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Acoli: update translations to Aurora 10

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Reset=Ter nitit
Submit=Cwal Lapeny
FileUpload=Keto Fail
MediaUpload=Keto Kube
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (IsIndexPromptWithSpace): The last character of the string 
# should be a space (U+0020) in most locales. The prompt is followed by an 
# input field. The space needs be escaped in the property file to avoid 
# trimming.
IsIndexPromptWithSpace=Man en aye obedo namba ma yenye. Ket yeny lok mapire tek: 
ForgotPostWarning=Fom tye ki enctype=%S, en pe tye ki yore =kabedo.  Cwalo karekare kwede yore =GET ki enctype akaka.
ForgotFileEnctypeWarning=Fom tye ki fail, ento pe tye ki method=POST ki enctype=multipart/form-data ikom fom.  Fail pe bi cwale.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (DefaultFormSubject): %S will be replaced with brandShortName
DefaultFormSubject=Fom kicwalo ki %S