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Thu Oct 11 23:26:24 2012 +0000
405eddbb7cb26505a5d93ceaf5b5a9719c5f6c82Nicholas D. Matsakis — correct various merge errors
dd86de9735fa1e830f18d19f63748a053a76814eNicholas D. Matsakis — Merge from mozilla-central
bac349142c9d41f5afe34fa8c6874dde0f191b37Nicholas D. Matsakis — if PATHREADS is specified, just use its value
e491269db27e060eb2a8d1e67378823c15b06602Ms2ger — Bug 799648 - Followup followup: Add the line back where it was meant to be; r=gps (NPOTB, DONTBUILD)
07919b62b9cf1982066d981c60a733965aeef9d7Ms2ger — Bug 799648 - Followup: Remove a line accidentally left in; r=gps (NPOTB, DONTBUILD)
8e047a9698f0d76ed5aa40d1ef03c0be2403391bJonathan Griffin — Bug 800102 - Make installing gecko on B2G emulator more reliable, r=ahal, DONTBUILD(NPOTB)
fb5be9cb0d4bedfea0343136f284915d24e20e85Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
3fca49e8a93a4cb34a1a3ce37ce78c0fd6b3f0eeHubert Figuière — Bug 777185 - Hookup content process crash reporting. r=fabrice
48557b9d07f24618a4aeb20f21a1017a854f409aEd Morley — Backout 6e26bb277c64 (bug 799780), cb395ed2de20 (bug 799664), cd5679486c7b (bug 799526) for causing frequent failures in browser_bug400731.js
80a399e648df0ba8182f783d4ec45ee99d8f372fEd Morley — Backout b71e714d5957 (bug 795657) for burning
73fba2fa6d01f39d4e28bd85713a04a943fd8d2fEd Morley — Backout d6e84a64d3d4 (bug 798969) for burning
d0f6307a7080d181c093effe4e36d287e8a16590Ehsan Akhgari — Remove some unused variables, no bug
d6e84a64d3d4c148f1404c629df2fd7a9476a466Robert O'Callahan — Bug 798969. Handle symlinked srcdirs by avoiding use of Python's __file__. r=jesup
b71e714d5957a325538ab7c98877a79007bb26ecRobert O'Callahan — Bug 795657. Don't reframe for adding a transform when absolute descendants are present, when the frame is already positioned. r=bz
52fdb83ca8b87b61f545bde4cdaac1aff0ba5cb5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 798990. Part 2: nsCanvasRenderingContext2DAzure::EnsureTarget must ensure that a full layer transaction occurs, because we may have transitioned from needing no display item or layer to needing them. r=mattwoodrow
ca18c9aedc67e957152cc52a923fda6b7aef2e4eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 798990. No need to call EnsureTarget just to paint nothing. Anyway it's not safe to call it during a paint. r=kft
a732d3fc3e2838be7f045e11d414d6bc5388b268Vicamo Yang — Bug 786782 - Part 2/2: test case, r=marshall_law
e1d22d477afccb458a894dd68dd5539e0ac5aee8Vicamo Yang — Bug 786782 - Part 1/2: don't rely on status-report in multipart sms, r=marshall_law
8766ced01b3897d4a7c3638ce54414cc5660bae3Tetsuro Kato — Bug 800026 - Speed up Canvas putImageData() without filling gfxImageSurface with zeros. r=jmuizelaar
c8cd1795c6f88a55b1afebcc69a2c94b2c977dc3Andrea Marchesini — Bug 797871 - Fix nsMultiplexInputStream.Seek. r=dougt
a0a03b8cbcc6440b117244dd82d0dfe8b0c3fb2eRobert Strong — Changes to absolute image sizes for Bug 798794 - Followup on bug 795654 - Artwork appears to be coming out pixelated or patched in stub installer. r=bbondy
30555cdf10e55bf73ef92e0d2ce8e105aa35605cRobert Strong — Artwork for Bug 798794 - Followup on bug 795654 - Artwork appears to be coming out pixelated or patched in stub installer. r=bbondy
2f199c466ccdcc8dbf7142df8eea57b585f65298Jan Beich — Bug 800058 - Unbreak graphite2-1.2.0 on clang/libc++. r=jfkthame
e025693543bd50e91b75efafae5e275215122bcfTheo Chevalier — Bug 741738 - Count impressions for each doorhanger notification type
20f9a040652480e3128d173cdd3ee49965ac5124Robert Strong — Bug 799180 - Same stub installer can be launched multiple times. r=bbondy
588d77a5701374847597b81faa07f8ad0a5c9892Kyle Machulis — Bug 796176 - Patch 2: Make Bluetooth*Managers listen on startup/disconnect, stop listening to stop/connect; r=echou
5521c75effb509656d0f3278aafd6c5062ec89c6Kyle Machulis — Bug 796176 - Patch 1: UnixSocket changes to get connect/listen running main thread, connect status to consumers; r=cjones
7065cefc10dddbdc5378142658d36752dd7611a5Matt Woodrow — Bug 797059 - Schedule a paint when slider frames change position. r=roc
9a65b777419397b6e1a740ea668d7e64b573e56fMatt Woodrow — Bug 797295 - Add support for the layer attribute to nsImageBoxFrame. r=roc
ebeca12019a23641f870608f86fd8dfc7d69dccbNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 797977 - Rename StackIter::fp() to StackIter::interpFrame(). r=luke
79e5f4ec83ae884220f6385e970bd665155330bbMark Hammond — Backout 83038b3ca98d (Bug 792503) due to orange on osx
83038b3ca98de44eb1610eb0554660f5b7431faeJared Wein — Bug 792503 - Add a keyboard accessible menu for the SocialAPI ambient notification pages. r=markh
6307602406c1e1896602bb47ddc4003167480b3aJan Beich — Bug 799813 - Qt/Linux needs GetGLXPixmap() after bug 788042. r=karlt
08a7db545880e6c8327c16b09e001368056082d3aceman — Bug 799653 - Convert Error console to Services.jsm. r=gavin
392c04d28358b26b932184a0f7c60953f2f82d0bAnthony Jones — Bug 785275 - Limit the slice height using the calculated buffer height. r=cpeterson
07edb74f85cd7643952d0c25fd1e17f1f99c6808Gregor Wagner — Bug 799656 - Decrease b2g's javascript.options.mem.high_water_mark from 32mb to 6mb. r=billm
21e0f119b3d6e13e75db3c9c4bd86661ac1499abEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
315e66e6b2aeb02d9e4e35dd76b3862f2c284ca4Sean Stangl — Bug 798946 - Confer with TI about the return type of Math.random(). r=dvander
de6c6589ebe47ebd562c4e8db860c092398c62b4Brian R. Bondy — Bug 796038 - Default browser prompt shows even after setting defaults for Firefox from control panel. r=jimm
2091f0330efd28498e9d096a7c32694be4757c5aBrian R. Bondy — Bug 798166 - Fix for defaults display problem after setting default depending on helper.exe speed. r=felipe
87fc9650f6075ca1437cec7ea7ac83dcaa8928a5Fabrice Desré — Bug 797574 - PermissionsInstaller.jsm broken for package apps [r=gwagner]
6e26bb277c648f434f15e15f47fc8bb65701a960Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 799780 - Remove gPrivateBrowsingUI.autoStarted and move that API to PrivateBrowsingUtils; r=jdm
cb395ed2de20754dcf4b9e53d0e4a252d90d5f81Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 799664 - Disable xpcshell tests in per-window PB builds for now; r=jdm
cd5679486c7bd9caf67df54e43974a49d5bd7422Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 799526 - Split the private browsing browser-chrome test suite into three buckets to make it easier to transition to per-window private browsing; r=jdm
46b4fcdd20e6d1c4d369a99e50b7d3769db0aa30Brian Nicholson — Bug 799617 - Set SurfaceView background to white before drawing. r=kats
24f4d7aeea8e7bccabaa3d22d8f0a97697677be5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 799229 - Move the ForgetAboutSite modules to toolkit; r=Mossop
2fae8bd461da5dfa903d21a6a8b2d1af6c24d222Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
4612824229dae0e497e07902331c2df66fc7267dRobert Strong — Bug 799611 - Change stub installer fallback page for Nightly, Aurora, and Beta. r=bbondy
583cba7458d5c5d70b6b1f55910611fbc7325556Dão Gottwald — Bug 799084 - Error console filter shouldn't be applied on input. r=neil
d371ade04e340a5f79862b4577d701a5a7c52514Dão Gottwald — Bug 799081 - Bar at the bottom of the error console should be a <statusbar>. r=neil
4a55eb145a21b14f76df6b9bba742486cbb1871cDão Gottwald — Bug 797363 - Remove user agent override since is fixed. r=felipe
7d629baabca79ed2ac91e88854dab6d63bd54abbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 799001 - Part 3: Hook up about:privatebrowsing to load when opening a new private window; r=jdm
cdb3a2b88e2dd007b481179dc86bb17383c06ee5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 799001 - Part 2: Hook up the per-window version of the gPrivateBrowsingUI object; r=dao
a22d34ae87dca73461d82d12d0e91404e6c097f3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 799001 - Part 1: Hook up the menu item for opening a new private browsing window; r=dao ui-r=madhava
816bba27680f9078fb127a30c83e8b5c3ac46098Mike Conley — Bug 791569 - Toolkit Downloads window sometimes opens on first download even though the download button is visible. r=mak.
f6753216c72b0a96e12954effbb745bb4a40e531Georg Fritzsche — Bug 791798 - topcrash in mozilla::plugins::parent::_releaseobject because of incremental GC: we're creating a new wrapper before teardown which races with the release event. r=bsmedberg
2803709dc340deb32dc82ac4d67433cf01f7b00bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 792890. Fix JS-wrapping of callback interfaces to just return the underlying JS object. r=peterv
c24f40ee97cb316c5a9e21e3aa3b6fe6c282d690Boris Zbarsky — Bug 792137. [TreatNonCallableAsNull] lives on the callback type now. r=peterv
ea3394d0280cfbbf1f120a2fdd3d0f1aea5ffb2fAryeh Gregor — Bug 795804 - Use WeakPtr for nsTextEditorState where appropriate; r=ehsan
3f78565df9f049ba5697c53877d7639d02ee6b44David Zbarsky — Bug 797419 - Fix strict mode warnings in controller.js r=mak
35ec0f511f4b2a051472aa5aa17ac05b5f744677David Keeler — bug 797424 - move stripes-info-negative-small.png from toolkit to browser r=dao
f75d369a701f4deaecac433c43c1c7500d837e7cRichard Newman — Bug 798430 - Copy our set HTTP headers across channel redirects. r=gps
019cfa68404af477e6035d5cbb286c7406e8660aJonathan Kew — bug 799900 - [HiDPI] account for device-pixel scaling for IME window position. r=smichaud
3b433d565a07197f5a0ef6635b239e43f0bbff77Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 790830 - "Assertion failed: (len == 9 || len == 8), function parseHexColor" in test plugin. r=joshmoz.
176600f40ddfc4d73e2367285eca456eda33ed62Jeff Walden — Minor style nits in WeakPtr code forgotten by me when reviewing. No bug, r=sparky
4e3e7e1496afe9c27fd503f14f33b9cb461d98ecJeff Walden — Move TestBloomFilter out of XPCOM and into mfbt/tests, now that it exists. No bug, r=testingonlychange
2a8a8a60451193e8b6e737860899cf5da1f06510Jeff Walden — Bug 798634 - Style patrol on mfbt/SHA1.*. r=espindola
b1a02ad79a22a63d030df127394c4f782f4ff9f7Jeff Walden — Bug 796925 - Fix clang-on-Linux bustage in parser/html/jArray.h. rs=hsivonen
3a14bf605a71813500f4277237fb83914128c4fbDavid Keeler — bug 798237 - add test for bug 797677 r=jaws
c0a7e188cc3e941bed2607b61211cdcebc4c05a0Jeff Hammel — Bug 799605 - Mirror mozbase -> m-c for bug 799288 and bug 799507 @ 36a2f63be33af799a54d7f1511dc922730b10b22 ; r=wlach
06c8b4cd2f9e92f6059876613e20037e90392063Fabrice Desré — Bug 787439 - Ensure applications permissions are updated when doing a system update [r=marshall,ddahl]
718453ec2c8ab29868b0c711896dcb3872197c57Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 798508 - Part 2: Add a browser-level API for opening new Private Browsing windows; r=jdm
099477f00862c3030f4bf850321d7c362e1a81faEhsan Akhgari — Bug 798508 - Part 1: Implement the "private" feature; r=bzbarsky
27e8924be2c168414c70174d6aa650586d96be91Josh Matthews — Bug 795556 - Part 2: Move privacy status propagation for new windows into the platform. r=bz
a0ef4a2d8caab592c68c20b6025b6fa7ad27f41fJosh Matthews — Bug 795556 - Part 1: Make Style Editor open with sensible parent window. r=jwalker
644a8fff5615a5d4737054f847df9240c71941a8Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 799228 - Clean up shellVersion and shellName and their users. r=blassey
8b849f99923dd112a19fe1f89ecdef6ff1a2ba8bGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 799228 - Send Android version as OS version for Telemetry. r=blassey
180952776fbe65b6556d0fd4ece73435ae0b26e0Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 799807 - update reference to llvm bug. r=dvander.
