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Back out bug 622072 because it caused bug 645987

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#ifdef MOZ_IPC
# include "mozilla/layers/PLayers.h"
# include "mozilla/layers/ShadowLayers.h"
#endif  // MOZ_IPC

#include "LayerManagerOGL.h"
#include "gfxASurface.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {

class THEBES_API CanvasLayerOGL :
  public CanvasLayer,
  public LayerOGL
  CanvasLayerOGL(LayerManagerOGL *aManager)
    : CanvasLayer(aManager, NULL),
      mImplData = static_cast<LayerOGL*>(this);
  ~CanvasLayerOGL() { Destroy(); }

  // CanvasLayer implementation
  virtual void Initialize(const Data& aData);
  virtual void Updated(const nsIntRect& aRect);

  // LayerOGL implementation
  virtual void Destroy();
  virtual Layer* GetLayer() { return this; }
  virtual void RenderLayer(int aPreviousFrameBuffer,
                           const nsIntPoint& aOffset);

  nsRefPtr<gfxASurface> mCanvasSurface;
  nsRefPtr<GLContext> mCanvasGLContext;
  gl::ShaderProgramType mLayerProgram;

  void MakeTexture();
  GLuint mTexture;

  nsIntRect mUpdatedRect;

  PRPackedBool mDelayedUpdates;
  PRPackedBool mGLBufferIsPremultiplied;
  PRPackedBool mNeedsYFlip;

#ifdef MOZ_IPC
// NB: eventually we'll have separate shadow canvas2d and shadow
// canvas3d layers, but currently they look the same from the
// perspective of the compositor process
class ShadowCanvasLayerOGL : public ShadowCanvasLayer,
                             public LayerOGL
  typedef gl::TextureImage TextureImage;

  ShadowCanvasLayerOGL(LayerManagerOGL* aManager);
  virtual ~ShadowCanvasLayerOGL();

  // CanvasLayer impl
  virtual void Initialize(const Data& aData);
  // This isn't meaningful for shadow canvas.
  virtual void Updated(const nsIntRect&) {}

  // ShadowCanvasLayer impl
  virtual already_AddRefed<gfxSharedImageSurface>
  Swap(gfxSharedImageSurface* aNewFront);

  virtual void DestroyFrontBuffer();

  virtual void Disconnect();

  // LayerOGL impl
  void Destroy();
  Layer* GetLayer();
  virtual void RenderLayer(int aPreviousFrameBuffer,
                           const nsIntPoint& aOffset);

  nsRefPtr<TextureImage> mTexImage;

  // XXX FIXME holding to free
  nsRefPtr<gfxSharedImageSurface> mDeadweight;

#endif  // MOZ_IPC

} /* layers */
} /* mozilla */