in igeno.</p>">
 <!ENTITY cspFrameAncestorBlocked.title "Kigengo ki Cik me Gwoko ber-bedo pa jami matye iye">
-<!ENTITY cspFrameAncestorBlocked.longDesc "<p>&brandShortName; Kityeko gengo pot buk man ki cano kore ki ki kore pien pot buk tye ki cik me jami matye iye mape yee en.</p>">
+<!ENTITY cspFrameAncestorBlocked.longDesc "<p>&brandShortName; kityeko gengo pot buk man ki cano kore ki ki kore pien pot buk tye ki cik me jami matye iye mape yee en.</p>">
 <!ENTITY corruptedContentError.title "Bal ma Matye Iye">
 <!ENTITY corruptedContentError.longDesc "<p>Pot buk ma i tye katemo neno ne pe romo nyute pien bal me cwalo tic onyutu.</p><ul><li>Tim ber i kube wegi dye bar me Web me miyo gi ngec pi peko man.</li></ul>">
 <!ENTITY securityOverride.linkText "Onyo itwero medo ma kikwanyo…">
 <!ENTITY securityOverride.getMeOutOfHereButton "Kwanya woko ki kany!">
 <!ENTITY securityOverride.exceptionButtonLabel "Med ma Kikwanyo…">
--- a/dom/chrome/netError.dtd
+++ b/dom/chrome/netError.dtd
@@ -52,17 +52,17 @@
 <!ENTITY proxyConnectFailure.title "Lapok tic me Proxi okwero Kube woko">
 <!ENTITY proxyConnectFailure.longDesc "<p>Kicano layeny me tic ki proxi, ento proxi okwero kube woko.</p><ul><li>lapok tic me proxi tika kicane kakare? Rot ter ki item odoco.</li><li>Tic me proxi weko kube ki kakube me wiyamo?</li><li>Pwod itye ki ayela? Kube ki lalo kakube ni me wiyamo onyo lagab intanet pi kony.</li></ul>">
 <!ENTITY proxyResolveFailure.title "Lapok tic me Proxi Pe Ononge">
 <!ENTITY proxyResolveFailure.longDesc "<p>Kiyubu layeny me tic ki lapok tic me proxi, ento proxi pe onongo romo nonge.</p><ul><li>can me proxi pa layeny tye kakare? Rot tera ki item doki.</li><li>Kompiuta tye okube i kakube me wiyamo ma kiti?</li><li>Pwod tye ki ayela? Kube ki lalo kakube me wiyamo ni onyo lagab intanet pi kony.</li></ul>">
 <!ENTITY redirectLoop.title "Nyutu odoco nyo">
-<!ENTITY redirectLoop.longDesc "<p>layeny ogiko teme me gamo jami ma kikwayo pire. Di bar tye kanyutu kwac i yore ma pe bityeko.</p><ul><li> Ityeko juko woko onyo gengo kakube mamite pi di bar mman?</li><li><em>NOTE</em>: Ka yee kakube me di bar pe ocobo peko. romo bedo can pa lapok tic ki pe kompiuta mamegi.</li></ul>">
+<!ENTITY redirectLoop.longDesc "<p>Layeny ogiko teme me gamo jami ma kikwayo pire. Di bar tye kanyutu kwac i yore ma pe bityeko.</p><ul><li> Ityeko juko woko onyo gengo kakube mamite pi di bar mman?</li><li><em>NOTE</em>: Ka yee kakube me di bar pe ocobo peko. romo bedo can pa lapok tic ki pe kompiuta mamegi.</li></ul>">
 <!ENTITY unknownSocketType.title "Lagam mape kakare">
 <!ENTITY unknownSocketType.longDesc "<p>Di bar ogamo kwac me kakube iyore ma pe kigeno ki layeny pe twero mede anyim.</p>">
 <!ENTITY nssFailure2.title "kube ma kwiri pe olare">
 <!ENTITY nssFailure2.longDesc "<p>Pot buk ma itye katemo neno pe romo nyute pien twero pa tic ma kigamo pe onongo romo moko.</p><ul> <li>Tim ber ikupe ki wegi di bar me Web wek imi gi ngec pi peko man.</li></ul>">
 <!ENTITY nssBadCert.title "Gwoko Kubo Pe olare">
--- a/mobile/android/base/android_strings.dtd
+++ b/mobile/android/base/android_strings.dtd
@@ -42,68 +42,75 @@
 <!ENTITY history_today_section "Tin">
 <!ENTITY history_yesterday_section "Lawo">
 <!ENTITY history_week_section "Nino 7 mukato angec">
 <!ENTITY history_older_section "Muti loyo nino 7">
 <!ENTITY reload "Nwo pango">
 <!ENTITY forward "Cwal anyim">
-<!ENTITY menu "Menu">
-<!ENTITY back "Back">
+<!ENTITY menu "Nying Jami">
+<!ENTITY back "Cen">
 <!ENTITY stop "Juk">
-<!ENTITY site_security "Site Security">
+<!ENTITY site_security "Ber bedo me Dyer bar">
 <!ENTITY close_tab "Lor Dirica matidi">
 <!ENTITY new_tab "Tab Manyen">
 <!-- Localization note (num_tabs) : Number of tabs is always more than one. 
