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Thu Jan 06 03:42:19 2011 +0000
302ae510a8961f76f06d87d9b855d05d04f3d75fMike Shaver — add twin sync comment default tip
Thu Jan 06 03:33:07 2011 +0000
eee5ef232ff5e2dc145f30010f92200a20c6790cMike Shaver — rename to mainCodeSize and auxCodeSize
Thu Jan 06 02:08:03 2011 +0000
3841147809206fd53e9470e10e3510406e2133abMike Shaver — rename mjitCodeSize to mjitMemoryUsed
Wed Jan 05 19:21:53 2011 +0000
6df0d209b91c5d83fb999ea5d289f645845364d0Mike Shaver — wire up memory reporter
Wed Jan 05 09:48:28 2011 +0000
532e6e72dc9ce131af508dd71d51718670f8e49eMike Shaver — Instrument mjit code and script-data allocation for reporting in about:memory
Tue Jan 04 17:58:04 2011 +0000
e1a695a101388811e12cf456d3b0cbcb6420cfc2Neil Deakin — Bug 607224, add property that specifies if a menu was opened via the keyboard, r=neil,a=blocking
d0141c1310ff5127baf8bd236448e4000749a838Jonathan Kew — bug 594889 - improve glyph spacing with DirectWrite fonts when ClearType is disabled by using GDI-compatible instead of 'ideal' metrics. r=bas a=blocking2.0
59606b331b0e9c45c7955a3cb93cc946725bf56cSerge Gautherie — Bug 610936 - Require SP1 of VC8 EE to build (successfully); (Bv1-JS) Obsolete VC7.1 and VC8 without its SP1.
d72a6aaf66a4bff4150ce34a0f6e1c390e6cddf6Chris Jones — Bug 622235: Fix ipdlunittest.exe build error. a=npotb
1d1dfec6de0e519fd3be1df84856a62a14bdd68eChris Jones — Bug 618265: Fix leaking gfxSharedImageSurfaces. r=joe sr=vlad a=b
d4084c318c9ee870bf6eb5b08f3a9f635034c404Chris Jones — Bug 617863: Remove a pseudo-assertion that doesn't hold for plugin ImageLayers. r=roc a=a
d3e7baf00c962551a16b87c011d9d2781ecd5875Chris Jones — Bug 617838: Don't run the URI classifier on javascript: URIs. r=bz a=a
94d5e1a68f55b8d698677a6b86c7eb816a6dbc8aChris Jones — Bug 617813: Remove a pseudo-assertion about a state that seems allowable. r=roc a=a
53958cd8b5284d887f71b459dc024d25407ae5bfChris Jones — Bug 617804, part 1: Change bogus NOTREACHED() assertions. r=bsmedberg a=a
6e9e376c146bb6c7e0d837595f7297a37f592fbdChris Jones — Bug 616412: Fix use-before-init bug. r=mrbkap a=a
a7d7ed0cda707393db783d2733c8ae0ccfa41643Oleg Romashin — Bug 621931 - Widget Qt scrolling is slow because of non optimized SetCursor. r=dougt a=approval2.0
f09c19a9fff99610398a29229406e1440bd8e830Oleg Romashin — Bug 618565 - Don't do flash hack for maemo platform. r=dougt a=approval2.0
e55110b28ba56b87383ba4c82cd6f7ee36711b1aOleg Romashin — Bug 618561 - Speedup painting on maemo6 r=dougt a=approval2.0
88a95c3e9373ed3d06bf8afa3d68752577d6ee07Oleg Romashin — Bug 618561 - Enable direct Qt rendering for Maemo6 r=dougt a=approval2.0
566d6ebc113e598d0fb9bf266cb7bcd315d92bfcOleg Romashin — Bug 621227 - Optimize thebes layer render function. r=vladimir a=approval2.0
8075249cd0507666b50f8fff2fc2bdea38ead484Oleg Romashin — Bug 568204 - Fennec on xulrunner does not build with --enable-debug. r=dbaron,benjamin a=approval2.0
9271e1788c2edef9220774d1f81c7512ac56399dOleg Romashin — Bug 618570 - -mfloat-abi=softfp should not be hardcoded in pixman r=jmuizelaar a=approval2.0
567a526e73cfb2c4bc706ecf554e930a6a144466Serge Gautherie — Bug 621384 - SimpleTest.showReport(): add a separator from the test content; (Av1) Add |addNode(HR());|.
66096f8678496b69c17de6792501accac9279e24L. David Baron — Fix backwards handling of zero-duration transitions. (Bug 622461) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN
7f2b60765d01cf840e63e09157106be263e4f3a2Serge Gautherie — Bug 622398 - add missing early return_s to installExtension(); (Av1) Just add them.
6d5bec5bfb8db47ff1dd8fe923e1633000253d44Robert O'Callahan — Mark test for bug 602892 random since it fails on Mac and Windows; visually it's OK, but there are differences at the edges, a=test
5a289c47df1accd356952cad806625f372025688Simon Montagu — Basic bidi support for SVG. Bug 620446, r=roc, a=roc
e8c4962380891461eb420959b3efd4ffdcfb084bSimon Montagu — Tests for bidi in SVG. a=test
2a0d0ed04874772ed05106229c999493944d12c9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 602892. Part 2: Ensure that a scrollframe is 'inactive' if it can't be scrolled by blitting. r=tnikkel,a=blocking
e870951c916747c5b724e108705a880201c50c3dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 602892. Part 1: Refactor so that mScrollingActive is always true for scrollframes that are always active. r=tnikkel,a=blocking
c3825c079c0051dc199e6dc960567385e46755a2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 585258. Part 2: Make SimplifyOutward smarter by trying to avoid combinging rectangles that are vertically discontiguous. r=bzbarsky,a=blocking
35013af94ec7715e0d0387c6fa19c435bcaf7736Robert O'Callahan — Bug 585258. Part 1: Don't make visible region arbitrarily complex in RecomputeVisibility. r=dbaron,a=blocking
aa5e8e362cb2e02209767833ec7e5a215b713230Robert O'Callahan — Bug 622733. Allow any area to be added to the visible region if it decreases the area of the visible region by at least half. r=tnikkel,a=blocking
e3b1c75995acf9c2572908bb9c23a7e7f57baa7cRobert O'Callahan — Backing out 3883e79e5a9a and 0653a37b7230 (bug 601064) due to test failures, a=backout
9713b198fe3d41b5f706deb16b42785b7164ab3fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 613449. When setting Aero Glass margins, find the largest opaque rect that contains all windowed plugins, since the DWM doesn't like margins under child windows. r=jmathies,a=blocker
cf82d60b3f1c61815f4d1c61f7525280c285d488Robert O'Callahan — Bug 613449. Extend GetLargestRectangle to support considering only rectangles that contain a given rectangle. r=robarnold
c2325c5439c3f9fac931666c22f3b9249eca0832Robert O'Callahan — Bug 620610. When dumping display lists, include which layer each item ended up in. r=tnikkel,a=debug-only
3883e79e5a9adca3a7571da0ec9117c4d0d7b732Robert O'Callahan — Bug 601064. Fix tests (and test this bug).
0653a37b7230e4111e230eb0fe052d259f005e51Robert O'Callahan — Bug 601064. Ensure we ask each plugin instance to paint at least once. Some plugin instances assume they will be asked to paint even if they're always invisible. r=bsmedberg,a=blocking
29867a7bccf2bbba1817d307656a4234abddae3dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 621430. Lazily create stream writer thread so we don't create one when using local audio. Also, shut down the stream writer thread when the audio stream dies. r=dougt,a=blocker
6bae7865092ae3dc803c5ed00effcfd2fc3f1579Robert O'Callahan — Bug 539604. Part 12: Enable component alpha for containers that don't have an intermediate surface. r=bas,a=blocking
95e3bf77d7d0de09f1058e697cc3e9f6c9adb942Boris Zbarsky — Bug 622246. Just get our target off the event instead of relying on the ESM, since the ESM doesn't actually do what we want here. r=smaug, a=blocker
9dead0bfa0f37e5be11119a70b7634faa030072fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 622117. Fix flag collision. r=smaug
f086a88e7557c2c55b41a53eb02329866d968784Bas Schouten — Bug 622678: Empty valid region when resources are cleared. r=roc a=blocking-betan
0ba31efa005e6c6094315f29a0341f42df3ce1f4Bas Schouten — Bug 593604 - Part 11: Remove code to support D2D/D3D9 interop. r+a=roc
845b9487ffb3c07b141c7f8e31dcca6bb3798c47Doug Turner — Bug 607860 - Disabling tests for notifications. Desktop notifications are disabled in Firefox desktop. a=bustedtree
6566ead94c4e43e03c865085b5de3fab2d8bad62Doug Turner — Bug 607860 - remove navigator.mozNotification from Firefox desktop. r=jst/jonas a=betaN+
4294a3a4edf3a354f9f921381f19b587bcec92eaDave Townsend — Bug 570012: Show download progress when installing new add-ons. r=gavin, a=blocks-betaN
486c465a73fc4ee406390ffc5d62d166219416e7Jono S Xia — Bug 622228: Test Pilot needs better unit tests. r+a=dtownsend
6e25fd92573186d0462d0f434b7e255f30c43b6aJono S Xia — Bug 622227: Make it easier for Test Pilot to switch index files. r+a=dtownsend
3a3d81c1c6365b06e80cf8f4ecc47aaccfe9a902Jono S Xia — Bug 622225: Don't die if window opens before TestPilotSetup is defined. r+a=dtownsend
794627351d4e068feed419b5a11a4cc23e43ddb5Jono S Xia — Bug 604691: TP should allow non-numeric study ids. r+a=dtownsend
edf04cd3cca05419e0ca30eff4fe437185205fe9Jono S Xia — Bug 580893: Wrong display of buttons in the survey page with long labels. r+a=dtownsend
9f7c0bbfe8ea5056e74c213ec26865761ecb51a9Jono S Xia — Bug 580501: Feedback button is too big under Linux. r+a=dtownsend
339dae0c8e3b993af61d5577b863b548990abbd6Jono S Xia — Bug 576482: If a survey changes, TP attempts to apply your old survey answers to the new survey questions. r+a=dtownsend
042e89e18821e994aca2a31399ae6915251a9ebfDrew Willcoxon — Bug 618954 - Smart keyword result titles in the awesomebar should not have extra space after them. r=gavin, a=blocking2.0-final
cf4a04eb066ed5c66915279c5c97f93dcf38e077Drew Willcoxon — Bug 610130 - Doorhanger notifications confused when switching between tabs with different types of doorhangers. r=gavin, a=blocking2.0-final
736fd3b7b3feaabdcd19fe57e859b7027aeb838cBrad Lassey — bug 622695 - allow android's logger to handle logging exceptions r=mbrubeck a=blocking-fennec
322a2dca6977ec990f277ce1cd0f4faa40bcc096Brad Lassey — bug 622684 - updates should not be downloaded to "<sdcard>/downloads" r=mbrubeck a=blocking-fennec
33596ed87a0df9440bfa97a73f6c2956f66dca3fBenoit Jacob — Bug 622436 - Crash [@ GLEngine@0xaa6bc ], was making GL calls on wrong GL context - r=vlad, a=joe
f5a045d43b2b41043a7dcc70991fe67f316ffec6Benoit Jacob — Bug 621987 - unary - applied to unsigned var in ConvertImage - r=vlad, a=joe
ca0f807691f9ae150c75bfd864b10dd9540475c3Doug Turner — Bug 619182 - Convert moz_indexedDB to mozIndexedDB. Tests. r=sicking a=blocking2.0
0aff32dee6a785153afbc7cdf0879a7cc34d2e9dDoug Turner — Bug 619182 - Convert moz_indexedDB to mozIndexedDB. r=sicking a=blocking2.0
343baa8939cc22fe72fcec41cf28e888fc529d9bJohn Hopkins — Bug 621715 - clobbers LD_LIBRARY_PATH; r=ted a=NPOTB/test code/GLIBCXX_3.4.9 bustage fix in xpcshell tests for Thunderbird builders.
5526992ff569674f60bd31617f839725b4d38180Bas Schouten — Bug 621156 - Followup: Clarify comment. r+a=comment DONTBUILD
9330470d6a3859a0a939b44ddd7db01791efc6f8Bas Schouten — Bug 621156: Return a properly working surface from GetAsSurface. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-final
72d9ec027cba9cc14c5260cbe0be376a44bb02a9Steven Michaud — Bug 531552 - Firefox opens two windows when opening external links. r,a=josh
95f76a9e32b5ec105699e19a8b60658b7a1bbf6bSerge Gautherie — Bug 622392 - 1 s/TEST-UNEXPECTED FAIL/TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL/; (Av1) Just substitute it.
13adcde8f131523dfee37c62b7c596aabcad89d1Serge Gautherie — Bug 621347 - [SeaMonkey, WINNT 5.2, Debug] mochitests-1: intermittent "test_ws_basic_tests.html | Test timed out"; (Bv1) Add/Re-enable '.wasClean' checks from (bug 573227 ->) bug 572975.
abc78094ad649e0e130a2eacd77af619f118c55bMounir Lamouri — Bug 569399 - autofocus sometimes does not work because the element has no frame yet. r=hsivonen a=blocking-betaN
d641b5c7774eab21125e48de8604012bebbe03c7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 593604. Back out changeset c20f34eefa5d to fix regression. a=blocking
1c414527a96bdfd2bebe14a8ee6f5048e03d24e1Jonathan Watt — Bug 620034 - "ABORT: DOM wrapper's list length is out of sync" [@ mozilla::DOMSVGNumberList::Length]. r=longsonr, a=blocking.
6a8cca708a48039ffcf110c3f32dbf7707b4aa23Jonathan Watt — Bug 610594 - "ABORT: F.6.6.3 should prevent this. Will sqrt(-num)!". r=longsonr, a=blocking
c20f34eefa5dbe69a12d310b202b47761d6fcb58Robert O'Callahan — Bug 593604. Re-add missing hunk of part 10. a=blocking
836e01a2a6dc041d6d730f1fa3509284990816fdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 602757. Part 6: Don't limit complexity of opaque region when adding opaque chrome display items. r=tnikkel,a=blocking
b804550e79d746172c578ea169f752f36f75ababRobert O'Callahan — Bug 602757. Part 5: Change HasText to GetComponentAlphaBounds. r=tnikkel,sr=dbaron,a=blocking
475fe8dd48a37963ce662e326a19fc815940c2f7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 602757. Part 4: Let nsDisplayBackground::GetOpaqueRegion return opaque regions for arbitrary repeat modes, background-clip, border-radius, etc. r=tnikkel,sr=dbaron,a=blocking
d6696d3206f83611614412489b08b34a069184e1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 602757. Part 3: Change IsOpaque to GetOpaqueRegion so we can get useful opaque regions for content that uses border-radius. r=tnikkel,sr=dbaron,a=blocking
841881532933099ede2d76bcf7b11daeca160c9cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 602757. Part 2: Detect display items over the transparent part of a window, and disable usage of component alpha (i.e., subpixel antialiasing) for those items. r=tnikkel,a=blocking
5b0756d80fe89399a80bcff2260bbf3bac45355aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 602757. Part 1: Create gfxContextAutoDisableSubpixelAntialiasing helper. r=vlad,a=blocking
58aa602af75c43a9887d5ef949b12876a5fac30dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 593604. Part 10: When ContainerLayerD3D9 uses an intermediate surface, try to copy up the background into the intermediate surface so we can composite component alpha into it correctly. r=bas,a=blocking
b4e0f47b628df4c655025dc9bdfe8364857577cdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 593604. Part 9: Support component alpha in ThebesLayerD3D9. r=bas,a=blocking
02c4dac4ae7d9653ad485c5b0a275cb8e2437f8eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 593604. Part 8.6: Add component-alpha shaders. r=bas,a=blocking
431218b437ab386458d3e64f346d99124fa66e5bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 593604. Part 8.5: Add SupportsComponentAlphaChildren API. r=bas,a=blocking
27debc14ea67200b859a57c3649269b3696ac9f2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 593604. Part 8: Add SetAllowUseAsSource API for better diagnostics. r=jrmuizel,a=blocking
9fd3423cae84e2479a00ec4fc135e7c5184c6482Robert O'Callahan — Bug 593604. Part 7: When doing a PushGroupAndCopyBackground on a gfxTeeSurface, copy the backgrounds of the subsurfaces pointwise. r=jrmuizel,a=blocking
77cb8bb83b129b791f959b792ee3faf91e36ed46Robert O'Callahan — Bug 593604. Part 5: Mark CSS gradient images as opaque when all their stops are opaque. r=dbaron,a=blocking
10ea906a2791939711136630367bdbe01ee5626eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 593604. Part 4: Create Layer::GetSurfaceMode to help determine what kind of alpha support the layer needs. r=vlad,a=blocking
e427b4ea7e2ff980769e1acd92f4730c5ed3654fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 593604. Part 2.5: cairo_pattern_get_surface should not call cairo_error. r=jrmuizel,a=blocking
bacc54d452a9fddb5a0d6a1442ec7be4de81ffa7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 593604. Part 2: When compositing a tee surface into another tee surface, try to compose the subsurfaces pointwise. r=jrmuizel,a=blocking
ccba8826be1451d0e61d0df38363dadffb20ba48Robert O'Callahan — Bug 593604. Part 1: Add gfxTeeSurface. r=jrmuizel,a=blocking
b7d1bb50e829a88eafa856e2253ff1d70eb12c09Robert O'Callahan — Bug 363861. Part 4: Track rectangles of opaque content in RGBA surfaces and use them to make PushGroupAndCopyBackground work in more situations. r=jrmuizel,sr=vlad,a=blocking
5c0c6d6f11e7bc37a30500f58ac359ec67e35908Robert O'Callahan — Bug 363861. Part 3: Reenable Cleartype on surfaces where we know we'll only paint text over opaque pixels. r=jrmuizel,sr=vlad,a=blocking
2e2eca6d5a6a8f4968aedd3c81c0de165f2c073aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 363861. Part 2.6: Wrap cairo API in gfxASurface::Get/SetSubpixelAntialiasingEnabled. r=vlad,a=blocking
a9a3f265895c4f3181ef27a3ea1dc9881d661448Robert O'Callahan — Bug 363861. Part 2.3: Disable subpixel AA in gfxASurfaces with alpha channels by default. r=jrmuizel,a=blocking
8857392e37aea7475ed6d8ee4b45023e1233bcecRobert O'Callahan — Bug 363861. Part 2: Introduce cairo_surface_get/set_subpixel_antialiasing. r=jrmuizel,sr=vlad,a=blocking
c53f60831c43cca397dfed8adf8d350aeec7d3caRobert O'Callahan — Bug 363861. Part 1: Introduce gfxContext::PushGroupAndCopyBackground and use it to create opaque temporary surfaces for opacity groups which will be composited onto opaque surfaces. r=jrmuizel,sr=vlad,a=blocking
75b99ffe98d77d5797ad5cb553e65eb1b44a779dOleg Romashin — Bug 616705 - Enable readBack for SharedMemory plugins pipeline r=jones.chris.g a=approval2.0
61c91f2a9d8801a3082ab8ff8ea8535e54f8263cRich Walsh — Bug 621809: followup to Bug 615994: rename CanvasRenderingContextWebGL; also, add DOMCI_DATA for WebGLActiveInfo, r=vlad, a=NPOTB bustage
a05e91710adb88a0247db7c1a009062c6ded659eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 620512. Part 1: Only fire MozPaintWait and change window visibility in BuildDisplayList if we're painting. r=bsmedberg, a=b:b9
bbb7cd978802863fba71108ed4773db0261f24ebRobert O'Callahan — Bug 621260. Don't run StopPluginInstance multiple times on the same instance. Also, let StopPluginInstance do the call to instance->Stop(). r+a=josh
804aa1c428d2ecc51472618bf6d6afe434bee596Ben Newman — Bug 620242 - [@ JetpackActorCommon::RecList::remove] mishandles node, r+a=jst
3cd71040a01f9776ffeb20d88270b0518d091e6aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 621339. Protect against contentRootElement being null. r=dbaron. a=test
b2275b45a33d1e96071b823f0a9ddb5e927dea3eKyle Huey — Bug 619644: Stop ESC from propagating through a tab-modal prompt. r=dolske a=b:betaN
611ffce3603536806f57c0789164b4433c5a695dPhil Ringnalda — Remove a=trailing space
0e609f37f4bc364f2606fcfe01ea9906bce4399dTimothy Nikkel — Fix a comment. no bug. r=a a=r
77143138cfba4416b020ef00fedf6326740a82ddCameron McCormack — Bug 594977 - Part 3: rejigger the Trackpoint hack for older versions of the Synaptics drivers r=roc a=blocker
39db16b78175009a9a6e425ed1686b9d072bd99bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 590568. Make sure that that stored window clip rects always match what we set on the window even if intersecting with the existing region. r=roc a=blocking
378fe2ca7eb48d9b58a91efdfc5cf99a312fc12dNeil Deakin — Bug 618248, don't close popups when a window is lowered while dragging, prevents bookmark menu from closing, r=karl,a=blocking
5a63268e224c24a4a730dcf4c5707a88a423733cTyler Downer — Bug 481655 - Remove bogus "listbox menulist:not([disabled])" rule from menulist.css. r=dao a=gavin
2b749142bf273c2bac632a3d17cbe43b96714a02Dão Gottwald — update winstripe for bug 618096
c0b9c60dcb3e73b98de972bbd1c85f3dcea11d98Markus Stange — Bug 618096 - Use 16x16 for extension toolbar icons on Mac. r=dao
b083bc8b79ab0afb0371d419f0ac1246a9004412Oleg Romashin — Bug 619490 - Don't use double-buffered shadowed layers with OGL compositing r=cjones a=b-f
75928a70efe72c9b907927cc70467813ef0d33beOleg Romashin — Bug 619488 - Inform child processes of the compositor's layer-manager type. r=jones.chris.g a=b-f
5344d5110a0f8fc4fadb4bd1287911e0d003dd76Bill McCloskey — Bug 606423 - Guard against invalid index when unblacklisting (r=dmandelin,a=blocker)
b725b46f03ed0f7c257de2a523f474662321632aBen Turner — Add tests for private browsing in indexedDB, no bug. a=tests.
97e0776740d37912dbcf49fd8e63038d2ad24b3aL. David Baron — Correct handling of unitless zero in calc() expressions. (Bug 595648) r=bzbarsky a=blocking2.0:betaN+
fe4489fb36aba79563f01fd05c2751f021399414L. David Baron — In contexts where the CSS parser accepts numbers and lengths, treat unitless zero as a number rather than a length. (Bug 595648) r=bzbarsky,dholbert a=blocking2.0:betaN+
ec3e4786877d4ff708afe27ee9a1e3098e0767c7Serge Gautherie — Bug 621347 - [SeaMonkey, WINNT 5.2, Debug] mochitests-1: intermittent "test_ws_basic_tests.html | Test timed out"; (Dv1a) testWebSocket4(): stop generating a 450 KiB log line from bug 562681.
c83c130ce23f1b588c0ec9d0dc6a891b1557b5b9Bill McCloskey — Bug 621072 - Don't bake JS_THREAD_DATA(cx)->interruptFlags into traces (r=igor,a=blocker)
49ed986cf05b7a96a275f4a128ff75be51b017ddBill McCloskey — Bug 621032 - Move iterationCounter from JSThreadData to TraceMonitor (r=igor,a=blocker)
15479f7be9d81edf78e72fe43eab0cf30a64a6b2Bill McCloskey — Bug 621032 - Move MathCache from JSThreadData to JSCompartment (r=igor,a=blocker)
f66eefcf11ff7f0849bf1912a807314ee549f714Bill McCloskey — Bug 584860 - TraceMonitor cleanups (r=igor,a=blocker)
c9682df3daf8f31c3f0d1f8fb4a525d8af9de30bBill McCloskey — Bug 584860 - Move TraceMonitor into compartment (r=gal,a=blocker)
37068ce988b98c3fbe7196c7e887cc8e21835852David Mandelin — Backout merge, a=backout
ed90ba2b89454305ed8099f9a4220dfe9f99396eDavid Mandelin — Backed out changeset e5e50e5a2816 -- done with diagnostic
2571397d53be3baa5a2d4b03390d05358bc2b84eDavid Mandelin — Backout merge, a=backout
11a134784bd1c4a211601e3a43f87a5b57693b30David Mandelin — Backed out changeset c35a4e6ea3ca -- done with diagnotics.
72bbefb7ed0a4e06fba4151d7a174da2eec80948Bas Schouten — Bug 604452: Default to linear upscaling in D3D9 layers and adhere to mFiler. r=bjacob a=blocking-final
38bc0efdefd175bc20a0492329d9d6b246e2be8aBas Schouten — Backed out changeset c59ea33927d7
c59ea33927d71666a7e4203393f3791c22230a02-f — Bug 604452: Default to linear upscaling in D3D9 layers and adhere to mFiler. r=bjacob a=blocking-final
fc1ca73d597894fe3067cb013c9257119f54c1b4Robert Longson — Bug 621598 - Don't try to get covered region of parts of markers r+a=roc
759b0cf2e6ebef2bf527aae47ede4fbdde00ddc4Olli Pettay — Bug 605127 - Autoscroll stops unintentionally while page is scrolling, r=neil, a=blocking
250bf984b8bcd8013a4e40f8f0dff09d4519ab32Olli Pettay — Bug 618183 - TypeAheadFind object is kept alive too long, r=jst, a=blocking
811435151990cc60cd462bcbcda0b8fc8c55b76bBrad Lassey — bug 621692 - multi-locale repacks are broken on android r=mbrubeck a=blocking-fennec
dd88bfc07421c1ba6518ff48577680c0907b5690Brian Birtles — Bug 607537 - SVG SMIL: Support paint servers an animation values; r=dholbert,dbaron; a=roc
d8e1001989a065061ed0b020b8bf0c08099f4be3Bas Schouten — Bug 620665 - Part 7: Do not use mManager pointer for basic layers. r=roc a=blocking-beta9
70a41db0cbcbfe896defffb8c30fbfd09fd13759Bas Schouten — Bug 620665 - Part 6: Do not use mManager pointer for D3D9 layers. r=roc a=blocking-beta9
65da9a2d4b65c63efadbb5bf127ec4dd9ddb0c1dBas Schouten — Bug 620665 - Part 5: Do not use mManager pointer for D3D10 layers. r=roc a=blocking-beta9
b457d44fd1f85efe3bf86881f81e074c2885b90fBas Schouten — Bug 620665 - Part 4: Also recreate container when types don't match. r=roc a=blocking-beta9
e3ad1fc133de60bf66228666c1ed46c7a11b94ddBas Schouten — Bug 620665 - Part 3: Add some safety to ImageContainerD3D9::CreateImage. r=roc a=blocking-beta9
7c4ca41be5524176ef03fca8e4f3e2f7fcd91caeBas Schouten — Bug 620665 - Part 2: Use fallback when ImageContainer's backend type doesn't match. r=roc a=blocking-beta9
908ac46a28ffde30cfb27009e9cc92e65555ea24Bas Schouten — Bug 620665 - Part 1: Expose backend type on ImageContainers. r=roc a=blocking-beta9
aa25ead3690382f79c2ac86f250434b2ddf6a13aBill McCloskey — Bug 621716 - Abort profiling when tracejit flushes (r=dmandelin, a=blocker)
c35a4e6ea3ca5c86f98ceb89a6363240ebed3fdcDavid Mandelin — Bug 595975 diagnostic 2: shape markers and object data, r=billm, a=blocker
2a25c4d1ed991b232623523b4e08ce46bddaff7eBrad Lassey — bug 619626 - implement faster splash screen for android r=mwu a=blocking-fennec
b016aa1878fa02eed7e1828e49400c02f17311d9Brad Lassey — bug 621484 - Hang at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoInputConnection.getExtractedText( r=vlad a=blocking-fennec
9365fe1a31650bb825107a60991c04c0a79abb26Felipe Gomes — Bug 559992. Implement a caching mechanism for the contentprefs service and use it to retrieve page-specific zoom values, avoiding zoom flicker with back/forward navigation. r=gavin sr=vlad a=blocking-betaN
4e381da26dc70f21426075b205558d256205ee26Felipe Gomes — Back out 435b65622b7b due to orange. a=backout
435b65622b7b2fd403cf4b3472de0f89bec38f51Felipe Gomes — Bug 559992. Implement a caching mechanism for the contentprefs service and use it to retrieve page-specific zoom values, avoiding zoom flicker with back/forward navigation. r=gavin sr=vlad a=blocking-betaN
0ca6c4e19f46bedad0eccb0e9ad363b333abb2f8Ben Hearsum — bug 609878: no longer generating en-US langpacks after bug 578393. r=khuey, a2.0=dbaron
f47110e73a2163422c0c9e6770ff9add2aeaa386Matt Brubeck — Bug 621262 - Mark location support as optional on Android. r=blassey a=b DONTBUILD
5d7d04e98fa9fb3fbde248b1951728e9e4870322Dão Gottwald — Bug 620683 - Don't hide the star button during state updates. r=mak a=gavin
e928817fb4e970906e559720faad7a5465a2fc76Phil Ringnalda — Bug 621348 - Disable regress-336410-2.js on debug Linux where it times out, r=bclary, a=test
ad38ee61ff527b163653a355efe826f94b7860e1Bob Clary — Bug 615011 - Disable jsreftest/tests/jsreftest.html?test=js1_5/extensions/regress-336409-2.js on Linux debug where it times out, r=philor, a=test
e5e50e5a281645dffd2e57ff5499ecfdc003510bDavid Mandelin — Bug 595975: diagnostic patch to collect Shape contents, r=billm, a=blocker
23e08ae80f4905f0ef6b1490f9dfbd8c94988460David Mandelin — Bug 615723: turn on method jit for web workers, r=bent, a=blocker
b481371cec3446a42662305d4a615b80ca890514Boris Zbarsky — Followup for bug 331959 to fix test orange. a=orange
92104acff2b39debc947477377d3982afb7e84a5Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 615394 - Session Restore should notify when it is beginning and ending a restore [r=dietrich, a=blocking2.0:betaN+]
98b8d44e0096e67229a8aa283480a083565778d3Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 618151 - Overwriting state can lead to unrestored tabs [r=dietrich, a=blocking2.0:betaN+]
8531d0ed4546193a9d174f35c337463448088ee2Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 617175 - deleteTabValue doesn't use early access [r=dietrich, a=blocking2.0:betaN+]
e736115286a855d64331db958f019b5203cf0ccaPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 597315 Part 2 (session restore) - Frameset history does not work properly when restoring a tab [r=dietrich, a=blocking2.0:betaN+]
93a8fb0292bab50e6b1816ef49d531531e48131fOlli Pettay — Bug 597315 Part 1 (session history) - Frameset history does not work properly when restoring a tab [r=bz, a=blocking2.0:betaN+]
b7acaa08a9c5cf43831ce524e8d8c8337c3df7caBoris Zbarsky — Bug 331959 and bug 127903. Make situations in which an anchor or submit control is nested inside another anchor and the inner thing is clicked trigger the inner thing, not both. r=smaug,gavin a=blocker
2382fb87cbe28d7d0ee7f3dff7d0bd88aa58b013Boris Zbarsky — Bug 620947. Be a little more careful getting properties from document.all. r=jst
699023bb3c9c425e1fb57d58ac7a590232676f31Vladimir Vukicevic — fix ANGLE build on Android (don't bother with OS detection with NSPR); bustage fix; a=b
e9aa8f38d75e527bc6d58d09e19d2f2e75042436Vladimir Vukicevic — b=578877, reenable WebGL on Linux; r=vlad,a=b
8f8b1db55800a150d11fecf9063c5d7fd16fa4b4Vladimir Vukicevic — b=621571; fix webgl is-object test; r=vlad,a=b
eaa44c83914fdf9d6c9807ee80ad40716186c65aTaras Glek — Don't do IO in nsPluginsDir::IsPluginFile on Mac r+a=josh
4f4b4a3222bb42cc5c98f827693553a241c6bf70Josh Matthews — Bug 616861 - Replicate behaviour of nsHttpChannel in regards to failure status codes in OnStopRequest. r=jduell a=blocking-fennec
6e5f1f44eb3bc8b6cb3bde98e33a51dd87a7094cBrad Lassey — bug 594017 - localize android java files, follow up to fix build issue r=mwu a=blocking-fennec
ce78f28be4c96d3c77313af1d00f59ad48e12e0eDão Gottwald — Bug 621395 - Implement more reasonable styling for type="menu-button" buttons on Linux. r=ventron a=gavin
a07894326d5d034ebdd0245642056ea32cda9638Robert O'Callahan — Bug 615870. Part 2: Track per-display-root-frame 'update layer tree' state bit. r=tnikkel a=b-f
0a7d57ee6a0a896be712b9caed03f9ec28f30eadOleg Romashin — Bug 615870 - Remote HTML5 video rendering pipeline should be shorter. part1. r=jones.chris.g a=b-f
d14e3a26d5a08ad3b9901e800e7f25dd10d956efSerge Gautherie — Bug 621347 - [SeaMonkey, WINNT 5.2, Debug] mochitests-1: intermittent "test_ws_basic_tests.html | Test timed out"; (Av1) s/ok/is/ typo fix from bug 562681.
