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Acoli: update translations to Aurora 10

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (confirmNavigationAway): Used in the Inspector tool, when
# the user tries to navigate away from a web page, to confirm the change of
# page.
confirmNavigationAway.message=Weko pot karatac ma eni ni romo cego woko Lakwed ki loka ma itimo bi rweny woko.
confirmNavigationAway.buttonLeave=Wek pot karatac
confirmNavigationAway.buttonStay=Bed i pot karatac

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (htmlPanel): Used in the Inspector tool's openInspectorUI
# method when registering the HTML panel.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (htmlPanel.label): This is a lable for a button that
# activates the Web Developer->Inspect UI's HTML Tree Panel.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (htmlPanel.tooltiptext): The text that appears when a user
# hovers over the HTML panel's toolbar button.
htmlPanel.tooltiptext=katic me HTML

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (htmlPanel.accesskey): The key bound to the HTML panel's
# toolbar button.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (ruleView.*): Button label, accesskey and tooltip text
# associated with the Highlighter's CSS Rule View in the Style Sidebar.
ruleView.tooltiptext=Nen  odoco ki yub CSS