      We can't use android plural forms, sadly. See bug #753859. -->
 <!ENTITY num_tabs "&#037;d dirica matidi">
 <!ENTITY new_tab_opened "Kiyabo Tab manyen">
 <!ENTITY settings "Tero">
 <!ENTITY settings_title "Tero">
 <!ENTITY pref_category_general "Kacel">
 <!ENTITY pref_category_privacy "I mung pa dano &amp; Gwoko kuc">
 <!ENTITY pref_category_content "Gin manonge iye">
+<!ENTITY pref_category_importexport "Import &amp; Export">
 <!ENTITY pref_about_firefox "Makwako &brandShortName;">
 <!ENTITY pref_do_not_track "Waci kakube pe maka">
 <!ENTITY pref_telemetry "Cwal tic me jami">
 <!ENTITY pref_remember_signons "Poyo I cwil me donyo">
 <!ENTITY pref_cookies "Mii kakube tii">
 <!ENTITY pref_char_encoding "Kit ma Kicoyo Kwede">
 <!ENTITY pref_char_encoding_on "Nyut acaki">
-<!ENTITY pref_char_encoding_off "Don\'t show menu">
-<!ENTITY pref_clear_history "Jwa lok mukato">
-<!ENTITY pref_clear_history_confirm "Yenyo lok mukato bi jwane woko">
+<!ENTITY pref_char_encoding_off "Pe\ i nyut cako">
 <!ENTITY pref_clear_private_data "Ywe tic pa dano">
-<!ENTITY pref_clear_private_data_confirm "Tero Yenyo, medo iye i cwil me donyo ki kube, ki bi jwano woko">
 <!ENTITY pref_plugins "Rwaki iyie">
 <!ENTITY pref_plugins_enabled "Mi tii">
 <!ENTITY pref_plugins_tap_to_play "Gwet wek tuki">
 <!ENTITY pref_plugins_disabled "Kijuko woko">
 <!ENTITY pref_text_size "Dit pa nyig Coc">
 <!ENTITY pref_font_size_tiny "Tino">
 <!ENTITY pref_font_size_small "Tidi">
 <!ENTITY pref_font_size_medium "Dyere dyere">
 <!ENTITY pref_font_size_large "Lac">
 <!ENTITY pref_font_size_xlarge "Madit loyo">
 <!ENTITY pref_use_master_password "Tii ki i cwil me donyo ma dit">
 <!ENTITY pref_sync "Sync">
+<!ENTITY pref_import_android "Import from Android">
+<!ENTITY pref_private_data_history "Browsing &amp; download history">
+<!ENTITY pref_private_data_formdata "Form &amp; search history">
+<!ENTITY pref_private_data_cookies "Kakube me intanet">
+<!ENTITY pref_private_data_cache "Cache">
+<!ENTITY pref_private_data_sessions "Active logins">
+<!ENTITY pref_private_data_offlineApps "Offline website data">
+<!ENTITY pref_private_data_siteSettings "Site preferences">
 <!ENTITY quit "Wek woko">
 <!ENTITY addons "Lamed-ikome">
 <!ENTITY downloads "Kigolo woko">
 <!ENTITY char_encoding "Kit ma Kicoyo Kwede">
 <!ENTITY share "Nywak">
 <!ENTITY share_title "Nywak kun beo">
 <!ENTITY save_as_pdf "Gwok Calo PDF">
 <!ENTITY find_in_page "Find in Page">
+<!ENTITY desktop_mode "Kwa Di bar me cal ma i kompiuta">
 <!-- Localization note (find_text, find_prev, find_next, find_close) : These strings are used
      as alternate text for accessibility. They are not visible in the UI. -->
 <!ENTITY find_text "Find in Page">
 <!ENTITY find_prev "Previous">
 <!ENTITY find_next "En mukene">
 <!ENTITY find_close "Close">
@@ -135,16 +142,17 @@
 <!ENTITY masterpassword_create_title "Ket I cwil me donyo Madit">
 <!ENTITY masterpassword_remove_title "Kwany woko i cwil me donyo pa Ladit">
 <!ENTITY masterpassword_password "I cwil me donyo">
 <!ENTITY masterpassword_confirm "Mok i cwil me donyo">
 <!ENTITY button_ok "Kakare">
 <!ENTITY button_cancel "Jwik">
+<!ENTITY button_clear_data "Clear data">
 <!ENTITY abouthome_addons_title "Med iwiye pi &brandShortName; megi">
 <!ENTITY abouthome_addons_browse "Yeny &brandShortName; weng pi med iwiye">
 <!ENTITY abouthome_last_tabs_title "Lanyik megi ki kare mukato angec">
 <!ENTITY abouthome_last_tabs_open "Yab Tab weng ki i kare mukato">
 <!ENTITY abouthome_top_sites_title "Kakube maloyo">
 <!ENTITY abouthome_top_sites_browse "Yeny kakube megi lung maloyo">
 <!ENTITY abouthome_no_top_sites "I pe ki kakube maloyo kombedi. Gwet Bao me Nying wek ocak yenyo.">
@@ -165,8 +173,20 @@
 which is run by
 Example Enterprises, Inc.