24b63f638579fac6c9948ff178a2074da7648e8ftimeless — Bug 620255 add comment nsHTMLInputElement::PostHandleEvent for isMovingBack falling through, r+a=dbaron
8454d1e5a4d928d435141e4077359fbee76f0b57Phil Ringnalda — Bug 578114 - Mark 289480.html#top as random for D2D, since it is, r=bas, a=test
82c8f89d89eab6fc4dd45cd9bd5057c0c2bd9ee5Phil Ringnalda — Bug 567950 - Re-enable browser_keyevents_during_autoscrolling.js to see whether the cause of its intermittency is actually long gone, a=test
572175c2a64faf9b476bde4fb0009181b3eb07d7Jacek Caban — Bug 620668 - spike in crashes [@ nsAString_internal::IsEmpty() ] bustage fix r+a=bustage-fix
fdbca21063bfb98f3ac506ec0af69e7fcf23e425Robert O'Callahan — Bug 620668 - spike in crashes [@ nsAString_internal::IsEmpty() ] r=joshmoz a=blocking:beta9+
c1bdf6941d5509624ad228f6f1acffaa651db2afJacek Caban — Bug 619902 - Landing 617111 broke crosscompiling to Windows on case-sensitive OSes r+a=sdwilsh
e51f0055becf071f2bc5a308cc22a91424d11c80Simon Montagu — Remove obsolete Unicode to Jamo encoder. Bug 615706, r=emk, a=blocker
f5eb60e1bc6eb35353e658306c3d951eb5d4e828Johnny Stenback — Re-enable some tests that were disabled when compartments landed. Bugs 606388 and 606617, a=blockers
935cc79d869330e8da09f9a66c5c1268e3fb8843Gavin Sharp — Back out 0ab0603bea99 (bug 489303) due to suspected Txul regression, a=backout
2d34079b62fa324d597144af5868ebced949df5cPhil Ringnalda — Bug 621018 - Some browser-chrome tests hit the network by loading about:addons, r=mossop, a=test
840641b4d46503e15336b7d6086a224229c78317Michal Novotny — Bug 620194 - "ASSERTION: nsLoadGroup not thread-safe" under nsWyciwygCloseEvent::~nsWyciwygCloseEvent, r=bz, a=b
5156cf7f241144a2ca5ca63b5dfcae991491f39dtimeless — Bug 620297 crash [@ nsPluginHost::SetUpPluginInstance] if !aOwner, r+a=josh
c84a2abbc66327b83335ee5d75af89af51868ecaDão Gottwald — Bug 606678 - use openLinkIn in nsContextMenu ("Open Link in New Tab" shouldn't add tabs to popups). r=gavin a=b
133ded6f3ab509fbc23271139a9c0dab8cca2acbGeoff Lankow — Bug 606686 - The display order of the Remove vs. Enable/Disable buttons is different in list view and detailed view. r=dtownsend
44382cb1ecc6144c7045ece04e6402b59705e4f8Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 1a15dd47da63 a=backout
0ab0603bea996f190dfba6d92f2877ebfbc68763Neil Deakin — Bug 489303 - No resizer since the statusbar is gone, r=gavin+roc, a=b
0362605d2623082cb094688f8bca69efd21e51f9Neil Deakin — Bug 580710 - Drag&Drop onto sidebar loads page into sidebar, r=neil, a=b
a79259022980d65c0b322937336349aba843b4f0Sean Bright — Bug 618694 - xulrunner help dialog text has trailing garbage, r+a=bsmedberg
3aab15091aa01c46fe6f17cb90be7ad06d451e0atimeless — Bug 620252 RomanToText could use // FALLTHROUGH comments for 3 and 2, r+a=dbaron
b5f33c9502902bf603441e188955409d8d9f2133timeless — Bug 621023 presContext = GetPresContext() is unused ifndef DEBUG in PresShell::Paint, r+a=dbaron
93a4e65203528feaad7d83a3bbb021e3332bfc69timeless — Bug 620304 crash [@ nsTypedSelection::GetIndicesForInterval] if !aStartIndex/!aEndIndex, r+a=jst
982e8ca82b1889e46672b3fd79ee045dcaf63d30timeless — Bug 620402 crash [@ gfxTextRun::BreakAndMeasureText] if haveHyphenation && !aProvider, r+a=roc
e27527551d57cce7f57c0435ee529752e5ee7f12timeless — Bug 620184 remove null checks from GetDOMSlots() and rename it to DOMSlots() because it is infallible in m-c, r+a=sicking
d987ade28bca2344d1f3eaad5236e3e217646c18timeless — Bug 617699 nsDOMFileReader::DispatchProgressEvent compares PRUint64 mReadTotal >= 0, r+a=sicking
6b09edde1450a1aae390679732faa199fc3092f0timeless — Bug 620253 nsResizerFrame::AdjustDimensions fall through comment is misplaced, r+a=dbaron
125be03bd296799f0301ccde8eb2cdd3ff7a0597timeless — Bug 569454 bad ownership model for allProperties in GRE_GetGREPathWithProperties, r+a=bsmedberg
84745bfb592efdacdecfcb463efc3cd988268df1Timothy Nikkel — backed out f7a6e3530d99 (bug 620974) for xpcshell failure a=backout
28487d9876c563fcc9b5dabb1d37cdc5e75c5cceRobert O'Callahan — Bug 584251. Wallpaper around crash. r=joshmoz a=blocking-betaN+
fec77e3eca126541cea152fec4fc77c2b9a2f9d8Mats Palmgren — Bug 618996. Correctly compare rounded rect clip items for sameness. r=dbaron a=dbaron
e2d5473a36f6b7e5ffe28202efe2b813103f49c1Cameron McCormack — Bug 620295 - Give SVGAElement objects an href property in JS r=jwatt a=roc
f7a6e3530d998f4f557b78902c8ca6eb5beb2a09Ted Mielczarek — bug 620974 - Add memory mapping info to Windows minidumps. r=timeless,
907d7744deb8b24a1d2e3b1129815c832c411b64Robert Longson — Bug 621210 - Clear cached ctm when painting mask children; r=jwatt; a=roc
8d588d1f53c21ccc62a9618a1ded9553f1af008dSerge Gautherie — Bug 614474 - ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/dom/indexedDB/test/test_bfcache.html | Test timed out; Backout "(Av1) Add |SimpleTest.requestLongerTimeout(2);|" which didn't really help.
6d22eaba6e9565e11492cfa70ffeaa6f1cd0b5caMakoto Kato — Bug 620140 - Bug 616271 causes CanLoadPlugin returns failure when plugin path is non-ASCII. r=joshmoz a=blocking-beta9+
56b336243edcd27513b513b5b54eebe2a93ea861Ginn Chen — Bug 614917 If Solaris Studio is used, strip LD LDFLAGS when configure libffi r=ted.mielczarek a=NPOTB
ee564f77210433b235c698e0e70a9caee8bb6829Robert O'Callahan — Backing out part 5 of bug 617152. a=blocking
7a2c4ae4b3e0dfdcf5b15c866f54632d5d654af8Robert O'Callahan — Backing out ade671d15514
dba2dd6564d4b885370493fa062cd681aaf9d157Dão Gottwald — Bug 608589 - Report error and manually remove tab when closing animation doesn't finish. r=gavin a=b
400d4207bdb2867ff306e4a388b4394fbd5e2ddcDão Gottwald — add comment
f6094322fc90e5a69dcd6fbb61208f1cb75cf770Dão Gottwald — Bug 618546 - Add-on bar covers lightweight theme background. r=mstange a=gavin
fb981ac88e186259f4a3992a519886b61a3d074dAzat Tymerkaev — Bug 621081 - Feed discovery icon needs disabled state styling. r=dao
95782553234c25a81fc40e5bd5ea2cbec746b19dMarkus Stange — Bug 620059 - Fix specificity of background and box-shadow overrides for tab strip buttons. r=dao, a=final
dcf9db112efd3c278bff3f63d8d6f180901dcc82Markus Stange — Bug 583078 - Reduce padding and re-introduce separator lines between extension toolbars in the main browser window. r=dao, a=betaN
b97e1cef0e7d477b939cb389f8b0b3d9b4c73ae1Ben Hearsum — Create UPDATE_PACKAGING_R13 tag for bug 583671. r=rail. a=npotb DONTBUILD
babc86ced8785ed54b44ea16c0ea7d2a0f4461c9Mihai Sucan — Bug 611789 - Web Console cleanup: Remove the window registry; f=rcampbell r=sdwilsh a=blocking2.0
de553c56e95322665034488275096b9f08bc148aRob Campbell — Bug 475991 - Extend the NPAPI to allow plugins to participate in redirects - fix line endings; r=rcampbell, a=test-fix; DONTBUILD
a27d1a62bef3ddd2b6e6afb656754f3dbc914542Patrick Walton — Bug 605621 - Web Console output box should be reskinned - part 1; f=mihai.sucan r=sdwilsh a=blocking2.0
ef42c524718f2c03b2c61fef2ea3924d734705b3Brian Birtles — Bug 615788 - Clear cached ctm when painting pattern children; r=longsonr; a=roc
edc1ef56b1f90c0260fee43b853632a3cb8bf5a2Brian Birtles — Bug 618205 - SVG SMIL: Correctly fallback to non-additive animation on display and shorthand properties; r=dholbert; a=roc
7f2832603edb60be8d151b4f22a34cb42a16ee31Brian Birtles — Bug 615872 Part 2 - SVG SMIL: Remove local resamples from timed elements; r=dholbert; a=roc
819a2310b235ff7549204dc104c4bd442f004e95Brian Birtles — Bug 615872 Part 1 - SVG SMIL: Remove unneeded mTimedDocumentRoot member from nsSVGAnimationElement; r=dholbert; a=roc
5f8c179e1725fee0e594e45e3c27059f42a68032Boris Zbarsky — Adding test for bug 617296. a=test-only
7161698099c0f969b4f0bdc1f349c9198f68f06eVladimir Vukicevic — [no bug]; update webgl test; a=npotb
6f38fc52631302d2138d3030eba0689dd632c6b2Matthew Gregan — Bug 573039 - Construct nsCUPSShim statically and avoid calling PR_UnloadLibrary on libcups after it has been initialized. r=karlt a=blocking2.0
7dbd04a58fa06818769e0ab7c55e68b6e6740c3bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 549459. Don't show information about the object principal in the error string. r=mrbkap a=blocker
59203494cf754345ecf3f87ddf1f580dd8cddfc0Mounir Lamouri — Bug 618948 - Add support for element.oninput and element.oninvalid. r=smaug a=sicking
4772228b45e1e0b6d785d5b819662665a261d4cdMounir Lamouri — Bug 593302 - "ASSERTION: Removing id entry that doesn't exist" after moving nodes between documents. r=peterv a=blocking-final
09103345873cc7fa2a71ea14f61d16bdd5f5517aBlake Kaplan — Bug 611401 - Avoid potential problems by doing this wrapping ourselves. r=gal a=blocking-betaN
43bdb3403733bee141369b949f19e84937bd77bfBlake Kaplan — Bug 616989 - Allow loading a subscript through security wrappers. r=jst a=blocking-betaN
b7fbd54c96229f9da22ac3312724fe5ac89e2b1aBlake Kaplan — Bug 612267 - window.__proto__ doesn't correspond to Window.prototype. r=jst a=blocking-betaN
307f6c854845706f8c59f30d78b82f8eaf5b7312Blake Kaplan — Bug 594699 - Null check this to return to pre-bug 532730 behavior in pathological cases. r=jst a=blocking-betaN
8232a1410e4241fd68d63e4a671788deebd1b5b4Vladimir Vukicevic — b=621067; Update angle to r515 to pick up crash fix; r+a=vlad
ad071e6d8bb340b6db40c049ef0689f6159bede3Vladimir Vukicevic — b=612334; (related) misc fixes in webgl, from original patch; r=bjacob, a=b
026750b84bc2e69f916104cf1d391e3b4a311c41Vladimir Vukicevic — b=612334; have typed arrays treat length parans more consistently; r=waldo, a=b
d4e6e2377500bf0bbccbbc488056bc7a806ba3c9Dan Witte — Fix bug 616264. r=ehsan,sdwilsh, a=beta9+
efc1b8bed8b9f3dcd57ba6ddaa05b2a160d3853fMichael Wu — Bug 594017 - Localize the title in the crash reporter, r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
5afc616dc96f3cc5d862adc600eca1b9472dd396Michael Wu — Bug 594017 - Support localization of strings in embedding/android code, r=ted a=blocking-fennec
38451849d0eb83627c54b9b02b353fabe2823a27Raymond Lee — Bug 614348 - browser/fuel/test/browser_ApplicationQuitting.js causes ASSERTION: XPConnect is being called on a scope without a 'Components' property r=ian, a=blocking
2ab02651a7730d998d61714401ec57f5620dd7b8Marco Bonardo — Bug 620988 - preferences code uses getFolderContents but never closes the container.
3f60c5c6c0b55c17aef07266ef7b43aeab7b1349Marco Bonardo — Bug 574514 - Hide personal toolbar only if user did not customize it or edited bookmarks.
0600f6c6e35a77e8a5fc9ce618dbdaecb92cb84atimeless — Bug 620305 - Crash [@ nsNavHistory::GetStringFromName] when GetBundle() fails.
8333ba1f91fdd6aa9b23ea29b066e3ac31bfedb2Honza Bambas — merge, a=backout
42baa6019c31930590240c4c49eea4bf231db80dHonza Bambas — Backout changeset f397877da0dd, a=backout
14ae20ed2bd59edec01e118c90fd25f44ab8df75Clint Talbert — Bug 582472 - Add a special powers object to remove enable privilege r=ted,smaug a=test-only
f397877da0dd038e2b51021977c6f1b1eb814170Honza Bambas — Bug 613977 - Intermittent invalid certificate error prompt in security tests causing timeouts, r=mcmannus, a=blocking:beta9+
6177495526e72346ecfc1f2492f3f20ad05e1527Honza Bambas — Bug 610044 - Crash [@ mozilla::ipc::RPCChannel::CxxStackFrame::CxxStackFrame], r=jduell, a=blassey
b84f528e2e103b6a22b52cab057c7787e0d1227cTed Mielczarek — bug 493779 - Report some memory information with Windows crash reports. r+a=bsmedberg
b433f7b6d033be895ae1d279efd95f54bb9a9ea0Jonathan Kew — bug 332636 - fix editor's handling of surrogate-pair combining marks with backspace. r=ehsan a=roc
53dc4a2c24efe9d92ca1be228d83d5665a544669Jonathan Kew — bug 615445 - update reftest manifest now that the tests pass. a=test-only
beca3b777fc5a121e50073b75f119f7508577b3eJonathan Kew — bug 615445 - don't overwrite clusters when storing glyphs in textrun. r=karlt a=joe
d4215e592acac5f9e11d924cea4f5592ca581d91Jonathan Kew — bug 618870 - CompressedGlyph::SetMissing should not overwrite the clusterStart bit. r=karlt a=roc
1cb5ff9e32f63099adafaed2e0a34612577a0202Asaf Romano — Bug 619800 - Enable scriptability for nsIPrincipal methods. r+sr+a=bz.
d37e24f10e8da251121c374cf7b88ac7ac9f098aDão Gottwald — Bug 620608 - Firefox Aero theme requires unnecessarily large ThebesLayer. r=gavin a=b
b0c6a324e72f89f02248fc30da2a526fcac06b49Jacek Caban — Bug 620669 - d3d9 layout does not compile on mingw; r=Bas a=Mossop
e0c3acc44e9e9ef5451e6a355d34f1a5bcacbbd0Serge Gautherie — Bug 614474 - ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/dom/indexedDB/test/test_bfcache.html | Test timed out; (Av1) Add |SimpleTest.requestLongerTimeout(2);|.
19df7ba36bc46be1eff734e269df84d1d64a3712Robert Strong — Bug 369411 - improve CRC error value in the update.log. r=dolske, a=approval2.0
33ef0dc2082473e1a43eb2851235fc9c88086239Dave Townsend — Bug 601143: Add loading and error states to the get add-ons view. r=Unfocused, a=blocks-betaN
7d3065c9bfad0f6e3a857e34d655de3194d4a7d6ffxbld — Added tag FENNEC_4_0b3_RELEASE for changeset 88db8ccdd0de. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH
0f3dea08e28a1d79b437ce0f89a89baab348cd15ffxbld — Added tag FENNEC_4_0b3_BUILD3 for changeset 88db8ccdd0de. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH
a1a25bdf629b045326972552c0abefb920fc00bbGinn Chen — Bug 620342 test_annos_expire_policy.js uses uninitialized variable r=mano a=testing only
88db8ccdd0de641731b8c007745b7f1d89b16ff8Brad Lassey — bug 620851 - Change Android branded release builds shared ID r=mwu a=stuart GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH FENNEC_4_0b3_BUILD3 FENNEC_4_0b3_RELEASE
b7643182c67d497557c3f65b9eeeab6e5513f712Brad Lassey — bug 620811 - Crash on restarting fennec r=mwu a=stuart GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH
3cf00724041d932b1ffcb162579d4ad69d73dd7bBrad Lassey — bug 620811 - Crash on restarting fennec r=mwu a=stuart
78fd73ca849e51eee1ddf51a41242d7ee915bf43Boris Zbarsky — Bug 616397. Make |new Image| work again in Greasemonkey scripts. r=mrbkap, a=blocker
60461b16916f7ba2d4a0f5db54c33d51b3c90bc7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 620078 - Crash [@ nsAutoFocusEvent::Run] with autofocus attribute in frame with no window. r=smaug a=blocking-betaN
af69450fedb99440cd6be9a43ebec5dde9632091Mounir Lamouri — Bug 612752 - Change :-moz-ui-invalid default style when the invalid element is focused. r=dbaron ui-r=limi a=blocking-final
ba354c7ac671e4ff1967369d10f8bccfcdc0ceedRobert Strong — Bug 617512 - Additional tests for deprecated update xml format. r=dtownsend, a=tests
875e5ea752417b0cb408f9409caf77bc4d3274fbRobert Strong — Bug 619866 - Shift key for safe mode conflicts with Windows shortcut keys. r=dtownsend, a=approval2.0
ae9c1e421a164d4bf4bd60eb3fb8b65d4e47358fRobert Strong — Bug 615131 - Installer crashes if 'Next' button is clicked while 'Looking for existing installation...' dialog is displayed. r=jmathies, a=approval2.0
3e4f01f2a119377f642a0dec4705312187304eebFelipe Gomes — Bug 617522. App tabs' pinnedonly=true attribute needs to be updated when closing a tab, because that might leave only app tabs. r=dao a=blocking-final
52b229f6a051f989ad6fced46c44ef1bbfe0b938timeless — Bug 620394 crash [@ PresShell::GoToAnchor] if selectAnchor && xpointerResult && !sel
438d6a2f3a9ccc09c6c02a2e872d6b72454f5600Ms2ger — Bug 620375 - Wrongly ordered members in History::History() constructor; r+a=sdwilsh
0257a5a7419adac83e1b99b3220bbad563e528a7Ms2ger — Bug 620358 - Fix uninitialized variable warning in SVGAnimated{PathSeg|Point}List::SetBaseValueString; r=jwatt a=roc
c544c99fad5ac09c0d4b0a778d511ee0292cf673Ms2ger — Bug 620360 - Fix unused variable warning in StatementCache::FinalizeCachedStatements; r+a=sdwilsh
046dada4fadce81561707a5a700d4c6371c90ebcMs2ger — Bug 620367 - Fix unused variable warning in InsertVisitedURI::AddVisit; r+a=sdwilsh
6b98f6cf45899ad77115976ea1dd160eeff93ba8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 617718. Don't process invalidates if we're stopping. r=bsmedberg a=bsmedberg
95bbe1076dcb873cfed98fc30356bcc87a797b71Daniel Holbert — Bug 611241: Allow SVG filters from external documents to be used in about: pages. r=bzbarsky a=blocking-betaN+
a2a3a6e8b0e0e1351ed92658583aa3c7ed1e441fMichael Wu — Bug 619519 - Fix android key down/press/up handling, r=masayuki a=blocking-fennec
5ff3997a30c282edef635b58255dfaf6a1691a00Wes Johnston — Bug 602580 - Return CSSViewport from innerWidth and innerHeight (tests). r=tn, a=blocking-fennec
db27d37d7879a942db12401a8dea37fe145c1b1fWes Johnston — Bug 602580 - Return CSSViewport from innerWidth and innerHeight. r=tn, sr=dbaron, a=blocking-fennec
77956e4dd8f889d732934e23e7b08a431a8e93f9Alon Zakai — Bug 616664 - Android code for keeping the screen on. r=mwu a=blocking-fennec
d488f09f6f8d7652107ec264d51f7b04816afffaAlon Zakai — Bug 616664 - nsIScreen interface for keeping the screen on. r=blassey sr=roc a=blocking-fennec
e5ed12d16160b695c7388e4087c6596c8a007791Ben Turner — Backing out worker changes, a=backout.
79b3bdad1799eca8d1643c0159ff13ff836cec43ffxbld — Added tag FENNEC_4_0b3_RELEASE for changeset 74a67e4695d7. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH
fa4c8b05898a0b607931bcd95eb1e283fb23efc5ffxbld — Added tag FENNEC_4_0b3_BUILD2 for changeset 74a67e4695d7. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH
74a67e4695d79e09394bef802669b8060c5e37c3Michael Wu — bug 620584 - add ANDROID_PACKAGE_NAME rather than hard code org.mozilla.@MOZ_APP_NAME@ r=ted,blassy a=stuart GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH FENNEC_4_0b3_BUILD2
cdddfc399df358ee40e65afb307e4483ae5cada6Michael Wu — bug 620584 - add ANDROID_PACKAGE_NAME rather than hard code org.mozilla.@MOZ_APP_NAME@ r=ted,blassy a=stuart
a57900b40a7bdcd2933ae994f6fc624db1e63252Dave Townsend — Bug 612393: Upgraded extensions get lost when downgrading. r=robstrong, a=blocks-final
1edc1d75b7d47fce068bba0e18808ffa3790a3d1Ben Turner — Bug 618484 - 'Allow ChromeWorkers access to XPCOM objects'. r=jst, a=blocking.
bf23488f58d42a5a36f33fcffefb69120cbb8e13Ben Turner — Bug 615153 - 'nsIWorkerFactory.newChromeWorker() throws NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED'. r=sicking, a=blocking.
9b02aa0de19c2e6f9b39caf9bfce1f331d00f23bstefanh — Bug 615589 - '-moz-mac-focusring' color should be keyboardFocusIndicatorColor (NSColor). Also fixes tests. r=josh+mstange, a=beltzner.
722ffb1a0920773fc92adac27244e13f3c5a1c95Oleg Romashin — Bug 618788 - Not initialized used in CairoImageOGL::SetData r=vladimir a=approval2.0
ab173acf8a1f751ba485980e032d4fe18be4b05dOleg Romashin — Bug 607653 - avoid temporary fbos/textures on transformed layers, when possible. r=roc a=approval2.0
d538a677628e71f1de7de056a93d195a08f6112bRaymond Lee — Bug 615954 - Intermittent Failure in tabview/browser_tabview_bug597248.js r=ian, a=orange
a599d358d01ac2b1653b8e20799677a1cf06edffMihai Sucan — Bug 603750 - nsWebSocket connection failure messages do not show in the Web Console; r=bzbarsky approval2.0=jst
1b1561128c5dcc8717f896b26701aa3559b3b4fcBen Turner — Bug 613083 - 'IndexedDB: Switch serialization format from JSON to structured clone bytestream'. r=sicking, a=blocking.
2d71a4dfb17b19d1c28d43355ead8364cb4fd895Ben Turner — Bug 618141 - 'IndexedDB: createObjectStore and createIndex should accept an optional object argument'. r=sicking, a=blocking.
a81907e1983a828690450d57fffdba134e226bbcMarkus Stange — Disable the test for bug 538242 on Linux.
97d9cf2225d61aadc4633d43abc1cb9a5f1b5b6cDão Gottwald — Disabling arrow panel style on Linux because of bug 620658. a=bustage-fix
49a1b2aa43c58eed878ced7ef4accec4cece3d2aMarkus Stange — Bug 580965 - Remove vertical lines between tab bar controls. ui-r=shorlander, r=dao, a=sdwilsh
aeeb631c6d433cecc56d5cc8a615da002c5bedd9Markus Stange — Bug 538242 - Always keep nsCocoaWindow's mBounds up to date. r+a=josh
fb629ae545102d1613bf598f0e3f9d333e40f553Dão Gottwald — Bug 590073 - Classic specific styling of arrow panels. r=neil a=b
0489b54d5ce8370d6e24e73585430957457a33e0Karl Tomlinson — test for bug 601545 a=test
944010571e9d688ba3e203c46021234192bdf73fKarl Tomlinson — b=601545 clarify the meaning of coordinates passed to nsIWidget::Move r+a=roc
71d2d1c6d12df860ea8e31a04a1bcd29ce242f34Karl Tomlinson — b=601545 use mNeedsResize/mNeedsMove on toplevel windows to make mPlaced unnecessary r+a=roc
ec338170e5f7379f03d32d7d97b38dadc149b73eKarl Tomlinson — b=601545 don't move windows during resize r+a=roc
82e9968b933b8ad13bb09d8a8bb6ea8e04bee941Karl Tomlinson — b=580962 enable crashtest 580233-1 even for gtk2widget
cae10c2b6981049012316a2bf924c32dfe379ae7Karl Tomlinson — b=569350 mark variation selector test as passing with gtk2widget
3a72f8d24d4347772d8e8e8544045b7940002409Vladimir Vukicevic — b=586938; missing VIEWPORT property on WebGL context; r=mrbkap,a=b
4f5b1e7fd1e7933860f2664990ba0460614f7c96Phil Ringnalda — Bug 620273 - Make bloatcycle.html not hit the network, r=dbaron, a=test
3149334e551e289027063f5a0f149cc55932d6faPhil Ringnalda — Bug 597634 - Remove an obvious yet unlikely possible reason for intermittent apparently network-related failure in browser_522545.js, r=zpao, a=test
8266fc8fbc319a381de109ae49e2663a83125471Serge Gautherie — Bug 558705 - [Debug] mochitests-4: intermittent "test_value_cloning.html | Test timed out."; (Av1) Increase timeout factor to 4 from 3.
ed37d1bcaea4be0e852da4174264fcb8104eed2cTaras Glek — Bug 620114 - File size of pluginreg.dat increases steadily r=josh a=blocking-betaN
238f53866895df14ecd8b241338a701c14afefdeScott Greenlay — Bug 616271 - missing bool bits r=taras a=blocking-betaN
b4ee9c5d45617847351d08379f82ee7d426f17f5Dave Townsend — Bustage fix for bug 619730. a=bustage
2d4b1d635e8dea64617d72a8b94fd5fee31ba5c1Bas Schouten — Bug 615316 - Part 10: Support different layer managers in ImageLayerD3D9. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-betaN
6cfc50d8629c0c04ac88bf5e7b5c5dc49e82c9c3Bas Schouten — Bug 615316 - Part 9: Support changing devices for YCbCrImageD3D9. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-betaN
7d05c8f6c4da72ed60a83f08346892d7a3a56ab2Bas Schouten — Bug 615316 - Part 8: Support GetAsSurface for CairoImageD3D9. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-betaN
b6e4e41dbee04fdaa0a9100f50f2ef92233ee834Bas Schouten — Bug 615316 - Part 7: Support surfaces with Alpha for CairoImageD3D9. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-betaN
5c0fb0080a5ac96dd12022def1a67bde4bfa2f8aBas Schouten — Bug 615316 - Part 6: Support device changing for CairoImageD3D9. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-betaN
56caf266b854ffec7b770df874befcd94a7592d3Bas Schouten — Bug 615316 - Part 5: Factor out SurfaceToTexture in D3D9 Image layers. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-betan
f8a49ff98d77a59a19e8a38be75b7cfee63212d6Bas Schouten — Bug 615316 - Part 4: Store device on CairoImageD3D9 instead of on the LayerManager. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-betan
b71a05bcd2f5a7ae95e442fb484fb1715209c267Bas Schouten — Bug 604647: Never create swap chains while the device is lost. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-final
34f521036d9dc49a0fcdcfe8a711c19009915a72Felipe Gomes — Bug 610057. Sizemode attribute is incorrect in windows which are not set to persist the attribute (e.g. popup windows). r=neil a=blocking-final
8777141fa716f8679959c8d7d60892a9b4a52831Dave Townsend — Bug 619730: Support arbitrary blocklist items passed through the observer service. r=robstrong, a=dtownsend
1ff07ed94d79bff26a8ccbe901ddfa6d88c53eb3Steven Michaud — Bug 618487 - Divx Web Player Videos won't play on and and r=josh a=blocking2.0BetaN+
608fc8fa26dc6fe38f7d91a4fdade24522ac7339Chris Pearce — Merge with dholbert's push. a=me
a6a3200c19e53743b29edb95a628b061f2f3985aChris Pearce — Bug 604885 commit backout merge. a=backout
fd28a949d4ce2a8663706dea4d971152ece8125aChris Pearce — Bug 604885 - backout 53f49c89634b a=backout
a92cfed15419bb75893f1adcbb2808c2858cafc8Chris Pearce — Bug 604885 commit backout merge. a=backout
36abf00aa201446dec511eb691e4847d1ca7e348Chris Pearce — Bug 604885 - backout 8d54b45a181e a=backout
ea5076f3b4fe2fa4dc9427a0136ed7752db488d6Chris Pearce — Bug 604885 commit backout merge. a=backout
4ec43842c3923319f31135bd4b9c5506a2388e84Chris Pearce — Bug 604885 - backout 00cabcc7d182 a=backout
bc5f97f0255647d1bc348e705040163ae504649eDaniel Holbert — Bug 615423: Add null-check to SVGDocumentWrapper::StartAnimation, to fix shutdown crash. r=roc a=blocking-final
e59145d3eed65dd7a91d34371b1da8b65242a4b6Ms2ger — Bug 620365 - Remove unused GetAgeInDays; r=mak a=sdwilsh
4e6f930a1363007b847f460ece9ff072d7f76c12Mihai Sucan — Bug 603706 - Need a way to track the originating window for all nsIConsoleMessages; r=joe,bzbarsky, a=blocking2.0
0b88e1ab00c12dc278d460c8d9d81c23397c1d06Mihai Sucan — Bug 606498 - Make sure the new nsIScriptError2 is used in all possible places- part 4; r=bzbarsky,dbaron,mrbkap sr=jst a=blocking2.0
1c10afc9c6cc7cb357962f624eab862e660b087aMihai Sucan — Bug 606498 - Make sure the new nsIScriptError2 is used in all possible places- part 3; r=bzbarsky,dbaron,mrbkap sr=jst a=blocking2.0
01bbeb378ff39f4def0f5977016c3617b4b736b4Mihai Sucan — Bug 606498 - Make sure the new nsIScriptError2 is used in all possible places- part 2; r=bzbarsky,dbaron,mrbkap sr=jst a=blocking2.0
b9aa4b7efd929518b8f84afae30052c128f7fe7dMihai Sucan — Bug 606498 - Make sure the new nsIScriptError2 is used in all possible places- part 1; r=bzbarsky,dbaron,mrbkap sr=jst a=blocking2.0
39aba38b87060542a50be16031ae9628054992e8Jim Mathies — Bug 572417 - Release mouse capture in flash subclass after mouse events get delivered. r=bsmedberg, a=betaN.
c6669ebbabf7b3227954d45c5acf74d692360a75Jacek Caban — Bug 615212 - GCC's win64 ABI change broke compilation on mingw-w64 (xptcall part) r=timeless a=NPOTB
dd9e50b46d311f1a9bf80112ef273501a43ee0d3Olli Pettay — Bug 605294 - Leak nsGlobalWindow hiding a focused iframe, r=peterv, a=blocking
37290bda896db60060cc90dfd394110927364ed7timeless — Bug 620169 [@ SVGAnimatedLengthList::SetBaseValueString] uses domWrapper forgetting it might be null. r=dholbert, a=roc.
0ca1b65bb907b67d8af7c897e442044232d1464cRobert Longson — Bug 620144 - clip paths and masks that cannot be resolved should be ignored r=jwatt,a=roc
01cb674212d4e2b0c51862b9602adae01ff366dfRobert Longson — Bug 619968 - feGaussianBlur should render as identity if stdDeviation=0 r=jwatt,a=roc
b2dc4b542229c8d9f45101ae98cc7ab8a4336817Robert Longson — Bug 619630 - Support no comma or whitespace between negative 2nd point in polyline r=jwatt,a=roc
998a8a41310b1e1e9b47ba209e5d5bef0ca0b637Jonathan Watt — Bug 614522 - SVGPathData::GetMarkerPositioningData reads uninitialised stack allocated memory.
faf8830820a800f0188b12911738b595ded0beaaJonathan Watt — Bug 602207 - <animateMotion><mpath> uses path's "transform" attribute on <path> elements, which it shouldn't
9b7157931d79e4ad870a417290c59ffc4a781ad0Jonathan Watt — Bug 617634 - SVGPathData::GetMarkerPositioningData checks for PATHSEG_CURVETO_QUADRATIC_ABS instead of PATHSEG_CURVETO_QUADRATIC_SMOOTH_ABS. r=longsonr, a=blocking
a7dea879b4b445a23186f438900562155bb39e99Mike Hommey — Bug 618195 part 2 - Only build services-crypto component as part of platform. r=mconnor,a=mconnor
b31d9d9d8527a45af220f618008f0351c0fbff00Mike Hommey — Bug 618195 part 1 - Build libxul part of services-crypto unconditionally. r=mconnor,a=mconnor
fc50c521bf48117b295c3324c0ba07d838c6499dDoug Turner — Bug 619827 - throw from AudioTrack constructor kills fennec, r=kinetic,mwu a=blocking-fennec
302d1d3e28173a22dbe0808b194eaad379e797b7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 617152. Part 13: Fix nsXULScrollFrame::InvalidateInternal. r=tnikkel,a=blockers
ab13e951fb72eb7ec50c87132c13d301cfca9b34Robert O'Callahan — Bug 617152. Part 12: Fix 594333-1 reftest to avoid small differences in opacity calculations.
54559a5ff834be1d8eccf35e54918e83abca64b6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 617152. Part 11: Invalidate the ThebesLayers for an active-scroll-root using the scroll position at the last layer tree update, and do the rest of the invalidation using the current scroll position. r=tnikkel
45cecf3b2c2c0af977f72205fef0909e0e77a019Robert O'Callahan — Bug 617512. Part 10: Don't wait for pending paints to flush in crashtests. r=dbaron
10f6af33d3fb0279cef6dc360051a4de4f8c2b09Robert O'Callahan — Bug 594333. Invalidate frame subtree (including layers) when moving a float. r=dbaron
b4a5b419d513bfc9c4eaee444fc9efb45551ab36Olli Pettay — Bug 617525. Dispatch MozAfterPaint events to GetParentTarget. r=roc
6a5105de6bbd93006b125e097d32c7ec69cac33fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 617152. Part 9: Use desired bounds in nsDisplayList::GetBounds, not actual bounds, when computing plugin geometry. r=tnikkel
e9f317c9ab529474c5ae041c9a3fadda75cd5833Robert O'Callahan — Bug 617152. Part 8.5: Fire MozPaintWait even if the plugin layer is currently zero-size. r=tnikkel
4dd001926ff6b8e7109614db8c023a84dd6e45c6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 617152. Part 8: Remove useless call to processUpdates. r=dbaron
e97fa71300071beeda8eb7ebb1f5b110204b3b8aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 617152. Part 7: Take a full snapshot after we've set up our listeners. r=dbaron
25aef953e3496f251a1b8f867a8fb1717b71212fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 617152. Part 6: Improve diagnostic messages for reftest failures. r=dbaron
ade671d155143fda1d03114df6c69d148d3d9077Robert O'Callahan — Bug 617152. Part 5: nsPluginHost::StopPluginInstance should skip plugin instances that are already destroyed (e.g. because the plugin was disabled). r=josh
955ba94047fd81636bd9a45ed5ca602266f5d50dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 617152. Part 4: Make sure to always fire a balancing MozPaintWaitFinished, even if the plugin dies suddenly, and make sure events are dispatched safely. r=dbaron
19f780daecd08ee01ebc9a56b51de56c31a2e78dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 617152. Part 3: Fix reftest.js harness to have much simpler logic for waiting for a test to end. r=dbaron
07451ea7a0ca7fc3704a4d953a30c56bfa24a6b3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 617152. Part 2: Fix SVG-as-image tests. r=dholbert
f1ac5add876dcc639fe7b5eff6186514df88e356Robert O'Callahan — Bug 617152. Part 1: fix 424465-1 test. r=dbaron
8019b50e514c708e3b633da8b4c394edd4a27f0bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 612840. Part 4: Invert the meaning of CONTENT_NO_TEXT_OVER_TRANSPARENT and rename it. r=vlad
bc423fb0aa13fb9c2d261c9993ccf6021fe85ff0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 612840. Part 3: Make Layer::CONTENT_NO_TEXT_OVER_TRANSPARENT applicable to all layer types, and set CONTENT_NO_TEXT_OVER_TRANSPARENT on container layers. r=tnikkel,r=vlad
53bc550efbccbf583419f1027de08c9b4e56b9baRobert O'Callahan — Bug 612840. Part 2: Remove unnecessary opacity check. r=cjones
ca873b14eb719c0bfed13b81a6b71007208f9278Robert O'Callahan — Bug 612840. Part 1: Remove CONTENT_NO_TEXT flag since it's not really used. Also remove ShouldRetainTransparentSurface and related code; we'll assume that when text is over opaque pixels in an RGBA surface we can always paint it with subpixel AA --- and make it so in later patches. r=vlad
dca9da098880338aba2eeed8e258d3d9a902640eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 579885. Fix test.
