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Move nsIDocShellTreeItem::childOffset to nsDocShell and remove all uses except internally by nsDocShell (it should be removed eventually). b=376562 r=Olli.Pettay sr=bzbarsky

<?xml version="1.0"?>
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<bindings xmlns=""

  <binding id="prettyprint">

    <content><html:div id='top'/>
      <html:span style="display: none;"><children/></html:span>

    <implementation implements="nsIObserver">
      <method name="observe">
        <parameter name="aSubject"/>
        <parameter name="aTopic"/>
        <parameter name="aData"/>
          if (aTopic == "prettyprint-dom-created")

      <handler event="click" button="0">
        try {
          var par = event.originalTarget;
          if (par.nodeName == 'div' && par.className == 'expander') {
            if (par.parentNode.className == 'expander-closed') {
              par.parentNode.className = 'expander-open';
     = '\u2212';
            else {
              par.parentNode.className = 'expander-closed';
     = '+';
        } catch (e) {