 The layout of the identity dialog prevents combining this into a single string with
 substitution variables.  If it is difficult to translate the sense of the string
 with that structure, consider a translation which ignores the preceding domain and
 just addresses the organization to follow, e.g. "This site is run by " -->
 <!ENTITY identity_run_by "En aye tiyo kwede">
+<!ENTITY bookmarkhistory_button_import "Import">
+<!ENTITY bookmarkhistory_import_both "Importing bookmarks and history
+                                      from Android">
+<!ENTITY bookmarkhistory_import_bookmarks "Importing bookmarks
+                                           from Android">
+<!ENTITY bookmarkhistory_import_history "Importing history
+                                         from Android">
+<!ENTITY bookmarkhistory_import_wait "Please wait...">
+<!ENTITY private_data_success "Private data cleared">
+<!ENTITY private_data_fail "Some private data could not be cleared">
--- a/mobile/overrides/netError.dtd
+++ b/mobile/overrides/netError.dtd
@@ -112,17 +112,17 @@ bedo pi tutunu, ki iromo temo doki lacen
 <!ENTITY sharedLongDesc2 "<ul> 
 <li>Di bar romo bedi pe nonge onyo tic odio matek. Tem doki ikare mo manok.</li> 
 <li>Ka pe i romo pango pot buk, rot nyonyo mamegi me  tici onyo Wi-Fi connection.</li> 
 <!ENTITY cspFrameAncestorBlocked.title "Kigengo ne ki Cik me Gwoko kuc pa jami matye iye">
-<!ENTITY cspFrameAncestorBlocked.longDesc "<p>&brandShortName; Otyeko gengo pot buk man ki pango iyore man pien pot karatac tye ki cik me jami matye iye mape yee en.</p>">
+<!ENTITY cspFrameAncestorBlocked.longDesc "<p>&brandShortName; otyeko gengo pot buk man ki pango iyore man pien pot karatac tye ki cik me jami matye iye mape yee en.</p>">
 <!ENTITY corruptedContentError.title "Bal me Jami Matye Iye">
 <!ENTITY corruptedContentError.longDesc "<p>Pot buk ma i tye katemo neno ne pe romo nyutu pien bal me cwalo tic onyutu.</p><ul><li>Tim ber i kube wegi di bar me web me mino gi ngec pi peko man.</li></ul>">
 <!ENTITY securityOverride.linkText "Onyo itwero medo ma nikwanyo…">
 <!ENTITY securityOverride.getMeOutOfHereButton "Kwanya woko ki kany!">
 <!ENTITY securityOverride.exceptionButtonLabel "Med ma Nikwanyo…">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (securityOverride.warningContent) - Do not translate the
--- a/mobile/xul/chrome/about.dtd
+++ b/mobile/xul/chrome/about.dtd
@@ -1,11 +1,11 @@
 <!ENTITY aboutPage.title                        "Makwako &brandShortName;">
 <!ENTITY aboutPage.warningVersion               "&brandShortName; kitwero temo ento nyo pe cung matek.">
-<!ENTITY aboutPage.telemetryStart               " cwalo pire kene ngec ikom kite me tic; nyonyo, ki keto pa dano cen i ">
+<!ENTITY aboutPage.telemetryStart               " Cwalo pire kene ngec ikom kite me tic; nyonyo, ki keto pa dano cen i ">
 <!ENTITY aboutPage.telemetryMozillaLink         "&vendorShortName;">
 <!ENTITY aboutPage.telemetryEnd                 " pi konyo miyo &brandShortName; obed maber.">
 <!ENTITY aboutPage.faq.label                    "FAQ">
 <!ENTITY                "Cwak te">
 <!ENTITY aboutPage.privacyPolicy.label          "Cik pa Dano">
 <!ENTITY aboutPage.rights.label                 "Nge Twero ni">
 <!ENTITY aboutPage.relNotes.label               "Gony Coc">
 <!ENTITY aboutPage.credits.label                "Den">