150af817b65d20acc3d7ec5664c11279e6d41536Daniel Holbert — Bug 272288 Patch 5: Add some more <svg:image> reftests. r=roc a=tests
6f97f3fac6c4a2b0099554443ae84216f5cd4c88Daniel Holbert — Bug 272288 Patch 4: Mark <svg:image> as supported feature. r=longsonr a=roc
3a8cdfab4ee8d1922f63adbc55c503e890e8a4b4Daniel Holbert — Bug 272288 Patch 3: Evaluate whether we should start animating, when SVG-as-image document finishes loading. r=roc a=roc
16f87faaacb4107d7ac8b1089b3a6a476dc06197Daniel Holbert — Bug 272288 Patch 2: Store override preserveAspectRatio values in property table on image document's root node, when painting <svg> image element. r=roc a=roc
c347676c5cffa5e763bc9d9ea56e3d14c80500a9Daniel Holbert — Bug 272288 Patch 1: Fix nsSVGImageFrame to handle SVG images. r=roc a=roc
be1f7ea06a5efbfb0165625c0759d25291e03c32Daniel Holbert — Bug 619516 Patch 4: Create overloaded version of nsSVGUtils::GetViewBoxTransform to take (un-animated) SVGPreserveAspectRatio. r=jwatt a=roc
3480ad2e571fdaada2e73e49d541435c6355d320Daniel Holbert — Bug 619516 Patch 3: Rename files nsSVGPreserveAspectRatio.* to SVGAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio. r=jwatt a=roc
9235ac6b60533387bee0974fa730e928da9506c0Daniel Holbert — Bug 619516 Patch 2: Update clients of nsSVGPreserveAspectRatio with new class name. r=jwatt a=roc
5ce6da5198708af69b07c504935ad7837fecbbe8Daniel Holbert — Bug 619516 Patch 1: Rename nsSVGPreserveAspectRatio and its inner class to SVGAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio / SVGPreserveAspectRatio. r=jwatt a=roc
99b19e566bbfda6b74a7bafa34145c5e98de4b4dChris Pearce — Bug 616800 - Ensure AudioLoop() doesn't sleep, and can still drain, if we've pushed less than the start threshold of audio to hardware. r=kinetik a=blocking2.0
aa18109c3a5c8a0f315b605989aa9418866ed7cdtimeless — Bug 619785 - nsComputedDOMStyle::DoGetMozBackgroundSize leaks valY when it has problems with valX, r+a=bz
a3106bdf31bbe8661a886922c8fa131a7aa14bafPhil Ringnalda — Bug 619623 - reorder the parts of the error messages so tbpl can spot the filename, r=sdwilsh, a=test
be8006fc9c4a9bb0d894e682a5c5eb7883ed900aMatt Woodrow — Bug 619934 - Fix startup crash in UploadSurfaceToTexture ra=jrmuizel
9bb6c33a5ad1adb502919c704808d9cfd6b643b7Alexander Surkov — Bug 617300 - don't fire events on attribute change if element is not accessible, r=davidb, a=blocking2.0BetaN+
4f03895d544b32b1919de8a0ab4a06402ec6bda7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 527935 - Part 4: Make sure that the input event after paste operations; r=roc a=blocking-final+
d52d8f50d2cfebf0b77cc976fab1d7525eaff2b1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 527935 - Part 3: Generate the input event for editor IME transaction commits if needed; r=roc a=blocking-final+
839bb8d210a9b62a1728386cdcd579fa429eb8e8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 527935 - Part 2: Fix some unit tests to deal with the changes in the input event; r=dolske a=blocking-final+
83f76e76d7803b8f2a6ca1a72bbd1263875c4fabEhsan Akhgari — Bug 527935 - Fire the input event for text controls with the correct trusted-ness status; r=roc a=blocking-final+
acb2f28f8e128d20858f68cb8b850e599fda7029Mounir Lamouri — Bug 613973 - Do not hide the invalid form popup if the user types in the invalid form control. r=dao ui-r=limi a=sicking
dfdbfacc2a2b6c56a126c7d256a995614c9e4078Mounir Lamouri — Bug 559309 - Add autocomplete tests for new input types. rs=sicking a=tests
60f75da9765ba157842be703fe894c80a60993bdMounir Lamouri — Bug 598092 - Autocomplete should not remember form values if the submit is stopped due to HTML5 validation. r+a=sicking
be885fbb66c20f8da9e5edee801ead21d2695e24Mounir Lamouri — Bug 590771 - Tests. r=sicking a=tests
a01537c0bf1987f12f67b6834b2f3b72241ca64cMs2ger — Bug 604807 - Make nsISelectElement unscriptable to prevent crashes; r=bz a=blocking-beta9
cd6aa4d8c7bd264c5db2b5ddbbbba6d87c2f33ccMounir Lamouri — Bug 610415 - Make :-moz-ui-invalid and :-moz-ui-valid not applying when the form element has novalidate attribute set. r+a=sicking
5a00160adc4e94611f98e497036d6ec061089defMounir Lamouri — Bug 615764 - Remove nsRadioUpdateValueMissingVisitor. r+a=sicking
ea00eee207e80a64af666f93e9d32d0dd9af1196Mounir Lamouri — Bug 610687 - Make all the radio button group suffering from being missing instead of only radio's with the required attribute. r+a=sicking
dc8dea3241427c47d6dff6e51f2db02240e3f430Mounir Lamouri — Bug 601030 (2/2) - Don't let a frame steal focus with autofocus when the document has been loaded. r=smaug a=sicking
14ca1420a81d0e7571acf2600c9c76d1068e0172Mounir Lamouri — Bug 601030 (1/2) - Don't let a frame to steal focus from another frame with autofocus. r=smaug a=sicking
0ae68f7446c014ecd951156c70f1ddb197e66ee4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 595922 - tooltips should not show form validation message if the form element has @novalidate. r+a=sicking
5370d662ae51a18c353546e7e8b19e3ad663f4dbMounir Lamouri — Bug 615833 - Change event should not be cancelable. r=smaug a=sicking
98ee88c41e2377c4464102cf6aaeffe6d216e9e8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 596088 - Make <input type='file'> looks disabled when inside a disabled fieldset by adding a ContentStatesChanged method in nsIFrame. r=bz sr=roc a=blocking-final
14f1f60c6a11cd3850f7635be0e914c2f48ad946Mounir Lamouri — Bug 613979 - oninput should fire after the validity state update. r=smaug a=blocking-betaN
ad8da8012e3a708c2fa2dda2e8a31a2afd155991Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 605672 (Fix reason for invalid scope assertion). r=jst, a=blocker.
83cb5ea3fe30858b602994486d3ba48d4fda06a5Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 605672 (Fix reason for invalid scope assertion). r=jst, a=blocker.
d1da1005b6d61e9aec2ea40dbef18d9120dad7f7Matt Woodrow — Bug 604101 - Part 6 - Add TextureImage::DirectUpload for faster texture uploads. r=jrmuizel a=blocking2.0
c5aeb066cbb5ac67f2a71772ea0de96b56038030Matt Woodrow — Bug 604101 - Part 5 - Use Pixel Buffer Objects in TextureImageCGL. r=joe,jrmuizel a=blocking2.0
a977bda3a362fb551d5e58696a65340196c758edJoe Drew — Bug 611433 - Add gfxQuartzImage constructor for data pointers. r=jrmuizel a=blocking2.0
8dbba1a4f83f118577d22ff205536536c66f930dJoe Drew — Bug 611433 - Add cairo_quartz_surface_create_for_data. r=jrmuizel a=blocking2.0
ac8edf791852bf6a66362c412745d88d68b9b7c0Matt Woodrow — Bug 604101 - Part 4 - Use UploadSurfaceToTexture in TextureImage. r=joe a=blocking2.0
d8d69903f209983d03d8567636d4d87f776415c3Matt Woodrow — Bug 604101 - Part 3 - Use UploadSurfaceToTexture in CanvasLayerOGL. r=joe a=blocking2.0
c304184d7459d552178dca03da30a165471a2cdcMatt Woodrow — Bug 604101 - Part 2 - Use UploadSurfaceToTexture in CairoImageOGL. r=joe a=blocking2.0
e86ea759809b72ad3d8895289d14384cbe6742efMatt Woodrow — Bug 604101 - Part 1 - Add UploadSurfaceToTexture. r=joe a=blocking2.0
ff4c041ae7debfdf15ca716b3eaae47fbc2c27f0Matt Woodrow — Bug 615741 - Too large canvases don't draw and be black. r=joe a=joe
8180b090997e5599d258c5def20d754d78d7ba4cPhil Ringnalda — Bug 616710 - Annotate the 0-4 assertions about "Doing nscoord addition with values > nscoord_MAX" on Windows in crashtests/380217-1.xul, a=orange
28070ce8d20fb75d7f9be2b121424ef04c31908fSerge Gautherie — Bug 618526 - "Security Error: Content at http://mochi.test:8888/tests/dom/tests/mochitest/general/test_focusrings.xul may not load or link to chrome://mochikit/content/tests/SimpleTest/test.css."; (Av1) Remove 'chrome://mochikit/content' part.
b9dcbc836bb37bbea71a9c688cd5cd3e5620d5dfSerge Gautherie — Bug 608634 - [mochi-1] Intermittent "test_error_in_video_document.html | Must have error set to MEDIA_ERR_DECODE"; (Dv1) Improve code and checks, somewhat.
df3122f033283062d715cf9a66700073ce4f3275Matthew Gregan — Bug 584259 - Add support for StereoMode element. r=roc a=roc
28f582d9b6d8a24dca02b3937a283689344bacdbMatthew Gregan — Bug 584259 - Update libnestegg. r=doublec a=roc
c6c33df76468e285a7eb0bc322fd778478dd8349Matthew Gregan — Bug 605457 - Remove concurrent use of Ogg stream hash table. r=cpearce a=roc
51795db981f2dc408a244fc75b748c94519bc765Clint Talbert — merge commit a=backout
ba9da51f5129fa1cc904387591cae0df48e563a6Clint Talbert — Backed out changeset 69cc2a93f509 - breaks android builds a=backout
2020888cd34f6378fea834425c9524a9d7a47357Ted Mielczarek — bug 590961 - Allow generating minidumps from processes of differing CPU architecture. r=mento a=blocking-2.0
c6f86b5978e785136955204f24be6b8ed610f47cMark Cote — "Bug 614173 Update pull changes, fix update command in devicemanager r=jmaher a=NPOTB"
18004ceae9ce0573eaaf6df1c2cc30a61fcd2401Joel Maher — Bug 617815 - Enable the use of envrionment variables for remote automation on android r=ctalbert a=NPOTB
a6525c0a9d7a4957ab0e6080fc878a3eba4116ddBob Moss — Bug 614173 - Android agent needs a more robust way to pull files pt 2, also make ini reading more bulletproof r=ctalbert, a=NPOTB
69cc2a93f509f60230f10005ab4ec86ad71d4721Bob Moss — Bug 614173 Android test agent needs better way to pull files pt 1 r=ctalbert a=NPOTB
e331809693aaf8260fdd503cde00efd211c3ffa2Jonathan Kew — Backed out changeset 1958ebae93cc for causing mochitest orange. a=backout
1958ebae93cc225e8403b53be34b5bf642e0eb57Jonathan Kew — bug 332636 - fix editor's handling of surrogate-pair combining marks with backspace. r=ehsan a=roc
4ca2a5e830ce654862f3ff8d7927105fc1b862b8Marco Bonardo — Bug 619672 - Perma-Orange on Thunderbird Linux | TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_redirectsMode.js followed by head_queries.js | 5 == 3; r+a=sdwilsh
01169ff998baa1de8c2fa911dc5b31556af09f66Raymond Lee — Bug 597360 - Closing the last group results in weird behavior (window closes after pressing Ctrl+T, unresponsiveness, tabview asserts...) [r=ian, a=blocking2.0betaN+]
822e23ac1f719679292e6a9574e6c2abc4174322Raymond Lee — Bug 615954 - Intermittent Failure in tabview/browser_tabview_bug597248.js [r=ian, a=orange]
eae26f4fac418131f8bdc64557c32f50f5d618e9Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 604201 - browser_tabview_snapping.js test fails if you run it by itself [r=ian, a=better-test!]
7c40cabc296eece93011bff306001ffac5ce3779Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 589206 - Drawing a tab group should be transparent or in background view [r+a=dolske]
075bb085d7552d94be7b00aa724cb0e8228049beVladimir Vukicevic — b=619485; add WebGL info to about:support; r=jrmuizel,a=beltzner
2c2aed8d77031c30b3986ab55baad2ae3a7ebee0Vladimir Vukicevic — b=619798; upgrade ANGLE to r511; r+a=vlad
8b6d5951bc1d1cd30ca451eae3c9ee0fdb45e494Alexander Surkov — Bug 617300 - update dependent ids for existing accessibles only, r=davidb, a=blocking2.0BetaN+
ff47addbc1bfa1a3af426bd5c3633e103378260cAlon Zakai — Bug 616090 - Optimize timer in nsDOMStorageDBWrapper. r=honzab a=blocking-fennec
18a8c936ce3338c39e15ead4a151470c9d10b774Margaret Leibovic — Bug 618437 - No indication of blocked popups when the notification bar is disabled. r=dao, a=blocking-beta9
545fcdd02090d337f6a2a02a1b6fce0a7134aa9eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 615318 - Add a "not now" choice to all doorhanger notification split buttons. r=gavin, a=blocking-beta9
794e1e461d626e9e6422ab3fad8c45609f6afbe1Stephen Horlander — Bug 617729 - Update Bookmark Star Icon. r=dao, a=beltzner
926d09edbd141a4ae4bc3109211f6702f3464e9fBen Turner — Bug 595253 - 'IndexedDB: Notifications should auto-dismiss in some circumstances'. r=gavin, a=blocking.
3b4f3b897999b589a75ac621825a8f962eaa54ecL. David Baron — For transition reversing computations, ensure valuePortion is within 0.0-1.0. (Bug 611238) r=bzbarsky a=blocking2.0:final
d0e5fb03bae2aabc4475eea791c41e51242a4fa7L. David Baron — Remove code that's no longer needed. (Bug 576649, followup) r=roc a=blocking
14acfa12a7e28bb5654c6433dbb83bc7888d4041L. David Baron — Remove comment that I forgot to remove in the previous patch (which fixed the issue it was pointing out). (Bug 617372) a2.0=tests
43b33e90152fc6b4710a4814b06773981b077460Patrick Walton — Bug 618889 - Web Console doesn't animate away when you click the close button; f=mihai.sucan r=sdwilsh
6d62c9b35eb2293a8a245542f79fe8291e1bd626Mihai Sucan — Bug 598357 - use toSource() instead of toString() for some types of output in the Console; f=rcampbell, a=blocking2.0
25fc0d97436f8c65409f00d219e418545e838c47Masayuki Nakano — Bug 608721 Between CJK full-stop and open parenthesis should be breakable r=roc, a=roc
d386e59d2c7283bcd889a8fafc4f659ae2306b0eMark Banner — Bug 619659 nsPlacesAutoComplete.js depends on nsIPrivateBrowsingService being implemented (Perma Orange for Non-FF apps) - cope with the private browsing service not being there. r=mak a=Unit test bustage fix for non-Firefox apps.
3857de12f888cae028d1cd6d5cf89f6cf063b77eMark Banner — Non-IPC Bustage fix from bug 613977/bug 614677/bug 614950 - add nsAutoPtr.h header to fix compilation bustage. a=Bustage fix
e465d98c56c2472306440a9ec4eba06d9bed1737Patrick McManus — Bug 613977 - Intermittent invalid certificate error prompt (partial) r=honzab a=blocking-beta9
1ae27e2eb95936a8f999dcd11643f4c189a66ea1Robert Longson — Bug 617737 - white space handling incorrect r+a=roc
a6f0fcaf31f9cc360028af8ebe56e33b6c5c6c69Bas Schouten — Bug 613790: Comment update follow-up. a=comment
adf2b8d44da62fc5ed9fe9b6c2cb8793524dd9fbMark Banner — Bustage fix follow-up to places landing, add missing include for non-IPC builds. a=bustage fix
a5413c3c1013cbb90f4b40f5793f49d50d504f5eTimothy Nikkel — Bug 619601. If we are asked to create a similar surface and our underling surface isn't valid just return null. r=jrmuizel,a=joe
179b69a56ad2179f2011cc6aa5c0491f3e0b767cJeff Muizelaar — Bug 619539. Android: Adding some debug logging for gl crashes. r=joe,a=logging
cd62a8afc52e1059521525d9ac5adb40a7659edfShawn Wilsher — Merge Places and mozilla-central
776291003f32152403d132e9316765596fcd96c0Marco Bonardo — Bug 523578 - Disable test_redirectsMode.js on Windows until it will behave better on this platform.
705ec6a77ab095361ba8f1ddb2d64978ca463bf7Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge bug 616001 follow-up. a=blocking-beta9
ef51960b24ddd0b79fec1555e7d84764bac1f8afPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge bug 616001 from fx-sync to places. a=blocking-beta9
ca55136bdf2c3558d4289fbb5028217327d5de0fShawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central to Places
23c8f19e51f1b92ad7c1ccd0e73ab99d110afa6dMarco Bonardo — Bug 618998 - Star UI is checking for about:blank before the real visited page.
0193e46f04a659f21eef5b20dd491834883baba4Shawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central to Places.
b884172a3a0680629c82cdadbfcd96b732e6bd21Marco Bonardo — Backout bug 615991, since it did not bring the expected results.
e88c33f1fc0bc4a88f19b5a9ea8c0d5e4bdecf24Marco Bonardo — Bug 607894 - Tab matches always appear before normal history results.
ca7bfd15abfd47e4d4fdb541ed1a5abe349ffb80Shawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central into Places.
f0110c8264c8d12112628b188be75df9aefa27a9Shawn Wilsher — Bug 617111 - Avoid initializing NSS at all costs (ts regression)
c22fccf2af093e90bc762091f372317b2fabd724Shawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central into Places
0b18344e65cae381c10dce99a4a2d2c6f6c6c4d8Marco Bonardo — Bug 616368 - Force a checkpoint after schema creation or upgrade.
86b924f61b01ad4f135c5bca3d1c15472dac3482Marco Bonardo — Bug 616309 (Part 2) - Use normal synchronous mode with a small WAL. Temp tables revenge!
9d57c1a44480a6367fd3ad70e1fbb1a48574384eMarco Bonardo — Bug 616309 (Part 1) - Use normal synchronous mode with a small WAL. Temp tables revenge!
49ffb30178c6a4212258fe17c84f3f2031cca877Shawn Wilsher — Bug 616295 - Persistent failure of test_history_redirects.js
b44a01549b605cffa8eab154b54a2972ed6c872cShawn Wilsher — Bug 607117 - create GUIDs for all bookmark and history items automatically
790de2a5e9f55225e3c7968eab2cd36a6ab1a6d8Shawn Wilsher — Bug 607117 - create GUIDs for all bookmark and history items automatically
d52263688514eaab1738adc4b63089e1db48f0d1Shawn Wilsher — Bug 607117 - create GUIDs for all bookmark and history items automatically
7bfe544f55de05d3335700512333c944a22c3200Shawn Wilsher — Bug 607112 - make GUID a column in moz_places and moz_bookmarks
fa66a8f0f02acacbeffa8099ed493bd71d756ef4Shawn Wilsher — Bug 607112 - make GUID a column in moz_places and moz_bookmarks
60e4b26536ff2eaf53073e308dfa9bb95e091890Shawn Wilsher — Bug 607112 - make GUID a column in moz_places and moz_bookmarks
325173c0f7e93841598c9c0dc86a4e93b38a4291Shawn Wilsher — Bug 607112 - make GUID a column in moz_places and moz_bookmarks
9dc0c511381f40eed32a441539cf895daf622d51Shawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central to Places.
e6bea6ba08493aef6b733388c0e37af9d1c060acMarco Bonardo — Bug 615991 - GetNewSessionId can lock the first visit addition if some async write runs before it.
080549b4c0f894b99ebe24bfc9614401a22c36bdMarco Bonardo — Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004003 (NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER) [nsIURI.equals]" in PSB_updateState.
06b0d231434814805a6955a7b67b59e0ca4d7fbaMarco Bonardo — Backed out changeset 3ae7ac6aefd1 due to permaorange on central. a=orange
3ae7ac6aefd17cdc98c73c2e24dfecaf0de5c85dIgor Bukanov — Bug 613516 - xpcshell dump doesn't print newlines. r=jorendorff, a=blocking
1893bbaa35620e768f99748081337449c8ae7832Marco Bonardo — Bug 615227 - async create temp tables in autocomplete.
c952bf835f6bc6416323d1a60b7c54635d2146abMarco Bonardo — Bug 614787 - Delay expiration database setup to the first expiration.
c5c6f317e9b71b1f476737555ad4f85c188e6156Marco Bonardo — Bug 614790 - Bookmarks roots init could be locking with the first visit addition.
9d659e8d218d72158a46f2efce04a2cbcdb91f78Shawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central into Places.
c3fb803da905fc510cfa709d90141f6621d81a77Marco Bonardo — Bug 614224 (followup) - further subtests in test_removeVisitsByTimeframe.js should wait for visits addition.
1818e5fee66a69b94a6874e058db868407732957Marco Bonardo — Bug 582703 - Improve concurrency of location bar searches (fix post-review comments).
95cca4f726cb182fc9d00c570bda5d3669dde73cMarco Bonardo — Bug 614560 - History should not try to register "resource:" uris.
871fb4bfcce054164a5f46344b3b7acd08d47709Marco Bonardo — Bug 614439 - Downgrading from a Places branch version leaves user with double triggers.
9d7cc07690d267f79ea52b59fba47be4a0e3ab31Marco Bonardo — Bug 568969 - Nuke nsContentUtils::GetHistory.
6e2293456c81dd5441aa326a685e95d5566a6683Marco Bonardo — Bug 614456 - increase timeout for browser_sanitizeDialog.js
d9d0d771be991f3f522454b9f6f3a17fe5022f58Marco Bonardo — Bug 614224 - Try to use waitForAsyncUpdates in test_removeVisitsByTimeframe.js
0e86c9d9a9946c6a3bdf80c043320550d6a20baeMarco Bonardo — Bug 614222 - Try to use waitForAsyncUpdates in test_frecency.js
952cedf2302e4422a5ff1796ec35faef48bb4505Shawn Wilsher — Bug 607115 - use a much smaller guid format than we currently use for bookmarks
510ee4557bb934de8587396b137d0604a02f508bShawn Wilsher — Bug 607115 - use a much smaller guid format than we currently use for bookmarks
4ff3fc8162d8d59dce3e6a76518a1faa74f6a4daShawn Wilsher — Bug 607115 - use a much smaller guid format than we currently use for bookmarks
6cdfd382478d0ad089d34d727cd753d5baeecb9bMarco Bonardo — Bug 493557 - Entries for "Recent Tags" and "Recently Bookmarked" are flipped on upgrade.
ac0b81efdb004863874b237de25a2c8a5e0a0598Marco Bonardo — Bug 613477 - Make the primary Star UI async.
f118db7595c60b053b78d58cc64d97968cfcd556Shawn Wilsher — Bug 582703 - Improve the concurrency of location bar searches.
202efe694803d3a3b1061d11a8134ecc6bb358d6Marco Bonardo — Fix a broken permission due to a bug in merging execute permission on Windows. a=bustage
6830eab89a7c3036d1ef944001b85cdf9bf4458aMarco Bonardo — Bug 609122 - Limit the size of places.sqlite-wal.
af7e6f7cbf16f7ed07586d6ccc5c3f47d0fd6692Shawn Wilsher — Bug 612455 - History.cpp should finalize statementCache on the background thread
2a7a3641d67d3936cfae912fbcf42f23297bd92fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 612625 - intermittent orange: test_bug607584.xul continues executing after we've left the page, mostly showing up in test_bug171813.html; r=roc a=test-fix
61e07145a35fb18500419cff362130a54e028ab4Shawn Wilsher — Bug 612617 - Assertions due to thread-safety issues on Places branch.
78b90bdb9500ce6bc7187e63ead5ff888ee6b12eShawn Wilsher — Fix orange on linux opt builds by ifdefing around the problem. a=orange :(
aa2c205e34acd8d4dd6ad83b8a4557649ca05241Shawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central into Places
68f6d3af58622fc13bb0bf88ed7a5554ccad05b4Marco Bonardo — Bug 612609 - browser_discovery.js is permaorange on Places branch.
b2a35e7e44bb9a3c0d98665a6c53a4a609acda50Marco Bonardo — Bug 612281 - Remove some unnecessary reads from visits and icons addition.
6617dcb0d48a98ceb139674d2542c6901b09192eMarco Bonardo — bustage fix for bug 599973 a=bustage
a4bd5f0ad56902e0e570af141bca72b46c7b3b78Marco Bonardo — Bug 599973 (Part 2) - Don't use steps for async favicons.
999385f355a3a70f263c21b55be3bc89d678012cMarco Bonardo — Bug 599973 (part 1) - Don't use steps for async favicons.
d65c65ef13a48a3e7b9b1344908d12cf3392dd04Marco Bonardo — Bug 611639 - NS_ProxyRelease does not work for RefPtrs.
20311c05703ebcc43d74a4ee1fe44c68efecfabaMarco Bonardo — Bug 610442 - TRANSITION_EMBED visits should be session persistent
b198eca4d183f70f870e73c9d96f32a82e07b1fbShawn Wilsher — Backed out changeset 6716b289e613.
6716b289e6135d316c272967a80ea8938232621aShawn Wilsher — Disables all link coloring lookups to the db. Wanted to run this on try, but it is not cooperating. There will be orange, but that's OK. This will be backed out shortly.
ecdd25bb9d90f7f2b9b47e183194577354c7a1deShawn Wilsher — Attempt to fix bug 551540 by not waiting for focus. This hangs here locally for me for no good reason (appears to have focus).
c8d8af0fcc3869ad5ee71154b8f5c021ff2b3b7fShawn Wilsher — Fix test failure due to merge. _views are no longer around on the places branch.
e2735288ed68bfd0f33a570bf1dbd6eb44e68ef6Shawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central to Places
4626f19fa27e9f847116eae92a9eeeee000d7b4fShawn Wilsher — Orange fix from bug 599969 Part 6. Make sure we clean up the tabs we add.
c3025efd85427ada3b6e79e7cc07ef0e3718766bShawn Wilsher — Follow-up to address review comment for bug 599969 part 6
025fdaee74b6c244078740827f086a8475385e4cShawn Wilsher — Bug 599969 - Do not use steps for async visit adding
797ce3f26f043d30c12a97487f2ee2cb699d76adShawn Wilsher — Bug 599969 - Do not use steps for async visit adding
47cdf340a18236cf9fd1b5083f7c66c92fbcaab9Shawn Wilsher — Bug 599969 - Do not use steps for async visit adding
3b477671678ac5e2869ae5d36526a9f38b0aa2ceShawn Wilsher — Bug 599969 - Do not use steps for async visit adding
7d3efce2d46d8f8be71d6120c4fead3b6bb349e4Shawn Wilsher — Bug 599969 - Add a statement cache helper object that is exported by storage.
f9a3c390c537b81276b6bbcf08124b4348d289ccShawn Wilsher — Bug 599969 - Do not use steps for async visit adding.
b926caf698b23d612f57bc3a2fc922d067acd04bShawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central to places
b3e9f47ca21fcec72bd825cb9e86035b47b5f2c3Shawn Wilsher — Merging mozilla-central to Places.
165b1dfdd63911d1e34946ccd75d86427b846aafShawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central to Places.
b836e83fe06134853c6120c9380bde0fd696ba15Marco Bonardo — Bug 606460 - Queries enhancements after temp tables removal.
45655fe19c7fe27e3332ce904527bc5f5ee7bcc3Marco Bonardo — Use a batch in head_queries.js and dump table in case of failures (test_redirectsMode.js failure).
debf742b72653a995a3c53f2332135cafd9ab024Geoff Lankow — Bug 603002 - History folders labelled with wrong month names.
630a7a75107929f34d8264c1c001544c73f3dcb4Marco Bonardo — Bug 595139 - Use global VACUUM in Places.
fd7058ddd38b1d432e738b5742df496ddfbefc78Marco Bonardo — Bug 605464 - Reduce work at bookmarks service startup.
68616dfb2bc9dc9a77f4f0e8cef551539e2f4958Marco Bonardo — Bug 605463 - Lazily initialize history statements.
5c484855cda4df872422c7f8fa57e40903268e80Marco Bonardo — Bug 595530 - Searching Places is slower after SQLite 3.7.x upgrade. Remove LENGTH check.
ccef12b1fe7eec108b2c0d744e84a5f460969136Shawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central into places.
05ec200ea14bc797bc787dfa61aaa193274971b0Shawn Wilsher — Test failure fix. No bug, but change talked over with mak on irc.
c25ad89fe707bb1cb00888b7952ee3c869ab2347Shawn Wilsher — Merging places and mozilla-central.
40e57eeb5fb014d9be2ec9230d247b1e2ec6d127Shawn Wilsher — Bug 598306 - Upgrade to SQLite 3.7.3
588eb6345711f51b195d824c149d6eefc54fca8eShawn Wilsher — Bug 598306 - Upgrade to SQLite 3.7.3
70d77529b523f39d1bfaef086976d4d2e39fdc7eShawn Wilsher — Bug 598306 - Upgrade to SQLite 3.7.3
ac2c429e6273c6f7a915670cd5fba9f1ce974650Shawn Wilsher — Bug 599978 - Part 3: Asynchronous isVisited checks should use a read-only cloned connection
8e82641697dc2c841a0c7c9fa8f66ceaf9e9f338Shawn Wilsher — Bug 599978 - Part 2: Asynchronous isVisited checks should use a read-only cloned connection
dcd52d7004f0d9137fcf9e2e637e249ece34ace8Shawn Wilsher — Bug 599978 - Part 1: Asynchronous isVisited checks should use a read-only cloned connection
9299905b7242c387cd7e8a0c5740afde01098392Marco Bonardo — Bug 556631 (part 3) - Cleanup AsyncStatementCallback inheritance. r=sdwilsh a=blocking
76861281f7a96bde90ee8237bf6eb09fe8382270Marco Bonardo — Bug 556631 (part 2) - Make frecency updates async. r=sdwilsh a=blocking
45fbd37ec7fe506c774ae51a0b320b2b80b793feMarco Bonardo — Bug 556631 (part 1) - Refactor frecency calculation code. r=sdwilsh a=blocking
1114c0304d82890b528fd69b40c783ab8de132a1Shawn Wilsher — Bug 599970 - Add GetInterface for nsIEventTarget on Connection
676388cb7893ec013b5312873f97c2abd6f76dafMarco Bonardo — Bug 552023 - Kill Places partitioned temp tables.
31c960a57b46dfc85997337b023d5373b793f9b1Marco Bonardo — Bug 573492 - Use WAL journaling for places.sqlite.
e435c98128557fa4743fe1afe87a2c73bed33adaBas Schouten — Bug 613790: Use GDI compatible flag for our swap chains. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-final
14303443b88cef5a225daef830f4990090b65357Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge fx-sync for bug 616001 follow-up. a=blocking-beta9
59fc12df9438bcd36de621baf2477906325a8babPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 616001 follow-up: Async statements are compiled asynchronously and fail on first execution, not creation. r=sdwilsh
ae9c0d48c4d4042858d6a79c900279c0c3626d2cRichard Newman — Bug 619169: never clear logs, even on resetService. r=philiKON
9254211b7633a67ccbe9c0a834c4cfe45769b48bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Remerge bug 616001 from fx-sync. a=blocking-beta9
9aa42cdd6ab4d70f5d76c163c3ed621d77aa53b0Dave Townsend — Backing out changeset 0c45b1fc2f7c from bug 601143 due to test failures on debug builds. a=backout
a2b4d0911bb01aea2b25d19ee372b6f38972b7bbJim Mathies — Bug 605338 - Disable Windows 7 tab previews for Fx 4.0 release. r=bsmedberg, a=betaN.
9ea3e2d8b20227b7a20b0bb7a383e12c91e96babPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge backout. a=bustage
aca69015dc0d595254c59927698a299270d28e4aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Backed out changeset 193be5701a2c due to bustage
0daedff288b7b75afab18a375e6e9e0af6c8ff48Alex Pakhotin — Bug 608624 - Clearing update notification launches fennec r=blassey a=dougt
ec119059ab455f738b9fd09f90c249ceedc48c15Francesco Lodolo — Bug 612584 - Sync-Key file doesn't include text encoding. r=philikon a=mconnor
e39c673699fa82cc2c57f3b25d00376940349547Paul O'Shannessy — Bug 595725 - Sync UI: popup is null. r=philikon a=blocking-beta9
0c04087b095d3fe0a747c30885774de12e94b728Robert Strong — Bug 617513 - Duplicate declaration of doc in updates.xml. r=dtownsend, a=approval2.0
0c45b1fc2f7c8b48d1c6c8d743b495a426355f25Dave Townsend — Bug 601143: Add loading and error states to the get add-ons view. r=Unfocused, a=blocks-betaN
faf2e261308f6f7f33772430a36420e81ae4bcbbDave Townsend — Bug 617325: With 'Get Add-ons' category selected, toolbars are visible when opening the add-ons manager. r=gavin, a=blocks-final
193be5701a2ca196cb4339d1440de1308705a6f2Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge bug 616001 from fx-sync to places. a=blocking-beta9
cddcf1e3cb80cca34e825b944b7589545975a45fPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 616001 - Sync needs to check moz_places.guid and moz_bookmarks.guid if it exists.
63f426d891b7ae1260c14f9e4226696e64545301Shawn Wilsher — Bug 616001 - Sync needs to check moz_places.guid and moz_bookmarks.guid if it exists. r=philikon
a737306fde369a224f52d8b4935bed2fc810a1a0Shawn Wilsher — Bug 616001 - Sync needs to check moz_places.guid and moz_bookmarks.guid if it exists. r=philikon
19427aebdace2d7233ff9546894e040e0367fcd1Alexander Surkov — Bug 617273 - make editable text tests async, r=marcoz, fer, a=test
469dc5e3d5b4044f0f07efc1277cc996023658ffAlexander Surkov — Bug 616940 - removed select option accessibles aren't removed until hide event is fired, r=fer, a=davidb
b4213fc83849a950918dab75f19f43baf8fef938Alexander Surkov — Bug 616186 - fail the event tests if dupe event is fired, r=fer, a=test
0e45f2a9fccaad2cf9eaabf92575ba0fea021e9dBen Turner — Bug 618616 - 'IndexedDB: Make IDBObjectStore.get() accept a key range'. r=sicking, a=blocking.
a1f2e2bb9a7a0a94236d8dc345232197bddb672cBen Turner — Bug 618140 - 'IndexedDB: Don't fire success event callbacks once a transaction has been aborted'. r=sicking, a=blocking.
6e7a39f7acb44c5a6c1fe70e11a8ad4fa8feb8fdBen Turner — Bug 618717 - 'IndexedDB: Fix error codes to match spec changes'. r=sicking, a=blocking.
6fc66fc1193c325dcda5b83c73f548cf62f93624Ben Turner — Bug 618135 - 'IndexedDB: Implement update() on index cursors (not on index key cursors)'. r-sicking, a=blocking.
398f4a06a6750837860d43c5c39d915656684b21Ben Turner — Bug 618139 - 'IndexedDB: Make delete() and get() not return an error event when the key does not exist'. r=sicking, a=blocking.
5d1671710f9e40ac74e24d3c4a107b67687dbb58Ben Turner — Bug 618143 - 'IndexedDB: Don't accept null as a valid key'. r=sicking, a=blocking.
9190301dbd6160b23dc5565b0a2606d7e3da4985Ben Turner — Bug 618606 - 'IndexedDB: keyPath parameter for createObjectStore should be optional'. r=sicking, a=blocking.
5ce86536adbbf2bec4f42f6eb8a4788e198c21b1Ben Turner — Bug 618134 - 'IndexedDB: Rename cursor types to comply with spec changes'. r=sicking, a=blocking.
39811128613a826bffd16a8339ac54794fdb4c30Ben Turner — Bug 613372 - 'IndexedDB: Success event for setVersion request has wrong result'. r=sicking, a=blocking.
b01a871ee77a07bbedd4683fc060798db91eda55Ben Turner — Bug 618196 - 'IndexedDB: Error events and exceptions thrown during success events should abort transactions'. r=sicking, a=blocking.
a9928aa3aa6812efe76a5b2e93bf3dc4fab39842Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 600982 - Clear DOM storage entries for a domain when using the Forget about this site feature; r=honza a=blocking-final+
cf153d8167458ffa12eef3259094be6936d942b6Michael Wu — Bug 611764 - Move key handling to GeckoSurfaceView and handling onKeyPreIme, r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
9d578b3cff8395c417ddd1f62047c81a6d80b972Alex Pakhotin — Bug 613080 - External URL handler service. r=bz a=blocking-fennec
6246b6c7fff6ea667181ae7cc79981f0631418caBrad Lassey — bug 618343 - Form default buttons don't work in landscape mode r=mwu a=blocking-fennec
965edccda61cb9e53bb7b6bb942e49a61569fd36Bas Schouten — Bug 615316 - Part 3: Support any container in ImageLayerD3D10. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-betan
97bbced8ab7148239a1b20aeea9e99e43db0502aBas Schouten — Bug 615316 - Part 2: Support GetAsSurface for CairoImageD3D10. r=jrmuizel
e6ee4b05d44af68c9b8500f6364a033722d68aedBas Schouten — Bug 615316 - Part 1: Factor out SurfaceToTexture conversion for D3D10 Image Layers. r=jrmuizel
74bd849a56d633fbb4afdf93468ae33268ef878fMatt Woodrow — Bug 614651: Intersect clip rects properly in D3D9 layers. r=bas a=blocking-final
76f51caf3a169b9d8a4cb60eddce09dae1fd6cdeRobert Sayre — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central. a=blockers
c86a79eb18b95217369d7dc02e0ce3c79a6fdb68Nicholas Nethercote — Backed out changeset 2892db39b022 due to orange.
2892db39b022dedc277dcc9970be66182a120742Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 618572 - Assertion failure: *userbuf.ptr == c, at ../jsscan.cpp:349. r=brendan.
91092f078223c4164457bc9b102aae95b7ec238fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 618577 - TM: "Assertion failure: 0,". r=vlad.
abd854c5d634568a4abeeb4b25e33e5683098607David Anderson — Fix iterator cache hits and deleted property suppression (bug 618614, r=gal).
49f5c26fea36bffeab0a9829e860aa4aa8ca25a5Brendan Eich — Fix //@line from stdin and (more important) add @line testcase (618652, r=njn).
5177ee4c10d6416584db639aedb27bb878e85646Igor Bukanov — Bug 600889 - TraceMonitor::sweep() should abort recording if it trashes the recorder tree. r=gal
5bdb546c4b17aabcb8bd4c55e4e87d8063654fa4David Anderson — Move tests out of trace-tests into jit-tests.
364ca8970499d97fdd2d596e7e7dc0f4001bbcfdDavid Anderson — Don't build cross-eval upvars for heavyweight functions (bug 616762, r=brendan).
5014a17f1b258ca010e94fdd77ab194565d16faaJim Blandy — Bug 618217: Neaten up specialization of js::Anchor for struct-like jsval on non-GNU compilers. r=bzbarsky
20ffa99ddd80de0b4ec580d19b6a3552443aa4d2Bill McCloskey — Bug 610580 - Fix TMFLAGS=abort (r=bz)
9aa8c290f633b955570e56b6e847b7cdad30e853Luke Wagner — Bug 614653 - avoid O(n^2) rope node marking (r=gwagner)
b245e27dde594fc9418c0534f7978ec7444bf1e4Jason Orendorff — Disable new test in the browser to fix orange.
2062f14d20810b3caf4c464700cf539e70a31816Jason Orendorff — Assertion failure: isNative() with XML and __proto__. Bug 618576, r=igor.
b013a27e6275eed80d286d9d7ab9bdc00d700f87Brian Hackett — Fix bug 616711. r=gal
4ed3025c0be2cfcd9c21314ee4258099cbf5574bGinn Chen — Bug 618777 Fix cpuid for x64 on Solaris r=sstangl
5bab73449e39637544d9459cc140ebd85e6aaed5Nicholas Nethercote — Backed out changeset 0343557b0c7a due to orange.
0343557b0c7ac5580b9fdaea0d02f0c60faf3f33Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 610070 - Large amount of heap allocation from js::PropertyTable::init. r=brendan.
421dafd0878e5ed3d5a92ac1d565261cd458be2bBrian Hackett — Fix bogus assert when using SETMETHOD on a property with a setter, bug 559912. r=brendan
e5090c9f6be394214f2efbfa87496084c391a51dPaul Biggar — Bug 609502 - Fix edge cases in charCodeAt and Math.abs (r=nnethercote,gal, a=blocker)
aae231781a45859dd573778419333c3393c0e046Paul Biggar — Bug 612292 - Rename array allocation functions (r=lw)
25890ea5fc7d4846c6439f271e2ea17c8af99008Paul Biggar — Bug 612312 - Replace DEBUG_ARRAYS with plain DEBUG (r=cdleary)
54b2d6f9948cfb68240396ac3914db15f2ff0407Andreas Gal — Deleted numeric properties are not supressed in for-in (bug 617593, r=jwalden).
f2938738a9b14f876dcf8db8990c72c633bb9524Andreas Gal — Check for infinite recursion when running proxy handlers (bug 571168, r=jorendorff).
a546d76bea6b874b329b8daf9360690f112ecc32Igor Bukanov — bug 618262 - Removal of JS_NewString. r=brendan
64e001d84e7ac2b60b38100f39bcaeb324211a43Jeff Walden — Bug 616294 - Adjust terminology concerning tree contexts from 'top level' to 'body level'. The meaning was at the top level of a Program *or* at top level of a FunctionBody, but this meaning arguably conflicted with the expected one, so we have renamed it to something roughly as clear without potential for misunderstanding. r=brendan
e1ef77fd860547d59834fe53b21411e674ab2324Jeff Walden — Bug 616294 - |delete x| inside a function in eval code, where that eval code includes |var x| at top level, actually does delete the binding for x. r=brendan
1002cba2f2d6e7e8518546dfbc868468758ac9e0Brendan Eich — Implement method thrash counting, at limit unbrand and stick count to limit; also, brand and unbrand return false on shape overflow, so call them that way instead of as if infallible (597864, r=dvander).
fb3b0fd656bf7b9b33aec7405515781bf3b2e878Brendan Eich — Fix MakeUpvarForEval vs. normal upvar bookkeeping (615657, r=dmandelin).
7a224fae3c5583a6435cd94b34ad80e4345c64e8Jason Orendorff — Bug 601676 - Configure should reject python3.
84ed80472937deecba8d94b904aabbb1145d1ab6Nicholas Nethercote — merge
56df247f792af0e5c4711228de0e017283739c59Nicholas Nethercote — Backed out changeset 49f6b73ae373
4aeb551dd44d50d172c875af72c01cfed309ca5fVladimir Vukicevic — Bug 601070: fix assert in typed array set, r=jorendorff
2b92dda5e819b1b1fcd8c4c946f2213604ee219eJeff Walden — Convert JSScript::*Offset into offsets from the end of JSScript, not from its start, to escape an offset <= 0xFF requirement failing due to an impending increase in the size of JSScripts for bug 614493. r=brendan
be1532afeb632c6ad389072969627df92f4da8efJeff Walden — Bug 614333 - Remove the empty-script singleton optimization: it is effectively disabled with the methodjit, and its use of a single const JSScript for everything (including across compartments) interferes with recording name bindings in scripts, in order to correctly implement strict mode eval. r=brendan
3fe1860a15b35fc08e732ae8dc8a17d22b736015Jeff Walden — Bug 601262 - A string literal containing an octal escape before a strict mode directive should be a syntax error. (Yes, this requirement is ugly, but it's what ES5 says.) r=brendan
89a4b9b69ae5934a43dc34cfc9db49f5a6140b5eJeff Walden — Add JSTreeContext::asCodeGenerator that performs the relevant cast, asserting while doing so. r=jimb over IRC
9a9e6e0179295f5f47398e1607d2ea408c9ce976Ben Turner — Bug 612642 - 'JS base64 code needs to be updated for removal of JS_GetStringBytesZ'. r=jorendorff.
d416528b57827abb0be99fdf220229eefb51af30Jim Blandy — Bug 599159: Revert changes making Array length handling strict-sensitive, to be redone differently. r=brendan
8755d308796dc5ab5859fa4780131cfc3fd826abJosh Matthews — Bug 618393 - Add StartupTime annotation to content crash reports. r=ted a2.0=dougt
bfb4016470c0c24dac03707e5f71c905f5d631eaMatt Brubeck — bug 617074 - Fix for building with Android 2.3 SDK (android-9 platform) r=mwu,khuey a2.0=dougt
42b6d032e3122b8337ad16ca086fdff3c350e9f4Michael Wu — bug 601139 - soft keyboard does not pop-up when tapping on search field a second time while in the same form assistant session r=cjones a=blocking-fennec
e65c1b9d95fbcf63254f57d7fa57332f5168ae71Josh Matthews — Bug 615745 - Make CookieServiceChild add strong pref observers. r=dwitte a=blocking-fennec
5a4959ebd32631c7a73a7553e7c54cba42704092Jonas Sicking — Bug 614583: Bail earlier when attempting to SetAttr when we don't have room for more attributes to avoid caching flags and attributes to get out of sync. r=jst a=blocker
e9b1ad4ad23bc936303e6674b7e2e87a1035891fDão Gottwald — Bug 554279 - Defer toolbar initialization to get XUL overlays for the toolbar palette loaded. r=enn a=b
08c0399c5ff32859facd5402f1ff2f52da88f73aDão Gottwald — Bug 598920 - Remove button styling for buttons added to Addon Bar. r=dietrich
efc2bc1058dff5cdfd9f664aaf0ee59e71f17e81Asaf Romano — Bug 617071 - SQLiteMutex.h breaks debug builds with system sqlite. r+a=sdwilsh.
6fe13b97627f9da51ab0f77ce44e3c1af749e9e4Asaf Romano — Bug 582833 - Add-on manager updates add-ons whose location is not managed by Firefox. r=Mossap. a=blocker.
afd3b6431ccf62e9251104890b0d1da2d0cfd860Asaf Romano — Bug 582833 - Add-on manager updates add-ons whose location is not managed by Firefox. r=Mossap. a=blocker.
6ee595cd73323e508255eace564e8ed5b23c21e9Asaf Romano — Bug 617071 - SQLiteMutex.h breaks debug builds with system sqlite. r+a=sdwilsh
baee733bafd8fd953366a5043f5c6d9a4d3c1686Honza Bambas — Bug 607418 - Intermittent failure in dom/tests/mochitest/localstorage/test_localStorageOriginsSchemaDiffs.html (proper observer remove update 2), r=jst, a=test-only
ef1ff8570ee9660f6fdcb1e43f3cd5883c1d5c52Honza Bambas — Bug 541396 - Intermittent failure in test_fallback.html | Fallback page displayed for top level document, r=jst, a=test-only-change
182c7b6acb309d9ff0661411462111edebcd7d38Oleg Romashin — Bug 616469 - Video sync is slow because of slow yuv2rgb conversion. use 16bpp neon r=roc a=blocking-fennec
aca204f42affc03c0a300253c5df200062ee7e8bOleg Romashin — Bug 616469 - Video sync is slow because of slow yuv2rgb conversion. Offscreen API r=roc a=b-f
513cc1daf58f5bc303e89b8964f59184c681f305Oleg Romashin — Bug 616469 - Video sync is slow because of slow yuv2rgb conversion. README and patch r=doublec a=blocking-fennec
fae6da8a664c6d4c73df880c8e1af5aa1dec6993Oleg Romashin — Bug 616469 - Video sync is slow because of slow yuv2rgb conversion. GetOffscreenFormat r=roc a=b-f
06802b3064902aae1264f64e991468af547e981aOleg Romashin — Bug 616469 - Video sync is slow because of slow yuv2rgb conversion. ycbcr r=chris.double a=blocking-fennec
398c0e73be649e1310b9164f1a75aa43a4dca739Doug Turner — Bug 619096 - nsMemoryReporterManager should be threadsafe. r=vlad a=mfinkle
e952221c325176496f920ceb1004424a79237cd6Robert Sayre — Properly check attribute URLs -- Bug 562547, r=jst, a=blocking2.0
075f5eb9a70b21cf5fc1d2ecfeff26c7dc97588bJim Mathies — Bug 613781 - Make NS_MOUSE_EXIT events more reliable on windows. r=robarnold, a=final.
d0234003e04273dc910817cbc82f8592ca7027b5Justin Lebar — Bug 593174 - Set the referrer properly. It should be the principal's URI, optionally modified if a pushState or replaceState occurred. r=bz, a=blocking
68529f865a6e6cebb480b1e6f312adb7d78c0d2fTed Mielczarek — bug 589955 - Submit empty crash reports on Windows. r=mento, a=blocking2.0
4aa24a68d717c97ae121d2df43a12a619cabeaa9David Bolter — Bug 618779 - crash [@ nsRootAccessible::FireAccessibleFocusEvent]. r=fherrera a=blocking2.0-beta9
90b17476216d93b40b0b3e6c96d827ee36a134d7Jonathan Kew — bug 619272 - fix intermittent failure on css-import/290018-1.html by giving the text some padding. r=roc a=test-only patch hoping to fix orange on the CLOSED TREE
102d1da47dfaa593929700423bcbddcb5ecc31b9ffxbld — Added tag FENNEC_4_0b3_RELEASE for changeset abe884259481. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH
ae10df5479d61a8b91901fdaf09179f0fa55b8b8ffxbld — Added tag FENNEC_4_0b3_BUILD1 for changeset abe884259481. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH
f11f7ed625ba5f0ff8e20e4367c89d135d924428Rail Aliev — bug 615555: tracking bug for build and release of firefox 4.0b8 - bump m-c version number. r=bhearsum. CLOSED TREE
b7ad5a6a749a5016620013da32bf91e70b31978dffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b8_BUILD1 for changeset d78f9cb65e91. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH
2784b1474e3bce70026fdbcb846f8659a6772efeffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b8_RELEASE for changeset d78f9cb65e91. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH
d78f9cb65e919a47fa23c597f724387f87561fc1ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump remove "pre" from version number for firefox 4.0b8 release. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH FIREFOX_4_0b8_BUILD1 FIREFOX_4_0b8_RELEASE
abe8842594814d9758eef43c67a4004378920556David Anderson — Don't build cross-eval upvars for heavyweight functions (bug 616762, r=brendan, a=CLOSED TREE). FENNEC_4_0b3_BUILD1
a272338eb57a623106e8032905009813d91e8e28Gavin Sharp — Forgotten change from bug 613714 (99cdd78edfe4) to fix prompts style on Windows for b8, a=CLOSED TREE
da25c74c9166b9f6c58aedf66db30c61c5f9e067Nick Thomas — Bug 599475/561350, disable test_punycodeURIs.js again, a=blocking-beta8 CLOSED TREE
20c11e13d9293046802523429c94f5a9c7fd2fdcNick Thomas — Bug 599475, re-enable crash reporter and punycode tests, r=ted.mielczarek, a=blocking-beta8 CLOSED TREE
66036625795f9052b761d9f7f2b1ce1fe69c521bJonathan Kew — bug 618592 - fix harfbuzz hang on lookup with empty rule. r=behdad a=blocking-beta8 for landing on a CLOSED TREE
43a54dd56ccd5ef4dad36a69f8f8b7e6465edd46Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge bug 618411. a=blocking-beta8 CLOSED TREE
82fb58046a619664d660045c0ce5d239943499a9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 618411 - Accept non-alphabetical character in the sync key entry. r=mconnor
cd5a2a31cb8e2ed8acbadc5959f4adcd44268eaeDão Gottwald — Bug 618942 - window closes when picking a location bar result with alt+enter in a window with only one blank tab. r+a=gavin
eb817c187faf7c0123541736f454d0be0014b4c9Dão Gottwald — Bug 618250 - Broken instanceof check in test_bug435425.html. r=sicking
e7d4ff8c03ade467a887d836b23d0858374c7449Jeff Hammel — Bug 614366 - forgot license header for r=ted a=DONTBUILD
af7da6fedc6e9d81b66da313c7138d15bbc1a987Phil Ringnalda — Bug 618759 - Stop putting bloaturls.txt and bloatcycle.html in dist/bin/res/ where nothing wants them, r+a=ted
4dbbc3061278f1b877e26123148190e1599e0dceBrian Birtles — Bug 615002 - SVG SMIL: Ignore previous milestones if we've been reset; r=dholbert; a=roc
8ea5456c4349bbabdacd21e780167c9aabb38019Michael Wu — Backing out bug 615870 34bd12eb4a9c for causing bug 618916, a=stuart
1b297eb0a27dfaa012ceb7cd6af8d24d98826db9Michael Wu — Backed out changeset 34bd12eb4a9c for causing bug 618916, a=stuart
7cd5faf6f58c0c7891c9214369d97c70f25feb1fPaul O'Shannessy — Bug 597788 - Pressing the 'Sync Now' button in the new firefox menu/button breaks the firefox menu/button. r=dolske, a=blocking
99cdd78edfe432bae8b38ebaf99b124722c14437Justin Dolske — Bug 613714 - Switch tab modal prompts from blur to slight dim. r=dao, a=blocking
5d9e1a56d9222405cd740510772e2700d58bba0dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 611798 followup - correct a bug number in the crashtest annotation; a=DONTBUILD
bfe54ff2b5a69216f9866aec5d18b410d15dcc34Jonas Sicking — bustage fix a=red
783e6a4850dd6b05f773e19253803c27957b8335Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 614832. Android: renew surface after it's been destroyed. r=vlad,a=blocking
4b233c7bff2c901ee97dd8b15021e3671722efa1Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 614832. Refactor EGL surface creation. r=vlad,a=blocking
ba7df9d110f009885f57806e8c2594c2c54b2190Jonas Sicking — Bug 603667: Fix nsIDOMFileError constant values. r=jst a=blocker
7127fb5bc91874a2d9b1e75a6d36eb00ea54e2e8Jonas Sicking — Bug 602115: Fix XSLT error handling bugs. r=peterv a=blocker
87b5643a26894a47096bcf547a3ca98c732dd8e4Vladimir Vukicevic — b=615994; fix WebGL context DOM ClassInfo to avoid assertion; r=bz, a=b
cef32fff6f24f3f0e47a21b7698039dbc7d8f23aAlexander Surkov — Bug 422744 - process a11y events caused by DOM events by target document, r=fer, a=blocking2.0Final+
2b3626056e132c6bb9019836c41050b1e83c9e40Karl Tomlinson — b=618406 avoid crashy versions of FT_Face_GetCharVariantIndex r=jfkthame a=blocking
302ec4161442fd0ce025bd00525b8350dd2a24c7Karl Tomlinson — test for bug 427672, unsupported variation selector
bac79600ed97c28457f62f07d738ac3848546189Karl Tomlinson — b=617869 separate first-letter font-size test from Hangul Jamo test
4a05b01c58140e0187140e24f7a6e3b3caf6318btimeless — Bug 618118 - Crash when uninstalling an add-on with bad bootstrap.js [@ JSCompartment::wrap ]. r=jst a=b
269c205a438bf279d6019e7311eec818e8308590Zhang Le — Bug 482759 - xulrunner mips n32 ABI patch. r=timeless
c141a4b27049138f545202c0c5d83d23daa159eaDão Gottwald — Bug 618008 - Separator spree in the Web Developer menu. ui-r=faaborg r=gavin
210237f7d62607a0122d5e5fe6dc4ac14981aecbRaymond Lee — Bug 615954 - Intermittent Failure in tabview/browser_tabview_bug597248.js [r=ian, a=orange]
8fba5ba589117d7b2dacfec4f5accb213b4f0cadPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 618704 - "Add a device" string is hard-coded in Firefox preferences, Sync panel. r+a=gavin
cef75243703a1e3fbbac952c8430e93347515f0bJesse Ruderman — Bug 590395 - add crashtest (a=NPOTB)
b7ff0f97b0c0010b0bace609f8fa4bedda34c16fJesse Ruderman — Bug 603858 - add crashtest
2811db318e7fe439c918c9769b8d0b97520fc376Jesse Ruderman — Bug 595039 - add crashtest
ed91b927fb9747eca0ccb4d59c4b90554ac23831Jesse Ruderman — Bug 594654 - add crashtest
cab727e8ba5a396a1c6ee6563ee1c32bdce7ae0cJesse Ruderman — Bug 576612 - add crashtest
67ef3ba4b7dbe36bb5f8d01e7edceeddf41a43c6Jesse Ruderman — Bug 571975 - add crashtest
a71109e9c6a2997a69ab5e503ad7a4c3d5c8bc43Jesse Ruderman — Bug 553504 - add crashtest
681ff036121db4bc5d1038d28a413beda1188d33Jesse Ruderman — Bug 545571 - add crashtest
10d2f936df682acdbbfa18b9b341e1f42d211feeJesse Ruderman — Bug 534368 - add crashtest
0e0712ca9f7da2354ca814048e9ea1586a719c7dJesse Ruderman — Bug 533380 - add crashtest
d3cd88470ed507ab0de1b025f1f1e59ca610dfa4Jesse Ruderman — Bug 515726 - add crashtest
d90adf71f70a365fc37ec8de5b24d51fe52ceaf6Jesse Ruderman — Bug 514098 - add crashtest
49e38eb36a276a8b73cce2f75ff08002a833ccd4Jesse Ruderman — Bug 509536 - add crashtest
7b73a7b265775a7372e3f1fc490f7e3e24bead3aJesse Ruderman — Bug 499858 - add crashtest
ec9059ef87829f6a2474976ed4f03764df84b6aeJesse Ruderman — Bug 479360 - add crashtest
06be87da619263dfb434a2684d04a4d9435824f1Jesse Ruderman — Bug 475302 - add crashtest
6df63f103ec8cc67c581ece995ac0d8d08a32ac8Jesse Ruderman — Bug 475132 - add crashtest
555646508bf42039df1786b88a81bc1c0db7bfafJesse Ruderman — Bug 445171 - add crashtest
07223a88d00ff24d3c347f79788af69c11dffceeJesse Ruderman — Bug 411882 - add crashtest
6c2b673859d6f722dbc1847c7db858bb150412f6Jesse Ruderman — Bug 407079 - add crashtest
90f6cd0ff3e7e6fae2a7d44c463882033375db36Margaret Leibovic — Bug 607252 - Doorhanger arrow is within content area, so easy to simulate by a webpage. r=enndeakin, ui-r=faaborg, a=blocking-final
d3ca4963f4b221a8f895fea2e95fd609e0ee515bMargaret Leibovic — Bug 603409 - Allow add-ons to opt out of metadata collection. r=dtownsend, a=blocking-final
bdfc000c60fe8341c5ff555869a99672824d18dcOleg Romashin — Bug 616700 - Transparent plugins rendering not clearing surface correctly. r=roc a=npodb
34bd12eb4a9c5e8bed57def73080f4b51d54dd00Oleg Romashin — Bug 615870 - Remote HTML5 video rendering pipeline should be shorter r=roc a=b-f
25d77f95d92ceddf98d22a08edae2599a16c5b37Bas Schouten — Bug 612042: Set extend mode properly for integer translations. r=joedrew a=blocking-betan
d0acc22d830e6ba363cf7745fc849aa6dc4c4587Bas Schouten — Bug 612042: Add HasOnlyIntegerTranslation function. r=joedrew
711d073c23387d772d6b627a04a990e0789b1bc4Alexander Surkov — Bug 615189 - clean up FireAccessibleFocusEvent, r=fer, a=davidb
32ebdd4db3b6451130b171beacdc1e7c7f22f18cBenoit Jacob — Bug 618525 - ANGLE leaks locale objects (ANGLE bug 93) - r+a=vlad
e3a920cbbce922a313f7d4314e53ecc5108a7517Benoit Jacob — Bug 597946 - ANGLE compiler freezes on shader with bad #ifdef (ANGLE bug 40) - r=vlad, a=blocking-betaN
9c17d46ee458b5e65f08019f6ce1442574a9d29bDoug Turner — Bug 618537 - Android - broadcast memory-pressure from onStop. r=mwu a=blocking-fennec
716d8622b175de62846e4bd93b302529e57faba6Doug Turner — Bug 618535 - Add new ACTIVITY_SHUTDOWN event on android r=mwu. a=blocking-fennec
888d644578361acfc04c7c7e9f3a21ec3c19c6baDoug Turner — Bug 618533 - forward oom notifications to child content process. r=jdm a=blocking-fennec
fb5a4e4ce9994158af3c600ce86a8afe519ba719Phil Ringnalda — Bug 586869 - Remove abandoned and unbuildable extensions/jssh, r+a=ted
3ca5d6674febda08b2c3af9bdf639689e56f4e8dtimeless — Bug 489961 - enable modutil to verify chk files for freebl3.dll, softokn3.dll, and nssdmb3.dll, r=ted, a=bsmedberg
83009a30f98f3f1d2b93e69076df48116ee7ffa3timeless — Bug 602517 - missing null check of xmodmap in [@ nsWindow::OnKeyPressEvent]. r+a=dougt
dc366807e083e1c8532d9df4c262c7362870a8c4Dão Gottwald — Bug 618277 - Make add-on bar spring removable. r=dietrich
7527bd2dff2a07cc4685512792ab38a33999d990Dietrich Ayala — Bug 604093 - references to undefined variable "XULWindowBrowser" and calls to undefined function setStatusText in browser.js (r=gavin, a=blocker)
caeca9c6dea623a7ecc129068f65205352b2f20fDão Gottwald — Bug 616146 - Remove stray strings after bug 599480. r+a=gavin
61361e67bfc41a2ca5b0b5f9667f1736fa28fb36Daniel Glazman — Bug 617570 - editable menulist doshould accept the placeholder attribute. r=neil a=gavin
e42d81b3e0ccc79066cd3514446ae4f881b4bff2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 611798 - Do not pretent that we need the presshell to exist in order to turn off update view batching when the editor operations finish, because we don't; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-final+
7aedd1d023d0ba4eb9b3483f6742bd11691a1e2dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge bug 618389 from fx-sync. a=blocking-beta8
9cf74b4d9f21ce36182e72a3bd9f73c2fcd872ccRichard Newman — Bug 618389: additional precision in key clearing. r=philiKON
4d2fe5209930e4ad2515b284dc2fbb7b7ee0a227Richard Newman — Bug 618389: fix for broken key clearing. r=philiKON
ebdb460678416494d04679491e1041fa8ac673a5Richard Newman — No bug: fix engine registering in test. r=philiKON
3608943f3475b2a39220ff1f637ed2d02f138013Richard Newman — Bug 618389: reset and clear keys on changePassphrase. r=mconnor
d0a4697b4b6a587ca6cb22dac54d5576d2d65b34Philipp von Weitershausen — Backed out changeset d4cfad073452. a=orange
d4cfad073452d87d7952cee29920cc7e9938c123Justin Dolske — Bug 618515 - Add moar tests for nsPrompter. r=chiasdwilsh, a=tests
0020a1042b3f2fa830bb03ec883320f3d7b30814Bobby Johnson — Bug 600551 - Password manager not working with input type=email. r=dolske, a=blocking
5113288ca83e4af4b1ca36a2afc67cc4c9db22e3Drew Willcoxon — Bug 596485 - Provide visual indication of Switch to Tab override. r=gavin, a=blocking-betaN
1bad85a23cc55f00d438e55d0e01e48083358befDrew Willcoxon — Bug 590511 - Removing Jetpacks under the Recent Updates pane doesn't work. r=mossop, a=blocking-betaN
ac7e7c4ccc75843dcddf0c212c101f595dd54cc3Michael Wu — Bug 616577 - Style restarter to match GeckoApp, r=blassey a=blassey
e7e21099545f6d0f228bd87990102374049936d6Michael Wu — Bug 618160 - Don't show progress dialog in crash reporter if a report isn't being sent, r=blassey a=blassey
45b179a0b64a341af267826f9e914492210e5c8aEhsan Akhgari — Merge backout; a=b
580f9d4ebf9fad0f77894e388b06ef5aa1ff307fEhsan Akhgari — Back out bug 612128 because it regressed Fennec with bug 618357, which blocks Fennec beta3; a=blocking-fennecb3+
05a7b9970a406f03f8c752b08fe6e999825b8c63Jim Mathies — Bug 617503 - Disable IPv6 lookups for host 'localhost' for xpecshell tests on Windows. r=ted, a=tests.
10b461d420aa9106e58ea27414eea3ed47317612Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 618435 - Missing word in device connected screen. r+a=dolske
01d3e79cf7cb22e25843b498585b1d67e5e1bf41Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 618492 - Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central. a=blockers
d2f296b6504cfdfeaee060c85eac314f1e77bf8cRichard Newman — Bug 618340: don't report network failure for unknown errors. r=philiKON
88a632f17a9e74739d3b0a710d79142aee28305dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Back out Bug 610914 as it causes Bug 618068.
df5562e2bed7950a71298b55c80f06e84c2585dfRichard Newman — Bug 618009: add test for storage format detection during login. r=mconnor
32a264aa3ff832d672295b48f5c2ab4c5a879dd5Richard Newman — Bug 618341: Rethrow exceptions we aren't supposed to handle. r=philiKON
29f85e1308509423edf7da745dcb5ad2b2c1d88dMark Finkle — Bug 618016 - Make a new media query for device orientation [r=dbaron a=blassey]
d1cb3f83103ba0f6035c8ee7d3937a728ae2ba6cJason Duell — bug 617123: workaround: bump cache version to clear corrupted imgs from cache. a=bustage
245e6ab9e2e3727788974847312a42f54ef9f988Dave Townsend — Bug 591663: "You don't have any add-ons of this type installed" doesn't disappear as it should. r=dtownsend, a=blocks-betaN
52d7d86feada4f68e6266862f6212dba1d914169ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host moz2-linux-slave34 (DONTBUILD) - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
3c780ef02d6f48044abe714306227e3aa3f8328cDão Gottwald — Bug 617909 - Broken instanceof check in XPIProvider.jsm. r+a=dtownsend
e8d00d32b03200d0324772a4829c2a7f026a8dedDão Gottwald — Bug 616837 - Fix two cases where appmenu_* nodes are accessed without MENUBAR_CAN_AUTOHIDE being defined. r=gavin
fcd702dc1ec7f7f5d7788b25995f5197ec4eb6ceDaniel Holbert — backed out 7510a8ab857d / Bug 594333 since its reftest failed on Win Debug. a=orange
89e633e31dad283de4e541b988eafae4a815ba20Daniel Holbert — Bug 617817: Don't automatically recompose <set> & indefinite-duration animations, since we know they always have the same effect. r=birtles a=roc
5677a819829a93139c49da9fa43a0b6a23b10a4etimeless — Bug 617971 nsStyleAnimation::ExtractComputedValue leaks pair when StyleCoordToCSSValue fails.
8bb8491b45af80469c0e765509cf83e47bdae2a6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 616901. Fix rect in nptest_windows.cpp, to fix misrendering in 580160-1-ref.html. r=bsmedberg a=tests-only
7510a8ab857da0baea0acdb46ada34d61381dc91Robert O'Callahan — Bug 594333. Invalidate frame subtree (including layers) when moving a float. r=dbaron a=blocking-final+
b48addc64c2f065c18167040cd39f8adedf5b4dbScott Greenlay — Bug 616271: Add architecture and list of invalid plugins to pluginreg, r=josh,taras a=blocking-beta9
8a0d2af384bc632382449ec7b62e58374faa1350Taras Glek — Bug 616271 - Only check plugin validity once r=josh a=blocking-beta9
2a75c2355ae9275f506efccdbe2769fbf76e96cfRob Campbell — Bug 614350 - Web console's console object colliding with content breaks sites, additional testfix; f=rcampbell, a=orange
8d59a3285d924ab7e598c48de5191b978bd9213dJason Duell — bug 617123: workaround by removing fallocate calls. a=beltzner
ed44f2f4c7cbe58838f64f0ea7583d7650a1b288Brian Crowder — Bug 603641 - cannot addref a null mSel either, r=masayuki, a=blocking-fennec:2.0
0b6a14a73d940f6d32efd5f972649da6192611f8Rob Campbell — Bug 614350 - Web console's console object colliding with content breaks sites; f=rcampbell a=blocking2.0
2705b22189f9f633ff52c3b76e86080d898d0930David Bienvenu — Bug 604653 - 64bit Mac build crashes with negotiate auth and Kerberos [@ Kerberos@0x6a163 ]; r=sxw a=blocker
1b0158a0a67ea26decfdf1867c0d42ea9f664d7aMark Banner — Follow up to bug 614366 - Use MOZILLA_DIR instead of topsrcdir so that comm-central projects can re-use r/a=bustage fix
a4544a4b322400eb612ea1fd18c88c6bf08379b3Dão Gottwald — Bug 588764 - Add border around content area. r=dolske a=b
2ae9544cd1984eb80453376607df7318ae7d9edePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 618219 - Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central. a=blockers
16f9d94814287beb0a9c5ded17c96897f71e6604Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 618233 - Temporarily disable random orange on Windows
9057371cad502a71e0a751691cc8b6113ec9e0afRichard Newman — Bug 617709: Tests and functionality for on-the-fly HMAC error recovery. r=philiKON
fa41857112911ac3ec9f7be2c35028e6dbbac3ddRichard Newman — Bug 618179: make sure we create a meta/global record if one is not found. r=philiKON
70728ca65a0704b1a80ad513e24df9c43cfd5a7cPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 618229 - don't enforce a minimum passphrase length for entering existing data. r=mconnor a=blocking-beta8
75ced65beeb48b58a41d0de6cb9b2e14ac5e9b29Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 618233 - Temporarily disable random orange on Windows. a=orange
a5bbcbc3bd3251269489f9c10a5bcb750d77e43eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 618006 - Make the IME event state manager determine editability of a content node by its read/write state; r=bsbarsky a=blocking-fennecb3+
6986bf97d8b4e1762160c05d0be96b74a24a79a2L. David Baron — Comment out the xpc_DumpJSStack call for now, since it causes fatal JS_Asserts. (Bug 510489) a=bustage
9103bd2267e78d3ea1b3524417f1c199c45f86dcL. David Baron — Make style system mochitests handle cases where initial font family is sans-serif. (Bug 617372) a2.0=tests
e71b310f048498af352c9b22e18e9624288257acL. David Baron — Make dumping of JS values that are native functions dump the filename and line number of the function. (Bug 510489) a2.0=DEBUG-only
64a2a38349278afb0ab42ebb82cb4ac54a44f5b0L. David Baron — Dump JS stack and information about the object for the assertion about using XPConnect on a scope with no Components in scope. (Bug 510489) r=mrbkap a2.0=DEBUG-only
7cf0918f3bfa6f85e9b798654c8730dfc7a9129aL. David Baron — Add test for cairo error when trying to draw zero width borders, even though it doesn't actually fail without the patch in the current reftest harness. (Bug 618071) a=blocking2.0:beta8
09ae1392ac05db340669660d3d02e9c91bd3a043L. David Baron — Don't try drawing zero-width borders. (Bug 618071) r=roc a=blocking2.0:beta8
8be85c96f56053bf0adeef3a2a574f67344ba64cTimothy Nikkel — Bug 615782. Remove gfx surface null check that was put there to prevent mysterious linux64 talos tp4 crashes with 130078 and no longer seems to be needed. r=jrmuizel a=joedrew
a7fc3787c93564e8efc4a6aa4addfe3b2282e521Timothy Nikkel — Bug 615714. When computing visibility of display lists we don't need a underlying frame to consider items opaque. r=roc a=bzbarsky
5eaab51cd9374e956cca7bd057680d16d58f12afTimothy Nikkel — Bug 616884. Add comment to note that stored clip region isn't updated. a=comment
45239c06759cb44ae99b7bbbd74bbddca38aea8aTimothy Nikkel — Bug 616884. Part 2. When creating the widget for a plugin use the position of the plugin if it is available. r=roc a=roc
291782dcd3f2a6e7a1714d7113bccde657e97338Timothy Nikkel — Bug 616884. Part 1. When setting the clip on windows on Linux don't return early if the clip hasn't ever been set before. r=roc a=roc
e347b924383b22bb7d79dd6f0ae9327644b050cfTimothy Nikkel — Bug 561981. Add crashtest. a=test
53914a97b4789c01f0f4b5b3df35523abe46666bSerge Gautherie — Bug 369034 - TestTXMgr has error and leaks object; (Ev1) Whitespace cleanup, Var declaration reordering++.
