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Bug 422991 - "'make distclean' misses some files" (cleanup branding) [r=bsmedberg]

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#include "nsIDirectoryService.h"
#include "nsILocalFile.h"

class nsIFile;

// class nsAppFileLocationProvider

class nsAppFileLocationProvider : public nsIDirectoryServiceProvider2


                        ~nsAppFileLocationProvider() {}

   NS_METHOD            CloneMozBinDirectory(nsILocalFile **aLocalFile);
    * Get the product directory. This is a user-specific directory for storing
    * application settings (e.g. the Application Data directory on windows
    * systems).
    * @param aLocal If true, should try to get a directory that is only stored
    *               locally (ie not transferred with roaming profiles)
   NS_METHOD            GetProductDirectory(nsILocalFile **aLocalFile,
                                            PRBool aLocal = PR_FALSE);
   NS_METHOD            GetDefaultUserProfileRoot(nsILocalFile **aLocalFile,
                                                  PRBool aLocal = PR_FALSE);

   nsCOMPtr<nsILocalFile> mMozBinDirectory;