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Bug 587414 - e10s: Geolocation needs to set pref from content process. r=jdm a=blocking-fennec

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIIDBKeyRange;
interface nsIIDBRequest;
interface nsIVariant;

#include "jsapi.h"

 * Interface that defines the indexedDB property on a window.  See
 * for more information.
[scriptable, uuid(a1e1dbd1-53a7-490a-ab6f-aa55809dd867)]
interface nsIIDBFactory : nsISupports
  open(in AString name,
       in AString description);

  makeSingleKeyRange(in nsIVariant value);

  makeLeftBoundKeyRange(in nsIVariant bound,
                        [optional /* false */] in boolean open);

  makeRightBoundKeyRange(in nsIVariant bound,
                         [optional /* false */] in boolean open);

  makeBoundKeyRange(in nsIVariant left,
                    in nsIVariant right,
                    [optional /* false */] in boolean openLeft,
                    [optional /* false */] in boolean openRight);