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Acoli: update translations to Aurora 10

<!ENTITY playButton.playLabel "Tuki">
<!ENTITY playButton.pauseLabel "Cung manok">
<!ENTITY muteButton.muteLabel "Juk">
<!ENTITY muteButton.unmuteLabel "Pe ijuk">

<!ENTITY "Gikube me wiyamo">
<!ENTITY stats.size "Dite">
<!ENTITY stats.activity "Tic">
<!ENTITY stats.activityPaused "Cung manok">
<!ENTITY stats.activityPlaying "Tuku">
<!ENTITY stats.activityEnded "Ogik woko">
<!ENTITY stats.activitySeeking "(Yenyo)">
<!ENTITY stats.volume "Dwone">
<!ENTITY stats.channels "Yore">
<!ENTITY stats.sampleRate "Dit me poro">
<!ENTITY stats.framesParsed "Kituro Purem">
<!ENTITY stats.framesDecoded "Kicono Purem">
<!ENTITY stats.framesPresented "Kinyutu Purem">
<!ENTITY stats.framesPainted "Kilingo woko Purem">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (scrubberScale.nameFormat): the #1 string is the current
media position, and the #2 string is the total duration. For example, when at
the 5 minute mark in a 6 hour long video, #1 would be "5:00" and #2 would be
"6:00:00", result string would be "5:00 of 6:00:00 elapsed".

<!ENTITY scrubberScale.nameFormat "#1 pi #2 otum woko">