99889cc4affd3ce34091f15b98ba81aae8242279Clint Talbert — Bug 785032 - SD card issues with new Tegras ("INFO: attempting to create file /mnt/sdcard/writetest ... Push File Failed to Validate!"). r=jmaher DONTBUILD
d2501e3be239b920557b3e54e558689d2252758aJoel Maher — Bug 797652 - Current code agent code crashes on android 2.3. r=wlach
4c1bf0890354c050f6d72bbc4d663f267fa46bd2Aryeh Gregor — Bug 799892 - DataChannelConnection::SendBlob can return nsresult instead of int32_t; r=mcmanus
bead66674f123d876ed7ad3adc14b0d75acae716Dão Gottwald — Bug 799502 - Override the UA string for moodle to get the rich text editor rather than plain textareas. r=bz,felipe,gerv
4ef2d2c3b9d00c1214507c46395248b39d6d005fGavin Sharp — Remove unused string from bug 482229
8fa702386c7ce3ef2d1c7e4f66e271e236a57153Ed Morley — Backout 2231b8e778a3 (bug 715658) for errors linking on Windows
dee0f227e656c2f3fe72f8ce2bf13315d9cba512Mike Habicher — Bug 798304 - Call AppendRelativePath() to append video filename (possibly including subpath) to data storage area root. r=dougt
47be91155e43fdda71653ccb9453b3636e011cf0Gene Lian — Bug 797803 - System Message API: System App fails to receive system messages. r=fabrice
8d0ae7bc88ae6f41329bc546f3d5c98dad9215f7Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 797385 - Part 3: Remove ibm864i converter. r=smontagu
01cf77723b86b273ce39738a1df99936cca34da1Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 797385 - Part 2: Remove ibm864 usage. r=smontagu
3bafdb575a2efcf893a73435f68ecf4076f799b5Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 797385 - Part 1: Rename isXSSVlunerable flag to isInternal and add the flag to ibm864. r=smontagu
268128a99ac91d12f4fad24f7d93d134ba44a1c1Andres Hernandez — Bug 796953 - [OS.File] writeAtomic should accept an option noOverwrite. r=Yoric
ab04b3c23f0d06bc7875634a7476fcdc42fe4a58Gene Lian — Bug 795782 - System Message API: Shouldn't pend messages for running apps to avoid re-firing them when restarting apps. r=fabrice
0e0098d68198ec228ef2aacad6eb85b647703656Anthony Jones — Bug 795763 - Support extend mode for gradient patterns in DrawTargetCairo. r=joe
2231b8e778a3b772d57f908f375af849b9751d33Uli Schlachter — Bug 722975 - --enable-system-cairo build is broken after Bug 715658 fixed. r=Bas
4bfeb954d6d2a750f2cb473960e03cd00dc13165Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
f2fae799ff95e8f3b6a52ea51aa8d162aa59f364Robert Strong — Bug 798861 - Stub installer: Firefox is already dialog does not appear on front when it pops up, which makes the stub look like it's hung. r=bbondy
94317b3cb4d5a1b2ae7e28eb1610b582936fafa8Bobby Holley — Bug 797204 - Remove API. r=mrbkap
798a316ebfaa0c1a55bd3e7444b96d4015a33dd9Bobby Holley — Bug 797204 - Use JS_GetScriptedCaller instead of JSStackFrames in nsLocation. r=bz
c5760a66bfcf3f326308ed21afda0da3b64100f9Bobby Holley — Bug 797204 - Compare the document URI to the document principal, not the subject principal. r=bz
238f3986fe71057f0e327ca8e285cf67a0540260Bobby Holley — Bug 797204 - Consolidate XBL filename hack logic into nsContentUtils. r=mrbkap
ab15ebccc0c0a9a6c7c6fbf3e2bdd1d01b0475a7Bobby Holley — Bug 789224 - Remove chrome check in xpc_EvalInSandbox. r=mrbkap
3cb1f7ae777e08f5fee3c203e05b919876c11bd6Bobby Holley — Bug 794420 - Remove hard edge from SpecialPowers to window.Components. r=khuey
35f68c5fae839f13ddf2f6c3a2bf9a3e42455b33Jonathan Kew — bug 797398 followup - restore comment in all.js that was accidentally eliminated by this bug. no_r=me DONTBUILD
e3139381f3c43e2dc0ebbd2a4e4a4f1837b704abAryeh Gregor — Bug 793866 - Missing null check in mozInlineSpellChecker::UpdateCurrentDictionary(); r=ehsan
c144e89952c18cea0f4de3cf02810ffd1f6ce954Jared Wein — Bug 799396 - Use Map instead of object literal in browser-plugins.js for hash tables. r=dao
6c7c155557df8a76318575b59ac672e5da25060fMakoto Kato — Bug 795594 - Add workaround for MSVC x64 compiler bug. r=roc
7e871133c6076341efb495d03013da4de89d19c7Ethan Hugg — Bug 791278: Protect PeerConnection setLocal/RemoteDescription from NULL input r=jesup
25a66981bdb06a2c746737c3d87a5e75153c948ffoudfou — Bug 793433 - Fix crash when nsAppShellService::RegisterTopLevelWindow called with invalid arguments. r=bholley
efbc7c741357f0228cd2b1be913284474bf29333Mario Alvarado [:marioalv] — Bug 789094 - Style editor: scripts with unicode in the name are URL-escaped. r=dao,dcamp
3db873350b13f2f1ddab35eb88e38eacdcd1d8e8Jan Beich — Bug 799591 - Cleanup stat64 in on BSDs after bug 798377. r=ehsan
38ca5a784d7547506285112e31c8ebbc1e0955f3Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 798753 - Visual polish for social provider user menu on OS X. r=jaws
41c4510e66355db7ad7b6ad4e9f9891a3d9345d7Marty Rosenberg — Change the method we use to update ranges on phis so narrowing works properly (bug 799282, r=jandem)
e16d4075ad64e1853e295915261928e56bec2d7eMarty Rosenberg — The fix bitand to not compute bogus ranges (bug 799793, r=dvander)
53edf545ee94906943a116da7f780e205b3055fbDavid Zbarsky — [Bug 799407] Fix build warnings in layout r=roc
a7acfcb014f909a420a5d3a2e0d18d372393b8c9Fabrice Desré — backout c94cf1d133d1 (Bug 796293)
b275f72aba112e4442d3f914ed880b60b26af05aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 768901 - Don't double-count shared nsCSSStyleSheetInners. r=bz.
a7af99eb7bd51c2cfeb9541746c55aebf48351a3Jason Duell — Bug 786154 - enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in /netwerk/cache r=michal
7c60e40e92ac00d8a249cb92301c60534e03ee4dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 793109 - Stacks truncated near nsDocLoader::DoFireOnStateChange. r=rail.
9444fc718d81b09a68b327da41c6ed6247d25662Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 793109 - Stacks truncated near nsDocLoader::DoFireOnStateChange. r=rail.
29edec35dae20d25561e04c524200e30d3908adfNicholas Nethercote — Bug 793967 - Refactor Proxy::getElementIfPresent(). r=ejpbruel.
e76aae8e80c9cb592757e2f29034677b76a0fd54Doug Turner — Bug 778235 - Add support for Gonk to NetworkGeolocationProvider.js. r=jdm
eaad0967decca6db802443339670d75b27507febDoug Turner — Bug 799391 - After bug 668191, we no longer need a libiw check. Fixes netwerk/wifi Makefile to only build DBUS scanner when DBUS is enabled. r=ted
05006509aa53ee1ae750a1580f42e5da57ac6389Mike Habicher — Bug 722975 - Add 3gpp video file mime type definitions. r=cdouble
ba93d035a7a598fc8113079a655d23b1c872864bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
73ca717cde7260cd982f2249cd8fa9bfa69ede78Alexander Surkov — Bug 782991 - tab document should be a document load events target unconditionally (states/test_link.html intermittent failure), r=tbsaunde
44079242ee9b2699c39aee6caff1a0fc977d6149Terrence Cole — Bug 799777 - Unravel the threaded interpreter; r=luke
0761bc6370819bea884cccd7bb2f33c3c6eb7398Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 798354 - Remove the sizecheck global variable in since its only needed at compile time, and there are better ways to do this; r=cjones
2c08d52e521d3f9aa3ff13c220fec6d6b1428baeTerrence Cole — Bug 798624 - Specialize low-level character access to JSStableString; r=luke, rs=Waldo
0e0c49bbdd81dae3ae32b896f8dc8c85a5318c96Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 56bc99190c79 (bug 792037) for seemingly breaking all of the AndroidNoIon opt tests
88bb0e2f037395e41e680c92ba47f11992db5e20Jared Wein — Bug 799749 - Add back the Show Desktop Notifications menuitem for the Social API. r=markh
7dbbd31904228df0934e64bc269b9df43511ff1aAlexander Surkov — Bug 745788 - improve logging and enable treeupdate/test_imgmap.html, r=tbsaunde
30f9ca7f991cbd5891d297c1c56eed808894b1ecJason Duell — Bug 794597 - mozbrowser doesn't send auth request off a redirect. r=jdm
b310e265f26c59f23801b6de2439e10533b6e9c2Jason Duell — Bug 798045: Followup: fix typo in comment. r=me
ae9f119e3a1e54d2ff93fe8e100f64f399c796d8Jason Duell — Bug 797234 - fix typo in BLIP_INTERVAL_PREF r=michal
978e9865042f4be110e719742d17a7d5480ec2b3Jeff Walden — Eliminate a few nullptr-to-bool conversions to avoid a clang warning (which we upgrade to error) in some clang revs. No bug, r=sparky
c94cf1d133d16e74055e6d0d1554f876334cdd15Andrea Marchesini — Bug 796293 - no duplicate pages in registerPage() [r=fabrice]
7ae33bc85be5723ca6638b3dc9becccea7cb8cfaEthan Hugg — Bug 791270 - Protect AddStream from NULL input and cause a JS error to be thrown r=jesup
df6c8f2abbc236c1a5a5f9be9d14e8ec30134b33Eitan Isaacson — Bug 799043 - Explicitly make GeckoMenu item views non-recycable. r=sriram
298753178aea6b187409baeb4bec3fbb8738f961Chenxia Liu — Bug 753878 - Add UI component for selecting which engines to sync. r=nalexander
1e021104715a6da8e5ebb11efe2ea5fe1f6b9e70Randell Jesup — Bug 799191: incorrect audioCount in GetUserMediaDevicesRunnable r=derf
4aa947bc63649784572b771a3359e5b5c574e4cdChris Peterson — Bug 798980 - Band-aid to crash Camera app instead of the phone. r=cjones
7bf353b1ae55d5328f8d1e029c2939eb77351a76Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 9adf5ca922a4 (bug 798354) because it relied on the assumption that C++98 is a sane language and allows sizeof(class::member), but that sanity has just been added to C++11
0008531f142915d1eb874731c387e26c2f072bf6Jan Horak — Bug 797349 - Add support for metadata::download-uri for later display in file manager by GIO. r=Neil
4210c1f677e5985bc2ee79344ce7fd0ebb5d2ab3Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 557738 - Add user.js section to about:support. r=adw
830fccc0509c2518dc8c7eb8a2fc68c33583420aEhsan Akhgari — Backout the dbm/ portions of bug 795507 because that code is a read-only copy from the upstream NSS project
32465392370a310fbeb6b0432dfe1bf0c9147744Doug Turner — Bug 799139 - Remove DoScanOld() pre-10.6 Wifi scanning code. r=josh
f9bb37e4c7b679647ae468059d3cd1d3a8b7fd12Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 799432 - Backout changeset 30ab4e1d4874 and changeset dbcc29e9fcf6 from bug 777292 since they're no longer necessary with bug 795238
56bc99190c79edd67d93870b94d1512319c44cb5Jim Mathies — Bug 792037 - Improve idle daily logic such that we shorten idle time waits if it has been a long time since the last idle-daily. Improves telemetry data collection on Win8 tablets. r=gpascutto, mak77
eda5d1791fb701eb283c0d03f44fcf36d772e33eAbhishek Potnis — Bug 795504: Remove usages of PR_STATIC_CALLBACK from the tree; r=ehsan
3cc4987101b8d859a509b45cc091136329f6ba56Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 794479 - Add a NativeWindow API to load java code. r=mfinkle
d58233470ee5b69fea448c2babbbb4766e129767Justin Lebar — Bug 630242 - Reduce occurrences of "WARNING: No outer window available!" in debug mochitests by tweaking ghost window detection code. r=smaug
99898ec9976a24f130d3eabf64762797e45f9543Olli Pettay — Bug 798565 - may point to native anonymous content, r=jst,wesj
24783c876df0fc5d2781254a32e7862305996bddOlli Pettay — Bug 733305, add a way to hide XBL, r=bz, a=abillings
931a3c5e476d1212a9cf9a58de07e55a8201f087Nathan Froyd — Bug 799943 - properly search histogram names for startup regex; r=taras DONTBUILD because NPOTB
c0977caba1d634ef3725dc024d7e6be03628ffbcGregory Szorc — Bug 799648 - Part 4: Temporarily disable settings file integration; r=jhammel
0ccb7a8a8e5b09e98b589642fe45255996614ec5Gregory Szorc — Bug 799648 - Part 3: Move config module from mozbuild to mach; r=jhammel
66d59a4d5a1b76ff43dd4fe6c474e05574a60578Gregory Szorc — Bug 799648 - Part 2: Move mozbuild's log manager into mach; r=jhammel
dda561124c61e11eee7fab7f286661e489264cb4Gregory Szorc — Bug 799648 - Part 1: Move process execution and logging methods into Mach mixin classes; r=jhammel
e6202ccc349b6533deacd1865e0a31955dec1b65Gregory Szorc — Bug 799312 - Implement |mach help <command>|; r=jhammel
623863bc7f7964647b0fabcd7ec2f821e58083cdGregory Szorc — Bug 795427 - Part 3: Print more user friendly error messages; r=jhammel
cff221895afe122f2bb51224d369e6d26509dfadGregory Szorc — Bug 799291 - Part 3: Move mozbuild.testing into testing/; r=jhammel
ce9274758544625d80b43e2d5229f03a8bc8c871Gregory Szorc — Bug 799291 - Part 2: Remove "test" command from mach; r=jhammel
428846e73299df3194ebb8a9172429e2356704eeGregory Szorc — Bug 799291 - Part 1: Move mach commands for test running into test runners; r=jhammel
2a0e2af364bc635500fc8fe7129b217119c5ff03Gregory Szorc — Bug 799262 - Formal API for loading mach command modules; r=jhammel
ec10630b1a5406c28d1ac84bd314938374404d04Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
61e0ba0e9165dff3226e34581c9ab97e822091d9Tim Taubert — Bug 796269 - [settings] set time manually once, cannot do again r=vingtetun
f79756011114c00a8dec4d90fed0724580c87fbcLeonard Camacho Bug 795176 - [markup panel] Twisties are not properly aligned on Linux; r=msucan
646f2d44e0195f891b765d51c33fa8a77d4e84c3Anton Kovalyov — Add 'Show hidden properties' checkbox (Bug 786070); r=past f=gavin,rcampbell,vporof
e545a11d2e3cc830bfe3dca33a292b2458dd1f34Girish Sharma — Bug 782653 - Web Console CSS links should open the Style Editor; r=rcampbell f=msucan
586a2ae61c95b44e5ce4dea79e83d078395041f7Anton Kovalyov — Bug 737803 - Setting a breakpoint in a line without code should move the icon to the actual location; r=past
5cca0408a73f5eddbf4eff3de318e73c99a57102Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
e061305143b6c7615947777531edede64cc7acedJim Blandy — Bug 795173: Make Debugger.Object.prototype.evalInGlobalWithBindings pass the right 'this' value. r=jorendorff
fda0797c3abc55bf651b3a00ba4c9da25b0fd470Randell Jesup — Bug 799477: missing stdarg.h in CSFLog.h (typically gcc 4.4.x) r=ehugg
31066a6bfcf0fd0640f6629407ab576738b33193Benoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - part 10: move remaining non-WebGLContext goop to separate files - r=jgilbert
c909c5d3c339ba52ae0454c9cc805264a1d14d26Benoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - part 9: port WebGLActiveInfo to WebIDL bindings - r=bz
ea63926c22cb444574a2dcbadf0eb552b21dc0feJustin Lebar — Bug 719455 - Followup: Remove .orig and .rej files. r=me
bb0e7efed1bdd8a7ccf8fa171164b1eaf9d81496Brian Nicholson — Bug 582244 - Part 4: Change URL bar color for PB tabs. r=mfinkle
a7b2d57295a0a3e8977aa75b6646d3d12fa19c11Brian Nicholson — Bug 582244 - Part 3: Split writing of private and non-private data. r=mfinkle
e937f574fb4dd97c1cd4a89234c8bc2fa9a51454Brian Nicholson — Bug 582244 - Part 2: Add private browsing checks to native UI. r=mfinkle
093b6818007cc43fd416c6ddf06f7fa637da582bBrian Nicholson — Bug 582244 - Part 1: Bare bones PB implementation. r=mfinkle
b4989f34fdf7c09237e0ce05f1875f79d5bc6672Brian Nicholson — Bug 797075 - Part 2: Implement Java-side tab stubs. r=mfinkle
3e0deee3c6fda70397d668c3013098ba6aaafdf7Brian Nicholson — Bug 797075 - Part 1: loadUrl() cleanup. r=mfinkle
81675e760c1229669a5e620e6ffd1f8d762882c3Benoit Jacob — Bug 785734 - WebGL: test for illegal texture sizes for given mipmap level - r=jgilbert
f468573e0725553ad76546cd3d6ce0c22b69c6e5Brad Lassey — bug 797015 - [ARMv6] Add a pref to completely disable screenshot code (including memory allocation) r=mfinkle
1c6b5cae9dc164b2f18ccba4dcfd149fbea1b134Patrick McManus — bug 799470 - pac dnsResolve wrong return code on error r=biesi
cb9aa35ad1caa4c666dc19053fd40330b995ee08Patrick McManus — bug 799469 s/proxyAlert/alert in pac file r=biesi
48c1645f720f6d837e2e5f00612b6920767fc735Mike Conley — Bug 773267 - The Downloads Panel flickers at the top left of the screen before anchoring to the Downloads button. r=mak77, f=paolo.
