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Bug 776208 - Plugin preview overlay. r=johns,jaws,margaret sr=joshmoz

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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIFrame;
interface nsIObjectFrame;
interface nsIPluginTag;
interface nsIDOMElement;
interface nsIDOMClientRect;
interface nsIURI;

#include "nsNPAPIPluginInstance.h"
[ptr] native nsNPAPIPluginInstancePtr(nsNPAPIPluginInstance);

 * This interface represents a content node that loads objects.

[scriptable, uuid(a812424b-4820-4e28-96c8-dd2b69e36496)]
interface nsIObjectLoadingContent : nsISupports
   * See notes in nsObjectLoadingContent.h
  const unsigned long TYPE_LOADING  = 0;
  const unsigned long TYPE_IMAGE    = 1;
  const unsigned long TYPE_PLUGIN   = 2;
  const unsigned long TYPE_DOCUMENT = 3;
  const unsigned long TYPE_NULL     = 4;

  // The content type is not supported (e.g. plugin not installed)
  const unsigned long PLUGIN_UNSUPPORTED          = 0;
  // Showing alternate content
  const unsigned long PLUGIN_ALTERNATE            = 1;
  // The plugin exists, but is disabled
  const unsigned long PLUGIN_DISABLED             = 2;
  // The plugin is blocklisted and disabled
  const unsigned long PLUGIN_BLOCKLISTED          = 3;
  // The plugin is considered outdated, but not disabled
  const unsigned long PLUGIN_OUTDATED             = 4;
  // The plugin has crashed
  const unsigned long PLUGIN_CRASHED              = 5;
  // Suppressed by security policy
  const unsigned long PLUGIN_SUPPRESSED           = 6;
  // Blocked by content policy
  const unsigned long PLUGIN_USER_DISABLED        = 7;
  // The plugin is disabled until the user clicks on it
  const unsigned long PLUGIN_CLICK_TO_PLAY        = 8;
  // The plugin is vulnerable (update available)
  const unsigned long PLUGIN_VULNERABLE_UPDATABLE = 9;
  // The plugin is vulnerable (no update available)
  const unsigned long PLUGIN_VULNERABLE_NO_UPDATE = 10;
  // The plugin is in play preview mode
  const unsigned long PLUGIN_PLAY_PREVIEW         = 11;

   * The actual mime type (the one we got back from the network
   * request) for the element.
  readonly attribute ACString actualType;

   * Gets the type of the content that's currently loaded. See
   * the constants above for the list of possible values.
  readonly attribute unsigned long displayedType;

   * Gets the content type that corresponds to the give MIME type.  See the
   * constants above for the list of possible values.  If nothing else fits,
   * TYPE_NULL will be returned.
  unsigned long getContentTypeForMIMEType(in AUTF8String aMimeType);

   * Returns the plugin instance if it has already been instantiated. This
   * will never instantiate the plugin and so is safe to call even when
   * content script must not execute.
  [noscript] readonly attribute nsNPAPIPluginInstancePtr pluginInstance;

   * Tells the content about an associated object frame.
   * This can be called multiple times for different frames.
   * This is noscript because this is an internal method that will go away, and
   * because nsIObjectFrame is unscriptable.
  [noscript] void hasNewFrame(in nsIObjectFrame aFrame);

  [noscript] void disconnectFrame();

   * If this object is in going to be printed, this method
   * returns the nsIObjectFrame object which should be used when
   * printing the plugin. The returned nsIFrame is in the original document,
   * not in the static clone.
  [noscript] nsIFrame getPrintFrame();

  [noscript] void pluginCrashed(in nsIPluginTag pluginTag,
                                in AString pluginDumpID,
                                in AString browserDumpID,
                                in boolean submittedCrashReport);

   * This method will play a plugin that has been stopped by the
   * click-to-play plugins feature.
  void playPlugin();

   * This attribute will return true if the plugin has been activated and
   * false if the plugin is still in the click-to-play or play preview state.
  readonly attribute boolean activated;

  [noscript] void stopPluginInstance();

  [noscript] void syncStartPluginInstance();
  [noscript] void asyncStartPluginInstance();

   * The URL of the data/src loaded in the object. This may be null (i.e.
   * an <embed> with no src).
  readonly attribute nsIURI srcURI;

  readonly attribute unsigned long pluginFallbackType;

   * This method will disable the play-preview plugin state.
  void cancelPlayPreview();