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Bug 690892 - Replace PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE with true/false on mozilla-central; rs=dbaron Landing on a CLOSED TREE

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#include "mozilla/Util.h"

#include "nsSVGStylableElement.h"
#include "nsIDOMSVGStopElement.h"
#include "nsSVGNumber2.h"
#include "nsSVGUtils.h"
#include "nsGenericHTMLElement.h"

using namespace mozilla;

typedef nsSVGStylableElement nsSVGStopElementBase;

class nsSVGStopElement : public nsSVGStopElementBase,
                         public nsIDOMSVGStopElement
  friend nsresult NS_NewSVGStopElement(nsIContent **aResult,
                                       already_AddRefed<nsINodeInfo> aNodeInfo);
  nsSVGStopElement(already_AddRefed<nsINodeInfo> aNodeInfo);

  // interfaces:


  // xxx If xpcom allowed virtual inheritance we wouldn't need to
  // forward here :-(

  // nsIContent interface
  NS_IMETHOD_(bool) IsAttributeMapped(const nsIAtom* aAttribute) const;

  virtual nsresult Clone(nsINodeInfo *aNodeInfo, nsINode **aResult) const;

  virtual nsXPCClassInfo* GetClassInfo();

  virtual NumberAttributesInfo GetNumberInfo();
  // nsIDOMSVGStopElement properties:
  nsSVGNumber2 mOffset;
  static NumberInfo sNumberInfo;

nsSVGElement::NumberInfo nsSVGStopElement::sNumberInfo =
{ &nsGkAtoms::offset, 0, true };


// nsISupports methods


DOMCI_NODE_DATA(SVGStopElement, nsSVGStopElement)

  NS_NODE_INTERFACE_TABLE4(nsSVGStopElement, nsIDOMNode, nsIDOMElement,
                           nsIDOMSVGElement, nsIDOMSVGStopElement)

// Implementation

nsSVGStopElement::nsSVGStopElement(already_AddRefed<nsINodeInfo> aNodeInfo)
  : nsSVGStopElementBase(aNodeInfo)


// nsIDOMNode methods


// nsIDOMSVGStopElement methods

/* readonly attribute nsIDOMSVGAnimatedNumber offset; */
NS_IMETHODIMP nsSVGStopElement::GetOffset(nsIDOMSVGAnimatedNumber * *aOffset)
  return mOffset.ToDOMAnimatedNumber(aOffset,this);

// nsSVGElement methods

  return NumberAttributesInfo(&mOffset, &sNumberInfo, 1);

// nsIContent methods

nsSVGStopElement::IsAttributeMapped(const nsIAtom* name) const
  static const MappedAttributeEntry* const map[] = {
  return FindAttributeDependence(name, map, ArrayLength(map)) ||