ab420f694c83275081575f88ebc1fb1d657ef3cdWes Johnston — Bug 799221 - Remove marketplace as an app. r=mfinkle
0aa267c72cf60d6695bea5e9b74cae97ad4d16edChris Peterson — Bug 799307 - Remove some XPCDebug.cpp cruft that was obsoleted by bug 787856. r=billm
8f844ca34b7fb3b4e6401fac244505ccad2556cbAndrew Sutherland — Bug 799547 - Network stats landing in dom/network broke MozTCPSocket when MOZ_B2G_RIL is defined (like on Otoro devies) by clobbering EXTRA_COMPONENTS in rs=jdm
0eaac88ab86d96320154c68b66359af709336753Justin Lebar — Bug 799536 - Disable sync on B2G. r=fabrice
1f0548aecd6d1b3db65130005432dd93b1496e7bKyle Huey — Bug 789846: Ensure that we unblock unload if we're only pretending that the request finished. r=joe
1c00efc87bf90093c82bed30e568778769b10c07Tomas Dainovec — Bug 793459: File.lastModifiedDate should return the current date if no lastModifiedDate is available. r=khuey
c80a02b9d4780bed291bc030651c06c096f16c6aGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 785960 - Add FENNEC_ prefix, and add Telmetry for "Don't keep activities". r=kats
c0b4572696b64295fdfc72c9d61e9e76290bddd6Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 785960 - "Don't keep activities" developer option gets counted as OOM in telemetry. r=kats
ec34a79837f61c5f501a3883d503cb5dbd908c54EKR — Bug 799246: Conditionally enable webrtc unit tests r=jesup,ted,cjones
6a38038d6c587391498b5bf07db128916f0c8034Bobby Holley — Bug 786142 - Make sure we have a real WN in MoveWrappers. r=peterv
5a4513c759b907ca655c47d032aa779c3f15ae5bGabor Krizsanits — Bug 684601 - with native JS Object; r=bz
467aac9f380a5eb4d42817782c8ff79e55078653Eddy Bruel — Bug 797469 - Avoid putting a JSFunction in Objectbox; r=jorendorff
52c773840b0083db00c24c171b9d6f1824f2f82aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 795238 follow-up - #include Attributes.h which defines MOZ_HAVE_CXX11_ENUM_TYPE
baefffd93dc19260751f98e0896128cdbfa22791Jonathan Kew — bug 797398 - use harfbuzz for all text shaping on Linux. r=jdaggett
499af47f62ebf901d89477ab4aed6103b22b7665Gavin Sharp — Fix line endings in these tests, no bug
73a42225bf227f73b9608686a69d21dcdf2f5541Ted Mielczarek — bug 787176 - Add a Python wrapper script for running C++ unit tests. r=jmaher,waldo
85cc26def0c153c2ff173ff71d9750b8c9c3e236Ted Mielczarek — bug 787459 - Dump symbols from test programs, but don't package them. r=glandium
9dc4dbee5c4f4cc8ac3b74ccd39f71a384a02dbfTed Mielczarek — Add mozcrash to virtualenv. r=glandium, no bug
13d96461b2da096ef22db98c26f1cf004fcb7922Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 795238 - Make nsresult a uint32_t enum everywhere that C++11 typed enums are supported; r=Aryeh
8a20f6ef0df1d312ad024e2bfbfaed432e0ea773Mounir Lamouri — Bug 799152 - nsExpandedPrincipal should use default extendedOrigin/appId/appStatus/isInBrowserElement. r=bholley
21b01c22ac9e86f3b31f6d0b8b4d6405e042c320Jonathan Kew — bug 797402 - use harfbuzz for all OpenType font shaping under OS X. r=jdaggett
afc8967a5cea136df44b739077e564c66d9aef10Robert O'Callahan — Bug 798607. Ensure GetContentsScaleFactor is 1.0 on all non-Mac platforms. r=smichaud
550038369ab1731d567f7a9f8e78cb036fe8a95fJonathan Kew — bug 789687 - update harfbuzz to upstream commit fecdfa95daf4916695f23e7dab89ab363be11b89. r=jdaggett
757d21e66392156e973f18e52bb106ed157bfdfdJonathan Kew — Bug 799062 - eliminate "warning: '&&' within '||'" messages in gfxFont.cpp. r=bas
af631704f1e00119dd2ed92611d0ea23a138e464Gina Yeh — Bug 794349 - Final version: Send correct +CIND: value to HS at SLC establishment, r=qdot
8b610742fced63cbbc0bb1e383f69977e476ac7dAnthony Jones — Bug 793923 - Fixed gfxPlatform to use properly. r=ncameron,roc
41710fe4a03ca4a7f40813dfece13bdf69b24374Jacek Caban — Bug 795839 - Include iostream in PathRecording.h r=bas
84e4bf4bcb876c66dc70243b169a686ac30bb770Jonathan Kew — bug 797863 - change #includes of <cstdio> to <stdio.h> in graphite2 to work around bug 721839. r=jdaggett
9b66a534561415693e46d5afbb38ecef2c25d6cdJonathan Kew — bug 797863 - fixes for minor build problems in graphite2 v1.2. r=jdaggett
4ac301ef854956c18a3edfef0eb050787ee08e1aJonathan Kew — bug 797863 - update graphite2 library to release 1.2 ( r=jdaggett
def584354ffcb903f9af4722ca79a7e41000d4e7Jonathan Kew — bug 795025 part 2 - update transliteration properties for Unicode 6.2. r=smontagu
2c7c166cc00291ae55cdb6e6f82353b94e709f27Jonathan Kew — bug 795025 part 1 - update Unicode character property data to Unicode 6.2. r=smontagu
3fb90364f6d5c8cf1c826125c78056dfe4d42356Jonathan Kew — bug 795025 part 0 - update the genUnicodePropertyData tool for rearranged harfbuzz headers. r=smontagu
55585f89f069054b65fc464d8ba144cdb45459d3Steven Lee — Bug 783500 - Tests for IdleAPI permissions. r=mounir
aee9b902040882e31732d3063647862470828c0dMike Hommey — Bug 799323 - Make test from bug 793672 more reliable. r=past
b992224cdd55d70e0bec80c68da428eeb7d3688eMike Hommey — Bug 795204 - Trick make/pymake into waiting for shared libraries rules to run before installing import libraries in DIST/lib. r=ted
65e1eb91cff98593b410efcd867f6ac67c2e4fbaRob Wood — Bug 792495 - Develop tests for delete sms, update manifest; r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD(NPOTB)
05e1bb4d7cd8673d203cd3928a7d2736be9d3505David Clarke — Bug 797513 - Add geolocation class to Marionette emulator, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD(NPOTB)
22d192c5d1fd86f86bfe680bf78dc938df79bd31Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 795099 - Add --gecko-path argument to, r=jgriffin; DONTBUILD because NPOTB
dd61540f237caed9b66e05419ecc200ef6f1f51dEric Chou — Bug 799138 - [b2g-bluetooth] Handle Connect/Disconnect/Put requests sent from remote devices, r=qdot
66f9632e35390f9037ebdba9e6c386ad1ca468c9Kyle Machulis — Bug 799243 - Patch 2: Fix static nsTArray initialization in BluetoothDBusService; r=echou
d01545bde6644b46c9bb69c94daece593c840e2dKyle Machulis — Bug 799243 - Patch 1: Fix Bluetooth*Manager observer pointer types; r=echou
2c831793f1a656ddb14bd4e9d13426508398735cDave Hylands — Bug 797239 - Defer scheduling prelaunch app until child goes idle. r=cjones
858a75189c019ac84d9c745a30494edfa06d9b5dDave Hylands — Bug 797239 - Fix message loop to allow idle tasks to work in child content processes. r=cjones
186dd6443aec920244bf240dabff19c12cc30d41Edwin Flores — Bug 794061 - Let OMX hardware decoded video frames be copied to canvas r=kanru
8a8ef42e4b524db79d91a2f0a2527d7e315da010Edwin Flores — Bug 795623 - Add audio/mpeg to list of supported OMX codecs r=doublec
a4bc583f29ecf9e10e35ccf8f177041b82bcd898Gina Yeh — Bug 782586 - Final version: Firing onadapteradded event when bluetooth is ready to get default adapter, r=qdot
db9c03ffb158a0629e91c54e79065a761e5bb36fJared Wein — Bug 798217 - Remove unused nsIAlertService preferences in b2g/android-mobile/xul-mobile/. r=mfinkle r=cjones
f9469bf48ff6de6add9da1c22a54ceb4d5a44b09Jason Duell — Bug 798045 - improved FailDelay lookup r=bsmith
03bc788fd0041de52f68ee95becac8f2a8b93cd0Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 798913 - Prevent inlining of overflow of arguments. r=dvander
f1968aacad96b28a11675886ce6698bf661612aeDavid Flanagan — Bug 796080 - Pass inputmode, selectionStart, and selectionEnd to mozKeyboard. r=vingtetun
c33b5e11209ad4d6f9eaf637d8a6496bd66f5b7fPhilip Chee — Bug 795065 - SeaMonkey bustage fix. r=mak
4a6c1725dd4becbd22e74b378766506fe97d45f9Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 793585 - Only default the shared state if it's not there. r=joe
6ee4101a85f34f239230546ab546d54078c4b0ebPatrick McManus — bug 797684 - http-on-modify-request can reflect ProxyInfo r=biesi
d7650d584078bb923d787a18487088998f7d7843Sean Stangl — Bug 799297 - Pass explicit type to loadUnboxedValue(). r=dvander
edb9750342f7d208e0bd244c2d504d39bff0f20aWes Johnston — Bug 745384 - backout 8e36fd7113ba
14684be8116624897f620ede591c58723a172919Terrence Cole — Backout 754a1efb5b37 for bustage on a CLOSED TREE
2494d51c3dc56de69d48cffc3f23f8830ea8336fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 799019 - Tweak per-compartment memory reporting. r=Ms2ger.
3cfef9371c037d98dadff8cf762701839f15054eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 799000 - Don't double count when memory-reporting for JSObject2WrappedJSMap. r=terrence.
754a1efb5b37574eeec5d5841f34514ea37ea0a7Terrence Cole — Bug 798624 - Specialize low-level character access to JSStableString; r=luke, rs=Waldo
4de56a4bfa5f6033280fa71f94657f14f8b09df3Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 798834 - Remove reset of non-actual arguments for StackFrame. r=luke
680ad178dafa41a5343e4671a25e42a8a3eb18cbRandell Jesup — Bug 799071: clean up clang warnings in media/webrtc/signaling (-Werror) r=ehugg
7b9bd4030c86bd1b2acbc073aff15f753288248dEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
07ff446d1bd51cfe35a4474b30fc8fc7d7c46407Scott Johnson — Bug 798068: Return sane values for min/max zoom when handheldFriendly, WAP, Mobile, or WML is set in the viewport metadata. [r=mbrubeck,bent]
5a3ebc9d46ac85982e98cb4e024f512adbc6479cOHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 565717 - "Search for" context menu entry should be in textareas/inputs too.
b177c32d57d653bae1764cfb508a4d1c9b3b936eDaniel Holbert — Bug 799199: Use IndentBy() instead of looped "fputs" in nsHTMLFramesetBlankFrame's and nsLineBox's List() methods. r=bz
8db47189455919c3e0499dba4100f1a9369a4222Andrea Marchesini — Bug 794386 - do not store blob: URIs in global history,
b815cdf08cadf5b94eb0fb35d9e797d4ecbc3c8dDaniel Holbert — Bug 799196: Update signature for nsHTMLFramesetBlankFrame::List(). r=bz
582b256202d164811968d315497c2568079ec437Mounir Lamouri — Backed out changeset 2a0be10848c3 (bug 794407) because of Gaia breakage.