1a149c7a4fa24efc22df96c199fbbd664a1179bfDaniel Veditz — bug 614565: remove from PSL. r=gerv, a=clegnitto
04a4bf3504aaa2214261e0b88f58c07479f360f6Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 616251 - Sync UI: Disable auto-hyphenation in Firefox 4.0b8. r=mconnor a=blocking-beta8
405ab10d1d861e8c1ebd4c30b5c8de6123d40b14Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 602682 - Sync UI: Implement easy setup. r=mconnor a=blocking-beta8
b2b836328e9e77537e5108350b38a3157af725b6Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 602682 - Sync UI: Implement easy setup. r=mconnor a=blocking-beta8
006396b0b99071d92b619a0143c94e66506350d6Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 601645 - Tests for JPAKE. r=mconnor a=blocking-beta8
7916ff577de1f36ae45a0f944422bd1601dc7152Brian Smith — Bug 601645 - JavaScript API for NSS J-PAKE. r=mconnor a=blocking-beta8
146e2854e3f5b16eae89dae61cdd247347edeac0Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 617531 - Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central. a=blockers
971fe11ae752acd3bd83f2733ad1b003c8e0511bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 602876 - Tests for J-PAKE network client. r=mconnor
e8883fb40d6479c657dcca00d7de232ce58fc687Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 602876 - Implement network client for credentials exchange via J-PAKE. r=mconnor
2fa36f8b633c9da29ea58ba1a02f7bcecccd2920Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 617868 follow-up: fix test
11a11df115386b8dc1c7516c57a582a2be17badbPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 617868 - Use the RFC5869-compliant HKDF in the SyncKeyBundle. r=mconnor
9b506c98d19d94047c99905ed8e2d828e561bc53Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 617868 - RFC-5869 compliant HKDF implementation with test vectors. r=mconnor
347b21b951e9e2fb1fa042cf7e4ee3343c0cd3d8Richard Newman — Bug 617709: download and reset when server bulk keys change. r=mconnor
50d960ec0809263ecf4ad1f343135a2fbbaa6c52Ben Turner — Bug 615269 - 'IndexedDB: Cursors should not copy all results before iterating'. r=sicking, a=blocking+.
7975baffa40b79413173de95004bdb7a32dd4dd6Ben Turner — Bug 608195 - 'IndexedDB: Expose more breadcrumbs on IDB objects'. r=sicking, a=blocking+.
881610857801a64423b83bb5be62663c2d550d39Brian Smith — bump nss/nspr version requirements in (r=wtc, bug 599324, a=blocker)
2abc8100631ef6f2954a001a5ee5fce47d3758f1Serge Gautherie — Bug 615045 - [SeaMonkey] check: TestTXMgr.cpp (nsITransactionManager tests) intermittently times out in "Aggregate Transaction Stress Test"; (Av1) Add a trivial feedback not to let the user think the test is stuck.
0a9e64523c06816e77a59bcfd7b84c2802472bd3Patrick McManus — workaround for bugs 614677 and 613977: Disable accelerated SYN retry for FF 4.0 Beta 8. r=jduell, a=shaver
4182651505fb36fcd9b3917dcbd535c08d09b6d7Jeff Hammel — Bug 614366 Separate binary discovery from for easier reuse r=ted a=ted
74a3cd2a9ff546f430f0af5447c34988878e0c57Joel Maher — Bug 611230 Remote mochitest fails to honor --utility-path r=ctalbert a=NPOTB
315b3a3dda0f415d6ad406b94a8346020de03963Joel Maher — Bug 601245 Stop packaging test files which are in tests.jar r=ctalbert a=test-only
4df7a503fcb3791902271acb91c473529ac01ff4Chris Jones — Bug 613000: Updates to thebes-layer textures must account for resolution. r=jrmuizel a=b
eeb76ce515d9c393a3d181622b63b09def96ee7fKai Engert — Bug 599324, landing NSPR_4_8_7_BETA2, includes fix for bustage from ealier landing (bug 617903), a=blocking2.0-beta8+
f971ad6ed5a5c5ba00e745ae75b78b39241496b2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 617097 part 2. Make the localeToUnicode callback take |const char*|. r=brendan a=sayrer
abef6c3c5dbf2d6a9a75c12d38baf3d673adab54Boris Zbarsky — Bug 617097 part 1. Fix Number.toLocaleString leak. r=brendan
799ba3224669129a8b96f8550824e870d064a251Joe Walker — Bug 617877: Web console code completion suggestion sticks around when it shouldn't, r+a=gavin
986384241027f7facc4093dded72cb00268d099fGavin Sharp — Bug 606251: fix bug in test file enumeration that broke running tests more than once (depending on JS version changes), r=dtownsend, a=tests
8972153efa0ee4bef16c4b19bbd8f8681b1de70eGavin Sharp — Bug 600569: show build ID in about dialog for non-release builds, r=dolske, ui-review=limi, a=dolske
5928e59882b6e2f663698389a4723ac3de7c93feGavin Sharp — Bug 612405: use a more reliable trick to detect the console API being replaced, r=ddahl, a=dolske
5969ce4a106492b4c3aa7ac365077e9a9bc2c3d6Gavin Sharp — Bug 612715: add l10n note clarifying the use of update-related menu items in about:addons, f=Cedric, r=Unfocused, a=me
181ae0e690b7c7415efacca11d36cb01a068408dDão Gottwald — Bug 616014 bustage fix a=...
a199802e18b5cf7fbc7b5baa1686edcbe38a6547Doug Turner — Bug 616538 - Fennec on android crashes on startup when launched from sutagent on a tegra board with latest 2.2 OS. r=mwu a=blassey
befa46c6032aa0c0a2eb2ef50be733a94ceb5c66Matt Brubeck — Bug 617181 - Remove CPU detection code from Android Java wrapper. r=mwu a=blassey
ebac1eeb81928adabf70b0ce3ef0b859ff23e062Doug Turner — Bug 616668 - crash [@ mozilla::dom::TabParent::RecvGetDPI ]. r=cjones. a=blocking-fennec
1ad47fdb91950cb9e70f38d05d8bbd8a2bfebc7bDoug Turner — Bug 616019 - Maemo - 10mb places.sqlite database due to aggressive file growth. r=sdwilsh a=blocking-fennec
888943a301310c2577552f46d5ad3d06a9047276Olli Pettay — bug 406375, In modal dialog ( with modal=yes) child windows and dialogs do not populate with expected content, r=jst, a=blocking
f2ac473bec70e617ed7497b6eeee84d72618176cMarco Bonardo — Bug 617779 - Downgrading from places branch to trunk wrongly assumes the database is corrupt.
2c7df2c32e3a116219807375cb1efa7ba826826ftimeless — Bug 602516 - Either PresShell::Freeze needs to consistently null check mDocument to avoid a crash [@ PresShell::UpdateImageLockingState]. r+a=bz
5a8817833fdac609d732255cee88941b12e3c371Dão Gottwald — Bug 617910 - Broken instanceof checks in head_cookies.js. r=sdwilsh
e968527f1f6ffc1892924a0571e3cebe22ffed3aDietrich Ayala — Bug 616014 - Add close button to the add-on bar. r=dao
58dcad7165befb0aa4a9ad28936f0ecb991753cfRobert Sayre — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central. a=blockers
ce3aa8d61749e13300e4738e942106636661f137Robert Sayre — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central. a=blockers
52d20032116aa1ecd79113d0413d2f83ae9400d5Jason Orendorff — Bug 614051 - TM: wrong behavior setting existing properties to joined function object values again. r=brendan.
010bd7365328ec688cc934f57cf5d6b360d7756cIgor Bukanov — bug 617215 - eliminating JS_NewString usage in FF while fixing a leak there. r=bz
4d97e9955bfbfff03d1548db0e1ef7c5f55ad4feBoris Zbarsky — Bug 614138. Fix stupid typo that breaks opt builds.
ae03fdb249ad90fa54dda9626eae89c995fb0f6cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 614138 followup to fix Windows debug compile errors for good.
bac4a8d704921fc4bcb6b4eeaf97e80fc4ee5ee6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 614138 followup to fix Windows debug compile errors.
00524af0568d35de461e175e814bf29f5b43168aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 614138 part 2: Use js::Anchor to root things in traceable native quickstubs as needed. r=jorendorff, a=bzbarsky
929ed9d5d81b97a1ac8693ad2b2625fcfe9a996dJim Blandy — Bug 614138 part 1: Add an API for holding GC objects while we use values they own. r=jorendorff, a=bzbarsky
8220ab3cbe995be4de5e8e213914669101a1f609Jason Orendorff — Bug 617405 - Assertion failure: isObject() after defining getter on .prototype property of constructor. Take 2, removes two wrong tests. r=Waldo. (Additional r=Waldo on IRC to remove the tests.)
aa1d2555b057e425605094e065501b678a09c84cGregor Wagner — Bug 617505 - Don't OOM so easily growing dense arrays, r=gal
49f6b73ae373fc6fa432d458e56a456cbeb17a3bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 591698 - nsDOMWorkerFunctions returning false without setting error. r=jwalden.
119ee8894cfa1e8bd84802ba5f964e477599372bBen Turner — Merge backout, orange
b2f3dd1438d558d836e2114ec06d2d3c0fdfb0c2Ben Turner — Backed out changeset f205194a4128
3a585fccd7668e29563467d648f19085bd93b901Jason Orendorff — Backed out changeset b890994e2595. Orange.
b890994e259510b12731ae6075516db1ec01e02dJason Orendorff — Bug 617405 - Assertion failure: isObject() after defining getter on .prototype property of constructor. r=Waldo.
f205194a412820f64173d8ec35786683569d1a1eBen Turner — Bug 612642 - 'JS base64 code needs to be updated for removal of JS_GetStringBytesZ'. r=jorendorff.
306ec169b99a949ed63dc7eab5f29464879a8c93Dave Herman — bug 617529, r=dmandelin: command-line option to provide XUL info
92a5b1438bae5d3f5fc48084019e05b757b93b9cJulian Seward — Compress the method JIT's native code map (bug 611400, r=dvander).
6637226d1ee2e4a490eb72d30fb57b55652fb518Ben Turner — Bug 611778. r=jorendorff. Forgot one nit, DONTBUILD.
4c18087c8bdab7bf22727c77e51c63971a7c64f2Ben Turner — Bug 611778. r=jorendorff.
2b9d805d77a1029b05ccf518fac746fde029e0ceNicholas Nethercote — Bug 588648 - Don't copy chars when scanning. r=brendan.
25e9c434bb1994fc3a330f25f3a6e9e680eadce8Nicholas Nethercote — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
9c48c587352a4935450991a826f344f7cba26219Nicholas Nethercote — Fix ARM test bustage caused by bug 615159. r=me.
79f9bf0c6146aeb8da750dbc00419fdbcf9e7827Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 615159 - nanojit: test both SSE2 and non-SSE2 code on tinderbox. r=Jacob.Bramley.
dadc1d60b6f3e5acc0213224d4488601f1c03d18timeless — Bug 615074 to + backing are unused ifndef JS_PUNBOX64 in FrameState::ensureFeSynced. r=dvander, a=dvander.
06902afe3a585f846860f4a635b4bc7fb9a17449timeless — Bug 606158 duplicate null check of construct in NewProxyObject. r=brendan.
9df99367ef2b306c4465174e5b9ab8fdf7675dc7timeless — Bug 587670 Process leaks file if it is a tty and it hits a line error or a buffer error. r=jorendorff.
3525f819579259736440a653ece333b463afd50bTaras Glek — Bug 577812 - One declaration rule violation in Mozilla sources r=brendan
1eceb7866d063acefe8ff1c8ef2c5ac348506985Saint Wesonga — Remove unused js_DateSetXXX API. Bug 524179, r=brendan.
83858adedebcbdd7bc36d3ec526cb01aad496e38Andreas Gal — Bug 599188 - potential overflow in shell ShapeOf. r=jorendorff.
5fe72e17474528e3a412a9a434c85887b78961b6Jeff Walden — Bug 614333 - In aid of collecting empty script stats, add a frob to dump script statistics each time a new high number of scripts exist at one time, conditioned on DEBUG and the JS_DUMP_LIVE_SCRIPTS environment variable. r=brendan
37acb2ee51b1b6a5d0913a8070c41258f1cba8aaBrendan Eich — Add more to {alloc,free}Slot comment, pick closing comment style nit.
98adda4dcc9c9e6c6df157bab8e37b3320261d09Jason Orendorff — Fix warning: no return value in JS_IsInRequest if !JS_THREADSAFE. no bug, rs=bz.
fc0384edf67bc8dbc7c502a1f56481e7dbf98025Igor Bukanov — Bug 614578 - Removal of nsAutoGCRoot. r=mrbkap
e35b70ffed69cf1729e8ba7dff19bbe974e9e52bIgor Bukanov — Bug 612150 - Eliminating JS_GetFunctionName. r=mrbkap
4c5f51f5e9a0a26c69d4001aa2386e0282a4bbc8Igor Bukanov — bug 617215 - eliminating JS_NewString usage in FF while fixing a leak there. r=bz a=blocking b8
031a062400ff7ad25cb5c4100cf021ce1be9c960Daniel Holbert — Bug 598798: Remove no-longer-functional reftest snapshot lines missed by prev. patch, in image-preserveAspectRatio-* reftests. a=tests-only DONTBUILD
37c63f75ff2f13195896caa8efd9315071761a28Serge Gautherie — Bug 508760 - Remove MSVC6 support from the tree; (Iv1) /toolkit/xre/*.cpp.
22bb9d6626c55a06df98fc12e5617fb9f04b2d43Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 614979 - Flash plugin crashes because we don't destroy the plugin window right after NPP_Destroy, which means that messages are being delivered and causing async messages to be queued after NPP_Destroy. Destroy the window earlier, r=jimm a=blocker
36d993e971587bba6fae79ce14e985c98d549afdNeil Deakin — Bug 592402, see if using waitForFocus helps this test, a=testfixonly
88c1ac7b4d13919347ba62c4ab2adff6bb2bf7f0Jonathan Kew — bug 609649 part 2 - connect harfbuzz shaper to the FT2 font backend. r=karlt a=blocking-fennec
ebdf5ff5e2ddb9cab6caf55bca6e17dbcc383c77Jonathan Kew — bug 609649 part 1 - refactor gfxFT2Font code in preparation for connecting to harfbuzz. r=karlt a=blocking-fennec
4f0745429ccbb5ad3c2e70f37354b8f8dd4b8d98Adam — bug 612488 - make featureSettings fields use direct nsTArray rather than pointers. r=jfkthame a=joe
0f28e112a6b63bdd99a19a09406b258cf11c5688Kai Engert — Bug 599324, land NSPR_4_8_7_BETA1 and NSS_3_12_9_BETA2, a=blocking-2.0-beta8+
bffd8632295e77ab94c3c41ceb0870cb8e9003fetimeless — Bug 617639 Hopefully useless null check in PresShell::SetIsActive for mDocument or [@ PresShell::UpdateImageLockingState | PresShell::SetIsActive]
2fc586fe32509c4b2a9f28f2a01899960ba63290timeless — Bug 617637 nsTableFrame::PushChildren imagines it can pass null to [@ nsFrameList::RemoveFrame] violating its preconditions
d03bbf388b4c3d4f91a496e8cb574fcbded70c91timeless — Bug 617667 useless null check of aIsMisspelled in [@ mozSpellChecker::CheckWord]
9c76b830138bbbf1ea62030ba66ce50ec91e135fDão Gottwald — Bug 617876 - Fix up theme code from bug 601183. r=gavin
b26cf63f51a921f21be84c7ad6b6f3228569a9eaHenri Sivonen — Bug 614241 - Make a late <body> start tag set frameset-ok to "not ok". rs=jonas, a=blocking2.0-betaN.
a6947315d38eff5f741d3676e114a04841a59f72Henri Sivonen — Bug 612528 - Make <option> and <optgroup> imply </option> in the "in body" insertion mode only if the current node is "option". rs=jonas, a=blocking2.0-betaN.
0d032e29af92e5f7cfc9b81f654731cbad2219cdHenri Sivonen — Bug 612527 - Implement spec tweaks to U+0000 handling in the HTML5 parser. rs=jonas, a=blocking2.0-betaN.
a6ad532d8bf87882ebaabf723d566ba1a1ea5fc1Henri Sivonen — Bug 606925 - Get rid of the "in foreign content" insertion mode. Check the namespace of the current node instead. rs=jonas, a=blocking2.0-betaN.
944cd0847692e5fbacabb1936e40780f7684dfe8Henri Sivonen — Bug 612529 part 3 - Make <annotation-xml> an HTML integration point depending on the encoding attribute. rs=jonas, a=blocking2.0-betaN.
16d8c6a5b5021cb056b5a8d0c720d04fb6e81ec5Henri Sivonen — Bug 612529 part 2 - Rework how scopingness and specialness is handled in stack nodes; refresh the set of scoping elements to spec. rs=jonas, a=blocking2.0-betaN.
941694c1b9c92b58d2b89f1b53e0c0d2d5dc7ac4Henri Sivonen — Bug 612529 part 1 - Pack the dispatch group and the flags of an element into one 32-bit bitfield. r=jonas, a=blocking2.0-betaN.
7cd79e8d80c8693b89eb983446db773cdda63ce3timeless — Bug 577920 - mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in cocoa. r=josh a=joe
0c3b19f27abf718c3b1c1a832d5dd04413c17902Dão Gottwald — Bug 614838 - remove bogus borders. r=unfocused
f4eb46861b6456dd691ccbf542dbf3e48e4d9c30Daniel Holbert — Bug 598798 followup: remove unnecessary reftest-wait in SVG <image> tests. r=roc a=tests-only
670e94973cab4940fcf51863ffa148b68da83040Daniel Holbert — Bug 595277 followup: add "using" annotation to hide build warnings about nsIWidget::GetLayerManager being hidden. r=roc a=blocking-final+
9e3b27acb9efa02ef95a5590d09664fc1b0c1aebRobert Longson — Bug 617448 - remove svg.enabled as the browser now uses SVG and fails to start if it's disabled r+a=roc
11e328a49e0a3ac415e683f28165625875461900Karl Tomlinson — b=569770 part 9: use gfxHarfBuzzShaper when suitable r=jfkthame a=blocking
c811a008fca6328dadc9084820ca87e115b524fcKarl Tomlinson — b=569770 part 8: gfxFT2FontBase::GetGlyph implementation r=jfkthame
24b24db52caffca14683acb4d09767b4abbd11f1Karl Tomlinson — b=569770 part 7: allow the font to provide its own GetGlyph function r=jfkthame
a95df38d5991ea66a3250526578aaa8ba845f2e1Karl Tomlinson — b=569770 part 6: use font group style to look for language and CSS features r=jfkthame
04bffc3f2754c0be041dc98344e6f06939a7eb08Karl Tomlinson — b=569770 part 5: gfxFT2FontBase::GetHintedGlyphWidth implementation r=jfkthame
25e50bb14a82ada5c312f13594d69cd8e8de565aKarl Tomlinson — b=569770 part 4: gfxFT2FontBase::GetFontTable implementation r=jfkthame
64d10cf1505e93cf2aa4b18fa992e73c9aff4b84Karl Tomlinson — b=569770 part 3: provide public access to gfxFontEntry font table cache r=jfkthame
c646f0fac22e341c77f0033f887aec9ccd75b313Karl Tomlinson — update bug 617869 reference number for failing test 329069-2
9ab76fbcb6d7a67529473b0f9e5fc8003697aea4Gavin Sharp — Bug 613742: text in tab-modal prompts should be selectable
ce9e25e3cd105130aaf43afe6f127ff2f33bb2b0Justin Dolske Bug 613760 - Tab-modal prompt dialog has no default button on os x. r=gavin, a=blocking
94b21d08be3dfd85a68461c4abc82d9f4b23b62bJustin Dolske — Bug 616070 - make tab-modal prompts to select the tab they're opened from. r=gavin, a=gavin
695ee208215d155afa5d8c2890df1e6a789485d6Justin Dolske Bug 613763 - Form elements can regain focus under a tab-modal prompt. r=enn, a=blocking
0567fd4cf0880dfd03d76c329c430521aec59262Simon Montagu — tests for bug 603710, first-letter in Indic a=test
7126fce69d0df5a6ef662a146a3999805b172aceKarl Tomlinson — mark 475092-pos as passing if winWidget b=482596
4861b72cc66d76bde7fa0e5ec4ed396b2d9487b0Jonathan Kew — bug 553981 - handle Hangul Jamo sequences and other special cases when marking clusters. r=karlt a=roc
0bd4cd152565778060d85170c9eb5e1289df9ef2Behdad Esfahbod — b=617231 ensure-direction before doing any complex work, and handle mirroring (from harfbuzz ee8aaf976a6e) r=jfkthame a=roc
b2aeaf724c8d1fa3665074470ef9ff93261dbd85Masayuki Nakano — Bug 616797 relanding backed-out test for the bug r=enn, a=final+
7284451662bfc0d17a7bab31ba85206182f0e930Frank Yan — Bug 615435 - Relocate the Home button to the right side of the browser. r=dao ui-r=faaborg+limi a=dolske
2d6a6cb1a9cc8afddc6a0b3e2f9cdcd5c0bf9b76Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 23a01314071f because the underlying bug has not really been fixed; a=DONTBUILD
23a01314071f4183f429f28d3cd106e7a43e9ed8Ehsan Akhgari — Crashtest for bug 616250, which is fixed by bug 612128; r=roc a=test
6323eea0244254278aff7356f2eac829ddfcb37dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 612128 - Part 6: Remove unneeded UpdateEventState() calls; r,a=bz
5074595727c4af89cb80ea5c4725f6417c1f009aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 612128 - Remove UpdateEditableFormControlState now that it's no longer necessary; r,a=bz
71e319b36f0d550afa5aec5e1664c14a8216ee39Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 612128 - Part 4: Use the read-write state to find the selection root of the editor; r=roc a=bz
2d6180a57f657e9217f70ffe95cd5b19d6cdbbf4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 612128 - Part 3: Add some debugging checks; r=roc a=bz
3aaa0ec60f8fda0bd9671d3f5e8fbaeb7f1f08eeEhsan Akhgari — Bug 612128 - Part 2: Set the editable flag on the entire subtree rooted at the anonymous content for those nodes which need it; r=roc a=bz
7cd873b260dafe8797fc094dc4cfa9ae4e74988aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 612128 - document.execCommand("inserthtml") may insert HTML inside non-editable parts of a document; r=roc,bz a=bz
f2f4415b3f1bcb74dfde9850a0ccb5f99d21cbfcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 615283 - Fix the recent RTL theme regressions on Panorama; r=dao a=gavin
f236810876e7e862fe1f144b98d81448cb2dbf9fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 613823 - Don't attach multiple mutation observers to the document in case the HTML editor reinitializes; r=roc a=blocking-final+
81aea2200c34b1af0be136acfacd7405ed41f58aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 616591 followup to fix a comment., a=DONTBUILD
4fccdd4bc023c116a4e4cdb43f1c04f2517349fdHonza Bambas — Bug 616591. Fix crash due to http transactions trying to get connection info from the http pipeline while it's being closed. r=bzbarsky, a=blocker
3ad7ea863cc5f03f2773f67d63630c8dda079b04Robert Sayre — Backout changeset 501c5ca70faa. a=bustage
501c5ca70faaa7d7592f361213aaa1d9aff9b947Robert Sayre — Bug 617215. JS_NewString leaks. r=bz, a=blocking b8
18c8f4b873b5fd36a80f0de478c026645fc58e2bBenoit Jacob — Bug 617687 - WebGLFramebuffer::InitializeRenderbuffers stack arrays overrun - r=timeless, a=bz
04d3958be7431bcad559270f3ed99de6f6c3f142Benoit Jacob — Bug 617475 - WebGL broken on Mac - r=joe, a=blocking-beta8
78ff8d5339c3982ca0fd3be4fadc3417d6e039d9Benoit Jacob — Bug 617319 - HTML5 canvas 2d context arc() method requires a parameter that should be optional - r=vladimir, a=joe
d3d71ad68624097bab58584ed575d3338a84a165bjarne — Bug 610654 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL (randomorange) r=bz a=test-only
3a8b2f1490f3176135b6ce540240a7474c6811dePatrick McManus — missed a test in 98d58c46e409 when disabling websockets. bug 616733. a=tests
c44ffda23deb31a686eee13f9301c75a85f7ae2eDave Townsend — Bug 591024: Only show "Available Updates" pane when pending updates are available. r=Unfocused, a=blocks-final
b9c28902b79ce5c87291517fd1ae3c013e45db22Dave Townsend — Bug 617261: Replace 'donation' with 'contribution'. r=Unfocused, a=blocks-beta9
c7b784648b0252f9dc1a6f5c8225cae3eaa82e45L. David Baron — Merge backouts of bug 588873 and bug 605672. a=jst
4c93981cfc2f96ecaca37a03d63ac3e63f5749feL. David Baron — Backout changeset 9ddbf8ab23a5 (bug 588873) to see if it caused bug 617048.
c6377a0402153f34043a21791f10598089fdceb5L. David Baron — Merge backout of changeset 3b2d178f7299 and changeset e52f4987ec94 (bug 605672) to see if they caused bug 617048.
de8ec66c72beeee191d1e8ec159e552b56c764bcL. David Baron — Revert changeset 3b2d178f7299 and changeset e52f4987ec94 (bug 605672) to see if they caused bug 617048.
fc18b7041778616cace8e1ff93703d8433ab96cfJoe Walker — Bug 601183 - Investigate Bespin/Safari-style completion styling for the Web Console a=approval2.0 r=gavin
ae0ba1e0f094609bbd7c2d69421700dab0c99d62David Dahl — Bug 616017 - Add gradient to add-on bar on OSX for operating system consistency a=betaN+ r=dao
98d58c46e409404452f8327b0ac22d1cda5b1e17Patrick McManus — Bug 616733: Disable websockets by default. r=peterv,jst a=beta8
19b83d59edbfcb6a5e40b91ce081731e7454804cOlli Pettay — Bug 616076, no need for userdata in print documents, r=jst, a=blocking
1655a76ea1880f530086c48b21f80ef93d190629Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 612271 - Cursor jumps back to the end of the previous line after pressing enter at the end of a textarea managed by the jQuery autoResize plugin; r=roc a=blocking-betaN+
56a617969b41e15e1e811a508239ec0a2944565eDave Townsend — Bug 616628: Need to flush the zipreader caches before undoing a pending extension install. r=robstrong, a=blocks-beta9
93ad1a7be79192e2a45624a08173e934a0536fbdDave Townsend — Bug 617523: Add better logging for failed file moves during extension installation. r=robstring, a=dtownsend
3171bf1a510970a5c61af4238cbc6a44fa9c9079Raymond Lee — Bug 615954 - Intermittent Failure in tabview/browser_tabview_bug597248.js | Tab item is showing cached data or | Tab item is not showing cached data anymore [r=ian, a=orange]
e68363d923898a5378964b9553cbe465b724f8e0Ehsan Akhgari — Set offline=false, if network manager init failed. Fixes xulrunner, and seamonkey+thunderbird test. Bug 616520, r=bz, a=bz
35ea831c27abbe8630b6329bad3a69840a1671f1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 617296. Window.URL should be replaceable. r=sicking, a=sicking
048f8f89152b22b77104b80f473a74437d1ac4a4timeless — Bug 586650 txFnStartOutput leaks qname when qname->init fails
48a4773a6316b10b953f93ad3d1b842c5c9ca0ddHenrik Skupin — Bug 597321 - Need id for 'Move To Group | New Group' sub menu entry in the tab context menu. r=dao, a=bsmedberg
e741896a62ae01e23f682e9cafad80c98faf7926timeless — Bug 615066 potential crash [@ nsPluginHost::HandleBadPlugin] if !aInstance
395fac6a7de431827a5254d47ed92c5dafa8b489Cameron McCormack — Bug 615146 - Ensure outer SVG elements get an nsSVGOuterSVGFrame even they fail conditional processing attributes (v2) r=longsonr, a=blocking
10fc5a720ed06d276207b518fcc847650378fa22Jonathan Watt — Bug 522308 - Add support for SMIL animation of the <polygon> and <polyline> element's 'points' attributes. r=longsonr,dholbert,roc a=roc
6e5bc06304f9f8a6d9b1328c150750513dd32a7fHenri Sivonen — Back out changeset 465ac4717f88 due to orange. a=orange.
22f53d50851adf2a0585d2d4624ec9f5697a99c9Henri Sivonen — Bug 592366 - Do not execute scripts whose owner doc is not the doc of the inserter parser or not the owner doc at the time of starting the script load. r=jonas, a=blocking2.0-betaN.
16847ac492b39d6321cc3d5183c1365beb945eebHenri Sivonen — Bug 594730 - Make the content attribute in <meta> act as an encoding declaration only if http-equiv="Content-Type" is present. rs=jonas, a=blocking2.0-betaN.
465ac4717f88f8cc249881652eeafee2fe4f28b3bjarne — Bug 610654 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL (randomorange) r=bz a=test-only
f0e5b157c395c8c58077e7a04878bcc8c0b9443dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 616797 backing-out the new tests a=orange
637588938139e64ab4a1d1ca77b39824890cda49Mark Banner — Bug 615850 - Allow non-omnijar files list to be added to from outside of toolkit; r=khuey a=bzbarsky
11e326debae5310c337b0efe17194ee1adf4d99ctimeless — Bug 616786 - warning: kXPCVARIANT_CID defined but not used. r=mrbkap a=gavin
897cca5152805461346524a78148ef8966427bc3Dão Gottwald — test for bug 616836
f25461268434fbcfcbc7f2e72a3851a253dee458Masayuki Nakano — Bug 616797 Menubar doesn't appear by Alt key after using accelerator to open a popup menu and closing it by click r=enn, a=final+
efcc5c73f0f4d524f195c8269e3c5b3b5d72dffeDão Gottwald — Bug 616836 - Remove remaining access keys from the app menu. r+a=gavin
c018e8495d32efa117e4a8e390aa963eb9aa475atimeless — Bug 584981 mark deprecated extension manager interfaces and methods with [deprecated]
2690831325004a0f53318931f1ad1fddbd4fba2aDaniel Brooks — back out about:startup due to crashes during mochitests (a89f24bf1798) a=bustage
95452499f3d6a92feae380e5432def073742f3fdPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 617271 - Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central. a=blockers
81bce58ee4a31cb55986dfe160cbc2ebb4b08462Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 617521 - Random bookmark reordering due to dupe handling. r=mconnor
af61f19326a987a25e2cc27e292a1d10b6371475Richard Newman — Bug 617478: clear CollectionKeys on startOver. r=philiKON.
83b27b845f94535e97dafdbcfbf4b5c486ac2a58Richard Newman — Bug 617351: more tests for engine disabling. r=mconnor
a89f24bf179869eab5697ac82c0c42b626d87e4cDaniel Brooks — Bug 593743 - about:startup page showing historical startup timings; final merge with trunk. ui-r=beltzner feedback=mak77 r=mossop sr=vlad a=bsmedberg
bc85e9f6df4e1256dec3c5222ded7d24baa16d75Daniel Brooks — about:startup - final review hurdle, add _MOZILLA_2_0 interfaces to contain the additions to nsIXULRuntime and nsIXULAppInfo
292bd8571d7c4ea5bc730ebab1c7e6139bf9bfdcDaniel Brooks — about:startup - fix an absent-minded mistake
c5ecb4498216eaf08d538b39ba157d95597b1e73Daniel Brooks — about:startup - merge vlad's review comments with the trunk
97a4aa8ca939962635f391aef5b612eadefcbb7aDaniel Brooks — about:startup - change chrome package name for jquery stuff so that it's clear that it's private
79ab64089a080e04c8e8c0e916d6357e2e96f205Daniel Brooks — about:startup - merge with trunk, again. try: -b o -p linux,linux64,macosx64,win32 -m all -u crashtest -t all
9d230d75d8573e8beaead1776de4adaba8353123Daniel Brooks — about:startup - some code style and api use changes, and more importantly wrapped the table creation in a transaction to save an fsync. feedback+=mak
852178715a8c130afaa6eead2e881080f1e808bfDaniel Brooks — about:startup - merge with trunk
5bc82216672f67f86b754a5a10fa0e5667e75b7fDaniel Brooks — about:startup - present correctly localized dates in the tables (localizing the dates in the graph is tricker), Also, fix the calculation for the minimum value of the graph's x axis (forgot to take into account the funkiness of javascript's numbers)
98ba0272986dc4d6229cb5da562905cd606d7d54Daniel Brooks — about:config - merge with trunk
2ba79a29163e8c2463a9335d5c8d65fd87da164bDaniel Brooks — about:startup - address remaining review comments
a62968ad14d1b49d85d582202e6fd753b2ce579eDaniel Brooks — about:startup - address Mossop's review comment
c6e28dd6326cdf7c76813783c896adbcc38a1e7fDaniel Brooks — about:startup - merge with trunk try: -b do -p macosx64 -m none -u all -t tp4
bfc0fc174aa16ad0dac0ad68d2995ff8d0401a68Daniel Brooks — about:startup - address Gavin's review comments. try: -b do -p macosx64 -m none -u all -t tp4
8ad67554aadd0e22451e6c740fd3061472d86655Daniel Brooks — about:startup - merge with trunk
ce8c23e52487d2c639a0d1f42f12c3399f324f94Daniel Brooks — about:startup - bump iids
6b47fb70ea30405f3b29acf4996ad06036a55732Daniel Brooks — about:startup - fix a type warning
4727f6e61ee658d78af0a9cf30054f44cff1e5dcDaniel Brooks — about:startup - cache app launch timestamp
a70bc23ad10f0e53e547a592d4dee7a6410b5407Daniel Brooks — about:startup - fix jar manifest
b063d5eef7a1d31c1327217264328bcf57a0b216Daniel Brooks — about:startup - merge with trunk
d2099fa3d15419e4a6e6f47aa20bbcea30d14f77Daniel Brooks — about:startup - handle a failure from nsIXULRuntime::GetLaunchTimestamp properly
4e82cb73ec344549ab6ce705017ecca250d9c7c5Daniel Brooks — about:startup - merge with trunk
f3fc7778d8c104988ebff1fe602fbacd592a4ca3Daniel Brooks — about:startup - store the restored timestamp on the app startup and adjust the page to match
b93f81ea75fdc32945bf7ae555605f4d6cdf2145Daniel Brooks — about:startup - remove timestamp code from session startup, now that it's no longer necessary
6d5c509f974349280fb73a1ee497ad209c669e2dDaniel Brooks — about:startup - license blocks
76c3a602011f97d3f3d7170a0670db2c599eb9a5Daniel Brooks — about:startup - wrap some things at 80 columns, even though it's not always strictly an improvement
201318cf1908440de996ad1977846702ad4e141fDaniel Brooks — about:startup - remove alert
9230d155978deaa4773a91c2c64f4a398ad6aaf5Daniel Brooks — about:startup - handle application brand name and localizable extension names correctly
3d74b68d15c9cd86737ad50f0276f5dedc60cd62Daniel Brooks — about:startup - remove some debug logging, and add some comments
07b80de79428b8830a17eb753012a3721ba9a493Daniel Brooks — about:startup - store extension install/uninstall/enable/disable events in the startup database
2d812dfd632188a97883ef52ad78b4062662fde0Daniel Brooks — about:startup - use nsAboutRedirector instead of the browser fork as it's more appropriate for a toolkit page
df85090c291d2bce2a03a2e14a79077d5ee0f163Daniel Brooks — about:startup - remove mention of aboutStartup.css from faststripe
0fd3fc5fce387f50172596fe89ae0d9d08265919Daniel Brooks — about:startup - fix sql syntax error (oops)
08581ffaba5b9e1d2ca56fad60a569b7f44e3386Daniel Brooks — about:startup - propagate theme chages to the other themes
d9b63788b7081c7821a96124b04646e6a3766a15Daniel Brooks — about:startup - hide the platform version/build fields from the duration table, because in Firefox the platform version changes only when the app version changes
0198aa4d41f738be6bd5152adaa5621ad104e036Daniel Brooks — use the correct query for the events table
4a6800b88bbc440c40c26e9cc43e4dfd641cb14cDaniel Brooks — about:start - let the user toggle between graphs and tables, with graphs as the default
e08982b4328f9341ba72fd7c148efff637ef1458Daniel Brooks — about:startup - add the code that will display extension events as marks on the graph. also adds some boilerplate to make serializing async code easy again and uses it to serialize different queries to the database
ea4f08e2bd70678fcfe0dc7734b3427cbe374481Daniel Brooks — about:startup - take a stab at setting the colors of the graph
a8c463d09234b158ce80346824c1c1907fb421d5Daniel Brooks — about:startup - small cleanup
906ff114be2539484084743d537ab76bb6b0636cDaniel Brooks — about:startup - hide empty message when the duration table isn't empty
8ebd4ef668962e2d8e5b7ba6307d4502e14eaf1fDaniel Brooks — about:startup - show the legend
cce7ee266da0f09d71239d469e90786a0588825aDaniel Brooks — about:startup - display timings in milliseconds instead of microseconds
26b25563cab6e0563b92a44aed59b3539efc0e15Daniel Brooks — about:startup - get the graphs sized and scaled correctly
4e118384113d1addea206b14f1b6db54b1216a6cDaniel Brooks — about:startup - fix glitch in the dtd
6bf608d47c1c7a8deccd0ec43c6d888aaa6cdb5aDaniel Brooks — about:startup - add the Flot graphing code to toolkit and use it on the about:startup page to graph the recorded startup history
a59042b9d7546612c39a8b0373f8949c97a9067bDaniel Brooks — about:startup - add a few more explanatory localization notes
662106b0a87c7cc2f11bc32f728dccf582729454Daniel Brooks — about:startup - some string changes
cd418499972c283503aa6517927b04f9b7b8ba73Daniel Brooks — about:startup - move UI files to toolkit
fbe8fbf75b6f78a7db45a437471b5a478852e00bDaniel Brooks — about:startup - update l10n files based on comments in the bug
80da5e79c398bef20e93d1677ff6e6eac9c93d03Daniel Brooks — about:startup - record app and platform version numbers on every startup, so that we can show changes in those versions on the graph. also, move back to an xhtml file for l10n
4b7fd492029fdc689fa099b1efec6e1c719401d6Daniel Brooks — about:startup - record results in database after startup has finished, and show the records in the about:startup page as a chart
09d8fea4df6b0caa88bf191333f707d5919d0c02Daniel Brooks — about:startup - fix about redirector mismerge
b2943903899a5b817b6578bb03470e709f87e214Daniel Brooks — about:startup - Windows implementation of nsXULAppInfo::GetLaunchTimestamp
10c264df4a89afcbbd4d0a7618c42650c162e373Daniel Brooks — about:startup - update to trunk
c286d24e60a48fbb9a42ceacff3ddaab571452deDaniel Brooks — about:startup - merge with trunk
24a2838d65eb31c2dbf6d9ed1c87b610f9caf679Daniel Brooks — about:startup - open the correct file, error check the fopen, use try/catch to check for failure in the js
85dfb7b92d12a28a7a45531303829f33b3dfa8b1Daniel Brooks — about:config - implement nsXULAppInfo::GetLaunchTimestamp for linux
f05783938aa6c8a4524b5d1c55d54a3f073ef87cDaniel Brooks — about:startup - record a timestamp once session restore has finished, and display it and the duration between it and the app startup timestamp on the about:startup page
2022273e1553b0f0b79702b4c15a219bb2ade25dDaniel Brooks — about:startup - PR_IntervalNow is kinda dumb. It makes no special attempt to be monotonic like the docs say, and additionally there's no way to equate it back to a real timestamp (which the docs do imply). Using PR_Now instead.
