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Bug 804566 - [OS.File] Add an option ignoreExisting to OS.File.makeDir r=dteller

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#ifndef mozilla_AvailableMemoryTracker_h
#define mozilla_AvailableMemoryTracker_h

namespace mozilla {
namespace AvailableMemoryTracker {

// The AvailableMemoryTracker is implemented only on Windows.  But to make
// callers' lives easier, we stub out empty calls for all its public functions.
// So you can always initialize the AvailableMemoryTracker; it just might not
// do anything.
// Init() must be called before any other threads have started, because it
// modifies the in-memory implementations of some DLL functions in
// non-thread-safe ways.
// The hooks don't do anything until Activate() is called.  It's an error to
// call Activate() without first calling Init().

#if defined(XP_WIN)
void Init();
void Activate();
void Init() {}
void Activate() {}

} // namespace AvailableMemoryTracker
} // namespace mozilla

#endif // ifndef mozilla_AvailableMemoryTracker_h