107c60f2d45abbf9d5046d822c00e3e4ef5dfc8cJames Willcox — Bug 797036 - Bump string version numbers r=mfinkle
3c12b65a382d896a16432eb2d45e3304cc890de9Brian Nicholson — Bug 799015 - Use correct syntax for findClass() in JNI. r=wesj
bd5d8c09fe63bda00b2c774e2fd2d667b53b8d7eMounir Lamouri — Bug 796911 - Print debug information to have a better understand of the random orange. r=me
2a0be10848c36685460eeec268c2299fbb2d50bbMounir Lamouri — Bug 794407 - Web Activites should only be started by a user interaction. r=fabrice
b7fa297880c5db29da032027ac81b546b54b8aedMounir Lamouri — Bug 769569 - Check that was called as a result of user input. r=benadida
055d18bfa16906a6a801e79f35f3b12a4462b4b6Mounir Lamouri — Bug 798298 - Allow chrome JS code to know if it is being called as a result of a user input event. r=smaug
a030cb827aa09b5a4ace4bea73ab2630d2367a55Luke Wagner — Bug 798665 - Inline TestCompile into IonCompile (r=dvander)
65ab678f3ea20bab3e5e1edfe180718323c68f8cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 799126 - Rename ClearRecentHistory to ForgetAboutSite; r=jdm
957abd0620e113d21470d58a38d36ba93d37aaf7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 798957 - Add MOZ_PER_WINDOW_PRIVATE_BROWSING to the list of preprocessor macros; r=glandium
fa5fa35e15df7e67f5f6ae9cf0a50ffffd226067Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 798965 - Avoid using gPrivateBrowsingUI.privateBrowsingEnabled in browser.js and use the per-window PB API instead; r=jdm
479174108809b512f3e849c9e388dee4d5c69056Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 798516 - Remove support for gPrivateBrowsingUI.privateWindow; r=jdm
7df4031961c71fdbf6971040d31f3800f79e2cccEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
c9329b363280f970aecef1f70590cacfbdff81b9Ted Mielczarek — Add a script to update Breakpad from SVN (no bug). r=me
8732e019a26d810b6d013f4087d7b287a8cf8012Ted Mielczarek — bug 778364 - Update Breakpad to r1064. r=upstream
aa5e3b4458103dbdc95ecc0b9e4d4ac1ee1a0457Alex Keybl — Merging in version bump NO BUG
843e9407630fdee7c7f6ed83699a9b74952023bcAlex Keybl — Added tag FIREFOX_AURORA_18_BASE for changeset 2704e441363f
2704e441363fe2a48e992dfac694482dfd82664aGary Kwong — Bug 696305 - Suppress bug 799157, a new Valgrind error, probable regression. DONTBUILD FIREFOX_AURORA_18_BASE
87f3548e638eb6db3f94999c5dbff353830dcb4cEthan Hugg — Bug 798873 - Signaling - increase max SDP size (temporary until better fix). r=jesup,ekr
4c95b705edb00362830b235103edb1bd95ab57e4Randell Jesup — BUg 799076: Add temporary error definitions to media/webrtc/signaling for VC9 and below r=derf
129e65729274321766644127fc7c50063131a1f9Jacek Caban — Bug 799069: Unresolved vpx_codec_vp8_cx export in --disable-webrtc build r=jesup,derf
8ebfc639c69ff5375d35d8fa2a059ac89cb075c3Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
6bd2c54df256773f6f10ec6764a25a41f96765bbEd Morley — Bug 752786 - Disable one part of test_bug469613.xul for too many intermittent failures
824316b5a366e5aa7fa4ab3fcf58737b433ebe20Ed Morley — Backout d22512e72e42 (bug 798990) for reftest failures in empty-transaction-1.html
d22512e72e429ece699b986fc3f418b4cde393b3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 798990. No need to call EnsureTarget just to paint nothing. Anyway it's not safe to call it during a paint. r=kft
e1fb91e37cb8c1d0848d58c3f442bb13b98bb8fbBas Schouten — Bug 793175: Discard a cached SourceSurface if it was created for the wrong BackendType. r=jrmuizel
7b2e2c81e0b94bb58c2427ac485372425a724e45Bas Schouten — Backed out changeset 41b5180cf6af DONTBUILD
41b5180cf6af91e751669e144e7dfa58ae3a0789Bas Schouten — Bug 793175: Discard a cached SourceSurface if it was created for the wrong BackendType. r=jrmuizel
5c59fd005fb897b33cceaad689eb6fa28765ff77Marty Rosenberg — Fix the backwards code so it matches the well thought out comment (bug 792589, r=jbramley)
c28cc500c23935d0bb587a7ba2d5c4cc9f26e278Bas Schouten — Bug 798931: Push clip layers to the correct render targets. r=roc
8b78045e153624f66ace247eef2723e742efe86eEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
524f4ba45300f46d526d8dee809e293380bcb273Jacek Caban — Bug 797793 - Disable format warnings on mingw r=glandium
e330290d261fb178300bbcbfaa1142fef0ecfbecEd Morley — Backout 6c89d2b6ea4b (bug 793175) on suspicion of somehow causing Win7 opt permaorange in browser_updatessl.js and friends
6d20b416c2b750d864f0200415a9d08d70b298deEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
a4bc614f4092a8ca98ec95694d7720fcc1d3651eGavin Sharp — Adjust comment from bug 790545's patch
091cda42bc2296358ea7bd886d0984faeae086a2Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 736358 - Remove "Open Add-Ons Manager" button for restartless addons. r=bmcbride
4db6171d4facc30d0151b12520294efd5df0523aGraeme McCutcheon — Bug 693029 - followup: fix another errant pair of quotes.
f375fcca196aff18cca3a0a4853bdc15d452d3ccBrian Hackett — Bug 793491. There isn't really any reason to have lots of type barriers for different objects at a site, since if we manage to discharge all the barriers the target will probably just be marked as a generic object anyways. So go ahead and just fall back to an AnyObject barrier once we have more than BARRIER_OBJECT_LIMIT barriers on a single pc. r=jandem
5072dbac12384ca619d7284112271a02b013a939Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 783525 - part 2 - RIL impl. r=marshall_law
7eee61226313d6ad1c8aae11653c126307c9ec32Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 783525 - part 1 - idl and DOM impl for ICCCardLockErrorEvent. r=smaug, sr=sicking
b8b44407bfe65c38f5eca80a4c3780bbd3337505Eitan Isaacson — Bug 779096 - Add whitelist for supported accessibility services. r=blassey
5612c5ab7fcf96d4cea9c61b3c32a17e308f2143Eitan Isaacson — Bug 797961 - Fix disappearing node case. r=davidb
e7f2e2c944b7ef7623eb2a465e97d631ed14ad98Panos Astithas — Fix a merge conflict. No bug.
90c035e4ffd9567240b0b0d56a60757aa3b34740Panos Astithas — Merge m-c to fx-team
ac7b630bb3394a5c938f0ef83300e8f97cffd8d2Panos Astithas — Disable browser_responsiveui.js and browser_responsiveuiaddcustompreset.js on OS X for intermittent failures (bug 798772, bug 798775); r=jwalker
246011521d45d57dc457bc8331cafaf44eeaa2ddMihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 5: tests; r=robcee
211f9f0d9729b8803228454ba0c6dce66123afdbMihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 4.5: global actor; r=past
fbe10b0e356b664ad715f9663a31b4ae16b0c777Mihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 4: cleanups; r=robcee
acdaa722170d2ede890649d5cc92315dd3c83df5Mihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 3: network logging; r=past,robcee
fb9c303d06830651f29975dcee922b8701c37ad1Mihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 2: window.console API and JS evaluation; r=past,robcee
df7160707659be4a0c35be867c46cb8f1d89abc3Mihai Sucan — Bug 768096 - Web Console remote debugging protocol support - Part 1: page errors; r=past,robcee
13828eb0c4a24eb6340a7abee0603ae289ebd5faPanos Astithas — Bug 792925 - Dynamically-added tab-scoped actors should get a reference to their parent; r=msucan
e5d8ddb1e35fc438518b3debaa47a0ed6f92a064Girish Sharma — Bug 790272 - Unnecessary repaints of the Layout View, r=paul, r=jaws
9a9e3a6d29fb767809e12086aaf7c158591322edPaul Rouget — Bug 798284 - [responsive mode] dispatch some events; r=past
7c6d5ed8f6885c53b8e78518dd8e4c2477e01933Paul Rouget — Bug 796029 - [markup panel] Consider disabling the preview if we can't solve bug 795956; r=dcamp
0c267a2d5f664a9f9289bf1482a5f2bf2d912ccesaran — Bug 768399 - GCLI output should not be forced to be xhtml; r=jwalker
d2cd0d27d649034026200b3c47e58f054f8d31efJoe Walker — Bug 788215 - GCLI problems when replacing valid arg value with a new value; r=dcamp
8aff9e7ce482bc8c8bcdd87a5d76992e4bc0cd3cJoe Walker — Bug 766133 - [gcli] selected text looks bad; r=dão
ed59adda8870ce0cfa514aaa2059cf210d3fcf00Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 797908 - [orange] SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list at resource:///modules/devtools/DeveloperToolbar.jsm:702 r=me
f3af7601c307d92a76acaf0b9d61e731d53eaa4bMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 785134 - Update jsb to fix various bugs; r=jwalker
003656caed2a481eb7976423e3ea40a516b9b170Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 786803 - GCLI help command panel is too big; r=jwalker
b34419698e9690c61da628e316a87bbcfb9c9392Rob Campbell — Bug 797527 - Remove InsideOutBox.jsm, DOMPlate.jsm and friends; r=dcamp
9738e5a0190a87202f089315897bf252a99df18fEd Morley — Backout 739aff49b8bb (bug 731974) for turning browser_586068-reload.js permaorange on WinXP 3 days ago
08bf91d3c0c33a07707b591cda32fa58675b0e1eEd Morley — Backout 6c89d2b6ea4b (bug 793175) on suspicion of somehow causing Win7 opt permaorange in browser_updatessl.js and friends
d3113617c43ade21e70f543e74fe975575f3a1efEd Morley — Backout 4158281d3995 & 628c6823da4f (bug 798135) on suspicion of causing bug 798858
d9e0325428315899a68e297bbc2ee856b2e3543bPhil Ringnalda — Back out 20899bf87646 (bug 798913) for Windows opt browser-chrome bustage
24cf4069004206568643a94521ef722484225c78Mark Hammond — Bug 798212 - social flyout may be horizontally misaligned after resizing. r=jaws
ea218a65affb3b692791656ffc6156b02f885ba4Chris Peterson — Bug 797225 - Part 2: Use software decoder for color formats we don't know how to convert. r=doublec
5c1ee495765f22815ffcd7503ae87a1f1041a3e2Chris Peterson — Bug 797225 - Part 1: Add an OmxPlugin namespace so we can add local definitions of OMX_COLOR enums that are only defined by some toolchains. r=doublec
29cb1f0d796c6e996c466f0b907cdb1cfc9c7d65Jason Duell — Bug 795203 - B2g: clear private data: cookies. r=mconnor,jduell
7a0094bcd18650b5cedcc24f1a6e05ee502016e1Marty Rosenberg — Ranges should all be signed, never unsigned, even when the operation should logically be unsigned (bug 765119, r=djvj)
92018e33385dec11941725f76d40de60f86d3140Marty Rosenberg — Fix windows by adding in an initializer (bug 765119, r=dvander)
4eb7625e442692ce86bb0b2982aa477186ea011dMarty Rosenberg — Add in two patches that were lost while rebasing (bug 765119, r=jandem)
17c3cdc2f5d9c9fa7bce0e9db60eb79054362ef2Marty Rosenberg — Fix a bunch of bugs that the fuzzers found (bug 765119, r=dvander)
c0b3051972272612b087decafb5f73afe63ba441Marty Rosenberg — Teach RangeAnalysis how to deal with unreachable blocks (bug 765119, r=dvander)
94734724e155c9f80c1f837b9e15dae582f24431Marty Rosenberg — Add narrowing into range analysis, greatly speeding up some testcases (bug 765119, jandem)
af9e58e861024e230bc10cdd109ac2af159bfa9fMarty Rosenberg — Add a bunch of features to range analysis to make it optimize more. (bug 765119, r=jandem)
ddcda23710f428704d5e455abe86947154458829Marty Rosenberg — Beta nodes sholud be able to have infinite ranges, fixes very slow testcase (bug 765119, r=dvander)
bcb1272c7b94c70e31333ee2053ec10f9c1c28d6Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i harder
e600be5c53e820e1a059edb277029aa5a10d4081Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
117da9598f32937ece4d99f553959be0da01cff4Brian Nicholson — Bug 798859 - Remove isEmpty() call in AllPagesTab. r=mfinkle
d157276ffe2d2d619c3b519a317c872df5faa85aRandell Jesup — Bug 798998: add file to libjingle license rs=jesup
d9a4e5f65837b3d251da2cde685e9e683f465c8eRandell Jesup — Bug 782873: License.html tweak for sigslot.h r=gerv
c9bfb6646f04d7e8d0a9035125ad1c9824b4d493Phil Ringnalda — Back out 9157b71a7df1 (bug 793491) for assertion failures
20899bf876464a1e487e3e8b867e452c740a87dbNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 798913 - Prevent inlining of overflow of arguments. r=dvander
6c89d2b6ea4bc4b9ce78b4962764156d7c2f717aBas Schouten — Bug 793175: Discard a cached SourceSurface if it was created for the wrong BackendType. r=jrmuizel
9157b71a7df1fcb50b22e23e724befc6e2de4613Brian Hackett — Bug 793491. There isn't really any reason to have lots of type barriers for different objects at a site, since if we manage to discharge all the barriers the target will probably just be marked as a generic object anyways. So go ahead and just fall back to an AnyObject barrier once we have more than BARRIER_OBJECT_LIMIT barriers on a single pc. r=jandem
53cb00d53675d001c48e9afa2ee5de8c6d6185d3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 6. Hook up xml-stylesheet PIs to cycle collect their stylesheet. r=smaug
614a3c53c14bc88bce59beb0902c031535937acfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 5. Hook up <svg:style> elements to cycle collect their stylesheet. r=smaug
8cd475094c5d65440d34b2e81bb4086f3bbde589Boris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 4. Hook up <link> elements to cycle collect their stylesheet. r=smaug
baed277d76547b080abe940bb297be36721a0383Boris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 3. Implement cycle collection for GroupRule objects. r=smaug,dbaron
a2ab9f871f2f24f433eac3b7949a1aac7bb7b0caBoris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 2. Hook up <style> elements to cycle collect their stylesheet. r=smaug
4a209968a7347e290206f7a17bed8fc8b1eacee9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 795221 part 1. Implement cycle collection for nsCSSStyleSheet objects, so we don't leak through them. r=smaug,dbaron
2ec21afa445bfde8e432a15fcfab11efa2d4a768Jared Wein — Bug 793715 followup, use null instead false to show missing object. r=me
396196c97862cea92e9ff5ad53a70d178fedadc0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 8) - Make GetCachedLocalTime() infallible. r=jwalden.
99229a1bf7eab4a9da02a4b2292d8cad17cfaea0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 7) - Rename CacheLocalTimes() and change its return type from bool to void. r=jwalden.
0a0f23cf7a7a7dbb8b5f8e37d1abc813a69f2f57Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 6) - Remove SetDateToNaN. r=jwalden.
2c7698ae61949c8e17281c4fa0bbba3afaee2b3bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 5) - Change SetUTCTime()'s return type from bool to void. r=jwalden.
8381c97c65d685b4b55264e162ab711584e4fc5bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 4) - In jsdate.cpp, exactly root remaining JSObject* pointers. r=jwalden.
11868442cc39ca566113da4fd4d7c6d420563ce1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 3) - In jsdate.cpp, convert Rooted<JSObject*> pointers to RootedObject. r=jwalden.
c11ad1bccb45e9aa71bab0eeb6fec3b44de16898Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 2) - In jsdate.cpp, convert |cx| parameters to |dstOffsetCache| where possible. r=jwalden.
167c2ac56d02cc60fec4419c748af7aea34fec1eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 793076 (part 1) - Remove unnecessary |cx| parameters. r=jwalden.
7abf134ad3409ca01c6600e0dc3fe4053d4dc3e8Randell Jesup — Bug 798892: Wrong enum type in gCCApp.state, breaks bleeding-edge clang builds r=ehugg
7c119b50e7aa02965dcb82fd134f6fe467c4a7d3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 793065. Keep mRootPresContext alive in case something crazy happens. r=mattwoodrow
2d39dbbe75b3205e36219acbba451066feb10b51James H — Bug 610713 - Fix popup menus leaving behind artifacts when using hardware acceleration and a basic Windows theme. r=jmathies
65b95ed309b948dbd8aa2fcd79a98ebee7395eeeDavid Keeler — Bug 797959 - Click-to-play: change entity name along with string change. r=jaws
54079ce3e83633654bdd7d24bf5ae32323c843d2David Keeler — Bug 788829 - Call SetSizeConstraints even if a popup is not open. r=enndeakin
71c76fb26e9efb904a68062ec295fcf9ae65cd0eTom Schuster — Bug 763821 - Move the filter box to the bottom of the error console. r=jaws
cf1bb42b3420f2c81392b8404ec89695c58cc8f3Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
959de7eea1ff4082cd79b69ab2fef4f73f65c175Anant Narayanan — Bug 798966: Create a preference to bypass gUM permission; r=jesup
3cf86586da0d439307495f42b14a7449fec19539Mark Hammond — Bug 790545 - cache provider's toolbar notification icons. r=felipe
9827af2a97cec5805dc0ed88ca34d1a71b8a092aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 579517 follow-up: Remove NSPR types that crept in
bf0aa600323fb6a0e6bbfb2d04c41eec930b597dJared Wein — Bug 793715 - Revert textbox.editor to a property, but one that wraps a field to cache the editor field once it is non-null. r=ehsan
70337fa2fe62cfe01d7cb4b5addb2a36c4a554c8EKR — Bug 798997, Add libjingle license to gtest_utils.h, r=derf DONTBUILD (NPOTB)
e6df45a289022aef32c4249cd283f1d358958c15Phil Ringnalda — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
386f6fb98537f1b90c9f0f571851126df79c3a93EKR — Bug 782408: Update nrappkit to use stddint types r=jesup
d407f51ca61e0e64cb5984a0ffa9bc83de9d77c2Jan de Mooij — Bug 798823 - Don't use an empty IonActivation in FastInvokeGuard. r=dvander
454595726fd913c274f3a5125d8c32b5730bf523Chris Pearce — Bug 795184 - Make iframe.mozallowfullscreen percolate across process boundaries. r=jlebar
db8552af8d73696e8cd058c1721018a169a5e979Ed Morley — Bug 793855 - should catch shutil.rmtree(dirname) exceptions and output a TBPL-compatible error; r=gps
9a685a97bfec20125e350d1d7d9b9c5a89106050Ed Morley — Bug 793855 - should check the test process has exited and if not, output a TBPL-compatible error; r=gps,jmaher
0c48cbf5e4c53347816db0446df512db6e356858Masayuki Nakano — Bug 795785 part.2 Scroll editor when caret is moved even if it's specified overflow: hidden; r=smaug
3d8d4f10eb627d972c57205924e76c909cd80b3fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 795785 part.1 Editor should scroll the selection into view after edit even when the editor is specified overflow: hidden; r=ehsan,smaug, sr=smaug
b57278dc0172d3b82d75eeb39790524c343a597aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 794884 Followup to export SupportImageWithMimeType from libxul for mimei.cpp r=joe
5136ce893ba920b771d5df5a9fcd37b4d9bac24cGregg Lind — Bug 719455 - Update TestPilot from version 1.1.2 to version 1.2.2. r=dao
729099167c99ddc85bb109e4a7f2872e4a0abc8aMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 795670 - Don't raise exception on convertion failure. r=gps DONTBUILD (NPOTB)
83d38854c21e05cfd06d68b21cf836aa32fd5632Mark Capella — Bug 798040 - Part 2: Corresponding changes to mobile. r=jlebar
8ccf1936752305b956c2751291b37ce69e998f9dJustin Lebar — Bug 798040 - Improve visual separation of processes in about:memory. r=njn
12067455cc2384b78bb24ca3af832139185fe081EKR — Bug 798860: Generate 1024-bit RSA keys for dtls mtransport streams r=bsmith
1e6444704d705038a745a8ad631ca642334151f7Dão Gottwald — Bug 797334 - Click-to-play plugin activation panel: panel background doesn't match panel arrow color on Windows, arrow lacks border on Linux. r=gavin
1c1cd655dfe5b4426eef73309bb381ac208feea4Andrea Marchesini — Bug 282547 - [XHR] Login dialog with wrong XMLHttpRequest authentication. r=bz
884757053d1d799ad60a2b2b322ac5f2b1fd3e27Anant Narayanan — Bug 798825: Add DataChannel DOM interfaces to RTCPeerConnection; r=smaug
86aef70706f94982d178146c7e3851064af9846fAnant Narayanan — Bug 694807: Implement PeerConnection DOM interface; r=jst
750fa0811f41f2e1cf40eeab385e65dd3663ac37Anant Narayanan — Bug 694807: Implement PeerConnection C++ module; r=jst,jesup,ekr
b40fe6bb9b908ff260091f0c5703645ee8944f4cAnant Narayanan — Bug 792188: Make ChunkIterator public r=jesup
2b08abdcc8a9de9e9b03d5e6f8961d1103376225Anant Narayanan — Bug 792188: Add hints to MediaStreams to help with generating signaling r=jesup
a8fac69129b0bac8b55e33574f4c4338d494b150EKR — Bug 790517: mtransport - Generic media transport subsystem for ICE and DTLS r=jesup,bsmith,mcmanus
da39ec3b97783342c892e6a9b8abaedeb372d8fcEKR — Bug 790517: mtransport import/build for nrappkit/nICEr r=ted
5d59f7ecfb16e04e0660240150f66beb917f51b3Randell Jesup — Bug 766758: License for nICEr (media/mtransport/third_party/nICEr) r=gerv
b5246d1cd36441119421eabd8b196b91aa45a7e1EKR — Bug 790517: Import nICEr library for mtransport rs=biesi,jesup r=gerv
0dfe80d8fc1da0f13fdef204303d0e8b808b90f5Randell Jesup — Bug 766689: License for nrappkit import r=gerv
cbce2911566ddcdaa25dff9b03e3ef51e89861dbEKR — Bug 790517: Import nrappkit library for mtransport rs=roc,jesup r=gerv
8de22a14e8c8a1cf9e67ba7490f4198c81af2580Randell Jesup — Bug 792188: Fixes to signaling MediaPipeline and Srtpflow r=jesup,derf
7c84f16616074286430165034bcf0e990c04e655Randell Jesup — Bug 792188: MediaPipeline changes for YUV buffer handling, put ImageContainer back to normal r=ekr
4bea9e9d2e2c0cbd23c59cb12ac97b0c8cc26e17Randell Jesup — Bug 792188: rollup of changes to signaling from alder r=jesup,ekr,derf,ehugg,ted
f1b524d51e6b055a5e8fd1c07d37ddc4805c4a03EKR — Bug 792188: Import SIPCC into media/webrtc/signaling rs=jesup r=gerv
50005364bca4b2b28c6373aa01e82dadc1affd74Fabrice Desré — Bug 790849 - Don't store information in /data about built-in apps before first startup - Move settings db out of prebuild files. [r=gwagner]
13fd1d18cdf445819cbd23459f49106a498758a9Oleg Romashin — Bug 796927 - Gfx Build fix, missing cstring include for memcpy. r=joe
0bea829361c3e1858b4972ad26eec8087c0748c5Oleg Romashin — Bug 796927 - XPCOM build fix, followup for b777292.
a5551c001a2110aed561416b16f6823d0ee0f1b6Jared Wein — Bug 796111. Adjust styling of nsIAlertService alert windows. r=dao
c92dd43099e7f881ca3dcf472beec89b2478fc1aMarco Castelluccio — Bug 796094 - Fix Marketplace category names for webapps. r=myk
5364c43651c13fc8f90c1ab3d1d80c4d7631017cGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 750480 - Workaround for empty Java applets hanging with click-to-play. r=bsmedberg
8c53914f34b03f0ebaf985e7578b14b25c752532William Chen — Bug 798065 - Fix integer underflow in nsTArray::LastIndexOf. r=cjones
9c483486bf39341a159698a54a5a0081020fdc8dJoe Drew — Bug 798061 - Fix mismatched malloc vs delete[] in mozilla::gfx::AlphaBoxBlur::~AlphaBoxBlur(). r=jmuizelaar
33da5c33a23ef1cc6cd28b748b9e9cb823567872vliu — Bug 796834 - B2G RIL: Setup data call returns fail during radio power changed. r=vyang
03e4c6401c35ba6d598f7ab62c9ba5a505967564David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 795505 - Additional checks for feeding typed arrays to js-ctypes. r=jorendorff
7be4e7680b42ebb8dafbb8a84b252862d78a3175David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 795505 - Feed typed arrays to js-ctypes. r=jorendorff
834fb95232af9f4e02e365f86d320c662091c0feSteven Lee — Bug 793759 - Implement HalChild::ActorDestroy and prevent HalChild calls to HalParent after ActorDestroy is called. r=cjones
ecd4c43042193c599d446d712ac265319b70dc33Patrick McManus — bug 790184 spdy: fix tcp send buffers to bound ping rtt r=honzab sr=biesi
13ec2ee2b44798882ad2e58a0d349b699266688fBas Schouten — Bug 784382 - Part 2: Use new ID2D1DeviceContext interface in Azure. r=jrmuizel
d3afcd4f3cc0f29bdf87e57417a3a85c8c801b51Jan de Mooij — Temporarily disable bug 797131 part 3 for fuzz crashes. r=dvander on IRC
3fd916a2c18cdfbaac9f9f2fe31d34f6a46f7d55Jan de Mooij — Bug 798819 - Ensure the EnterJIT thunk exists when using FastInvoke. r=dvander
416a9b587ba84ed872022a7c87335e1c4b9cb9d9Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
5a3283cb92b8a84e9dbf6813191add0fcb87512dTom Schuster — Bug 784765 - Add fastpath for string equality with different length. r=jandem
7fc54528af644c058526ec8665eaad70d53e9ab7Ms2ger — Bug 798806 - Disable permaorange test_bug511075.html on Android.
221cf927f71d6e15e1d5673efbc5e2157838c698Boris Zbarsky — Bug 796410. Make things still work right if we disable Paris list bindings. r=peterv
c532f851ec5716861bbf0ea3dfd2065a205efa37Boris Zbarsky — Bug 798011. Deal with JS_ValueToString failing. r=gabor
8180cd29102ac07f1096368bbd98e3f538ac6d7dEd Morley — Bug 795393 - Remove instances of "ifneq (mobile,$(MOZ_BUILD_APP))" since they're now always true; r=ted
9f677c2bb33ded3d9d2a4058c00a388b267dc8ecEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
c007fea18be1b5f6ba5c826829ba1c4d9e8e3782Robert Longson — Bug 793484 - Optimise simple gradients. r=jwatt
2f3ed2f3905010ea180f917e90c589c28390dad4Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 797525 - Upgrade clang to version >= r163716 to fix ASan issue 109. r=rail.
e1ac3154b40e7758779061c3ff8c9bf873f954dbRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 797525 - Upgrade clang to version >= r163716 to fix ASan issue 109. r=rail.
20fe6e539f7f3fbd27f6a6737acc44ca0e066347Jan de Mooij — Bug 797131 part 3 - Add fast path for calling into Ion. r=dvander
edfcc6ffb63e515b7a3f02c6d00559f1f4f5156aJan de Mooij — Bug 797131 part 2 - Add FastInvokeGuard and use it. r=dvander
43849b4e3cc09d4455ef85313dee02f5ec581ecbJan de Mooij — Bug 797131 part 1 - Various small changes. r=dvander
4ff2eb1a97cdd6d98072d126d42692f67aab7e3bLandry Breuil — Bug 788021 followup: cast PR_NOW() to int64_t to fix a build failure on OpenBSD. r=jlebar
1b3d773f582f2c88b28705bd25803195ddc8ea95Mike Hommey — Bug 798476 - Fallback to --with-system-libevent=/usr when system libevent doesn't have a pkgconfig file. r=ted,f=jbeich
fea97483dacd986f4fa1de6687c56f772fd3bfd6Mike Hommey — Bug 798450 - Avoid installing .mkdir.done and precomplete with make install. r=ted
afbb5b5249e06961cdaf8a8d75872ba8c45c92c7Mike Hommey — Bug 798431 - Remove useless prtypes include in media/libjpeg/jmorecfg.h. r=jlebar
8576d9edfc18fe26e8a7dc6384d76cb96a9a365eMike Hommey — Bug 797322 - Preprocessed .jsm files don't get //@line info. r=ted
c0c3b137c10de40b7dac7a6141276ada8ff2a091Mike Hommey — Bug 793672 - Tests for the debugging server profiler actor. r=past
7d8ad53cab4673e0e2fb3daef521a335161f41a7Mike Hommey — Bug 793672 - Allow to get notifications for arbitrary observer topics through RDP with the profiler actor. r=past
bc36c86d2d27da32f99021e780762a29919d58a6Mike Hommey — Bug 797717 - Initialize SPS in NS_InitXPCOM2 to make JS sampling work in xpcshell. r=benwa
b7731c744c7f0ef3727e642fba2805013c0d4b48Kyle Machulis — Bug 798035 - Patch 2: Bluetooth SCOManager Cleanup; r=gyeh
a170f959971e48a750892ada96d1d922c930d3f9Kyle Machulis — Bug 798035 - Patch 1: Change Bluetooth*Manager observers to be internal classes; r=gyeh
6544d4ed8b80b2962d9675bb8f92270f591243ccKyle Machulis — Bug 797569 - Added AutoREquest for success value rooting in DOMRequest; r=mrbkap
c9e91088418a2de397e458e63e71fff4e7887bbdKyle Machulis — Bug 796184 - Revert UnixSocketImpl to a bare pointer, make Bluetooth*Managers use CloseSocket; r=cjones r=gyeh
04870d2657db8115444cfa7293b6f803e4c8e639Felipe Gomes — Bug 766616. Don't try to inject mozSocial in about pages. r=jaws
61e6d94f821650ebb183bc4127bf8453d17dfa7bFelipe Gomes — Bug 796218. Mark initial social panels' docshells as inactive on creation. r=jaws
43f7b44fcf153429c74a6b2e381ccfadedad5649Mike Hommey — Bug 798437. Fix Social.jsm url in aboutSocialError.xhtml. r=felipe
d8e2479870b90d2ca43a7d2bc18d033fa1c5cbf6Felipe Gomes — Bug 766616. Watch for network errors in social panels and display proper error ui. r=gavin,jaws
865eaafeb1f21579fcb89d2a266ab75317ee9479Wes Kocher — No bug - Update Jetpack tests on mozilla-central to get current code before the Aurora merge.
c924b386e2ea4b7da0e20482ebaa449e2e4f79c9Chris Jones — Merge backout on a CLOSED TREE
3e586802f478a970819ca5652e437d389e1d13e9Chris Jones — Back out bug 790231 and bug 791506 because the required UI changes were not landed in time
abf6515b8c85b76b7d2975739a027e9422aaf7b4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 790265. Changes that might attach a binding (e.g. state changes on <object> elements) should trigger a frame construction attempt even for display:none elements, so the binding will get attached. r=dholbert
9b9678df767268bee3aceef3c09a422909be458dPhil Ringnalda — Backout e9237d1ae5ff (bug 790201), 0ecee5121681 (bug 766616), d8ec55d3b98e (bug 796218), c4bb09009a54 (bug 798437), 6a8bb5834090 (bug 766616) for bustage
9e582b26b6b1a4a94d139e0607d479c8eca94702Phil Ringnalda — Back out 9456e53577df (bug 798068) for failing test_meta_viewport6.html
c71ac48601d9086475d3848715a47c28e78b4b35Phil Ringnalda — Back out 9e6567a9d1b2 (bug 790184) for not building
3f1fc99346b68986c1a8d5c6068da55155088a06Dave Townsend — Backing out bug 720997 and bug 798160 due to bad l10n.
9e6567a9d1b24f96d2a9a8f3ca1a70664f1a1f92Patrick McManus — bug 790184 spdy: fix tcp send buffers to bound ping rtt r=honzab sr=biesi
8e36fd7113baa49f211599e541f943c685fad335Wes Johnston — Bug 745384 - Allow passing null to queries from java to gecko. r=gpascutto
9b6d9a19c61417f4fb7d01cecb64251059b0d747Wes Johnston — Bug 795406 - Set up profile unlocker. r=bsmedberg
ac0690ad5138428ea858a0d4a65729d08d87386fRobert Strong — Bug 798544 - Prevent using the beta url override when official branding is not used. r=bbondy
c50045940403f8935c43037b13fd544149cc54dbJim Blandy — DONTBUILD
828fb41abefcc30da432a373680f3e39f480225bBrian Nicholson — Bug 769145 - Part 6: Update test cases for layout changes. r=mfinkle
5802ae97bb485378bca915c060c7fb058d39cadbBrian Nicholson — Bug 769145 - Part 5: Search suggestion opt-in animations. r=lucasr
7614b1b2974cc53b816a67fb158f65e0ebde4bf0Brian Nicholson — Bug 769145 - Part 4: Add search suggestions opt-in prompt. r=mfinkle
876520b68263587c9d01143a3a4997026dd2268cBrian Nicholson — Bug 769145 - Part 3: Add mSuggestionsEnabled boolean. r=mfinkle
e9237d1ae5ff3642cd6a52a045671b0e3d7f843bFelipe Gomes — Bug 790201. Nuke social worker sandbox on shutdown. r=mhammond
0ecee5121681d91f159f4a015233c723c0b3f08eFelipe Gomes — Bug 766616. Don't try to inject mozSocial in about pages. r=jaws
d8ec55d3b98ef3d57fb686e38061d8324bdb807fFelipe Gomes — Bug 796218. Mark initial social panels' docshells as inactive on creation. r=jaws
c4bb09009a54d3afe26c40a9eb00a799dfdfafa6Mike Hommey — Bug 798437. Fix Social.jsm url in aboutSocialError.xhtml. r=felipe
6a8bb58340907cdd90868dc8aeb2322a9685f556Felipe Gomes — Bug 766616. Watch for network errors in social panels and display proper error ui. r=gavin,jaws
6f4ab9a3d734bf891514eeb8714c141f8b74bd0bAnant Narayanan — Bug 797796: Hookup getUserMedia backend with frontend UI; r=jesup
b9de5da14ab049ea18dcc757488c654e38db69adDão Gottwald — Bug 729522: Implement navigator.getUserMedia() permission UI; r=dolske,ui-r=boriss
0c5a323056774e9b5794dd2885b0735f9cbd24d1Brian Nicholson — Backed out changesets c644dacaf9a9 and 454ec577c741
9456e53577df458aee45ad4d4d6c60557c1e9a10Scott Johnson — Bug 798068: Return sane values for min/max zoom when handheldFriendly, WAP, Mobile, or WML is set in the viewport metadata. [r=mbrubeck,bent]
e0782e7cb92af522ac2f06417ed28a9e29ebd6fcSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 775272: Touching outside the menu should dismiss it. [r=mfinkle]
2ba2e07e2fcd977b0bb81817fab467a2f1a34b9cMark Finkle — Bug 784157 - Google Play Campaign Tracking: Better distribution pref handling, r=blassey r=bnicholson
e09d7d9b5ed2477a951ce9800fe3df83f4b97ab7Nicolas B. Pierron — Revert "Bug 797977 - Embed !isIon() assertion in StackIter::fp(). r=luke"
6136aa2c5dd450ec0f92d87993c7a5197d29e50eDave Townsend — Bug 798160: about:support should not include the sync username and account. r=MattN
8bda10a190c2e360c0cb9c503e2c0f045fb3d005Justin Lebar — Bug 798024 - Don't hide smaps when displaying a memory report dump loaded from a file or from the clipboard. r=njn
823227b1ffe6fc860c18b39237af98aeab389d0fJustin Lebar — Bug 798019 - Sort processes in about:memory by resident size. r=njn
6c86cf8e24785024bad0f440d5f59f0dd6d25dc5Justin Lebar — Bug 797904 - Include app name in about:memory dump. r=njn,cjones
aa211d740d88ee103747be5bfb03bbff3161e86fJustin Lebar — Bug 797890 - Add button to about:memory to load memory reports from the clipboard. r=njn
c644dacaf9a9e584098224db687d46478fb0dd1bBrian Nicholson — Bug 797075 - Part 2: Implement Java-side tab stubs. r=mfinkle
454ec577c741134f8eb95b8a575dfc117ccb4de2Brian Nicholson — Bug 797075 - Part 1: loadUrl() cleanup. r=mfinkle
3685d18499d904e6fdd5f8dc82c415cdd31e32dbJustin Dolske — Bug 793366 - Add noise to the white background used for transparent images in image documents. r=jaws r=bz r=joe
588135660310b6867df9eb79002660e96e904f8bNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 797977 - Embed !isIon() assertion in StackIter::fp(). r=luke
133e77c39c0c250767be3c76e9daf839bc05fd59Robert Strong — Bug 798477 - Add fallback page for the official stub installer. r=bbondy
a41de64fb32210d756a732b3913032b6f36cca74Robert Strong — Bug 797157 - Trying to pave-over install with the stub installer with nightly already running - warning comes up that nightly is already running, but installer closes and leaves behind 'to_be_deleted' folder in C:\Program Files\Nightly. r=bbondy
c5c217c1fb0b9c9beb03188958f265fa3340aa4cRobert Strong — Main Patch for Bug 795654 - Add artwork and text positioning around artwork for nightly and aurora stub installer. r=bbondy
9e21a2c53f84b0b10522a55f6fd04e49fca63c61Robert Strong — Artwork for Bug 795654 - Add artwork and text positioning around artwork for nightly and aurora stub installer. r=bbondy
a195554cc7f65990cf25b7e414636834b15cc151Steve Fink — Bug 797213 - Test output may not go to stdout if -O given. r=terrence
a714b4f802e234b1af3ebc31e482cd6ef4ed4ba4Steve Fink — Bug 797213 - -O<filename> should default show-output to on. r=terrence
5a932c059384d73bb7e7d05c7386e9d352ecdd34Steve Fink — Bug 797213 - add a -F (--failed-only) option to only display output of failed tests. r=terrence
ee13286be5e6b47fb43c6280b74ee9c95b69bdaaSteve Fink — Bug 797217 - Replace InternalHandleBase::zeroPointer with NullPtr::constNullValue. r=terrence
40b01e566af01e3f167359b9ce1e69eeec0e7045Steve Fink — Bug 797128 - Minor rooting fix and SkipRoot justification. r=terrence
e51d8558ad641e9fff3e10e20384a2f365c8a9f9Steve Fink — Bug 797123 - Fix JS_ALWAYS_TRUE(fallible ToNumber) in jstypedarray.cpp. r=Waldo
b118ae06adeb7fc0bb775aa1d2e62e6e68944362Steve Fink — Bug 794214 - Avoid putting poisoned pointer into type->newScript. r=billm
9adf5ca922a41034c2813b89675d0070c2316c67Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 798354 - Remove the sizecheck global variable in since its only needed at compile time, and there are better ways to do this; r=cjones
569c37d763ce147d58d783c9e1c973c4f858cc22Masashi Honma — Bug 791506 - Allow specifying a BSSID for WPS to speed up connection times. r=mrbkap
8321d22a0957f45ada5c57009671c4d485cc0613Masashi Honma — Bug 790231 - Add a way of telling if a scan result supports WPS. r=mrbkap
1ddc6403c0603eb86e608805561ac5f3bc587023Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 798377 - Don't use the deprecated stat64 function in; r=cjones
747ca210aaa08de3ce0ffd921d3e53b194da1183Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 798355 - Remove the base class conversion operator from MachMsgPortDescriptor because it will never be used; r=cjones
82f88f349519207bca3adae03214224ebb5c3b19Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 798356 - Do not convert a boolean literal into a null pointer constant in TransportDIB::Map; r=cjones
b9d3402e928530e125865950b08de731a60c853eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 798349 - Only include TransportDIB::sequence_num_ in Windows, as it is not used in other platforms; r=cjones
0579a7cef6947841cc6f98e18ac3eac878890aafEhsan Akhgari — Bug 798350 - Remove ChildProcessHost::resource_dispatcher_host_ since it is unused, and simplify the ChildProcessHost constructor; r=cjones
b0431ae9cad50727b11a6e37dfd362b1f494c7e2Patrick McManus — bug 798426 spdy/3 goaway frame has 8 byte payload r=honzab
39d7c39c6ac21ed62594a74283940b01bb06c55aPatrick McManus — bug 798243 spdy enable reading of ping reply r=honzab
56cf71c15ef34b792b5ec68e54a49d686e56eeebMarshall Culpepper — Bug 798132: Followup fix: Move the crash reporter query into the try/catch to fix builds where it is disabled. r=fabrice
0263db40256b862acbf41d451009073fd550bf78Jared Wein — Bug 798197 - Ambient notification toolbar buttons are distorted in small icons mode on Windows. r=markh
8d24b8e3c07821844cdeb4d62f214e4c7e849874Jared Wein — Bug 797700 - Restrict height/width of ambient notification icons to 16x16. r=mixedpuppy
51d572ef4e0e987cbf9af02b96e5734ea66ed732Josh Matthews — Bug 792582 - Explicitly set privacy status of channels created by pdf.js r=yury
6852a7f64f8ccbcd4af7eedb3541ad73e6ccf407Josh Matthews — Bug 792582 - Add nsIPrivateBrowsingChannel support to nsBaseChannel. r=jduell
394f0d03774fce9cf8d559753e60e64f6bb3df26Wes Johnston — Bug 795053 - Always send the profile to Gecko if it isn't sent in the original intent. r=mfinkle
8ef494cee18e974a7f77c8ccb58d670ea89229daWes Johnston — Bug 795053 - Unlock locked profiles on Android. r=blassey
bcf8b2fac636d2c2e78f6c77272752773542a4f0Nick Hurley — Bug 786086 - Make the new default cache size display properly. r=michal
3244bbf3e809d9537c74ad84fdcbe1229918594eAndrew McCreight — Bug 797649 - Truncate URLs logged in --DOMWINDOW. r=bz
d3ae409a42f6be8cb3364a5794656c35e9616572Kyle Huey — Bug 797940: Don't use a static nsRefPtr for sScriptCacheCleaner. r=smaug
72d8054301d25aa58db973f821aa481e6c311d18Kyle Huey — Bug 797889: Make sure IndexedDB does not send messages to thechild after it has begun shutting down. r=bent
64bf5f240ccbb4f6065d25212615718a1adc01f7Sean Stangl — Bug 797551 - Use callWithABI() for Math.random(). r=dvander
2c8f5efea9ad7a1d11d35941909e2cebb87c900dOHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 772319 - Add an option to disable the "Close other tabs" prompt. r=dao
a0f3f60b8b03c94375c3061579ecfe8c5f45fe84Daniel Holbert — Bug 797953: Mark flexbox-widget-* reftests as having a some occasionally fuzzy pixels (at corners of buttons)
497a3ed4573ac39ddb5267e7931fcbeaf79384f7Jan de Mooij — Bug 797825 - Port Array.prototype.concat fast path from JM to Ion. r=dvander
2849c215634536a0af1ab451d17ff39c02d55eecSteven Michaud — Bug 797834: Fix build error on OSX 10.6 in nsMacWebAppUtils; r=dwalkowski
33f6113f5a8b2b511b91b651ce77c824d75e8f31Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 794581: CyanogenMod doesn't take touch events on submenu. [r=bnicholson]
4158281d39958d4ee579ccd0ef146d2c1839bdc2Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 798135: Update comments for GeckoAsyncTask. [r=cpeterson]
628c6823da4fc3bd5c22476eab295cb3a8a323d0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 798135: Make GeckoAsyncTask run on GeckoBackgroundThread. [r=cpeterson]
d54999bfe1dd18ba5ca302dac6ca272d648fce79Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 798429 - Add new talos test names. r=jhammel.
3b4562fd4f202ee9759092a69c26c07f8bf6012fBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Put Proxy and DOM expandos on the expando object, rather than the holder. r=peterv
563787d9f0bb8f6595f8b2f87b4dfea1ac416e9fBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Hoist expando-checking (but not expando-creating) operations into common code. r=peterv
b2bb146b3fa7bfed6c68d4b6491a0801b415c177Bobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Create XrayTraits::resolveOwnProperty. r=peterv
d8c15d5aeaa238904349eb285887653f1a191aaeBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Reorder checks for expandos and nodePrincipal. r=peterv
bc5648cb99722667dc9ea4dca572214504b1c16dBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Implement expando traps for ProxyXrayTraits DOMXrayTraits. r=peterv
509ebfec55a1cf2006e49b8d7897c4e9d0a949aeBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Move wrapper preservation stuff into a virtual trap. r=peterv
5763702031329ea3e5072bde2d73be170f5c50efBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Make expando chain getting/setting a virtual trap. r=peterv
0e13f5279a6e3fe2c99ec2ddc4dab40ae7713ea6Bobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Hoist expando infrastructure into XrayTraits. r=peterv
861cd25072734fd6f76f657f1eacc10326e24267Bobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Hoist Xray identification machinery into XrayWrapper, and use it for trait identification. r=peterv
455e5bd1cd2a48e06c7c4fcb3529e860e8d81141Bobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Move Xray expando infrastructure further down in the file. r=peterv
b1c000f475d45cb532e567d7a099b80cc2597fa4Bobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Unify holder creation and access. r=peterv
03667c5bc77b2eea5e3faf521282ee0d30486716Bobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Get the WN directly from the wrapper. r=peterv
f5225ec3579517e083d62a5ea6161368ee1d6baeBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Hoist call and construct traps into Traits, since the current implementations are XPCWN-specific. r=peterv
317a3211dfad1e17310c3a427892a354fde2b394Bobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Rename getInnerObject to getTargetObject. r=peterv
9af31b39e3f794fb0481559cca258992cb90720fBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Hoist getInnerObject into XrayTraits. r=peterv
8d62ef879869f54b2c7c5ee6155a64924a41619fBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Make Xray traits inherit from a common superclass and give them a singleton instance. r=peterv
cf00f8f3f80dc41c497ce3d5715365784aa6c132Bobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Stop stashing a raw WN pointer in XPCWN Xray holders. r=peterv
26ffd02bc89ce5b1df54129ca7e8d872f5414f4fBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Simplify XPCWN Xray holder creation. r=peterv
eea6e8237e2d0a712ca13a70cfadb241a2e73eaaBobby Holley — Bug 761695 - Fix inaccurate commenting. r=peterv
b2dfc53c0dd69ab040a706460eb50740bacd3002Bobby Holley — Bug 798346 - nsContentUtils::PreserveWrapper should explicitly QI its argument to the CC ISupports. r=peterv
48ac02818264aa0209472d4105fec8f895ee942eEd Morley — Bug 798419 - Fix incorrect spellings of success(ful) in test output; r=me
28f8ca089e9c77e266344257db989787d9d0745aJeff Hammel — Bug 792164 - add mozdevice to virtualenv in m-c;r=gps
9859a8c681361bcb206f8ddd5cae39171e42d641Nathan Froyd — Bug 746714 - add a memory reporter for telemetry; r=taras,njn
3c1d80269a137fc41bfdfd082692664f6021856dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 786029: Fennec should integrate with Android's search. [f=mfinkle, r=lucasr]
92af89fcb63875b840314f1b0ad1f3d1094b68a9Justin Lebar — Bug 796523 - Expire the JS timezone cache whenever we create a new compartment. r=waldo
1a0c29c18fa77e1caaa58a314be342f84df9a549Jan de Mooij — Bug 797720 - Don't add MonitorTypes instruction if there's a type barrier. r=dvander
b41fe9617b577f5761c5232adcb73ba51cc8cc67Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 798345 - Fix the comm-central perma-orange introduced by bug 794606; r=jdm
739aff49b8bb7ab8971c874c8212f5d62a8bcd45Vladimir Vukicevic — b=731974, requestAnimationFrame generates too short/long frames; r=bz,smaug,roc
2bdb3c531c3ef4062edbb330c6a3dccbd416bcbcVladimir Vukicevic — b=797975, disable browser_tabview_bug587503 test 4 because it's fragile
4e4f65c5f43b893ea1e097760496d0e609758985Vladimir Vukicevic — b=756425; fix test_mousescroll by driving RefreshDriver directly; r=ehsan
e28ab3e5e961333b88f978ceffd7f27c360d19caVladimir Vukicevic — b=716031 and probably 752808 and 759254; fix test_selection_move_commands by driving RefreshDriver directly; r=ehsan
cf7a9685b8d8c6db111dfff3a375fd5034f7c594Vladimir Vukicevic — b=796980, fix content/events/test/window_wheel_default_action.html; r=ehsan,orange
b83159dadf3cdb6e1717593e4b2474f2c3d5d27fScott Johnson — Bug 795932: Add a preference to enable reflow-on-zoom that is visible from the settings menu on Android. [r=blassey]
fba8214bfe19ad4c203ca3d684a5bbec5e6eb834Scott Johnson — Bug 710298: Support reflow-on-zoom by limiting the max line box width after zooming in on mobile. [r=blassey]
8e432edff70b23c126c43f127755550f394f52d7Ehsan Akhgari — Mark AsyncWaiter as final, no bug, blanket-r=bzbarsky
a31b3a3b7954f09b5b8f680c84c2d55a657086bbChris Lord — Bug 794130 - Fix intermittent crash in AndroidBridge::ShouldAbortProgressiveUpdate. r=blassey
0c62119a72d50a653aaedcb0760c2c0053d8ed63adrian tamas — Bug 777719 - Leaving only the History test as the others are already covered in existing bugs. r=jmaher
85d794aadac926d78f521b02610d223133166e72Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 798310 - Include Accessible-inl.h in nsMaiInterfaceTable.cpp. r=surkov.
ad8fa8df0ab76b1716ac7efee1c4c61fb8cf5c12Fernando Jiménez — Bug 793186 - MMI Codes: implement sendMMI() and cancelMMI() - Part 3: Tests; r=marshall_law
5dc2fdb593a70b43cac46042bcd5c4c1f9b1c291Fernando Jiménez — Bug 793186 - MMI Codes: implement sendMMI() and cancelMMI() - Part 2: RIL functionality; r=marshall_law
a4e3e1e70afc5dcd080811b7805aae06b3091c7fFernando Jiménez — Bug 793186 - MMI Codes: implement sendMMI() and cancelMMI() - Part 1: Rename USSD-MMI; r=philikon
12b5f4b2f29929902045c69add78cf275b920208Simone Carletti — Bug 761769 - Update PSL for .ve. Take 2. r=gerv.
a7a10b14ff060927c81e7d7953fa4a4646638362Geoff Brown — Bug 797942: Propagate SIZE_CHANGED to LayerManagerOGL; r=cwiiis
e8f535c751d1d9b0a96e45a037faeacaddef0bc5Alexander Surkov — Bug 798205 - move ia2 files under ia2 directory, r=tbsaunde
74948e7f2fec4161f0d5c8680cba5908e921d2afAlexander Surkov — Bug 708927 - enable events/test_focus_menu.xul partially, add more logging capabilities, r=tbsaunde
f49e4541bb56759e89b90ac9ddc9357089636cc2Ed Morley — Backout 4a76e692a4ab, 2962951f5fcc, d1d2149443ed, 83c3735801e7, 675ef796ed5b, f4b029b6b164, 83fa2144aa1d (bug 765119) for make check failures
34cc2b57066644cafbb86f65e58cf03fb3a111b5Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 693029 - Followup - inconsistent quoting style sneaked in. DONTBUILD.
46581931a04702103b47d78b7bce78d80b9a8445Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 693029 - Don't check for disableFastFind attribute until we've got some of the document loaded. r=gavin
ca480aedae9ddd448757ddeb29339727aa99af6eEd Morley — Backout 953079e94edd (bug 791769) for xpcshell failures
1761cc4fbb37cf3143858f55eca082eff160fda2Gina Yeh — Bug 797810 - Patch 2: Cleanup for profile connect function, r=qdot
f6f9c928808047278a4e6618dadaa9d5b637602bGina Yeh — Bug 797810 - Patch 1: Support command "AT+CKPD=200" in BluetoothHfpManager, r=qdot
4a76e692a4ab578f5229cd8ddf524e612811ddafMarty Rosenberg — Fix windows by adding in an initializer (bug 765119, r=dvander)
2962951f5fcc5dd184b0d26e1b7ef8a640c031f7Marty Rosenberg — Add in two patches that were lost while rebasing (bug 765119, r=jandem)
d1d2149443ed2934e276c6c389eb1de8066341c4Marty Rosenberg — Fix a bunch of bugs that the fuzzers found (bug 765119, r=dvander)
83c3735801e7a54be5570a76a004fdf51c61221eMarty Rosenberg — Teach RangeAnalysis how to deal with unreachable blocks (bug 765119, r=dvander)
675ef796ed5b1f9cb0bc06ae0b76a11da6a05caaMarty Rosenberg — Add narrowing into range analysis, greatly speeding up some testcases (bug 765119, jandem)
f4b029b6b164f64635368b02b12398b448382baeMarty Rosenberg — Add a bunch of features to range analysis to make it optimize more. (bug 765119, r=jandem)
83fa2144aa1d4c13ad7ec9339b06c6a1a52a48f8Marty Rosenberg — Beta nodes sholud be able to have infinite ranges, fixes very slow testcase (bug 765119, r=dvander)
f8cfc0866c0caa4ca311899d9d0cc4759079c228Simone Carletti — Bug 797787 - Update CentralNic submission date in PSL and make list alphabetical. r=gerv.
953079e94edd37cda5c99fc5e64feb968097447aSimone Carletti — Bug 791769 - Update PSL for .ve. r=gerv.
036b983640be463c0bbd6ff11e7504a0772f8b2cChris Lord — Bug 795674 - Reinstate underlying frame swap when merging nsDisplayScrollLayer. r=roc
c8522ac2affa1c79bf20d4199af8f73050c91c36Gina Yeh — Bug 797801 - Final version: Cannot receive agent events after crash, r=qdot
57dc2f1ce408fa7e87e19224c6660c0254e11b16Dão Gottwald — Bug 797894 - Use transparent autoscroll icons. r=karlt
e668fd85215a740ecd7539b533f83ea30970d265Cameron McCormack — Bug 797708 - Test that gradients are positioned correctly on SVG text with a filter applied. r=longsonr
911be4e7978786de3c89f8cfb9f83f0286e46c45Eric Chou — Bug 797786 - Send system message 'Update progress', r=qdot
b47091bd31446103a4a66e47da3759e9bdb025d2Kannan Vijayan — Bug 798589 - Change GetProp IC attachCallGetter to use script being jitted to get ion framesize instaed of script the getprop belongs to. (r=jandem)
6d185126ad5e780a766396330c22c6db18326f61Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 798758. qcms: Fix component order typo. r=Bas
2da1f2bde40e77e62ccf04b38d7dcc1497362faaMs2ger — No bug - Improve error message when declaring an interface both as WebIDL and external in Bindings.conf; r=bz
416356bb2602c0d87efed3365a419a802a8a3b30Ms2ger — Bug 797113 - Reinstate support for setting select.options[n] to null; r=bz
9d42fde0e996b1ecb0b799a6a5dfaa1fecd2f705Ms2ger — Bug 795610 - Part g: Introduce custom quickstubs that call the newly introduced WebIDL APIs; r=mounir
9f999446be73dc937b88e8a16565dfc12027cc03Ms2ger — Bug 795610 - Part f: Prepare HTMLElement.innerHTML for WebIDL bindings; r=mounir
26167a82736dc3355cec1361fdbb3849f2b1859eMs2ger — Bug 795610 - Part e: Prepare HTMLElement.focus() for WebIDL bindings; r=mounir
f5012893e9851079f37bed13f88476cf69c5199fMs2ger — Bug 795610 - Part d: Prepare for WebIDL bindings; r=mounir
80ea49628d7655431dd76fd4ada532fee86b370dMs2ger — Bug 795610 - Part c: Prepare HTMLElement.draggable for WebIDL bindings; r=mounir
78978886622b63b476f628e3adddcb4021dd0da1Ms2ger — Bug 795610 - Part b: Prepare HTMLElement.tabIndex for WebIDL bindings; r=mounir
28dd4861bf8ac720f42d81d3f3672eb40800bb77Ms2ger — Bug 798481 - Make IndexOf a little more const-correct; r=mounir
1c64ccca68601029c7ea0a8a22b7c9c75e55b412Boris Zbarsky — Bug 749964. Don't try to save if what we have is not a real document object. r=khuey
72328ba3f411db94959eb0dc7baaa6c585f5990eAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 797177 - Fix missed calls to checkCmd within B2G automation, r=mikeh; DONTBUILD because NPOTB
7194294d8a8889fcbd095b3c3a4a1531a1f73719Bill Gianopoulos — Bug 798352 - Define EALREADY for VC9. r=rjesup
acd25563db2f88e18f5db59b36b7e8a65252c9a9Brad Lassey — bug 790139 - crash in FT2FontEntry::CreateFontEntry when visiting any site in CM10 r=jfkthame
f09b566d384218c1227413f1b58614cddcdef2a8Marshall Culpepper — Bug 798132: Followup fix: Move the crash reporter query into the try/catch to fix builds where it is disabled. r=fabrice
84beb8eebe78f7777710bce1b1c709101960d7c9Ben Turner — Bug 789059 - 'Assertion failure: false (All IPDL URIs must be serial
533f124453a058598ca736065ff277a1146385f0Gregory Szorc — Bug 794509 - Part 3: Automatically discover mach commands in sys.path; r=jhammel
d04782dc009156e114f27da3a468321a99edc47bGregory Szorc — Bug 794509 - Part 2: Move mach command modules into a mach.commands sub-module; r=jhammel
15c2bcb1a982e748f9f88be3976096cf5d31b07cGregory Szorc — Bug 794509 - Part 1: mach subcommands are now defined through Python decorators; r=jhammel
f4c2a6f2b838ea1a59c6484355bcfbdc4923501dJohn Ford — bug 776783 enable packaging gaia on win32 B2G desktop builds rs=cjones DONTBUILD because NPOTB
3b458f4e0f4228973455964767c6f7acb119e9b5Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 792398 - Recover arguments from bailouts. r=luke
47a17015ef4a7ec82a7adf202f08aa3dca50f8f7Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 787813 - Argument object, Use StackIter instead of StackFrame. r=luke
84804ed93ccb9b1990fd4f3ed459859f8951b0efJesse Ruderman — Fix typo. No bug, DONTBUILD.
fd6129a84426a3dd567acd5db54bc1f064a7f1e3Jesse Ruderman — Remove trailing whitespace. No bug, DONTBUILD.
1b66a4593f92b3bb57ebdfe7244a544cd8ca613eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 797695 (part 4) - Exactly root jsscript.cpp. r=terrence.
ddb8e4ddcf62a61a1014f0bd1432f75637ece2e3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 797695 (part 3) - Exactly root js_NewFunction(). r=terrence.
4b4956ca17abd42b9e849f440f70ab57fcaeb66fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 797695 (part 2) - Exactly root jsfun.cpp. r=terrence.
b8f7391a0cee1fa3f957c9dacfc6144b36a48f0dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 797695 (part 1) - Exactly root jsexn.cpp. r=terrence.
ecece4b1c68491fe980e657aed332b70f56ff1aaFrank Yan — Bug 796909 - Part 2: Use 2x search engine logo on about:home in HiDPI mode. r=dolske
d536fb994aff26352a8dc20a1f661542b568b9fcFrank Yan — Bug 796909 - Part 1: Use 2x images on about:home in HiDPI mode. r=dolske
ca5f40f6edc6e1070eac3883ea1269897fed83b0Jesse Ruderman — Bug 797677 - getPluginInfo indexes into navigator.mimeTypes unsafely. r=keelerd,jaws
01ada5d631e7e156f828069990be5f197148ae19Andrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 13: Replace LL_MOD macro with modulo operator. r=ehsan
ee43ffdf7dde90ba1a84f2786ef5837c9a4669f2Andrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 12: Replace LL_DIV with division operator. r=ehsan
05cd1044c8c7a3b710a7a61e74872dfb606fbe27Andrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 11: Replace LL_MUL macro with multiplication operator. r=ehsan
4c3f56cede8326179c22d22e7f4e5d11d3b80889Andrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 10: Replace LL_SUB macro with mathematical minus operator. r=ehsan
b7b805f35a69d4ec602a3cc577f656ff2769df0bAndrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 9: Replace LL_ADD with mathematical plus operator. r=ehsan
721cf3acc2694a7263a5fbf568de8597ab028771Andrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 8: Replace LL_NEG macro with negation. r=ehsan
91edf65b6279bd5d7ed93aadcb32df3cfc7ec971Andrew Quartey — Bug 792581 - part 7 - Remove LL_AND macro with logical AND. r=ehsan
825de541f566ffb262b697e654321643201baf27Kannan Vijayan — Bug 786126 - part 3 - Allow null/undefined in typeset of target object of GetProp ICs. (r=sstangl)
a31ce2d6d28e8d01288cdd91bc522d6d6ee9b39dMark Hammond — Bug 796309 - callback must be invoked if same social chat url opened twice. r=mixedpuppy
0c4293450fe00eb9cd53b4a3be12433f555cc38aFabrice Desré — Bug 798132 - Builds without the crash reporter don't start anymore. [r=hub]
9577adee54a3e95b4d2a3443067cb9076fa9720fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 798129 - Unbreak --enable-jprof and --enable-dmd builds.
5b5981c2106bf4354446fa3bb65f7e4606315924Mark Hammond — Bug 796222 - create the social toolbar panel/iframe with a default width as a workaround for bug 793057. r=jaws
e92287b62a547f0ae7cac5d8487e1159f4b13557Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 796839 - Part 4: Don't pretend that empty text nodes are not editable; r=roc
7297e7f7b7481785eb2645178718648aa856b5daEhsan Akhgari — Bug 796839 - Part 3: Don't get the inline properties from empty text nodes; r=roc
d97ca37eaa2d37073c9465d31c4e50a85ab05cedEhsan Akhgari — Bug 796839 - Part 2 - Don't set inline properties on empty text nodes; r=roc
d5abea9273a98c97b56ed0177292d59d5e34a298Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 796839 - Part 1: Make sure not to try wrapping empty text nodes when applying alignment in editable regions; r=roc
a05bad13ec397418972b97079a0dd2dcacbf5e15Shane Caraveo — Bug 783605 - DOM full screen should disable social sidebar. r=jaws
b287821e8d5f5118a5c5c8e4dab6a0c21ecd01caMark Hammond — Bug 797716 - improvements to the auto-resize code for social panels. r=felipe
e31bf74c3a405a0df4d0cdad48373c75a4b5904cBrian R. Bondy — Bug 797973 - Uninstaller should remove applied updates folder. r=rstrong
20b379c30cfc3367aff77c1e611b21cc2d1c413eChris Pearce — Bug 785662 - Add NS_OpenAnonymousTemporaryFile(), and use it in nsMediaCache::Init(). r=roc
a060cc08dd636e34d266a1bdde9f0db809bebb72Josh Matthews — Bug 792821 - Add more informative documentation to getImgCacheForDocument. r=joe
0e4560cb5a35fa22948ba26474a603a5a438ae58Josh Matthews — Bug 794606 - Make resuming a download correctly share the privacy status of the original download. r=mak
ff5e9f36d02e62e5eccbd06b6b832def81e5f2acJosh Matthews — Bug 794602 - Make nsWebBrowserPersist::SaveURIInternal use channels with valid privacy statuses. r=bz,mfinkle,smaug,ehsan,jwalker,roc,unfocused
7f40ba56870b9aacc2c9df0c9b4071ab0c47bbccCameron McCormack — Bug 782888 - Do not propagate nsChangeHint_UpdateEffects to text nodes. r=bz
676ffbbc4e0323d2fc6256c0850b3f316c761968Robert O'Callahan — Bug 797797. Reftest.
b56bf49f9f56c0c58ba06c5ab63beee1df2dc361Robert O'Callahan — Bug 794709. Don't bother trying to compute an intelligent dirty rect when building display lists for nsSimplePageSequence and nsPageContentFrame children; it's nontrivial due to the transforms they introduce, and it doesn't matter anyway. r=mattwoodrow
6c0312e3fe594300ed843ed4e76d8d4f928da3f3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 603880. Implement nsWindow::GetDefaultScale on Windows based on LOGPIXELSY, set by font DPI settings. r=jmathies
a4c95cde82e97c4eadcc6477a3f115c947b8e5eeRobert O'Callahan — Bug 787274. Move urlbar min-width from #urlbar to the text input itself to ensure gadgets like the identity box are allowed to add to the min-width. r=dao
ac4d3cec62a10ac91ab5088fe61c7ba3d6b7327fWes Johnston — Bug 781318 - Autofocus textboxes in prompts. r=mbrubeck
330aa0c962926b47e77cee618a711786e3f1e375Randell Jesup — Bug 797979: Make media.peerconnection.enabled turn on getUserMedia as well r=smaug
9ce23b2a914699afa190f964f6afc0166f786e14Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 784691 - Upgrade clang to r162360.
f2f738bd793c9c7acf53892cda1ba5ac4da847acRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 784691 - Upgrade clang to r162360. r=rail.
d750568367fed1f2f614f92b4f4a767eace7e69bValentin Gosu — Bug 796192 - A/B test HTTP Pipelining on pre-release channel. r=mcmanus
f224c1768111e486239f9c89e6f5f3f59e2d1599Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
1267ae44c02375d8e5d9e2ead9d5dd516579cb21Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout e5269e137290, (bug 794606), e94dbc151121 (bug 794602), and 0ea0cfc7f6f4 (bug 792821) due to mochitest-other orange on a CLOSED TREE.
e1c62d51d0ba54f4f9cf05044c84c7e19a313773Sean Stangl — Bug 793516 - Bail in case of impossible MToDouble input. r=dvander
58c0eda55272ec2520144d98513cd6094fb14e2cJesper Kristensen — Bug 782118 - Dictionary add-ons cannot be updated from r=Unfocused
1a53c84f184ccc75b1e4196f2024aa113643506bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
049c17d2954c0b01706cc1ee82d256c8c098461cTerrence Cole — Bug 794667 - Add an AutoAssertCanGC to help with exact rooting; r=billm
42c2104c0a2719f44d8269edea1af21e18a44d24Fabrice Desré — Bug 798028 - NetworkStatsService.jsm is not available in non-RIL builds [r=marshall]
f0ce5a01e4fcb24ba570c41b969b675c5396d543Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 797496 - Ignore hidden PC even with try notes. r=luke
ce3664d2eec863815f0264c41a762a5ad6f48568Hubert Figuière — Bug 777187 - Annotate crash with Android hardware info. r=fabrice f=kairo
d7c8896af07ae086a779aa880eb1770616996a82Doug Turner — Bug 794619 - Remote the blobs returned from enumerate. r=bent
e619280855e5f91edb92d7c2e7f52ea215dd7679Benoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - reland parts 5-8 - port WebGLTexture, WebGLBuffer, WebGLFramebuffer, WebGLRenderbuffer, WebGLShader, WebGLProgram to WebIDL bindings - r=bz
0ea0cfc7f6f4acec3c6174828e8ecfeafac14bceJosh Matthews — Bug 792821 - Add more informative documentation to getImgCacheForDocument. r=joe
e94dbc151121ef4fefeda5a2655238c0d6c6f065Josh Matthews — Bug 794602 - Make nsWebBrowserPersist::SaveURIInternal use channels with valid privacy statuses. r=bz,mfinkle,smaug,ehsan,jwalker,roc,unfocused
e5269e137290782c7f11d98078aaf6112e1b0581Josh Matthews — Bug 794606 - Make resuming a download correctly share the privacy status of the original download. r=mak
61dbc8b4ca76a46d9cee120fdf187c10bbcca367Marshall Culpepper — Bug 746069: Followup fix for test_interfaces.html
7dda68e6ffbaa817b881d75c097fe1a7fffd0078Randell Jesup — Bug 797671: cleanup from importing update r=ted,glandium (Part is bug 778801 r=derf)
174d772e83f42e84c3ba97b8fbb9c937cba027a9Randell Jesup — Bug 797671: Import code from stable branch 3.12 (rev 2820) rs=jesup
6a76b682c6288b63dab4d77d36d5d60c8f21972bBenoit Jacob — Bug 797526 - some assertions in nsDOMClassInfo should be fatal in debug builds - r=bz
68dd2bcc51ee55e1ce3dd5e77d655e6e0cc60756Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 792199. Only decode visible images immediately when switching to a tab. r=joe
a2630fb2dbfa056a44106b59c84bfc7f9351a943Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 792954. Add a WeakPtr implementation to use instead of nsISupportsWeakReference. r=joe,ehsan,Waldo
0fdefdb3481df9214851338cfc6c47ca9fa635d9Patrick McManus — bug 795905 call proxyservice::asyncresolve() when direct in case of filters r=biesi
66b4f2ea351d297c57e424ba6c5dfc03f19807d2Nicolas B. Pierron — Revert "Bug 797496 - Ignore hidden PC even with try notes. r=luke"
3b7a134bc3aa544ef8e508f6b599fc4eef6a68ecNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 797496 - Ignore hidden PC even with try notes. r=luke
a898a428639fa23d44f664dbcda3303f0d65ccebBenoit Jacob — back out 6f3714945438, 5732dca84958, bfb93cf89612, e697a832c60b for Mac build error
dea201a3c919ee1f93b25837a39e1333be9bde0cRichard Newman — Bug 793056 - Part 1: settings UI for Android product announcements. r=bnicholson
0fb72381f95c62128b861714765b9141587d23fdRichard Newman — Bug 793056 - Part 0: cleanup. r=bnicholson
9089551ace1d14f9331abda5eadfad0ee4c405ecAlbert Crespell — Bug 746069: Part 4: Tests for NetworkStats. r=philikon r=marshall
5ccae03403146c69da6ee8bb575a64edc95bfb1aAlbert Crespell — Bug 746069: Part 3: IDL implementation for NetworkStats. r=philikon sr=jst
47f9a55ac25394cdb67d240ba224951e1f6ef1d3Albert Crespell — Bug 746069: Part 2: DOM interfaces for NetworkStats. r=philikon r=sicking
b2e90f7448af6dc5208562337f6f27f1ca0f7abeAlbert Crespell — Bug 746069: Part 1: Integration with netd daemon using IPC. r=philikon
691ed91f9413d78041ddb7d532cd9d1e3e7d2228Bill McCloskey — Bug 793904 - Crash safely if JS_TransplantObject fails (r=bholley)
ef54c5cced7f8a4668c1b9751e24b9f433c545d3Chris Lord — Bug 794130 - Abort drawing if appropriate when using progressive tile updates. r=bgirard,blassey
e697a832c60b3cecdac195412141d652507bded3Benoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - part 8 - port WebGLShader and WebGLProgram to WebIDL bindings - r=bz
bfb93cf896126686dc8b45085fc5e47ada2dc3ffBenoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - part 7 - port WebGLFramebuffer and WebGLRenderbuffer to WebIDL bindings - r=bz
5732dca84958b888d0c2aa6c2ada66285b314cf8Benoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - part 6 - port WebGLBuffer to WebIDL bindings - r=bz
6f37149454382667f6b1a156e6e2caaabc685782Benoit Jacob — Bug 779611 - part 5 - port WebGLTexture to WebIDL bindings - r=bz
4f7a6eba114024606e901208f3c3121602e17ac2Fabrice Desré — Bug 797048 - Firefox Marketplace does not launch from the Apps Dashboard [r=wesj]
4f4898cca1c5ab3fc294dad80a5f125428292a22Nathan Froyd — Bug 796129 - remove prtypes #includes in layout/
0757aaa73b5749c916c79b1166db06d2d5ea470fEhsan Akhgari — Another empty changeset, they're fun! no bug CLOSED TREE blah blah
4c15cd0d08ef85f97c033506cd0fe5b3d101f526Ehsan Akhgari — Empty changeset, see if we stripped successfully (no bug) on a CLOSED TREE
d30e007d711f671923702c6b1c8c1765a15e1da0Simon Montagu — Make* functions less verbose on pass. Bug 797827, r=jmaher
6e34c2118a9254b02e92c6c1dabb26aaef46d3f5William Lachance — Bug 795496 - Make mozdevice raise exceptions on error;r=ahal,jmaher
267d712aabddadee97b7d883a842c6c9a9bd271bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 788792 - Fix two tautological compare warnings in nsNavHistoryResult.cpp; r=mak
6de63120138e70f2f44df108e8520d5dec40707fJames Kitchener — Bug 768461 - Add Accessible::HasNumericValue() method r=tbsaunde
b006a1c946fdf84085416ec7b49b1e1885e78a75Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 741808 - Enable SafeBrowsing on Fennec. For real. r=mfinkle
c1e3387058f124237b77702dd45eedba9b1a45d4Benoit Girard — Bug 724666 - Add pref for accelerated canvas on mac. r=jrmuizel
7ea61f044f7270401e79b82196b73455e2780364Robert O'Callahan — Bug 787947. Avoid scaling by 0 when snapping gradient tiles. r=jrmuizel
488949441eb382d2545b3aadccd94c9bf32f24bcBas Schouten — Bug 797797: Get the new device offset after pushing the new DT. r=roc
c24a0fd080310af8028084c89cfdf1052a58d38bGregory Szorc — Bug 795427 - Part 2: Terminate mach silently when KeyboardInterrupt is raised; r=jhammel
a7619ca2db7e5e6a51f65a88387786c9b8583048Gregory Szorc — Bug 795427 - Part 1: Proper exit codes from mach; r=jhammel
a119cc1cdf0a728990df7c17dcba3e1ca28ae45dGregory Szorc — Bug 796840 - Don't have mozprocess worry about process children when running make; r=jhammel
fd724f194a1f65540289872d7c97765623f81bc0Olli Pettay — Bug 797909, null principal for initial about:blank, r=bz