dda9446e1e7dfb7c298dde825bc3519751d04b5bDaniel Brooks — about:startup - about page implemented as static html/js using the redirector, rather than an independant nsIAboutModule
7ab2c445f7ed9eb421f79bb63b026385c2bb7e78Daniel Brooks — about:startup - record timestamp early on in the XRE setup
aa593835cb8de54a6250539a96f58239b8e18cebBas Schouten — Bug 595277 - Part 4: Delay Direct3D 9 initialization when possible. r=roc a=blocking-final
a54c3af4c33d75d739ad9a56043460def6d99e5eBas Schouten — Bug 595277 - Part 3: Let Canvas and HTML video get the permanent LayerManager when instantiating their stuff. r=roc
e58acf6e5bbcfaae7ddec281f20adb8f0882d6c5Bas Schouten — Bug 595277 - Part 2: Add parameter to specify requiring the permanent LayerManager. r=roc
9472b008238cd54cf37f4cfb2632e4213099a455Bas Schouten — Bug 595277 - Part 1: Add a method to iterate over all windows. r=roc
8e216406592f9228288fea5e78eb11b2319f093bBas Schouten — Bug 595277 - Part 0: Clear out user data on destroy. r=roc
3c8debfeb6f9cefcd60d11216e12c009ba179539Bas Schouten — Bug 595277 - Part -1: Keep the reference to our LayerManager inside LayerManagerData. r=roc
06e68e3992267015c632cfcabe01dae2e43e92abMats Palmgren — Bug 589635 - null check the docshell parent before using it. r+a=roc
64e893aa5d9559619fa9330cbd952ffd7c704f9cMats Palmgren — Bug 610601 - re-use the frame only if there is image data. r+a=joe
90fecee8a8c330147ff83a38a0faec4a2549a8d7Mats Palmgren — Bug 614756. r=Olli.Pettay a=roc
ed4d22fad16a943e489e82c58405c2c6212c6124Alexander Surkov — Bug 616452 - Dynamically inserted select options aren't reflected in accessible tree, r=fer, a=blocking2.0Final+
25a128ff3cbfad21787fabee66eab68a606cd95bSerge Gautherie — Bug 615923 - mochitests-2: intermittent "test_fallback.html | Exited with code 1 during test run" (ASSERTION: XPConnect is being called on a scope without a 'Components' property!); (Cv1a) test_fallback.html: Remove unused gManifestUpdated, Fix some nits.
564d2affadd8f9e4e58436725359cb86a08de760Matt Woodrow — Bug 615753. Remove an unneeded glClear. r=vlad, a=blocking-fennec
6d18466cf3e6527dea9dfff49c369051c75c8c96Serge Gautherie — Bug 615923 - mochitests-2: intermittent "test_fallback.html | Exited with code 1 during test run" (ASSERTION: XPConnect is being called on a scope without a 'Components' property!); (Bv1) offlineTests.js: Fully fix finish(), 1 s/dump(/ok(false,/, Fix some nits.
3d630d2c2348a754394961b0c370799cc2f64d66Daniel Holbert — (no bug) Fix mis-indented "}" in nsTArray.h. r+a=whitespace-only, DONTBUILD
d2f3fcf3b1db251d1e5863ed2b8bb3d3fb15bfcfAxel Hecht — bug 613055, update shipped-locales for beta 8, a=DONTBUILD
55adcf8cfb94a55c60c72cd10a12f860734a522dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 617173 - Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central. a=blocking
302d8ae094028d135824c7e8ba45130adce26b8cPhilipp von Weitershausen — Remerge fx-sync
f11c4d60b43cacb5650008d8991e69b69d54f023Richard Newman — Bug 617320: fix for tests around engine disabling. r=mconnor
b1b57869cb43602ac175bf591c5d4a75fd2c53fbSteven Michaud — Bug 594482 - Java applets broken with content policies. r=josh,bsmedberg a=blocking2.0BetaN+
9c99f019393051788744865116a84128329df41dPatrick Walton — Bug 611851 - Restyle the Web Console splitter. r=dao, a=gavin
52eebb84e381d173e00487204ee95615f6bd7455Margaret Leibovic — Bug 612181 - Clicking edge of popup notification button main action button opens the dropdown instead. r=dao, a=clegnitto
22fec47ec0bdaaa0acb1f3c8ca31fd41858357aeMargaret Leibovic — Bug 617051 - app menu panes should not have a separator when using a 'windows-default-theme' theme. r=dao, ui-r=faaborg, a=gavin
df921a9d5124fc20638f87761a80f8a9d7e3dc93Margaret Leibovic — Bug 617270 - Geolocation icon is stretched. r=dao, a=gavin
dbb99009d49e0550ae6c04eae3cb041f7a1ad667Robert Strong — Bug 616775 - Use OpenNSPRFileDesc instead of OpenANSIFileDesc in nsUpdateDriver.cpp. r=dtownsend, a=approval2.0
12bc6188524ca7aaeb176fd4f403ee1242cc705cRobert Strong — Bug 616765 - Useless Exists check in nsUpdateDriver.cpp. r=dtownsend, a=approval2.0
37f3097fe17c169e71b97b574cd48a948f72a851Robert Strong — Bug 616924 - App update test cleanup. r=dtownsend, a=tests
de295f93a28a111f65a0f238641438ee1e3a7977Robert Strong — Bug 597235 - Remove Java Console extensions in the install directory's extensions directory on install and app update. r=jmathies, a=blocking2.0-final
eb947172ce38cbd4124db49727bf5fcad6b1125eTaras Glek — Bug 616256 - Don't stat files on directory enumeration on windows r=bsmedberg+dougt a=2.0
d87be167b4108f574fc918728abf50a3a9c72243Neil Deakin — Bug 608687, clear mRoot after uninitializing so that template generated content gets removed, r=smaug,a=blocking
959e7a50a125ac77e5940838f2ed8e468e525408timeless — Bug 615831 comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in nsBaseAppShell::RunSyncSections
56dd675c96f39fcea4866b07b718c0c17ec46221timeless — Bug 615528 gfx/ots/src/ randomly clobbers VISIBILITY_FLAGS ifndef MOZ_ENABLE_LIBXUL instead of using config/system-headers
4955ecee83e738bc29574d0289366ad0d0914176Daniel Holbert — Bug 614392 patch 2: Update concrete imgIContainer::GetType() implementations with NS_IMETHOD_(). r=joe sr=bz a=blocking-beta9+
ec43a3a73f80ef628ef64f51367d8f499e2f38fcDaniel Holbert — Bug 614392: Use [noscript, notxpcom] instead of "%{C++" for convenience method imgIContainer::GetType. r=joe sr=bz a=blocking-beta9+
e56f745705a8f0b7e78ab0109a914f583b327845Bas Schouten — Bug 617242: Don't cull for transforms that flip the content. r=jrmuizel a=joedrew
37f128b0d6bd2609d63d68960767b1843db84eaaEhsan Akhgari — Bug 587925 - Increase the test timeout; a=orange-fix DONTBUILD
a2743e6bc5e8aebdef04b642142832128cb9490dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 615753. Let the OpenGL layer manager handle double bufffering. r=vlad, a=blocking
ded653253911202b8e1723927bbe8f83160e42a4Brad Lassey — bug 615617 - GetDocumentMetadata does not return data from META elements added by scripts (breaks jQuery Mobile) r=bz a=blocking-fennec
f37d738ce296e958910f3b68777b4cf2d52ae75fBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 556194 - Use-after-free of PluginInstanceChild::mAsyncCallMutex - don't clear the pending async calls until after NPP_Destroy is called, because it is a synchronization point. r=cjones a=blocker
7de7681aa6d348594e95321320a8177e36e64be6Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 614015 - Add <browser>.messageManager property for both in-process and out-of-process tabs, r=gavin
25cd87d5c08157fdd11eb486ee426a46769a399dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 616994. Don't leak the buffer we create for the drag image. r=roc, a=blocker
36a059e90495cc44981429a98df8dbed5504d8b1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 614397. Always descend through all placeholders while doing any sort of selection display list. r=roc, a=roc
dfb20f820e92a98f19c6447da775d50c8853c69eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 597345. Discard script preloads if the charset doesn't match. r=sicking, a=blocker
6c2e0020c8983d07411b27f54b161f4597d60071Dão Gottwald — Bug 610927 - Use tweaked exit icon in the app menu. a=gavin
19721341c7377d8e05e461796f14741413d96cceDão Gottwald — Bug 616680 - Clean up app button styling in browser-aero.css. r=gavin
bb42121e854a0f613c1cd91cc72ffeb18aa18bbfDão Gottwald — Bug 614925 - App menu button increases the tab bar height. r=ventron
23aa5649204e52380945e9761843751a092cd2ddDão Gottwald — Bug 615515 - Set the whole item as the dragged element. r=enn
a8c06e21635d5d58d147bb23a971639e7e655dceCameron McCormack — Bug 544833 - Prevent Ctrl+Shift+Tab from triggering Show All Tabs if browser.ctrlTab.previews is false. r=dao
84fe21efcb57b212f07d8a14d801712dd773b7f0Dão Gottwald — Backed out changesets 4d16d58becaf, 680d3557cafe, 13ea9fc20ed2, 1b2d4ba850a9, 81d8bf53ab01, 3e74c1c15b63, a29a2a0ae764, d2fd62ffd88e, 183be003b312, faa6ce5a0a20, 3ee27049cd1a. a=permaorange
4d16d58becaf3ae909de7ab2bd1b67d58e49806dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 617173 - Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central. a=blocking
680d3557cafee52e1db57829238e61c8ee3ee42fRichard Newman — Bug 616265: Add download limit for history, lift magic number. r=mconnor
13ea9fc20ed2c9390e0dd81a1782b576492f5d6eRichard Newman — Bug 615926: Belt-and-braces engine disabling check. r=mconnor
1b2d4ba850a9d8d75cc0efc031d227b4365ef741Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 615285 - Bookmark sync: track ordering on folder. r=mconnor
81d8bf53ab01179d684cb78c4384c96eaa5b01fdPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 615410 - Use different annotations for parent and predecessor. r=mconnor
3e74c1c15b63bece3bef6664d19cb69cb39eefa6Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 615410 - Have bookmarks generate new-style GUIDs. r=mconnor
a29a2a0ae764266dc436b105723a7364a577dff7Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 615410 - More tests for the bookmark store. r=mconnor
d2fd62ffd88e9c81bfe0271303a0e9f54cc51071Richard Newman — Bug 615926: fix stupid typo. r=mconnor
183be003b3126d6e355e4042178c0fb70e85d57dRichard Newman — Bug 615926: attempt to avoid screwing up meta.
faa6ce5a0a20cd74597e297220cff7654a65ebdbRichard Newman — Bug 610914: performance improvements for WeaveCrypto.
3ee27049cd1abcf6f69ce350f8529614defbe091Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 616179 - Persona is not displayed after pref sync cleanup. r=mconnor
3d4ca5a5e090a054eba3c82b1f5bfd81ea44bcb3Philipp von Weitershausen — Fix indentation (no bug)
885c41905de1115800518fd5fae1bad374fd8aebBas Schouten — Merge backout. a=bustage
3054bd366ed614984163c80e5e537053049b76b8Bas Schouten — Backout bug 595277. a=bustage
37b29506a7d4c9915a39e881812b011159f96e30Robert Sayre — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central. a=blockers
8921e3faccd2558eab22efb3212aadda978edb99Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 616310 - JM: reduce fragmentation in ExecutableAllocator. r=jseward.
4e41063ec08f7a5b4a303422d0ab338b7de62144David Mandelin — Fix tiny formatting botch.
8cd47ad6b71d259c78747c96df4538f44bcebc72David Mandelin — Bug 601046: fix freelist maintenance and modify shapes in place in changeProperty, r=brendan
cc202b48606f1cbbbfe8d110579935ac41fa4cc5Blake Kaplan — Bug 610941 - Don't resolve prototypes for things that aren't windows. r=jst
e7c919ed72f119e1926e8f7c61224d4bfa8ecb46Blake Kaplan — Bug 617093 - Kill the dead XOW cache. r=jst
0641328503d89713b0744e06f92c14ff882b910fBlake Kaplan — Bug 614757 - Properly deep wrap via call/construct. r=gal
68de0c5b62557117a2abe16d752306958a3d0a9fJason Orendorff — Fix overeager property cache fills, leading to wrong answers after certain JOF_INCDEC ops. Bug 614782, r=dmandelin.
73ba6e1c2b05786f249c943131861b2594b39f98Phil Ringnalda — Bug 616761 - Remove deadcode extensions/metrics, r=Mossop, a=ted
b8effdadc4af9d9fe030bba1d98284b95b1a9b60Phil Ringnalda — Bug 614183 - Remove ancient extensions/access-builtin, r=surkov, a=NPOTB
a99f870ea8b7c9333d6b417280a26cdc87991418Phil Ringnalda — Bug 612484 - Double timeout to avoid Windows debug "browser_overflowScroll.js | Test timed out," r=dao, a=orange
b4178761c42e93669af892a176d6a16643ba4278Bas Schouten — Bug 595277 - Part 4: Delay Direct3D 9 usage when possible. r=roc a=blocking-final
558125e5f84fd99eb26f975e9191b0b34baf0ae3Bas Schouten — Bug 595277 - Part 3: Let Canvas and HTML video get the permanent LayerManager when instantiating their stuff. r=roc
eeeb6674cffc2b739f6c2911477007cb9ce88805Bas Schouten — Bug 595277 - Part 2: Add parameter to specify requiring the permanent LayerManager. r=roc
9b1f335c6a50d0f271ae563bce06482bf920bcfeBas Schouten — Bug 595277 - Part 1: Add a method to iterate over all windows. r=roc
07e02bc22afb8bd9c74200a1badf7a8e460e44fcBas Schouten — Bug 595277 - Part 0: Clear out user data on destroy. r=roc
fb8ad78374dfbac4438a05249b4f767160adcf9fJim Mathies — Bug 604303 - Trap GetWindowInfo calls in flash and return browser window metrics similar to what we returned prior to the landing of bug 130078. r=bent, a=betaN.
038591612c97ce8fe812a807a180097e1435f1f7Jim Mathies — Bug 604303 - Fixup linux expose quirk to use PluginModuleChild quirks system. r=karlt, a=betaN.
b61efde547aa56cafccc1b1fd38ea42d17368799Jim Mathies — Bug 604303 - Move plugin quirks from PluginInstanceChild to PluginModuleChild. r=bsmedgerg, a=betaN.
3b2e0fcc3cac9b09a400da839002383de891b088Michal Novotny — Bug 597224 - HTTP Cache: use directory tree to store cache files., a=blocker
88fee6b520bbeafc581aa8547fb4f1b131df4a9cBlair McBride — Bug 614865 - Addon about window does not handle overflow very well. r=dtownsend, a=blocking-final
50b3455b84ba8fa817734516a1cb3922693d41e1Blair McBride — Bug 492271 - "All Add-ons have been disabled in safe mode" is misleading in safe mode. r=dtownsend, a=blocking-final
ee65aa15982e1af2b6a48fcf93ecf5c2e111e5e7Blair McBride — Bug 616908 - Global warning in details view of a disabled addon is grey, on Linux. r=dtownsend, a=dtownsend
63fc6076169bace0e7c654bfac71a9d258feb37aBlair McBride — Bug 616641 - Start/end caps of the download-progress binding broken on Windows/OSX with undetermined mode. r=dtownsend, a=blocking-final
686e646d23004d082909149f04b4aa0cd35b9200Benoit Jacob — Bug 613079 - fix non-libxul build and style fixes - r=dholbert, a=fix-build-nonlibxul
2f96714fd6d2b46a79a9453bca2b45ab9288c121Robert Sayre — Merge. a=blockers
25af9b539829ef7c04ba38515492a947c0c5aed9Robert Sayre — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central. a=blockers
0d6d19884ccd0ba5214856f41d026c70f843143fRobert Sayre — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
16a2d28ad4b4099306f0e262bf06cb6602b13f5bJacob Bramley — Extend the IC protection introduced by bug 614323. [Bug 615875] [r=cdleary]
0b53fd11e37410d971e75c149ba67523a315e480Igor Bukanov — bug 590533 - InvokeOperationCallback should yield when the is cancelled. r=gal
d31f58102b381acdf2df8fb367b160a9bc37b0adAndreas Gal — Preserve identity for deep wrapping (bug 610390, r=mrbkap, a=b8).
b3064e25be90b1c82b54d0b66a50867f8174ce62David Anderson — Simplify LOCALINC and friends to fix bugs (bug 610618, r=dmandelin).
6e2ef44cf82a6a7ed0b355648fe103eb34a9785aJason Orendorff — In js shell, make dis() with no arguments disassemble the current script. No bug, rs=Waldo.
a77a648a6f4cc7575659654360cdc6b0f64bd699David Mandelin — Bug 605015: Add slot check in JSObject::methodWriteBarrier, r=dvander
cf2a11def62608083f5cbcd0053a22b10855c4abDavid Anderson — Fix crash in ic::Name with weird scope chains (bug 616508, r=dmandelin).
3c1d1a61f75d260a492c6e8f243d11b6fc7e7927Jason Orendorff — Fix structured cloning deserialization bug that could create invalid Date objects. Bug 602806, r=gal.
582b2499287698bf722bf45b6b73a7bdd0483b6eJason Orendorff — Add support for structured cloning of String/Boolean/Number objects. Bug 602804, r=gal.
25fd3451c0ae6de4f182bd48e02768369ed08c06Julian Seward — Bug 609905 - reTempAlloc: 512k heap allocation for no purpose. r=nnethercote.
2de8816c40884e86935ec353e656a39ce319e7a1Blake Kaplan — bug 601803 - Support adopting a node cross-compartment. r=gal/jst
9ef0b28ced32aba45036dafed4d1aab292588190Blake Kaplan — Merge backout
102b282b6f4fca5c5521ffc2bba60fa686062c77Blake Kaplan — Backout due to bustage
b10150d35a5a8cb0432c7331a18afe0e4e43e67aBlake Kaplan — Attempt to fix Windows bustage.
40df94b2d6009ead7a292e286b23fda09bcef20cChris Leary — Remove zealous match paren assertion. (r=dmandelin, b=613400)
7c2cbf2651d29768b6943827325a734bfa201f93Jeff Walden — Bug 616244 - Update the shell test harness to ignore empty and comment-only lines in test manifests. r=dmandelin
e0384935eb1a64325bdcb80e9a18891ff1ba73c1Jeff Walden — Bug 615975 - Switch to the manifest directory before running a test in a debugger. r=dmandelin
651d80c9ad153a4941d10d2e4f9ae02119d11215Jan de Mooij — Bug 615070 - Newline after backslash is invalid in regexp literals. r=jwalden
017a0aaab2450baaab7401b71dbd33f74e4201f3Blake Kaplan — Bug 610941 - Don't resolve prototypes for things that aren't windows. r=jst
3e97742e029ae459ecf99ef309cd2d9d477209baBlake Kaplan — Bug 611401 - Avoid potential problems by doing this wrapping ourselves. r=gal
cd4718b986c8d9eaf5e92293af7152e395c7198bBlake Kaplan — Fix bug 612835. r=gal
08c80bfca30297a0c0deed9e6083d95b88dce412Blake Kaplan — bug 601803 - Support adopting a node cross-compartment. r=gal/jst
f2177f6432306326278ede5445051e03f0b9e9aaIgor Bukanov — bug 603318 - make dense array slow during array growth, not during the GC. r=bhackett
0aad954c48ed8aab15c9e8f996ff3eb55ccdc637Jacob Bramley — Link the shape guard in bindname to the exit sequence (bug 614907, r=dvander).
44573d17ec8c94562087436132ff532b9bc496f9David Anderson — Fix constructors that return objects in catch blocks (bug 604381, r=dmandelin).
bdc3aa93dc265b9745b987934593b398a41df881Chris Leary — Additional regexp DoReplace diagnostics. (r=dmandelin, b=605754)
c0f4983e83d6d76b62d7c2a2869f721b3d0932e7Chris Leary — Make paren indexing uniform. (r=dmandelin, b=605754)
d3c713bb75e3831ccb401c89cf619c6c3829c61fChris Leary — Fix regexp match pair end-index == -1 assumption. (r=dmandelin, b=605754)
f20d22c4df4737af2ab0c141f65f7a23acf478fcNicholas Nethercote — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
a687492cff3dad319c00fc45f429d251e9972a50Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 580515 - TM: LIR_cmovd mishandled with X86_FORCE_SSE2=no. r=edwsmith.
e5a107d913777c2fbd34a3a8c1ed980e18272cf6David Anderson — Fix prototype guards on array hole ICs (bug 615440, r=dmandelin).
77af2eebbdbdef9a5ec8c0c1c343697c678b3d16David Anderson — Setting debug mode should purge call ICs (bug 612640, r=bhackett).
322c34dc7c285b5ac4b917daa1b4f4e48f48cfd2Robert Sayre — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
67dd268276f30e23806ebbec85559155eda17d91David Mandelin — Bug 614915: set return value correctly when sorting a list containing only undefined values, r=cdleary
8c5f62e68881bbcc0530f3b6c5b6d67052086f5aTom Schuster — Bug 591172: make typeof comparisons faster in JM, r=dvander, a=sayrer
447b97814e81fd59dec95206634662ffc96afba9Robert Sayre — Merge
434707528003f7fb7dd84629ff1e643d51b76a42Robert Sayre — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
e154ca97d8848068bb2adf87632e346cdf820cb2timeless — Bug 615068 obj is only used ifdef DEBUG in JS_NextProperty. r=jorendorff.
5dc38da16e79228da788e36e1bfb7f49f44f65bdtimeless — Bug 614928 PropertyTree::insertChild returns without unlocking cx->runtime when hash->add fails. r=jorendorff.
aaf7a1efa84832a0fd14dd9811772bc452cf1833Jason Orendorff — Fix two tests that were failing in the shell for no good reason. (This will not affect how the tests work in the browser either way; one is skipped in the browser and the other is expected to fail in the browser.) no_r=me.
3ba055c38b39d9bd3a5eda6adbd2fda737bbd703Leon Sha — Bug 609222 - JM: Fix call mechanism and recompilation. r=dvander. Patch to make Sun Studio on X86 work (typedef int32).
e0318d0c228221cf42ef7b3cbf9f4dac7daf0ec8David Mandelin — Bug 610480 last part: fix MSVC warnings, r=jorendorff
ba8b6d13d91e21e97df186637a04ffac61719d2aDavid Mandelin — Bug 554338: Show correct timezone abbreviation on OSX/Linux, r=jorendorff
8b5109ee9acac5df37d4d13b8088cb078217d74cJason Orendorff — JS_DeepFreezeObject does not actually do anything. Bug 609024, r=Waldo.
514dd5bdcaa0bfb3de1986f6a658f4b100246880Reed Loden — Bug 615173 - Rerun 'make genservercert' in build/pgo and commit the resulting certs to fix expired test server certs and make the tree green. a=closedtree=orange:timebomb
f710194a96eca6f0719c1a20a1dc7f4ff7b68b1dIgor Bukanov — bug 613516 - xpcshell dump doesn't print newlines. r=jorendorff
e24641018d51da3572a087fd8ee14a32cae15352Daniel Holbert — Backed out changeset cdb7dae6fdbb (bug 614392) due to windows build bustage. a=bustage
cdb7dae6fdbb3f9daa771d54a0a1b21922844c7aDaniel Holbert — Bug 614392: Use [noscript, notxpcom] instead of "%{C++" for convenience method imgIContainer::GetType. r=joe sr=bz a=blocking-beta9+
494159165d84025b9c8274f33dbaa6a718178dceChris Leary — Remove temporary diagnostics (b=605754 r=dmandelin a=betaN+
b308f615ba23a60f75adeb1a77cf37c5a80ba472Benoit Jacob — Bug 615314 - be silent on uninitialized textures - r=vlad, a=joe
512049001b964300f48c27f8a1bd973ab24348edBenoit Jacob — Bug 616691 - Update list of getParameter pnames - r=vlad, a=joe
db4ae19fd5c9e7d970146c8fa3af729ed0a8fbd8Benoit Jacob — Bug 616655 - Pass the tex-input-validation.html test - r=vlad
2b4e8d17d7b731b3deb4625cec488039784f0ee0Benoit Jacob — Bug 616608 - Pass the rest of webgl-specific.html test (sections 6.4, 6.5, 6.7 of the spec) - part 3/3: formally support COLORSPACE_CONVERSION (just accessors) - r=vlad
48dfe6fbd6b4944f04c17b312d36e650a41c2f61Benoit Jacob — Bug 616608 - Pass the rest of webgl-specific.html test - part 2/3: implement section 6.5 on separate parameters - r=vlad
0166ebdffad82ffc23211c5a5753542901503c34Benoit Jacob — Bug 616608 - Pass the rest of webgl-specific.html test, part 1/3: implement section 6.7 on depthRange - r=vlad
51130bef63c63b65ad5c6a8042a472ac70603a66Benoit Jacob — Bug 615310 - Make webgl.verbose discoverable - r=vlad
ea40cb0cd2180df55ad67f66b0053b1f98c36335Benoit Jacob — Bug 611292 - Block software and non-GL2 OpenGL on OS X - r=joe
ed4a6c4db3580d72c262d4ead6b7a480abdd9ae3Benoit Jacob — Bug 615013 - Implement section 6.8 on mutually incompatible blend factors - r=vlad
7125f195f026dd64c23caee7a5db671c9e62c9ebBenoit Jacob — Bug 615003 - copyTex(Sub)Image methods also need to check/init the FBO - r=vlad
7a5f86926fe4e31f038f711c758d570d8c0f4d91Benoit Jacob — Bug 613306 - fix bufferSubData quickStub - r=vlad
63aebee31618e56063ae9440fd2e88a93bec2296Benoit Jacob — Bug 614867 - Fix WebGL FBOs (pass framebuffer-object-attachment.html) - r=vlad
056814244cebfe62d9a2dfd20e4d0160b04b1e7aBenoit Jacob — Bug 613079 - WebGL crash [@mozilla::gl::GLContextProviderGLX::CreateOffscreen] - r=mattwoodrow, a=blocking-betaN
a7adfbb051fd913f777df204a19f2fce7154703bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 616590 - Prevent documents loaded in mail editors to set up their own editors using the designMode or contentEditable APIs; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-final+
2b63604957e2f5b9c01e47d4b2e1dfe153377627Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 616591 - Firefox 4.0b8pre crash in [@ nsHttpPipeline::GetConnectionInfo(nsHttpConnectionInfo**]; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-beta8+
9d0841ea7e3baf4e332d67980f0880eaecf2f231Dave Townsend — Bug 571970: Main browser chrome should be hidden when viewing in-content UI. r=gavin, a=blocks-betaN
b652145a0e6fd86e2872214cd0352711fea9751aPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 607016 - If a tab is never restored, attributes (eg. hidden) aren't updated correctly [r=dietrich, a=blocking-2.0:final+]
2b44a6a3bfd8f293dee2e172d20814d86e64c9e0Honza Bambas — Bug 607418 - failure in dom/tests/mochitest/localstorage/test_localStorageOriginsSchemaDiffs.html (only a test update to have more logging), r+a=jst
8bc10b6a22223c8e9ad1c0070329cebdffe7ad69Chris AtLee — bug 493791: Periodically run tests under valgrind - Add debugger support to r=ted, a2.0=gavin.
432e9dc771d2c472f0c3c2b3f2166fb71aec9ad4Wolfgang Rosenauer — Bug 588129 - symbols.txt file missing from * r=ted, a20=bsmedberg
5c5042709dd45f1113267479454b2fa203e507f1Wolfgang Rosenauer — Bug 617000 - webconsole doesn't load for firefox-on-xulrunner setups. r+a20=gavin
a722e6bdd0037fa89274e9ffd05a42d8c5b109dcJonathan Kew — bug 467722 - don't short-circuit pref font search unless the previous search really did use the first font. r=jdaggett a=roc
64c753b5e23fc48898960fc5ad652167ae81568bJonathan Kew — bug 616281 - fix the wordwrap-02 reftest to be independent of platform fonts. r=roc a=test-only
1788c427e7f17106b871b215c22cff234dfa80b2Jonathan Kew — bug 614904 - prefer CoreText path for complex-script fonts if AAT tables are present. r=jdaggett a=blocking-betaN
44641ad32c29947ee1001ed6a84efa4a533392d2Neil Deakin — Bug 606343, part 4, fix arrow position in rtl, r=dao, a=blocking
fdaa466ab54f73377fc8df21697f065583aa85b6Neil Deakin — Bug 606343, part 3, use centered arrow panel for bookmarks and identity panel, r=dao, a=blocking
62d5d8bc0ac8b6307f1e2ede7b78763444df46feMargaret Leibovic — Bug 597557, use arrow panel for bookmarks and identity panel, r=dao, a=blocking
5ce0b1299094b8b52e984edea1a0fe7497382664Neil Deakin — Bug 606343, part 2, centre arrow on anchor in notification panel, r=dao, a=blocking
d0b7c821c18ae9671a47992e0e40d7742545224bNeil Deakin — Bug 606343, part 1, add centering position types for panels, r=neil, a=blocking
2a6dd48ee44c31bae041fc891ef690d6245073d3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 615417. Postpone AsyncSetWindow processing until we're not in the middle of painting the plugin. r=bsmedberg a=pavlov
43dd46547be61bb5acd4930ffbde5d46ae215396Walter Meinl — Bug 596737 - [JAEGER] fix linking of MethodJIT on OS/2 p=wuno,r=daveryeo,dvander,a=dvander
2f15cc56a2c289d8961a0897f5b81be76716df7aJonathan Watt — Back out 02b080d3a0e0 (bug 599393) due to Youtube regression (bug 599393 comment 8). a=backout
f6dbfac1ab2205cae5d36edfd55f7abe83c263a4timeless — Bug 577905 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in svg
d239dedd96d35e93523ca452d001faf1ab46ece8Robert Longson — Bug 489871 - CSS comments should not be allowed in presentation attribute values. r=dbaron a=roc
21649e5809fb229581bcfcf5df9cae71343d2fdaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 614723. Don't get our acceptLangs unless we plan to use it. r=jwatt a=roc
b1a4d82fb98ad6f094e3b3e84615a48cc62fac1aRobert Longson — Bug 615666 - SMIL animation does not work with percent units for "offset" attr on <stop> elements. r=jwatt a=roc
50985e5fa3e383b7e6ae5389f22f07aee1c58e9eJonathan Watt — Bug 580796 - "ASSERTION: Returning unknown unit type" regression from bug 515116. r=longsonr a=roc
0ec22e77aefc7a690cf6a96f466f9d0056fc2f39Ms2ger — Bug 605179 - Fix build warnings in gfx/; r=roc a=bsmedberg
bfec67c46b7cb58ad3149016076ccecd261e01f7Ginn Chen — Bug 612234 Fix for non libxul build on Windows r=neil a=blocking-2.0
4222674401bab63c2bb3a4d94df123d230babdd4Ms2ger — Bug 589907 - Fix unused variable warning in docshell/ r=benjamin a=npob (debug warning)
8b738045e4fd646cab12aee01ba7288fa96f56a8Benjamin Stover — Bug 598078 - DocShell warning: Could not fetch previous flags, URI will be treated like referrer. r=bz, a=warning
12c31d0065cab5a446001415e42853fc6627b64cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 611164. Fire MozPaintWait event if async plugin rendering hasn't caught up with our desired plugin size. r=romaxa a=roc
a49bc63fe3d0938b68b841274d9416baf84313f2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 590368. Pass SWP_NOCOPYBITS when moving a clipped plugin window with D3D9, to work around a Windows/driver bug. r=jmathies a=blocking
20441229d0a7be4a7b4bf8b038f0f48b9e9164b6Eli Friedman — Bug 579788 - Qualify access to dependent base in imported Chromium code. r=benjamin, a=benjamin
8c3e817ba0349b854dc7e66dab7e2fd97ebb9cafDaniel Holbert — Bug 615977: Make nsCSSValue::BufferFromString() return an already_AddRefed pointer. r=dbaron a=roc
3e68a0b2cdc47c59681f11705baa49380757ad6eDaniel Holbert — Bug 616206 - constructor init lists out of order in dom/ipc/ContentChild.cpp, dom/ipc/TabParent.cpp. r=dougt, a=dougt
566bac81d5febeca7bdf208162aea69cb353ad6dBrian Birtles — Bug 614879 - SVG SMIL: Fix indefinite to-animation; r=dholbert, a=roc
02b080d3a0e0cfb6a7cdfe20cbdc117d03c56edeRobert O'Callahan — Bug 599393. Remove workaround code that's no longer needed (backing out bug 587508). a=joe
17bc5bbcb0c669c269bafa9e870abcadb5a868adJonathan Watt — Fix bustage by adding missing tests that didn't 'hg import' correctly for changeset f227a6e64b3f (bug 615658). a=bustage
d1a5599b49fa787534a3a2c568ff35cf502f7a93Serge Gautherie — Bug 615546 - SimpleTest.finish() should be asynchronous; (Av1a) SimpleTest.js: Create SimpleTest._finishNow() out of SimpleTest.finish() then call it asynchronously, Fix some (unrelated) nits.
f227a6e64b3f60ce5af4583e7e1fcf3c00cafa84Robert Longson — Bug 615658 - SMIL animation of some filter attributes don't invalidate correctly. r=jwatt, a=roc.
30b83f45346c6ae6f59cebaddae1a929b2bf2e99timeless — Bug 604636 nsJSCID::HasInstance bails too strictly: enforces both other_wrapper are obj2 non null instead of one is
8ab66adf43bb070b601c89e9dcbe5e69121399b7timeless — Bug 604632 nsPrintEngine::DoPrint leaks docTitleStr and docURLStr if !seqFrame
cc14f84709d4ae64e1d09df837dfc7e01cf1936ftimeless — Bug 615485 warning: format '%11x' expects type 'unsigned int', but argument 3 has type 'PRUint64' in nsTextNode::List
916b65373ba2a667de38d81290876987be58d5datimeless — Bug 616300 crash [@ nsPrintEngine::DoCommonPrint(int, nsIPrintSettings*, nsIWebProgressListener*)]
48e4a07c0eda7de8b1b260efa8fb27e7845c6d24Robert Longson — Bug 614324 - Enable reftest on windows now that bug 606372 has fixed it a=test-only
ae74a11a7d98f3c82582e2519ac774979127322eKyle Huey — Back out cl-as-a-native-command to fix Bug 615571. r=me a=NPOTB
69cbd6df30d089abccea8876f2660e90b42b6061Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset 0e9ba7c029e3
1f2beffd84ff6e63451e0120c5b59bc88e95b9e5Phil Ringnalda — Bug 607133 - Remove the unneeded bits of test_404630.js which hit the network, and thus make it flaky, r=mak, a=orange
c5e63ee001324785bbeab8a1422e9650c8c15911Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 615781 - Don't attempt to display the caret when switching selections if we know that we're going to hide it immediately; r,a=roc
445e8a8d79b2901826d1d400b176dae79b841d43Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 616714 - Bug 603367 breaks non-libxul builds; r=khuey a=NPOTB
23262313e08b2b7c2dd9ff8bff0c9515b9a73923Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 607482 - Part 2: Adjust the test so that the code doesn't need to unset the attribute asynchronously; r=dao a=gavin
8515f6bd4306c6e7cd5c9df44e0618598215d80cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 607482 - When in Private Mode, opening a new window causes FF button to flash orange and then turn purple; r=dao a=dietrich
4da141a1fbffea2d362a41e1b6b2a1392e855eb5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 613130 - Don't sanitize style nodes and attributes in the sanitizing parser if we have not found any unsafe properties; r=roc,bzbarsky a=blocking-final+
17fddebefbf055f9d98de3fbaa3c0219ee64f87eJonathan Watt — Bug 589556. Make SVGMotionSMILPathUtils::PathGenerator use SVGLength, not nsSVGLength2. r=longsonr, a=roc.
3cfa2011c8318c0b92e44cc3168fb7e3139aa0a5Saint Wesonga — Bug 498826 - Implement optional putImageData arguments. r+a=vlad
6c885a625cb99ff6f7eb239ad5ef99605bf03a61timeless — Bug 615841 ourA11yNotification is only used in nsFrameManager::ReResolveStyleContext ifdef ACCESSIBILITY
ad075e3f44690ff340c3ad74e999185ce2186b40timeless — Bug 615486 GetDeviceName is defined but not used ifndef USE_LINUX_QUOTACTL
5c000f879f4c3c4887053a00ed498089861ea890timeless — Bug 603354 hasKHRImage is used uninitialized in EGLLibrary::EnsureInitialized
f93c3727b04357bfb0cdb416478b336e832ff02btimeless — Bug 615425 warnings in prefetch
ba11bdfe7034d16cdf3e8097694ee30b1578bbd1timeless — Bug 615359 CheckForFullscreenWindow is only used ifdef XP_WIN
5fcca6b353eeff755918ccb78e8597cceaba1949timeless — Bug 615569 warning: statement with no effect for each png_warning/png_chunk_warning
1b37f953b5e44e4e390facbbf16c6ca35635bf7atimeless — Bug 615361 warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size in jsd
3e7e476a9ea09e67c845e41fb5a9b39540b9f4d8timeless — Bug 615069 qStyle is unused in nsLookAndFeel::GetMetric(const nsMetricID aID,PRInt32 &aMetric)
4c8ae858b8e189b30a808eb67e721857f661f014Serge Gautherie — Bug 589471 - [SeaMonkey 2.1, mochitest-plain-5] permanent "toolkit/components/satchel/test/test_form_submission.html | Test timed out."; (Av1) Disable timing out part of the test on SeaMonkey.
c282f8597e0345bdb942c70166397cab192b6e96timeless — Bug 615840 - mBuildCaret/mMode initialized out of order in nsDisplayListBuilder::nsDisplayListBuilder. r+a=roc
14bdc103e1265633ec8e0608feae1c8fbb1329cbtimeless — Bug 615837 - unused variable rv in nsXMLHttpRequest::GetStatusText. r+a=bz
583c8c32b487ee65f9a10ac0763075db3a08942eMs2ger — Bug 613793 - Raise an exception when trying to append a child to a DocumentType; r=bzbarsky a=jst
d21aa33f3660e11dbc00fc61cb02702dc1a8a00fDão Gottwald — Bug 616461 - Firefox Button History sub-menu not showing Recent closed Tabs/Windows. r=gavin
cd392793b0c0c1331485caa48b65e4de53f91658Bas Schouten — Bug 616495 - Crashtest: Test single side composite color border. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-beta8
ec5c700a5f7e88919a17886450de9897d74caacfBas Schouten — Bug 616495: Deal with some sides having no moz-border-colors at all. r=vlad a=blocking-beta8
e19fb998583e3484ce77557d47710d00c0737de2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 591619 followup. Need to allow the <select>'s anonymous kids. a=orange
e6267230056e50d19ea3f104fa03a343e4d9409eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 616394. Make sure to set mPostedReflowCallback to false even if we have no frameloader when the callback happens. r=roc, a=blocker
e0285b393e11bf3a2fd7cb39538477af83e051efBoris Zbarsky — Bug 591619. Don't create frames for non-option kids of <optgroup> or non-option and non-optgroup kids of <select>. r=dbaron
70cb20ed0813dc2ab15652ae5887b8eef21d590fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 261715 Alt key auto-repeat shouldn't cause to show/focus menubar if mouse button is down during first Alt keydown and Alt keyup r=enn, a=jst
e52f4987ec949b6e957baf517e85655e48413155Peter Van der Beken — Followup fix for bug 605672 (Fix reason for invalid scope assertion). r=jst, a=blocker.
3b2d178f729947c46ddf455cb70c0f0a168dac3cPeter Van der Beken — Bug 605672. Fix reason for invalid scope assertion., a=blocker.
28597b6d4215c9483b65201f5116577f277c2d1bPaul O’Shannessy — Backout revision ef0adaaa2e53. a=orange
6f4d85285727796770717449c0f7221720d26c27Paul O’Shannessy — Backout revision f15120d5a96e (bug 607016). a=orange
0ebee0d30b04fd23507fd6ae46db34075ff02342Vladimir Vukicevic — b=616360; add missing return in WebGL RenderbufferStorage; r=bjacob, a=b
ac07899a5faf56faf6134657054d0db2a2ca5becVladimir Vukicevic — update in-tree webgl conformance tests copy; r=npotb
3bb7e1a3cb223816f3a47d3df321f8471e389463Vladimir Vukicevic — b=603367, disable ANGLE/WebGL on Linux until build system issues are fixed (bug 559964)
f1dd337db722f9ae3c57cd80d50a8ac654037b96Vladimir Vukicevic — b=603367; use ANGLE for WebGL on Win32; r=bjacob
370f95da0cc1959c7ff3df5254d93e3e511cbf39Vladimir Vukicevic — b=616290; upgrade ANGLE to r498; r=bjacob
dff69338ba79852d62502e212a243de2ded5c358Oleg Romashin — Bug 616081 - Make possible to set gDumpPaintList as true with ENV variable in debu builds. r=roc a=approval2.0
557ce7926eba28e6b86b9a8883f106c530ad9601Oleg Romashin — Bug 607653 - avoid temporary fbos/textures on transformed layers, when possible. part2 r=roc a=apporval2.0
566832c6b2845b2c54c12c940ce871d7a3d2ea32Oleg Romashin — Bug 607653 - avoid temporary fbos/textures on transformed layers, when possible. part1 r=roc a=apporval2.0
bb9d8fb1805feca56f48d846376c65b7d28d99eeOleg Romashin — Bug 602171 - CAIRO_FORMAT_A8 not allowed for cairo-qt image backend r=jmuizelaar a=npodb
cb897c736451fafe99bb7165df81c0119fedbb2fOleg Romashin — Bug 615536 - nsIFrame::GetMouseThrough need to be optimized r=roc a=approval2.0
24685c64a5c891e0bb4e6785b73007caa91b77e8Dave Townsend — Bug 610764: Get Add-ons tab is not default selection in new profile. r=Unfocused, a=blocks-final
61deb05747d68346dc8c5cc058d28cc4df9bf2e9Dave Townsend — Bug 614416: Building add-on lists is too slow. r=Unfocused, a=blocks-final
d12aec78e086a44ab9f0c795a07e5b5681ca0dd6Jesse Ruderman — Bug 615959 - adjust assertion counts because bug 570436's assertion apparently doesn't happen on Win7. a=NPOTB DONTBUILD
ef0adaaa2e53f1fbad04b0c493b600171fb9406fPaul O’Shannessy — Fix typo in test for bug 586068. No bug. a=test
28066e5483fcb4a2019299f9e45fc7ede62c2a8cPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 614708 - Calling setTabValue too early causes correct values to be ignored when access early [r=dietrich, a=blocks a blocker]
f15120d5a96ecdcd60312a58f1955618910f6989Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 607016 - If a tab is never restored, attributes (eg. hidden) aren't updated correctly [r=dietrich, a=blocking-2.0:final+]
6309e9c330c0bfbc416d032ebd79984fa1917079Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 614089 - SSTabRestored should be fired for each tab [r=dietrich, a=blocks a blocker]
3dc4147890e990cdd99086c1c2d76c5e433e0396Margaret Leibovic — Bug 594586 - Screen reader accessibility for doorhanger notifications [r=gavin, a=blocking-2.0:betaN+]
2df08dfa1b222e195b677a041f121d144cbecbadMargaret Leibovic — Bug 615481 - Doorhanger (popup) notifications need a maximum width and the text needs to wrap if necessary [r=gavin, a=blocking-2.0:betaN+]
26679406a685651cebc652f8522df57224a9c107L. David Baron — Add bug number for some float test known failures. a2.0=tests
def1d44447e33664daae0bbf25e919ff861800e5L. David Baron — Remove comment about difference from CSS 2.1 since CSS 2.1 has adopted the proposal in question. a2.0=tests
ec5b2fab7df586c51cfcc40fdbd5b0a31c07cebcL. David Baron — Change assertion annotation. The condition causing it is dependence on some sizes rather than a platform-specific issue, but leave it a little more specific so that we notice if the bug is fixed. (Bug 615953) a2.0=tests
96d450e8f445f877f66cf409d10a346f2740abecBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 616056 - prevent double registration of binary components, which causes crashes due to dead KnownModule pointers, r=Mossop a=blocking
63d439971e7e18181788a8c20c2dd408f2559887Ehsan Akhgari — Merge backout; a=orange-fix
e2f49a2108900c6964978fe4028bbf9036e39aa6Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset b7e28f448533 (bug 609685) because of test failures
b67f6a46781a00fe92f71e6a5c5e395f355d9a88Matt Brubeck — Bug 616513 - Fennec crashes with Simeji IME. r=crowder a=blocking-fennec DONTBUILD
9ddbf8ab23a5ce28bf9f152e3fd814a983de6eb0Taras Glek — Bug 588873 - Crashfix, catch EXCEPTION_IN_PAGE_ERROR, use file io for checksum on Windows for more safety+speed r=benh a=blocking-betaN
2357fce3dceb983eb62aa78c07406658c9a29e5aSerge Gautherie — Bug 615923 - mochitests-2: intermittent "test_fallback.html | Exited with code 1 during test run" (ASSERTION: XPConnect is being called on a scope without a 'Components' property!); (Av1) offlineTests.js: Fix finish(), Remove unused _slaveWindow._OfflineSlaveWindow, Merge _isMaster, _slaveWindow and hasSlave() into new _hasSlave.
bedcf4735d6fc9aa32a890fc248e095594d9a754Raymond Lee — Bug 615954 - Intermittent Failure in tabview/browser_tabview_bug597248.js | Tab item is showing cached data [r=ian, a=orange]
d0cbb80b60e8b2541ea2d97e29fe16ddffa9e329Raymond Lee — Bug 608158 - Exiting Panorama when nothing but hidden groups and no app tabs, should create new tab [r=ian, a=beltzner]
ce390d93ab9d3ddfafc3a7da785262d2f920a1acRaymond Lee — Bug 608037 - Undo close tab in Panorama UI should keep you in Panorama UI [r=ian, a=beltzner]
b7e28f4485336c8e3886c300503bd35f690a7b54Sean Dunn — Bug 609685 - "Having opened panorama once in a window affects all rendering in that window, even in tabs that are opened later" [f=ian r=ian a=blocking]
4e49d32a52169d2bd98735f7992f7d73f8d7c616Jonathan Watt — Bug 589439. De-COMtaminate SVG number lists and support for SMIL animation of SVG number lists. a=roc r=roc,longsonr,dholbert.
918e77b793124f5927a6a5345094a0fabe68be5fSean Dunn Bug 594433 - "Ensure the matched tab isn't over the search box in the Panorama UI" [r=dolske f=ian a=blocking]
1b27facfee0087943c126454ba4c999c86f2ff11Markus Stange — Bug 596955 - Simplify nsCocoaWindow::Resize and no longer resize our ChildView before doing the actual window resize in order to avoid painting artifacts with OpenGL. r=josh, a=final
5bab39756981d7e6b626e198b5c1672376415709timeless — Bug 612272 crash [@ ShowNativePrintDialog ] when trying to print some pages; r=mats a=blocking-betaN+
d11d8ac9ffe3c1fe9c724c9aafe0ce26e82609afNeil Deakin — Bug 527749 - Drag events out of order; r=smaug,dao a=blocking-betaN+
a84d8af1af12aff7202de66d3bc831aedeb5ba21Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 615015 followup - Adjust the assertion count which now happens in editor/libeditor/html/crashtests/467647-1.html too; a=orange-fix
147071ae59cf6423db7ea07252495aa3c23ed817Josh Aas — Bug 573873: Make sure to propagate redirect notifications whenever we don't kill the redirect for plugins. r=jst sr=bz a=blocking2.0betaN+
af358fe76628a70384809c486e9a0f47b6f7c4abEhsan Akhgari — Bug 615015 - "ASSERTION: bad action nesting!"; r,a=roc
92d0320fb62e7a02e1e3b49289016fb4d338199dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 615450 - Prevent the reinitialization of the HTML editor while an editor operation is in progress on a document; r,a=roc
8800f54d55d0966f5a52e30729ea41cb63d3b978Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 614286 followup - Reorder the constructor initializer list to prevent compiler warnings
ef449201d114a690a7502e2c96fe8ad778747ea9Mounir Lamouri — Bug 613722 - Do not make <embed hidden> display none. r=jst a=blocking-betaN
a1c92bbac6acb621bc1e8691fd60b1a7f3ff167cMounir Lamouri — Bug 615697 - <input type='file'> change event should bubble. r=smaug a=blocking-betaN
f08d6796f9af8279ed69d4efd043c40029108349Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 614958 - Part 2: Protect the destruction of the callback objects the same way as the event sink object to avoid possible deadlock scenarios; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-beta8+
d9f03972cad82cbfe2efe9f54299e64ec265d68cAxel Hecht — bug 613055, update shipped-locales for beta 8, a=DONTBUILD
eb4d2a3dc388cac70d1dcf9b0c3900063d430c97Alexander Surkov — Bug 615189 - tests for menu events, r=fer, a=test
d25494ae4c3b3a3a63c96f96078ec1e9a3908eccAlexander Surkov — Bug 615846 - correct name/test_markup.html, extend events debugging in mochitests, r=fer, a=test
0ff6d59842870cf6c29e07f082a66d4e15306567Johnny Stenback — Backout merge, a=backout
e243ef4f1e0eed4279c5d7886d09108fe4c14e84Johnny Stenback — Backed out changeset 78df45be19d1 due to test failures caused by it but were hidden because of lack of support for adoptNode, which was fixed in a4813c8be814, a=orange
e42651bbc73ef45b2d6f76b6ad3e85cb43a4cfaeJosh Aas — Bug 615935: Cancel any complex text composition for a Cocoa NPAPI plugin when it doesn't return kNPEventStartIME for a key down event. r=smichaud a=blocking2.0betaN+
9280c6d82204bdea2901e5e24726186370f86624Josh Aas — Bug 615881: Fix several bugs related to the handling of NPAPI's NPPluginFuncs structure. r=bsmedberg a=blocking2.0final+
a4813c8be814ca7dd0faaedb9dc6d30791f34de8Blake Kaplan — bug 601803 - Support adopting a node cross-compartment. r=gal/jst, a=blocker
065c920fb3723dc8ec32c2b1bc544d8b7e5be81eRobert Strong — Bug 615467 - intermittent failure in toolkit\mozapps\update\test\unit\test_0170_fileLocked_xp_win_complete.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0), see following log: succeeded == failed. r=dtownsend, a=test fix
da02b204f064819a9b6ec223c13570f269355a24Robert Strong — File fragmentation on update fix for partial updates which are by far the worst culprit - Bug 570058 - investigate small writes from MBS_ApplyPatch. r=tglek, r=dtownsend, a=dtownsend
65e817d73885a700a664d6be57f0d1c047eac476Robert Strong — Bug 614767 - dos line ending in extensions-aero.css. r=dtownsend, a=dtownsend
c403f53901f2c16d3b7007ddaaa468bf685bf978Dave Townsend — Backing out changeset 3f004b291c65 from bug 571970 due to test failures. a=backout
2afc36a5499c1bfb03fcd5982b8fe0f2d491e3f5Dave Townsend — Backing out bug 591024, bug 610764 and bug 614416 due to test failures. a=bustage
15cdaa1d538bdfe393320f4d06b5c29010e625e6Alon Zakai — Bug 613076 - Fix GetDPI in the content process. r=cjones a=blocking-fennec
bcf68bd9321dcf7012b1d36a6a3bc3914c7ecc4bBrad Lassey — bug 615208 - Android keyboard does not insert/delete at the caret in content forms r=cjones a=blocking-fennec
a7692d5dd29b6ebdc4d68caa2a768072ede4c306Matt Brubeck — Bug 610785 - Can't open downloaded .apk file. r=bz a=blocking-fennec
318d60678767e973b872f2cb0aa518ca456993f6Michael Wu — Bug 612392 - Avoid 2D draws when doing 3D, r=vlad a=blocking-fennec
d748232921a59df4a5fb7d8f4ddb209360d41c82Matthew Gregan — Bug 615134 - Adjust ALSA start threshold to reduce the chance of deadlocking when recovering from underruns. r=cpearce a=roc
95af6190017f0f997409fc07aae5c69d06d92086timeless — Bug 615838 comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in nsMediaCache::FlushInternal. r=roc a=roc
f1a5bea1d022eedf7cd4c4a4edd7ebc3cf1d29d2Johnny Stenback — Bug 606709. Ensure that a traced inner window's outer window gets traced too, so that the inner doesn't outlive its outer window., a=blocker
37aefdd76a22e0f8ff5549cdd880efd497905e20Michal Novotny — bug 363109 - body of HTTP 304 response is treated as a HTTP/0.9 response to subsequent HTTP request. r=biesi, sr=bz, a=blocker
3f004b291c654e274f7259173306ab4d94b40cadDave Townsend — Bug 571970: Main browser chrome should be hidden when viewing in-content UI. r=gavin, a=blocks-betaN
f2927563659beb2123500b88a5a88471647b00faDave Townsend — Bug 591024: Only show "Available Updates" pane when pending updates are available. r=Unfocused, a=blocks-final
b42658175de0dd03f6404d91f1ec20518d98ba0cDave Townsend — Bug 610764: Get Add-ons tab is not default selection in new profile. r=Unfocused, a=blocks-final
6ad26f209603a7c7775828ecf071ccfc411cf6acDave Townsend — Bug 614416: Building add-on lists is too slow. r=Unfocused, a=blocks-final
929dfea2e61a39a4b994d8f299cd8366d03458baDave Townsend — Bug 615980: 64x64 icons shouldn't be squished down to 48x48. r=Unfocused, a=blocks-final
b8388f11a366e330abe24c6991db9549210fadd4Dave Townsend — Bug 614868: Blocklist test assumes that nothing on the system is blocked by the default blocklist. r=robstrong, a=tests
7ff5dc0e487bd341affdf21603cdf576578bb15eDave Townsend — Bug 615443: Ensure that contributors and localisers are listed in order. r=robstrong, a=blocks-final
2c24ce211f2b7ee5223adec98c82b56178053b03Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 614958 - Don't release the socket transport's event sink while we're holding a lock, since it can result in retrying to obtain the same lock again, which causes a deadlock; r=biesi,bsmedberg a=blocking-beta8+ landed on a CLOSED TREE
5ae1f2fa0d9f2b9560d5aecc28d4b945a78db941Wes Johnston — Bug 612703 - Don't always update notification progressbars. Android only. [r=blassey, a=blocking-fennec]
be1f9b4e522e94d7db7488d52d8394b0dc883c56Chris Leary — Additional regexp DoReplace diagnostics. (r=dmandelin, a=blocker, b=605754)
a93d62654d2d43b5176d431768dde5212772db46Chris Leary — Make paren indexing uniform. (r=dmandelin, a=blocker, b=605754)
03ff7e80545f6713625571dc0442027fe9e193bbChris Leary — Fix regexp match pair end-index == -1 assumption. (r=dmandelin, a=blocker b=605754)
5cacd338d84fa2ac583e4a1725a5d705d6f22391Kyle Huey — Backing out this changeset because it's tickling a JS_Assert. a=me
1def4d0829577023f9534c593348a384803c8bf0Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset bdd2ea5a37ee
5f7bc844137b3192c5135969ed18dc3723981d0fDave Townsend — Backing out changeset 2719d97b6766 from bug 609227 due to unexpected reftest failures. a=backout
ba2e3cdbaaf3b67ebb03bee51e2b5f690a6ea12fBas Schouten — Bug 601273: Properly retain copied region. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-final
a3559b626db17cd9a85455fa6b1153184148130fHenrik Skupin — Bug 613802 - Dummy test for Mozmill restart tests to circumvent Tinderbox fail errors. r=ctalbert a=test-only
2719d97b67669af35081a175a65509cc58cd35f6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 609227. Always place a line at y<=0 in the block; there's no point in pushing such a line to the next block. r=roc, a=blocker
bdd2ea5a37ee0798c5dcefc4b711ec493d709425Honza Bambas — Bug 607418 - failure in dom/tests/mochitest/localstorage/test_localStorageOriginsSchemaDiffs.html (only a test update to have more logging), r+a=jst
c994a3574125ea4d9ec700424517573451d23214Kyle Huey — Backing out Bug 603844 because of xslt test failures. a=orange
cb06c76f79fbc4d7b882fc672fb6e93551db3a9cKyle Huey — Backed out changeset 40b718853f48
50d50f78926501d6c86434eec29c54928f02c08dBrad Lassey — bug 589879 - All input fields labeled with a go button, which doesn't do anything without special handling, fixing a bad merge r=roc a=blocking-fennec
5a50b85ca5ef9163d53058c4a428d99c7f5fc203Brad Lassey — bug 616078 - Make sure we have a new process for android restarter r=mwu a=blocking-fennec
cb69605b40287d405828396a288a8424e88b4379Jim Mathies — Bug 595132 - Tests. r=masayuki, a=final
8bd4943447fba3d4195c87cfc9c0a0e8453bf076Jim Mathies — Bug 595132 - Don't trap and send context menu events destined for the browser to plugins. r=masayuki, a=final
ea8c9b1d381be538438a94db5d006ff494f0f3ddKyle Huey — Merge patches that got pushed while I was queueing up. a=me
2fb4b186f3af60c3e9859aa5f8699ccda2a53052Tuukka Tolvanen — Bug 591152: Fix a few configure warnings. r=khuey a=npotb
9fcb0a83c1a6314465f638aa23de27e763230739Kyle Huey — Bug 614403: Make nsPluginDocument QI to its CC participant. r=peterv a=b:final
0988aaa45cc616f781f45fd6237d8ed91dd2abf2Kyle Huey — Bug 614401: Make nsImageDocument QI to its CC participant. r=peterv a=b:final
feb478675a92f9d46beaeda01795f78440a7a1ebKyle Huey — Bug 603844: Annotate some xlst classes with leak logging. r=sicking sr=dbaron
40b718853f48f2b12802e6266004bc1ea35d28ddPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 603844 (Leak txUnknownHandler+ with transformToDocument(textnode)). r=sicking a=b:final
905ffb24d56a3a6cd04f9bb475d415b21d7dff2bDavid Bolter — Bug 615282 - Make test_keys.html pass on OSX. r=Marcoz a=testonly
4661521b737c8d2208d8677b2927c48bd387ca2bGinn Chen — Bug 615149 - Crash under nsAccDocManager::ClearDocCache. r=surkov, a=davidb
57a6ec830cd465d84012835d109d5db561a14cd2Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 616127 - Prevent nsIFrame.h from being used from non-internal code. r+a=bz
c0c537489cbf1de521f7f2b3ead3844c899e9fc1Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 614610 - Annotate ProcessType for content and jetpack crashes, r=ted
1fa8a96b1c2c1de1d119c5376bc482cb1faa3c3eBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 613744 - Crash when switching layer managers during rendering: compare the cached ImageContainer layer manager with the new manager while building the new layer, and recreate it if a new manager is being used. r=roc a=blocker
57aa15b3fce9791d75aa2169f7411f1091845fa1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 614724. Quickstub createElementNS. r=peterv, a=jst
e02412c90d50e3b944c4214f94ff2bfe458a50feBoris Zbarsky — Bug 478445 and bug 499628. strokeText needs to not re-stroke the current path. r=vlad, a=vlad
c5136e816bde486f6693971d67bcaaec00dd967dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 608914 part 2. Get rid of some temporary strings now that we can AppendFloat to an nsAString. r=dbaron
48657c9d5788fec9c62e69f77bb0050290107f61Boris Zbarsky — Bug 608914 part 1. Remove the nsString overloads of AppendInt and move AppendFloat up to nsAString. r=bsmedberg
75d91c4ff0d8429723d5a2c9ba472a35bf5dce09Matt Brubeck — Bug 616020 - Use armeabi-v7a for thumb2 packages on Android. r=mwu a=blocking-fennec
ae06445eeff1becaeb387c4be1c1378928fa49f4Bas Schouten — Bug 588271 - Part 5: Mark reftests as no longer failing. r=vlad a=blocking-betan
9987d0724a100d27241048079bf898fb42345443Bas Schouten — Bug 588271 - Part 4: Add specialized rendering codepaths for the most common border types. r=vlad a=blocking-betan
8edf6bda5fc2dd756c3f0d2d548165b7379de365Bas Schouten — Bug 588271 - Part 3: Update reftest to mask the nose edge because of color interpolation inconsistencies. r=jrmuizel
262d9ccb5da56d2e30bd89f3c35d5c9e025d19dfBas Schouten — Bug 588271 - Part 2: Update masks of some reftests to new border rendering. r=jrmuizel
554d37bb2aff81d43091a4290aedfd9cea842df5Bas Schouten — Bug 588271 - Part 1: Mask corners of some reftests because of AA differences. r=roc
7ab0eb4c345b12838f45bfe19f3088be8025215aKyle Huey — Bug 614279: Make nsHTMLDataListElement QI to its own CC participant. r=peterv a=blocking-final
251cd89364a8e08eaa956de02fd279f5eca118bdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 605296 part 2. Make username/password stringify undefined to empty string. r=sicking, a=blocker
43437276f9f174878ac212b6c03eb4efa831ac20Boris Zbarsky — Bug 605296 part 1. Infrastructure for supporting AUTF8String in quickstubs. r=jorendorff
5f664ece27590bed20d50c8d7cb752b15ecf9567Boris Zbarsky — Bug 609272. Make sure to not apply clipping of overflow when printing to the root element, because it doesn't really make use of its overflow style itself. r=dbaron
80426f61cb135ab784c37b22a93dccd2f6ff9267Boris Zbarsky — Bug 614058. Fix regression in IsEqualNode. r=jst, a=blocker
2f448cda82bdaa8f0401216529d64da6f06fbf7bMounir Lamouri — Bug 595432 - Use an arrow panel for the invalid form popup. r=gavin ui-r=limi a=blocking-betaN
7212a3782e386af6aa92b4f92e9c5183698c3c42Rob Campbell — Bug 612300 - Web Console opening and closing transition is too slow; f=pwalton
a39d56b546239a6814a8e3044bd628b632f2191bPatrick Walton — Bug 601667 - Web Console toolbar styling, part 4; f=mihai.sucan,ddahl r=l10n,sdwilsh,dao,kdangoor, a=blocking2.0
5a61fc1bd8f035221a0623bca94ae8ba96201b1ePatrick Walton — Bug 601667 - Web Console toolbar styling, part 3; f=mihai.sucan,ddahl r=l10n,sdwilsh,dao,kdangoor, a=blocking2.0
841893070e47c0078dc1d46cf9d07b2d8190c403Patrick Walton — Bug 601667 - Web Console toolbar styling, part 2; f=mihai.sucan,ddahl r=l10n,sdwilsh,dao,kdangoor, a=blocking2.0
d48937dcda74b37ace70e85309a7c6d9f57ab0ecPatrick Walton — Bug 601667 - Web Console toolbar styling, part 1; f=mihai.sucan,ddahl r=l10n,sdwilsh,dao,kdangoor, a=blocking2.0
b92216d0aea951e89dc0f92bebb649fe0e8a5e75Mihai Sucan — Bug 602024 - mixed licensing in HUDService.jsm is confusing; f=rcampbell
1429940f0fd25e75734cfda1fb407f927a49a156Rob Campbell — Bug 614561 - pprint() does not take string arguments any more;
f257e2a6cdcfdc97d81f87637492ae8057967d34Jonathan Kew — bug 606419 - always return the dwrite factory once one has been created. r=bas a=blocking2.0
8cec27abeda29ec99a1f447e03181133d14d03feJonathan Kew — bug 609691 - check result of gfxFontGroup::MakeTextRun for failure. r=karlt a=joe
d4d8e47b84ee4fb209285cb6cd90d0f99d2e8b44Alexander Surkov — Bug 616082 - correct designMode tests, r=marcoz, a=test
06d98df8a568b6c186be54ff6cf53c0ab0f8c3b1Alexander Surkov — Bug 616074 - enable state tests in test_doc.html for dynamic role changes, r=marcoz, a=test
dfedd535f514dc0ec600e0e24ea358126a74b090Alexander Surkov — Bug 615220 - Don't fire focus event for current focused accessible when document gets focus, r=davidb, a=davidb
2adf67fdc19ad2116f253bf2e8d5d592a2fc87ceAlexander Surkov — Bug 615913 - fix focus hyperlink tests, r=marcoz, a=test
7ea516b743f58d7a6cba51a431d4d19dab9038dfAlexander Surkov — Bug 615918 - hide mouseover/EVENT_DRAGDROP_START from ordinary debug build, r=davidb, a=davidb
405a236b58728ebf9549f48a91ed8c63e70c436fDão Gottwald — Bug 613156 - Implement splitmenu binding. r=dolske a=blocks-blocker
baa5ae44f0ba9a8fb14197ca49fbb2ef6c754b3dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 616085 - Disable a crashtest which accesses a network resource which is unavailable, and causes the crashtest suite to not exit cleanly; r=me a=tree-opener landed on a CLOSED TREE
01bdda1252f075114b204248097f491c5c2d9af9Dave Townsend — Backing out changeset ab44d15573e2 from bug 615546 due to an unusual rise in failures of bug 592402 (and maybe others). a=backout CLOSED TREE
aa71e65493395f1874142e0e4f7e608b31b758daDave Townsend — Backing out changeset ee61ea93a2fa from bug 609691 due to causing permanent orange on OSX crashtests. CLOSED TREE. a=backout
ca55c84f43fd52d0c1ba7face219bef7061ad69cDave Townsend — Backing out bug 614058, bug 609272, bug 478445, bug 499628, bug 605296, bug 608914 and bug 614724 due to potentially causing bug 615736 CLOSED TREE. a=backout
4d01f72ce23c265111bc9d9612c32ff0dc837e01Dave Townsend — Backing out bug 605296 due to potentially causing bug 615736. a=backout
d50f90723a3f4382a190d439cf29ae73029a3518Dave Townsend — Backing out bug 614724 due to potentially causing bug 615736. a=backout
ff556af5f8e9a69a91815b796652c796addbf881Dave Townsend — Backing out changeset 5d4678e9fc37 from bug 609543 due to potentially causing bug 615736. a=backout
1b4041e3c1772d69e6ae8ba7a9b4881d183b4b8dDave Townsend — Backing out changeset e1983b9db75d from bug 596955 for causing bug 615858. a=backout
a497aacc2fa018ec664444293587986c215c459cNeil Deakin — Bug 561243 - Name field in edit bookmarks panel ignores mouse events while focused. r=roc, a=blocking
c3ad6eaa6f2f9b89b32b1b60256e66f0391293c7Margaret Leibovic — Bug 589435 - Style Firefox button's submenus. r=dao, ui-r=faaborg, a=blocking
ab44d15573e2c724146b758b4395f0c720e30f48Serge Gautherie — Bug 615546 - SimpleTest.finish() should be asynchronous; (Av1a) SimpleTest.js: Create SimpleTest._finishNow() out of SimpleTest.finish() then call it asynchronously, Fix some (unrelated) nits.
