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Acoli: update translations to Aurora 10

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rememberValue = Tii ki Laloo ki cwil me donyo pi poyo ber man.
rememberPassword = Tii ki Laloo icwil me donyo pi poyo icwil man.
savePasswordTitle = Moki
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (rememberPasswordText):
# 1st string is the username for the login, 2nd is the login's hostname. 
# Note that long usernames may be truncated.
rememberPasswordText = Poyo icwil me donyo pi "%1$S" ikom %2$S?
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (rememberPasswordTextNoUsername):
# String is the login's hostname.
rememberPasswordTextNoUsername = Poyo icwil me donyo ikom %S?
notNowButtonText = &Pe Kombedi
notifyBarNotNowButtonText = Pe Kombedi
notifyBarNotNowButtonAccessKey = N
neverForSiteButtonText = P&e pi di bar man
notifyBarNeverRememberButtonText = Pe i poyo icwil pi di bar man
notifyBarNeverRememberButtonAccessKey = e
rememberButtonText = &Poyo
notifyBarRememberPasswordButtonText = Poyo I cwil me dony
notifyBarRememberPasswordButtonAccessKey = R
passwordChangeTitle = Mok Loka me I cwil me donyo
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (updatePasswordText):
# String is the username for the login.
updatePasswordText = Mii ngec manyen pi I cwil me donyo me"%S"?
updatePasswordTextNoUser = Mii ngec manyen pi I cwil me donyo ma kigwoko?
notifyBarUpdateButtonText = Mii ngec manyen pi I cwil me donyo
notifyBarUpdateButtonAccessKey = U
notifyBarDontChangeButtonText = Pe I lok
notifyBarDontChangeButtonAccessKey = D
userSelectText = Tim ber i mok ticene ma i tye kaloko i cwil me donyo pire
hidePasswords=Kan I cwil me donyo
showPasswords=Nyut I cwil me donyo
noMasterPasswordPrompt=I moko adaa ni imito nyutu i cwil mamegi me donyo?
removeAllPasswordsPrompt=I moko adaa ni kimito kwanyo woko i cwil me donyo weng?
removeAllPasswordsTitle=Kwany icwil me donyo weng
loginsSpielAll=I cwil me donyo pi di bar man kigwoko i kompiuta mamegi:
loginsSpielFiltered=I cwil magi rwate ki yeny mamegi: