Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - majority of l10n strings. r=bbondy
authorRobert Strong <robert.bugzilla@gmail.com>
Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:47:26 -0700
changeset 108674 cb61ab26f9ffd097d04c14fb4c387e4976b01d07
parent 108673 33c84d894f23cfb34118094c248a6423a2f88341
child 108675 359e9233c22837d72203fd075376a197b6463b0b
push id82
push usershu@rfrn.org
push dateFri, 05 Oct 2012 13:20:22 +0000
Bug 322206 - Firefox net / stub installer - majority of l10n strings. r=bbondy
--- a/browser/installer/windows/Makefile.in
+++ b/browser/installer/windows/Makefile.in
@@ -99,13 +99,17 @@ endif
 	$(INSTALL) $(addprefix $(srcdir)/,$(INSTALLER_FILES)) $(CONFIG_DIR)
 	$(INSTALL) $(addprefix $(DIST)/branding/,$(BRANDING_FILES)) $(CONFIG_DIR)
 	$(PYTHON) $(topsrcdir)/config/Preprocessor.py -Fsubstitution $(DEFINES) $(ACDEFINES) \
 	  $(srcdir)/nsis/defines.nsi.in > $(CONFIG_DIR)/defines.nsi
 	$(PYTHON) $(topsrcdir)/toolkit/mozapps/installer/windows/nsis/preprocess-locale.py \
 	  --preprocess-locale $(topsrcdir) \
+	$(PYTHON) $(topsrcdir)/toolkit/mozapps/installer/windows/nsis/preprocess-locale.py \
+	  --preprocess-single-file $(topsrcdir) \
+	  nsisstrings.properties nsisstrings.nlf
 GARBARGE_DIRS += instgen
 include $(topsrcdir)/config/rules.mk
 include $(topsrcdir)/toolkit/mozapps/installer/windows/nsis/makensis.mk
new file mode 100644
--- /dev/null
+++ b/browser/locales/en-US/installer/nsisstrings.properties
@@ -0,0 +1,59 @@
+# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
+# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
+# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
+# This file must be saved as UTF8
+# Accesskeys are defined by prefixing the letter that is to be used for the
+# accesskey with an ampersand (e.g. &).
+# Do not replace $BrandShortName, $BrandFullName, or $BrandFullNameDA with a
+# custom string and always use the same one as used by the en-US files.
+# $BrandFullNameDA allows the string to contain an ampersand (e.g. DA stands
+# for double ampersand) and prevents the letter following the ampersand from
+# being used as an accesskey.
+# You can use \n to create a newline in the string but only when the string
+# from en-US contains a \n.
+WIN_CAPTION=$BrandShortName Setup
+INTRO_BLURB=Thanks for choosing $BrandFullName, the browser that chooses you above everything else. Click to install.
+INSTALL_BLURB1=You're about to enjoy the very latest in speed, flexibility and security so you're always in control.
+INSTALL_BLURB2=That's because $BrandShortName is made by a non-profit to make browsing and the Web better for you.
+INSTALL_BLURB3=You're also joining a global community of users, contributors and developers working to make the best browser in the world.
+WARN_MIN_SUPPORTED_OS_MSG=Sorry, $BrandShortName can't be installed. This version of $BrandShortName requires ${MinSupportedVer} or newer.
+MAKE_DEFAULT=&Make $BrandShortName my default browser
+CREATE_SHORTCUTS=Create Shortcuts for $BrandShortName:
+ADD_SC_TASKBAR=On my &Task bar
+ADD_SC_QUICKLAUNCHBAR=On my &Quick Launch bar
+ADD_CheckboxShortcutInStartMenu=In my &Start Menu Programs Folder
+ADD_CheckboxShortcutOnDesktop=On my &Desktop
+SPACE_REQUIRED=Space Required:
+SPACE_AVAILABLE=Space Available:
+ONE_MOMENT=One moment, $BrandShortName will launch as soon as the install is complete…
+INSTALL_MAINT_SERVICE=&Install the $BrandShortName background update service
+DEST_FOLDER=Destination Folder
+SELECT_FOLDER=Select the folder to install Firefox in.