3e199c023eaf4bbca21690eee72b581e3450753aRaymond Lee — Bug 597248 - Make sure Panorama's thumbnail cache is solid [r-ian, a=benjamin]
7c282eb45b9b72c1b911f6c10fdb776bd7dda82btimeless — Bug 603358 gfxHarfBuzzShaper::InitTextRun leaks hb_font_funcs_create() and hb_unicode_funcs_create(). r=jfkthame a=joe
98fa9c0cff7a396517d302c4960211fdddc13aecEhsan Akhgari — Bug 615355 - Remove the assertion at the beginning of nsChromeRegistry::Init; r=bsmedberg a=bzbarsky
4dffc64da8694b0ebe9386b23994d91128dd3798Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 614286 - Don't initialize the socket transport service unless we know that we're online; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-beta8+
62633477f1c1959d7b0af734f5037728c684fbeaEhsan Akhgari — Bug 539957 - random failure in test_importScripts.html | Worker had an error:tryBadScripts is not defined; r=jst a=orange-fix
e1983b9db75d1a16fb3c86b07f4a17e04edbecfeMarkus Stange — Bug 596955 - Simplify nsCocoaWindow::Resize and no longer resize our ChildView before doing the actual window resize in order to avoid painting artifacts with OpenGL. r=josh, a=final
ee61ea93a2faf4f5da1f58d2eaf0c87fe1e47eccJonathan Kew — bug 609691 - check result of gfxFontGroup::MakeTextRun for failure. r=karlt a=joe
d1228efe31dd443de570c4570ee848bb8514949eFrank Yan — Fix entity typo that caused bustage. a=bustage
90cbd8bf83e20f2a1b6e8f3b26ca1c11271266d1Frank Yan — Partial backout to try to fix failures. a=bustage
e6a435a52576c79a8459470940a5c5a1ed488852Alexander Surkov — Bug 615180 - introduce ARIARole() method, r=fer, a=davidb
f7e893ed421ab5ff38805c8238ff221218fd8898Dão Gottwald — Bug 612854 - Tabs on glass should be opaque to get sub-pixel anti-aliasing. ui-r=shorlander r+a=gavin
5c20af0aabf2f8ae60ad6c77ec9b9a352f0a203eDão Gottwald — Bug 614824 - Fix typo. r=unfocused
2cd12351217c492068b233c8657840b167cc4390Dão Gottwald — browser_test_favicon.js doesn't use Firefox-specific API anymore, remove MOZ_PHOENIX ifdef
bacd5fbd6456709f64182e6d73afc9eb0f4a6a9aFrank Yan — Bug 604419 - Selecting "Don't show this message..." should prevent pop-up blocked info bar from being displayed. r=gavin ui-r=faaborg a=blockingfinal
76b44542c5c7c93a35555acbe3582c95f625cbe6Frank Yan — Bug 610922 - "Options..." and "Show All Bookmarks..." should not end with an ellipsis. r+a=dolske ui-r=faaborg
d48a0e23feec5d4aaa14f8cf2024bd97943d6271Daniel Holbert — Bug 611396: Remove 3 unused 'rv' variables from StartupCache.cpp. r=dwiitte a=bsmedberg
17d1fcf74e5c36018cb6697eb09f7a0d1b4dfae6Daniel Holbert — Bug 613292: Reorder nsXULWindow constructor init list to fix build warning. r=jmathies a=bsmedberg
d07d0b74d3e20f02ffc31ccfd2ed25848c1e98afDaniel Holbert — Bug 613283: Remove unused/duplicate method 'InternalFormatHasAlpha'. r=vlad a=bsmedberg
1f50130c0c948e3bc0b02faf4683827a050035e2Daniel Holbert — (no bug) comment fix in SVG code: s/rational/rationale/. a=comments-only
737ff574c7f02e6d3f908fd1408e1169e27ef825timeless — Bug 615265: unused variable textStyle in nsTableCellFrame::VerticallyAlignChild. r=bz a=bz
80b459f19bfa92231299070b4e33e436b2549d48timeless — Bug 585412 warning: unused variable allowScripts in nsXBLService::GetBinding
6a76acc0925f903838ee2053c447dcd5c1b2a2ecPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 612699 - Sync UI: Update to simplify crypto. r=mconnor a=blocking-beta8
de97b959fca07405660d293f53e79dc3bdc3187aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 615021 - Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central. a=lotsa-blockers
0ba72485f9a2f6c325b18c8b87169f346cd02cabPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 615604 - Only accept pref updates for the current app. r=mconnor
b22343ba4a4fd8185333fdae717288d85273c0d4Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 615604 - Make pref GUIDs base64url. r=mconnor
c2bf4e7b6b17fc6511996ccd96ba0751871123d9Richard Newman — Bug 615643: remove existing logins prior to running verifyLogin tests. r=philiKON
ee9174d2cc38a478c3e057d45624336be8f52b90Richard Newman — Bug 615622: tests for SyncKeyBundle persistence. r=philiKON
4bfd8f7270365688ca350af4166ae8a4e5fc2d31Richard Newman — Bug 615612: additional tests for SHA256-HMAC. r=philiKON
0c68544bd27e80aad170528e4dbc9f234ebf39c2Philipp von Weitershausen — Get rid of superfluous parameter. r=me
3c0e7760f5f92c5524787441d5b30c83149f046bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 614104 - Use new annotation for history GUIDs. r=mconnor
d5a4b3c30de4f97865077e0228ce6fd15f5e7f19Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 614104 - Make Utils.makeGUID generate new style GUIDs. r=mconnor
49607c89698bf81803de7dd1e3300150285b810eRichard Newman — Bug 614737: detecting upgrade, being nice to old clients. r=philikon
67138fbf6544906ffb7008b9d12bcefda45ad9d0Richard Newman — Bug 603489, 614489: simplified crypto. r=mconnor
9d7a96749d81820085f3a2598df723409285d18bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 560580 - Pref sync cleanup [r=mconnor]
6672cd9ddd0bd06cba7a94b0f8347a1d0897e521Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 591126 - Handle upload interruption gracefully [r=mconnor]
780ccd59ff460df8de3d6404cca2f75c36b50943Richard Newman — Bug 610749: (FIXED) add pure-JS PBKDF2 implementation. r=philikon
97f781e762191c77f119e6aae01bcd93ec907aa0Richard Newman — Bug 610749: add pure-JS PBKDF2 implementation.
bdd47e6e4f17fc8ea84c2a9abc469f16645aba44Wes Johnston — Bug 593815 - Tests for download files with the same name. [r=sdwilsh, a=blocker]
17cecf2c18244b09dadd870e3aeede1f036e269cWes Johnston — Bug 593815 - Remove all files left behind when a download is canceled. [r=sdwilsh, sr=bz, a=blocker]
9bbfdb7bc9a86b654c4e5079f8bf6023c386963fMatthew Gregan — Bug 612798 - Remoting Audio - Thread per stream to avoid problems with blocking drain/write calls. r=dougt. a=blocking-fennec
c334590653876d3b63c8a2b1a8cd196a937da08eMatthew Gregan — Bug 614160 - Fix remote audio ownership and avoid sending IPCs when actor is being destroyed. r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
ab7bccf8e4e412b9d534bd1dd43c7b46ce76ab22Gavin Sharp — Bug 615194: add test to check isActive annotation is correct for tabs. r=bzbarsky, a=blocker
6ec5b1133f6a8c45f0476c5ed2c7ae106577d7d7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 615194. Make all new tabs not active by default, not just those with a non-blank url. r=gavin
35b96b38d398331a26dfd8e9b29bc55e15b284e5Brad Lassey — bug 604712 - Add device information to nsISystemInfo for use by crash reporting and feedback addon. r=mwu a=blocking-fennec
c46083e1b190c18435ee4241bdf37c5245eb7800Bas Schouten — Bug 615462: Only draw native theme for the dirty rect. r=roc a=blocking-final
824f8a023254f117c0f6bc54a95223d5a658c665Bas Schouten — Bug 606372: Properly inverse transform the brushes in D2D. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-final
8777ed85c5ac544eb8aa74b226bf710315ba5f14Boris Zbarsky — Bug 605296 followup: fix test to do the right thing on failure. a=orange
78df45be19d18b39bc8ce68d3eb23ff46d7cfa7aPeter Van der Beken — Bug 605672. Fix reason for invalid scope assertion., a=blocker.
0a4135190b4846e33bc2cff86d19f8b2bf365fd0Ehsan Akhgari — Merge backout; a=leak-fix
76592bdf05c3a56c3a51f7d9579e09b21cca9c74Ehsan Akhgari — Back out bug 608158, bug 608037 and bug 567029 because of the browser-chrome leaks
5d4678e9fc37ea1400b6e40413ed194ff5f3af1bGregor Wagner — Bug 609543 - Frequent hangs in dromaeo_sunspider during sunspider-access-nsieve.html (after sunspider-access-nbody.html); r=dmandelin a=blocking-beta9+
0418174c85227aae8a056d0d39356b425e72e445Boris Zbarsky — Bug 614724 followup. Fix crash due to silly assumptions about order of argument evaluation. a=orange
877b580f1bdbae2b86c546b9bfd41b65a82192fdEhsan Akhgari — Merge backout of bug 614286; a=bustage-fix
e0bb5d9067f1611a51de87326ea5422776930238Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 630b08a7fe63 because of xpcshell test failures
2af96a164c62c566cc57d05ff4b558320efe9387Boris Zbarsky — Bug 614058. Fix regression in IsEqualNode. r=jst, a=blocker
2eeaa6c8d0a37c0b1d4bad2c7423e45bbd55ce25Boris Zbarsky — Bug 609272. Make sure to not apply clipping of overflow when printing to the root element, because it doesn't really make use of its overflow style itself. r=dbaron
62826174421538af502f6952ce28f1f7d8738479Boris Zbarsky — Bug 478445 and bug 499628. strokeText needs to not re-stroke the current path. r=vlad, a=vlad
edf0c4a6a10c6af4db44c1d88e72200e68448c03Boris Zbarsky — Bug 605296 part 2. Make username/password stringify undefined to empty string. r=sicking
ebaf0b1da9e6806b533f8bd2acb358291560430cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 605296 part 1. Infrastructure for supporting AUTF8String in quickstubs. r=jorendorff
51125803eb3196b71ff4655c17770793a265a222Boris Zbarsky — Bug 608914 part 2. Get rid of some temporary strings now that we can AppendFloat to an nsAString. r=dbaron
f61c6c4ba5be28ff8990d8ac8a54d0ebf2f95821Boris Zbarsky — Bug 608914 part 1. Remove the nsString overloads of AppendInt and move AppendFloat up to nsAString. r=bsmedberg
fa8acee0abe8536989611f586f245ded675c6937Boris Zbarsky — Bug 614724. Quickstub createElementNS. r=peterv
60d9203fdc3586e6d5789ef1c3995e68ce142311Raymond Lee — Bug 608158 - Exiting Panorama when nothing but hidden groups and no app tabs, should create new tab [r=ian, a=beltzner]
fc7c7857ea51c87e8fc5300e4f8a2cefb3cecd08Raymond Lee — Bug 608037 - Undo close tab in Panorama UI should keep you in Panorama UI [r=ian, a=beltzner]
c0ee1cb2f1de4ec2419a1efc043ba39aebd33247Sean Dunn — Bug 567029 - "Titles of tab items get clipped off within groups" [f=ian r=dietrich a=blocking]
96f033fe78c03a907572f8149eabbd63bb4667e4Henrik Skupin — Bug 613802 - Removal of the orange Mozmill testDefaultBookmarks test. r=jhammel, a=test-only
0ebeeb2fae57ff3445a37062174916e52e6ac307Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 597296 followup - Move the implementation of nsChromeRegistryChrome::UpdateSelectedLocale out of MOZ_IPC #ifdef to fix no-IPC builds; a=bustage DONTBUILD
630b08a7fe632dd311f78b23e17e4c78458d6cbdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 614286 - Don't initialize the socket transport service unless we know that we're online; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-beta8+
b2dad520d4aebf5806a86201d24a4c6c18161f02Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 614988 - "ASSERTION: We should never try to use the editor if we're not initialized unless we're being initialized" should not apply to textarea's; r=bzbarsky a=roc
ff3d2362e3f2c86921a7f3d5f7907785726d59b1timeless — Bug 615534 warning: operation ++ on 'i' may be undefined as i is used again in an argument to CopyIndexAfterObject in MinidumpGenerator::WriteMemoryListStream. r+a=ted
a5aafda069f700ef87e2b04b7055a0e2d281506fJonathan Kew — bug 615121 - reftests for direction of vertical glyph offsets. r=karlt a=test-only
3e3726fc8083971b223952a29cf2289ed0915867Karl Tomlinson — bug 615121 - fix operator precedence error in glyph yoffset. r=jfkthame a=blocking-betaN
71705aa67f3eeffedc91e0852f0c6e77f09fa59aAlexander Surkov — Bug 614829 - menupopup end event isn't fired for ARIA menus, r=fer, marcoz, a=blocking2.0final+
02a136225ccb56f024763c284d27a59e5f1a7dbcAxel Hecht — bug 613055, update shipped-locales for beta 8, a=DONTBUILD
a5d48a5d46cd9bc2af836eefc4cd401abbdf21b4Vivien Nicolas — Bug 597296 - Chrome registry selected locale should not changed immediatly [r=bsmedberg,glandium, a=blocking-fennec]
2789b87e8cba8cc181a34bbfadfd0da5ab6b37c4Mounir Lamouri — Backed out changeset d1fe7786e33b (see of orange). a=backout
d1fe7786e33bf4756e5bf46ebcd73b88e3a49f7bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 614724. Quickstub createElementNS. r=peterv a=jst
837d7b346a647b21005963738eb49f848141e0d9Ginn Chen — Bug 612234 Part 4: Fix fg color of menu in open state r=dao a=blocking-2.0
b0f8b6159c8159eac78ab72ab48c92f25acbcbe3Ginn Chen — Bug 612234 Part 3: Make internal pixman functions hidden for Solaris Studio compiler r=jmuizelaar a=blocking-2.0
7ba6c4492ec0070d0cb055d6a06dc524b6593927Ginn Chen — Bug 612234 Part 2: Rename all pixman export functions r=jmuizelaar a=blocking-2.0
a8cccc6bf4a2d342533e8ae48554cb60c6272262Ginn Chen — Bug 612234 Part 1: Define MOZ_TREE_PIXMAN when using internal pixman r=jmuizelaar a=blocking-2.0
5d92ead2065bcd190c103902df4d7aac3c35fd7btimeless — Bug 615256 warning: 'PRBool FramesOnSameLineHaveZeroHeight(nsIFrame*)' defined but not used; r=mats a=ehsan landing on a CLOSED TREE instead of a white-space change to get a Windows debug X test run
e57dc7264ff5f2c6940c860b60c5087592cd1239Ehsan Akhgari — Disable the last part of the testcase for bug 553094 to make it pass correctly on Mac as well; a=bustage-fix landed on a CLOSED TREE
00fb5565fc30d1ff66e68e2d065c2602d9ed9b5dEhsan Akhgari — Followup of the backout of bug 542999, fix an incorrect merge conflict resolution
d1fe3a682617a286f7d25e4aef53cdab9165cd44Paul O’Shannessy — Fix xpcshell failure from bug 468246 revealed by bug 613516 [a=bustage] landed on a CLOSED TREE
9231797ba1062b8fc8138389e4439307541a7dd5Igor Bukanov — Bug 613516 - xpcshell dump doesn't print newlines. r=jorendorff, a=blocking
0bb90b42a363d2383fd8603e35b44b6cea8bd63eEhsan Akhgari — Merge backout of bug 542999
d919a5aabf9e1d638824d4f1e20d476b8ecad8e7Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 78d7e307a632 (bug 542999) because the patch doesn't solve the problem, and the test is broken
1cb9c0d5b701ded96fb50ba85eb5cb35597fabf4Christian Biesinger — Bug 614717 retry: Make test_bug369787.js not hang when the test fails by
f9eaf23fddf57bc994cfa976e9992ad66213806bChristian Biesinger — Backed out changeset dd249f45dc3d
dd249f45dc3d1c9661c24ea5d7ae8728a3b46d98Christian Biesinger — Bug 614717 Make test_bug369787.js not hang when the test fails by ensuring
82f2a2e86728efad2c08abd9a1b7a916817426a7Ehsan Akhgari — Merge backout; a=bustage
e96da44dcae1fa8c1756a13adad00f6d84fc73a3Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 650ad3cd7e52 because of xpcshell test failure
8855a25370b325b6e98e6cf6fbb2beff67ffc1f8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 614116 - Enforce HTTP mode when setting a storage value for in-memory databases; r=mayhemer a=blocking-betaN+
193b661293baf721e5dd2efc21463737b5aa4d2fMichael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 610266 - Remove Drag.isResizing [r+a=dolske]
70489f92c25fec38f8b0184723756b945b91ce9aMichael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 604866 - Zoom-in not working above a certain preview size [r=ian, a=blocking2.0=final+]
345dd13d047bfba2d3796e72779627d1771e1625Blake Kaplan — Bug 612836 - Second verse, same as the first (see also bug 602223): Use the global object instead of the parent so we're sure to have a non-null parent. r=gal, a=blocker
650ad3cd7e520eb93ba73ecedc40212d4c81efb0Igor Bukanov — Bug 613516 - xpcshell dump doesn't print newlines. r=jorendorff, a=blocking
eaecf12fbf6edd451ef2fbdd8ae431f5ccd94e63Margaret Leibovic — Bug 610773 - In the Firefox menu items in the right and left panes need to be vertically aligned. r=dao, ui-r=faaborg, a=sdwilsh
50913ed5b7775fb0abe89b565aad0aaf0a3c8c0cMargaret Leibovic — Bug 608791 - onBeforeLinkTraversal should compare host strings instead of top level domains. r=gavin, a=blocking
9a0741efda5ce4ce5541f75d8ed330a383f87543Ehsan Akhgari — Merge backout; a=bustage
e52f81567eb844a33a606d3819cbc9084d03172eEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 1f53f85ddfb5 because of mochitest-3 failure
50eb584944aa3fcf02d17726623f29db67833f26Justin Lebar — Bug 615061 - Dispatch the hashchange event synchronously. r=smaug, a2.0=blocking
1f53f85ddfb58ffe51330e52ca122cdcbc3e5222Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 614116 - Enforce HTTP mode when setting a storage value for in-memory databases; r=mayhemer a=blocking-betaN+
d0a46bfe92d5ee1b266f6bd139123e2b3ecbffa3David Bolter — Bug 613502 - Map <article> like we do aria role "article". r=MarcoZ,surkov a=davidb
bb7e3b21b9ab2b5d732aec6528d79b8caf198c91David Bolter — Bug 614330 - Add role name for html:aside. r=MarcoZ a=davidb
3ee96c3879bcf556af46487d8521839ab620f5e5David Bolter — Bug 607046. Switch the order of the debug output. r=davidb,a=debugging
ef059bdf7be395a0428d7e91d66d1aa9d454d44cMatthew Galloway — Bug 593905 - Add the ability to search the URLs of tabs in Panorama UI r=iangilman, a=beltzner
a4971d2602650deef68c08b6304f68f3049067d3Paul O'Shannessy — Bug 600363 - Remove duplicate CSS in pinstripe theme r=iangilman, a=beltzner
d5bdb25b51a03dd2af3b2ac7e54895c84463e45cJustin Lebar — Merge backout. a=orange
510e6e2ae3fd9c0b3e0e3d032426a311272f0d2fJustin Lebar — Backed out changeset a5ec817740f0. a=orange
85800bbf667b52551b30122ce84e7514eaf1a0faJim Mathies — Bug 575515 - Fix for deadlocks in windows modal loop message processing under heavy js load. r=matspal, a=betaN
42a1862dd862e7740e1c26d5999c652f5a271e87Jim Mathies — Bug 613118 - WM_SYSCOMMAND doesn't filter wParam correctly. r=robarnold, a=2.0
0a758eabb2bb46cc2d47b7e98d74630475fea842Jim Mathies — Bug 606160 - CSS updates for fx button after caption button padding changes. r=dao, a=final.
c0d1cdc4553a2dabcddcbf5b08611bb3f1673732Jim Mathies — Bug 606160 - Apply padding to caption buttons so off button clicks work. r=neil, a=final.
d9cf761c6af47fd7cccac6f2ce9a1fa875ed387bJim Mathies — Bug 610643 - Refresh button metrics when the theme changes. r=neil, a=final.
6f14ee0618153673f08cc30c9451abd189fa4ba6Jim Mathies — Bug 610643 - Maximized titlebar background offset should equal the window origin offset for proper placement. r=dao+neil, a=final.
ff0e38477a8db97a3f59cf9fc9e7e8c6e7897fa4Alexander Surkov — Bug 614800 - coalesce text attribute change events and fire caret move event for the document where event occurred, r=davidb, marcoz, a=davidb
21762517cdea401bd9a1399764a320adc976c6f6Fernando Herrera — 613959 - mochitest word boundaries nsIAccessibleText, r=surkov.alexander, a=test
a5500a75626857a4521ddb01cca5b409411a2dffMarkus Stange — Bug 547787 - New style for the tab bar on Mac. r=dao, a=beta8
4d4065d46e80674cb32d5a3a2ca35114e64f4997Markus Stange — Bug 589442 - Add a flush in this test in order to increase the chances that the old document survives in the bfcache. r=bent, a=test-only
6aad676f008c2647ef32d474aa0a44d4480bdfa4Markus Stange — Bug 601894 - Compare covered rects when computing whether a transform display list item is opaque / uniform. r=roc, a=betaN
64188998417c19a5764d89aab9f56d1c70effe07Markus Stange — Bug 600476 - Restore a painting optimization that I accidentally removed in bug 572680. r=joe, r=roc, a=betaN
118d61cdfb06a54c1cdfa98515a4e89e799f2303Markus Stange — Bug 613147 - Set the right pref before testing scroll zooming. a=test-only
0e6b8ae8eb21087ff8e8adb64fb1a6621081ecdeDão Gottwald — remove FUEL usage from these tests. a=tests-only
0c42968a2c753e478cd62d3591fe3eb09f9fc4daReed Loden — Bug 615173 - Rerun 'make genservercert' in build/pgo and commit the resulting certs to fix expired test server certs and make the tree green. a=closedtree=orange:timebomb
5f9204fe5cd58a3e0e32b3af66f00edb73191b33Oleg Romashin — Bug 614751 - can't compile nsHapticFeedback.cpp on maemo6 r=blassey.bugs a=npodb
a5ec817740f0047309cb284a9b145e240719c81dOleg Romashin — Bug 607653 - avoid temporary fbos/textures on transformed layers, when possible. r=roc a=approval2.0
c194928bb4a9dd39006ab33f114aceff96518f28Ben Bucksch — Bug 614760 - Don't send 'Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate' for video. r=doublec a=roc
00ea82fd6c59e927f4d78d4d5a78fd2a3329ff31Chris Pearce — Bug 578536 - Ensure WebMReader properly tags its decoded samples with file offsets. r=doublec a=blocking2.0
7db5a5d297c67361a110e1b947d017a17e00f7a6Chris Pearce — Bug 610570 - Only skip to next keyframe when not running out of data to decode. r=roc a=blocking2.0
f5cf523d8bd23a60b684276a94cebfd2ae96a235Daniel Holbert — Bug 612214: Mark test 'img-anim-1.html' as random-on-linux. a=tests,stoptheorange
22344f2229cc604b67aa75990a2e7d5eb652eebaDão Gottwald — Bug 599029 - Restore Default Set doesn't remove toolbar items from Add-on bar. r=mano a=b
bb43b6a9b62114137cfc6461baff7f619e378708Cameron McCormack — Bug 614265 - Make paint server references to elements within an unknown SVG element subtree work again. r=longsonr a=b
9537e23f97081f3df45d0e4356035e8662b2dc2aDoug Turner — Backing out 24aed997dbcd
24aed997dbcd9b157252b4bb1ec0ce77005c3a2bMatthew Gregan — Bug 614160 - Fix remote audio ownership and avoid sending IPCs when actor is being destroyed. r=dougt a=blocking=fennec
2c41d108edb8b77664fbe935015e38fe9cfaaaa3Michael Wu — bug 607939 - fail to opened a URL / link from another application after launching r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
cc2a24cd718a4a054e17d0e0cd81428c93b39dafMats Palmgren — Bug 611574 - Inset box-shadow paints outside of buttons and fieldsets if blur radius is 0. r=roc a=blocking2.0:final
4ca0f5411f1370e20ed7607660bc9b11ece2f268Kai Engert — Bug 612613, Comments only: Clarify intention of nsIX509CertDB::findEmail[Encryption|Signing]Cert
e2bc7992d3047bbe55d46cdd141d242ad0a8ab6dRobert Longson — Bug 611975 - text with gradient on stroke breaks when fill of any kind exists r=roc,a=blocking-final+
02d4531f0d55844c527617c69586847b4fe5c4caMichael Wu — Bug 614228 - Windows bustage in nsUrlWidget after bug 581596 landing
40b37c64a2408bc8d8a0841257ae5241ba38e612Oleg Romashin — Bug 592464. Redo EGL TextureImage code. r=jrmuizel,vlad,a=blocking-fennec
f3c6fbb5bc95d1aa13970d7d41f7174b97b99698Robert Sayre — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central. a=blockers
8d7234f8bc4a49c077d985d534440f3677719712Robert Sayre — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central. a=blockers
2000c21b7910d18da2319f63751ab7a6f73a12f9Jan de Mooij — Bug 614070 - Fix Array.prototype.unshift to always set the new length on this. r=jwalden
91c193d27482d84d44a0d3a98fff7c2d58db8d98Jan de Mooij — Bug 614603 - RegExp.length and Error.length don't have their ES5-specified values. r=jwalden
1b24f8e54d1b9ea9d9f1b9a46e0b1eceafdfe649Jan de Mooij — Bug 613492 - Remove Infinity and NaN checks from dtoa, so that isNaN(parseFloat("infinity")). r=jwalden
9123f97f059c4aba1af51ea6b657be1d21d45ea1Robert Sayre — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
ad4b7fa4e68d9c607a810944c15da1e670b14786Jason Orendorff — Bug 613068 - Add version argument to JS_ReadStructuredClone. r=bent.
d216da8609cbb9021a0d25b23af5c7e99adf8f38Jeff Walden — Bug 614338 - Move some call object property methods into the js namespace. r=dmandelin
a4f8e9da4f951a02b7ef32e599544104e6ad9610Jeff Walden — Bug 614325 - Make Shape::initRuntimeState not do its thing with macros, so that a text search for any of the empty*Shape fields actually shows the location where they're assigned. r=dvander
eedeb03352c7880a35d1069917f0c2c3c3302c39David Anderson — Disable global name analysis with var declarations inside with (bug 585524, r=dmandelin).
e5c6b0151c7be64f5ad9937e2cf1e3c320b9283fDavid Anderson — Fix another IC patching range check (bug 602333 part 4, r=dmandelin).
1829374e7d19409857e3f79a21ef5f1dfab12fc3David Anderson — Fix register eviction bug in stricteq (bug 613960, r=dmandelin).
030db8b3b22ca698cb5b7e4b496386881b207d0fDavid Mandelin — Fix MSVC warnings in js.cpp
8cdcb8f8aadbee7d4d2eea47174d3a78c4563f5aDavid Mandelin — Fix MSVC warnings in jsscope.cpp
d3adb226abe7f44876349d86c6e1a9cd56c3d458Boris Zbarsky — Bug 613692 followup: more exhaustive tests
b87a31d4c0718013d1726888044f37b13b6b3886Boris Zbarsky — Bug 602131. Make the 'in' operator trace usefully when its right-hand side is a dense array. r=jorendorff
96c9432d41cf7349f7a9a5422d14e9910fc6133eJacob Bramley — ARM assembler tweaks. (b=588021, r=cdleary)
9e628f0c5b100f5f9083e2189df4adcbd4e8a363Chris Leary — Tracer build fixes. (b=588021, r=dvander)
fe0e393e35303dfcf2923a647e9fcaad7de2b96aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 613692. Make sure to update what our current value is when doing type conversions inside incHelper. r=dvander
bc768f2602b2c39d1ecd74255cfcd6a555cb8492Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 614995 - Assertion in the browser-chrome suite due to BrowserOffline.uninit trying to remove its observers even if it hasn't registered them (ASSERTION: Oops! You're asking for a weak reference to an object that doesn't support that.: 'factoryPtr'); r,a=gavin
b7c49f3a60896527634890cec083db65040fef04Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 614993 - Assertion in the browser-chrome suite due to gPrivateBrowsingUI.uninit trying to remove its observers even if it hasn't registered them (ASSERTION: Oops! You're asking for a weak reference to an object that doesn't support that.: 'factoryPtr'); r,a=gavin
30f1fb628aa60a153d085e50fd520d49fbed779cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 614326 - browser_privacypane_*.js cause ASSERTION: XPConnect is being called on a scope without a 'Components' property due to no unregistration of autoStartPrivateBrowsingObserver; r,a=gavin
7ce0cc6b8cc9f52d5d70bbb3f28e81f000eee647Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 586553 followup - add the test case; a=redness-is-bad
bc8a510004f0f3ee615b1a54569713cd4ac1cc80Taras Glek — Bug 612131 - Crash [@ mozilla::scache::NS_NewObjectOutputWrappedStorageStream ] when storageStream fails to get created; r=dwitte a=blocking-fennec2.0+
fa69cf56d15bfc04871444f9b7bdfc972e03c612Raymond Lee — Bug 608714 - Unable to edit tab group names [r=dolske, a=beltzner]
d6e9599f18bf28431add961995fd97ebb7e9e6bcRaymond Lee — Bug 608637 - Panorama exit button should perhaps reflect the number of groups as well [r=dao, a=beltzner]
dcc94ba87c5cb46fe3cf8f02b571c120f1b47c3dRaymond Lee — Bug 607566 - Test for bug 595930 takes too long to run [r=ian, a=beltzner]
b1eda2bd8812b88b311a746e177a1268c217027dRaymond Lee — Bug 606901 - Tab close button doesn't show after moving some tabs to other group [r=dao, a=beltzner]
cca91ee678e517ecaef20bb28688842a37c9f4adRaymond Lee — Bug 600645 - App tabs don't appear in the group app tab tray if their icon fails to load [r=ian, a=beltzner]
04493b2a23d83d2597210d97efa191471f1b5554Raymond Lee — Bug 595560 - Make / and Ctrl-f TabCandy search shortcuts, have Panorama shortcut act like return [r=dolske, a=beltzner]
6ea7562b89ae47a7f4c72664ef9937a73bad2997Raymond Lee — Bug 587351 - Close tabs with middle click in TabCandy [r=ian, a=beltzner]
1734c74f4139ebc444e62440f84645e902e26882Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 609446 - Remove GroupItem's xDensity and yDensity properties [r+a=dolske]
bae9344ac6cc6e3a340deb39b9c844abec9023e5Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 598807 - Remove code for "GroupItems.arrange" which is no longer used [r+a=dolske]
4181c81de90044a1c3253cd400f23ced5046c290Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 587835 - Remove all dev menu code [r+a=dolske]
9aeed6e4ec1dc0bdd81f8af93dac278abfd33e5bMichael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 586553 - Optimize tab movement in reorderTabsBasedOnTabItemOrder [r=ian, a=dolske]
0d7dd95a1d9a3326a4904811ae09574e49ad8112timeless — Bug 564584;1 overrides crashes the application [@ nsNSSComponent::LogoutAuthenticatedPK11]; r=kaie a=bsmedberg
5e08304cbc99b06d7a479ae6e553619fc188c383Kai Engert — Bug 482939 - Additional patch; r=roc a=bsmedberg
e5d2c136dcda834c06c83e44993463b8b548cb30Robert O'Callahan — Bug 482939 - Need to use nsAutoMonitor::New/DestroyMonitor when using nsAutoMonitor to grab monitors; r=kaie a=bsmedberg
bc0f563bf695cb57cb5ebc0bce7263c0708999d4Edmund Wong — Bug 423401 - Removed usage of nsDependentCString() r=kaie, r=honzab.moz a=bsmedberg
7d09a3dfbfcbddaa2652316bcef14c525d7e3b43Ehren Metcalfe — Bug 613425 - static checking suite: fix static initializer warnings with COMPONENT_REFs r=tglek a=test-only [DONTBUILD]
63c63bac58ec16f4acd9a46929de63c3593d9d41bjarne — Bug 468426 - improved support for "Vary: Cookie"-headers , r=biesi a=bsmedberg
91465997ac12045fa7583f9fbad7d0f679826eb1Takanori MATSUURA — Bug 589504 - Remove --enable-boehm and related code from NSPR; r=ted,Callek a=bsmedberg
98184990f3ba2cdd38fd505850e17511ca783588Raymond Lee — Bug 594429 - Update the live filter search button in Panorama UI [r=dao, a=blocking2.0]
13f5b057c586449e954c5f3e34aae46173dac0bcJan de Mooij — Fix String.prototype.indexOf with empty searchString; r=brendan a=blocking-beta9+
f6ac6dfa96881dfc819378467952e40d91619519Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 603272 - starting private browsing from the taskbar button in Win7 doesn't launch Minefield; r=zpao a=gavin
114966e5b16843a42d0957df90dbaac63e735e0bMs2ger — Bug 612164 - Give DATA_CLONE_ERR the right constant; r=jst a=blocking-beta8
ff7070b8396450016845dc034fd38b2618b9abeaDão Gottwald — Bug 604735 - artifact (line) shows at left edge of tab just as tab close animation completes. r=gavin
92facbe5957e1bd7f6a7539bc91036a71e06164eOlli Pettay — Bug 614499, release old mListRoot members, r=bz a=blocking
74109ecde10b3ea79f933b4fbeace3a3c60d0b30Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset d5da40425a61 a=b
d5da40425a61c88e1959b9d2e304a92554abfa00Ehren Metcalfe — Bug 613420 - nsFirstLetterFrame is a query frame target that does not declare |nsQueryFrame::FrameIID kFrameIID| r=roc a=benjamin
41617bb06c4929656ba0d5f60651e2908af8f520Geoff Lankow — Bug 604531 - Styles for toolbarbutton inside #TabsToolbar not applied if it's also inside a toolbaritem. r=dao
eaf1cd30f1722a03a3d4d730d979a1cfb3982bc2Doug Turner — Backing out android bug 607939 - fail to opened a URL / link from another application after launching. This caused a regression filed as bug 614801. a=me
1a7f8d063d1d350d60d1dca759e47b38d530a45cKarl Tomlinson — b=605872 refactor mFontTableCache, providing a sharing/saving distinction to fix a hb_blob_t leak r=jfkthame a=blocking
a21b51cb50348f1d2608cbdc5e0aa851a7f7f77fKarl Tomlinson — 387876-2.html now passes b=471630 a=test
249736790b1748f4c5a496f6d0bd0b18364b0b8bKarl Tomlinson — 368020-5.html now passes with Pango b=388591
7be26b5140749bb175c56c0057c9d16adc9502f7Karl Tomlinson — with bug 421438 fixed, 368020-2.html now passes
60eedb77a169ec4050cf2575d32d439d9ea56b94Karl Tomlinson — 333970-1.html now passes with Pango
69177194dd83a2177b6490ad587f7e74a6753703Karl Tomlinson — 386339.html now passes with Pango b=422454
57906d1fecbc490cf8b6b7fe73eacdb240709b9dKarl Tomlinson — mixedChartype tests now pass with Pango (no bug)
ee962a866f71257db0a6a5d4c3584a9f09e3ed99Karl Tomlinson — dynamic3b.html now passes b=367650
baec449b9853eef49c1148b30dbd95276a134fb2Karl Tomlinson — 475092-sub still passes with Pango (incorrectly marked random) and now also passes on other platforms b=482596
f5e83f98072c7eaefd6d572cd170b4bb7751ff73Karl Tomlinson — quote-1d/b.html now passes b=367650
946b38048b4b568c7da78cc84c01da0c84fb46c6Karl Tomlinson — zwnj-01.html now passes with Pango b=465140
cd4ca07f77a8529808e6dbc8d1b673841445fadaKarl Tomlinson — wordwrap-0[23].html now pass with Pango and WINNT 6.1 b=99457
1907b6708e861721944651515b6ee8d6275517b9Karl Tomlinson — reftest for font selection with generic families b=546315
709c439bd66f4829310e9ef253114a27a436f52eKarl Tomlinson — test for bug 614468, halfwidth Katakana sound mark grapheme break
7b49ee09259b4bbcc25e5f1959b978169c2e9098Karl Tomlinson — make 329069-2-ref.html style match 329069-2.html
8ed68afab41df8b523cae1649da3568ace6fb24dKarl Tomlinson — 329069-1.html now passes with Pango
714c80b45cbc54c122ef6ca3ad4da2eb93a66a6dBas Schouten — Bug 614762: Null autoptr instead of release. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-beta8
d9ee169a5542c36db7d9149af0225f18fc096712Ehsan Akhgari — Merge backout; a=orange
c1b535e148c67207b574e9a56d2849321a2221a9Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 25a981d7de7d because it turned Windows debug xpcshell tests orange
765087b2856171a4fb40beacc846436e5f80e470Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 607046. Add extra logging info for debugging invalid vendorID problems. r=gavin,a=gavin
bb5091f2e6a175d7ae507f0bcfc0a1d16ae483d6Honza Bambas — Bug 544462 - HTML5 Offline features - Asterisk (*) not supported in network section of manifest file, r=jst, a2.0=jst
8cde8889726d2f7bf769e4092560a3e28a374761Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 490152 - test_framerecursion.html | Error thrown during test: onLoad is not defined - got 0, expected 1; r=gavin a=orange-fix
2131158a71267e176d373607cec9c15da8bd6256Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 488233 - test_Microformats_getters.html | