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Bug 581536 - Part 3: Disconnect the transaction manager from the pres context as soon as it's disconnected from the pres shell; r=dbaron a=blocking-betaN+ This patch ensures that if for some reason, the pres context for a pres shell goes away, we do not hold on to the old transaction manager. Doing so would lead into the transition properties not being deleted from the elements, which will later on confuse the new transaction manager if we ever create one.

 * jpegint.h
 * Copyright (C) 1991-1997, Thomas G. Lane.
 * This file is part of the Independent JPEG Group's software.
 * For conditions of distribution and use, see the accompanying README file.
 * This file provides common declarations for the various JPEG modules.
 * These declarations are considered internal to the JPEG library; most
 * applications using the library shouldn't need to include this file.

/* Declarations for both compression & decompression */

typedef enum {			/* Operating modes for buffer controllers */
	JBUF_PASS_THRU,		/* Plain stripwise operation */
	/* Remaining modes require a full-image buffer to have been created */
	JBUF_SAVE_SOURCE,	/* Run source subobject only, save output */
	JBUF_CRANK_DEST,	/* Run dest subobject only, using saved data */
	JBUF_SAVE_AND_PASS	/* Run both subobjects, save output */

/* Values of global_state field (jdapi.c has some dependencies on ordering!) */
#define CSTATE_START	100	/* after create_compress */
#define CSTATE_SCANNING	101	/* start_compress done, write_scanlines OK */
#define CSTATE_RAW_OK	102	/* start_compress done, write_raw_data OK */
#define CSTATE_WRCOEFS	103	/* jpeg_write_coefficients done */
#define DSTATE_START	200	/* after create_decompress */
#define DSTATE_INHEADER	201	/* reading header markers, no SOS yet */
#define DSTATE_READY	202	/* found SOS, ready for start_decompress */
#define DSTATE_PRELOAD	203	/* reading multiscan file in start_decompress*/
#define DSTATE_PRESCAN	204	/* performing dummy pass for 2-pass quant */
#define DSTATE_SCANNING	205	/* start_decompress done, read_scanlines OK */
#define DSTATE_RAW_OK	206	/* start_decompress done, read_raw_data OK */
#define DSTATE_BUFIMAGE	207	/* expecting jpeg_start_output */
#define DSTATE_BUFPOST	208	/* looking for SOS/EOI in jpeg_finish_output */
#define DSTATE_RDCOEFS	209	/* reading file in jpeg_read_coefficients */
#define DSTATE_STOPPING	210	/* looking for EOI in jpeg_finish_decompress */

/* Declarations for compression modules */

/* Master control module */
struct jpeg_comp_master {
  JMETHOD(void, prepare_for_pass, (j_compress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(void, pass_startup, (j_compress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(void, finish_pass, (j_compress_ptr cinfo));

  /* State variables made visible to other modules */
  boolean call_pass_startup;	/* True if pass_startup must be called */
  boolean is_last_pass;		/* True during last pass */

/* Main buffer control (downsampled-data buffer) */
struct jpeg_c_main_controller {
  JMETHOD(void, start_pass, (j_compress_ptr cinfo, J_BUF_MODE pass_mode));
  JMETHOD(void, process_data, (j_compress_ptr cinfo,
			       JSAMPARRAY input_buf, JDIMENSION *in_row_ctr,
			       JDIMENSION in_rows_avail));

/* Compression preprocessing (downsampling input buffer control) */
struct jpeg_c_prep_controller {
  JMETHOD(void, start_pass, (j_compress_ptr cinfo, J_BUF_MODE pass_mode));
  JMETHOD(void, pre_process_data, (j_compress_ptr cinfo,
				   JSAMPARRAY input_buf,
				   JDIMENSION *in_row_ctr,
				   JDIMENSION in_rows_avail,
				   JSAMPIMAGE output_buf,
				   JDIMENSION *out_row_group_ctr,
				   JDIMENSION out_row_groups_avail));

/* Coefficient buffer control */
struct jpeg_c_coef_controller {
  JMETHOD(void, start_pass, (j_compress_ptr cinfo, J_BUF_MODE pass_mode));
  JMETHOD(boolean, compress_data, (j_compress_ptr cinfo,
				   JSAMPIMAGE input_buf));

/* Colorspace conversion */
struct jpeg_color_converter {
  JMETHOD(void, start_pass, (j_compress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(void, color_convert, (j_compress_ptr cinfo,
				JSAMPARRAY input_buf, JSAMPIMAGE output_buf,
				JDIMENSION output_row, int num_rows));

/* Downsampling */
struct jpeg_downsampler {
  JMETHOD(void, start_pass, (j_compress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(void, downsample, (j_compress_ptr cinfo,
			     JSAMPIMAGE input_buf, JDIMENSION in_row_index,
			     JSAMPIMAGE output_buf,
			     JDIMENSION out_row_group_index));

  boolean need_context_rows;	/* TRUE if need rows above & below */

/* Forward DCT (also controls coefficient quantization) */
struct jpeg_forward_dct {
  JMETHOD(void, start_pass, (j_compress_ptr cinfo));
  /* perhaps this should be an array??? */
  JMETHOD(void, forward_DCT, (j_compress_ptr cinfo,
			      jpeg_component_info * compptr,
			      JSAMPARRAY sample_data, JBLOCKROW coef_blocks,
			      JDIMENSION start_row, JDIMENSION start_col,
			      JDIMENSION num_blocks));

/* Entropy encoding */
struct jpeg_entropy_encoder {
  JMETHOD(void, start_pass, (j_compress_ptr cinfo, boolean gather_statistics));
  JMETHOD(boolean, encode_mcu, (j_compress_ptr cinfo, JBLOCKROW *MCU_data));
  JMETHOD(void, finish_pass, (j_compress_ptr cinfo));

/* Marker writing */
struct jpeg_marker_writer {
  JMETHOD(void, write_file_header, (j_compress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(void, write_frame_header, (j_compress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(void, write_scan_header, (j_compress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(void, write_file_trailer, (j_compress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(void, write_tables_only, (j_compress_ptr cinfo));
  /* These routines are exported to allow insertion of extra markers */
  /* Probably only COM and APPn markers should be written this way */
  JMETHOD(void, write_marker_header, (j_compress_ptr cinfo, int marker,
				      unsigned int datalen));
  JMETHOD(void, write_marker_byte, (j_compress_ptr cinfo, int val));

/* Declarations for decompression modules */

/* Master control module */
struct jpeg_decomp_master {
  JMETHOD(void, prepare_for_output_pass, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(void, finish_output_pass, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));

  /* State variables made visible to other modules */
  boolean is_dummy_pass;	/* True during 1st pass for 2-pass quant */

/* Input control module */
struct jpeg_input_controller {
  JMETHOD(int, consume_input, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(void, reset_input_controller, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(void, start_input_pass, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(void, finish_input_pass, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));

  /* State variables made visible to other modules */
  boolean has_multiple_scans;	/* True if file has multiple scans */
  boolean eoi_reached;		/* True when EOI has been consumed */

/* Main buffer control (downsampled-data buffer) */
struct jpeg_d_main_controller {
  JMETHOD(void, start_pass, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo, J_BUF_MODE pass_mode));
  JMETHOD(void, process_data, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo,
			       JSAMPARRAY output_buf, JDIMENSION *out_row_ctr,
			       JDIMENSION out_rows_avail));

/* Coefficient buffer control */
struct jpeg_d_coef_controller {
  JMETHOD(void, start_input_pass, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(int, consume_data, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(void, start_output_pass, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(int, decompress_data, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo,
				 JSAMPIMAGE output_buf));
  /* Pointer to array of coefficient virtual arrays, or NULL if none */
  jvirt_barray_ptr *coef_arrays;

/* Decompression postprocessing (color quantization buffer control) */
struct jpeg_d_post_controller {
  JMETHOD(void, start_pass, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo, J_BUF_MODE pass_mode));
  JMETHOD(void, post_process_data, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo,
				    JSAMPIMAGE input_buf,
				    JDIMENSION *in_row_group_ctr,
				    JDIMENSION in_row_groups_avail,
				    JSAMPARRAY output_buf,
				    JDIMENSION *out_row_ctr,
				    JDIMENSION out_rows_avail));

/* Marker reading & parsing */
struct jpeg_marker_reader {
  JMETHOD(void, reset_marker_reader, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
  /* Read markers until SOS or EOI.
   * Returns same codes as are defined for jpeg_consume_input:
  JMETHOD(int, read_markers, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
  /* Read a restart marker --- exported for use by entropy decoder only */
  jpeg_marker_parser_method read_restart_marker;

  /* State of marker reader --- nominally internal, but applications
   * supplying COM or APPn handlers might like to know the state.
  boolean saw_SOI;		/* found SOI? */
  boolean saw_SOF;		/* found SOF? */
  int next_restart_num;		/* next restart number expected (0-7) */
  unsigned int discarded_bytes;	/* # of bytes skipped looking for a marker */

/* Entropy decoding */
struct jpeg_entropy_decoder {
  JMETHOD(void, start_pass, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(boolean, decode_mcu, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo,
				JBLOCKROW *MCU_data));

  /* This is here to share code between baseline and progressive decoders; */
  /* other modules probably should not use it */
  boolean insufficient_data;	/* set TRUE after emitting warning */

/* Inverse DCT (also performs dequantization) */
typedef JMETHOD(void, inverse_DCT_method_ptr,
		(j_decompress_ptr cinfo, jpeg_component_info * compptr,
		 JCOEFPTR coef_block,
		 JSAMPARRAY output_buf, JDIMENSION output_col));

struct jpeg_inverse_dct {
  JMETHOD(void, start_pass, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
  /* It is useful to allow each component to have a separate IDCT method. */
  inverse_DCT_method_ptr inverse_DCT[MAX_COMPONENTS];

/* Upsampling (note that upsampler must also call color converter) */
struct jpeg_upsampler {
  JMETHOD(void, start_pass, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(void, upsample, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo,
			   JSAMPIMAGE input_buf,
			   JDIMENSION *in_row_group_ctr,
			   JDIMENSION in_row_groups_avail,
			   JSAMPARRAY output_buf,
			   JDIMENSION *out_row_ctr,
			   JDIMENSION out_rows_avail));

  boolean need_context_rows;	/* TRUE if need rows above & below */

/* Colorspace conversion */
struct jpeg_color_deconverter {
  JMETHOD(void, start_pass, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(void, color_convert, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo,
				JSAMPIMAGE input_buf, JDIMENSION input_row,
				JSAMPARRAY output_buf, int num_rows));

/* Color quantization or color precision reduction */
struct jpeg_color_quantizer {
  JMETHOD(void, start_pass, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo, boolean is_pre_scan));
  JMETHOD(void, color_quantize, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo,
				 JSAMPARRAY input_buf, JSAMPARRAY output_buf,
				 int num_rows));
  JMETHOD(void, finish_pass, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
  JMETHOD(void, new_color_map, (j_decompress_ptr cinfo));

/* Miscellaneous useful macros */

#undef MAX
#define MAX(a,b)	((a) > (b) ? (a) : (b))
#undef MIN
#define MIN(a,b)	((a) < (b) ? (a) : (b))

/* We assume that right shift corresponds to signed division by 2 with
 * rounding towards minus infinity.  This is correct for typical "arithmetic
 * shift" instructions that shift in copies of the sign bit.  But some
 * C compilers implement >> with an unsigned shift.  For these machines you
 * RIGHT_SHIFT provides a proper signed right shift of an INT32 quantity.
 * It is only applied with constant shift counts.  SHIFT_TEMPS must be
 * included in the variables of any routine using RIGHT_SHIFT.

#define SHIFT_TEMPS	INT32 shift_temp;
#define RIGHT_SHIFT(x,shft)  \
	((shift_temp = (x)) < 0 ? \
	 (shift_temp >> (shft)) | ((~((INT32) 0)) << (32-(shft))) : \
	 (shift_temp >> (shft)))
#define RIGHT_SHIFT(x,shft)	((x) >> (shft))

/* Short forms of external names for systems with brain-damaged linkers. */

#define jinit_compress_master	jICompress
#define jinit_c_master_control	jICMaster
#define jinit_c_main_controller	jICMainC
#define jinit_c_prep_controller	jICPrepC
#define jinit_c_coef_controller	jICCoefC
#define jinit_color_converter	jICColor
#define jinit_downsampler	jIDownsampler
#define jinit_forward_dct	jIFDCT
#define jinit_huff_encoder	jIHEncoder
#define jinit_phuff_encoder	jIPHEncoder
#define jinit_marker_writer	jIMWriter
#define jinit_master_decompress	jIDMaster
#define jinit_d_main_controller	jIDMainC
#define jinit_d_coef_controller	jIDCoefC
#define jinit_d_post_controller	jIDPostC
#define jinit_input_controller	jIInCtlr
#define jinit_marker_reader	jIMReader
#define jinit_huff_decoder	jIHDecoder
#define jinit_phuff_decoder	jIPHDecoder
#define jinit_inverse_dct	jIIDCT
#define jinit_upsampler		jIUpsampler
#define jinit_color_deconverter	jIDColor
#define jinit_1pass_quantizer	jI1Quant
#define jinit_2pass_quantizer	jI2Quant
#define jinit_merged_upsampler	jIMUpsampler
#define jinit_memory_mgr	jIMemMgr
#define jdiv_round_up		jDivRound
#define jround_up		jRound
#define jcopy_sample_rows	jCopySamples
#define jcopy_block_row		jCopyBlocks
#define jzero_far		jZeroFar
#define jpeg_zigzag_order	jZIGTable
#define jpeg_natural_order	jZAGTable

/* Compression module initialization routines */
EXTERN(void) jinit_compress_master JPP((j_compress_ptr cinfo));
EXTERN(void) jinit_c_master_control JPP((j_compress_ptr cinfo,
					 boolean transcode_only));
EXTERN(void) jinit_c_main_controller JPP((j_compress_ptr cinfo,
					  boolean need_full_buffer));
EXTERN(void) jinit_c_prep_controller JPP((j_compress_ptr cinfo,
					  boolean need_full_buffer));
EXTERN(void) jinit_c_coef_controller JPP((j_compress_ptr cinfo,
					  boolean need_full_buffer));
EXTERN(void) jinit_color_converter JPP((j_compress_ptr cinfo));
EXTERN(void) jinit_downsampler JPP((j_compress_ptr cinfo));
EXTERN(void) jinit_forward_dct JPP((j_compress_ptr cinfo));
EXTERN(void) jinit_huff_encoder JPP((j_compress_ptr cinfo));
EXTERN(void) jinit_phuff_encoder JPP((j_compress_ptr cinfo));
EXTERN(void) jinit_marker_writer JPP((j_compress_ptr cinfo));
/* Decompression module initialization routines */
EXTERN(void) jinit_master_decompress JPP((j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
EXTERN(void) jinit_d_main_controller JPP((j_decompress_ptr cinfo,
					  boolean need_full_buffer));
EXTERN(void) jinit_d_coef_controller JPP((j_decompress_ptr cinfo,
					  boolean need_full_buffer));
EXTERN(void) jinit_d_post_controller JPP((j_decompress_ptr cinfo,
					  boolean need_full_buffer));
EXTERN(void) jinit_input_controller JPP((j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
EXTERN(void) jinit_marker_reader JPP((j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
EXTERN(void) jinit_huff_decoder JPP((j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
EXTERN(void) jinit_phuff_decoder JPP((j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
EXTERN(void) jinit_inverse_dct JPP((j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
EXTERN(void) jinit_upsampler JPP((j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
EXTERN(void) jinit_color_deconverter JPP((j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
EXTERN(void) jinit_1pass_quantizer JPP((j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
EXTERN(void) jinit_2pass_quantizer JPP((j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
EXTERN(void) jinit_merged_upsampler JPP((j_decompress_ptr cinfo));
/* Memory manager initialization */
EXTERN(void) jinit_memory_mgr JPP((j_common_ptr cinfo));

/* Utility routines in jutils.c */
EXTERN(long) jdiv_round_up JPP((long a, long b));
EXTERN(long) jround_up JPP((long a, long b));
EXTERN(void) jcopy_sample_rows JPP((JSAMPARRAY input_array, int source_row,
				    JSAMPARRAY output_array, int dest_row,
				    int num_rows, JDIMENSION num_cols));
EXTERN(void) jcopy_block_row JPP((JBLOCKROW input_row, JBLOCKROW output_row,
				  JDIMENSION num_blocks));
EXTERN(void) jzero_far JPP((void FAR * target, size_t bytestozero));
/* Constant tables in jutils.c */
#if 0				/* This table is not actually needed in v6a */
extern const int jpeg_zigzag_order[]; /* natural coef order to zigzag order */
extern const int jpeg_natural_order[]; /* zigzag coef order to natural order */

/* Suppress undefined-structure complaints if necessary. */

#ifndef AM_MEMORY_MANAGER	/* only jmemmgr.c defines these */
struct jvirt_sarray_control { long dummy; };
struct jvirt_barray_control { long dummy; };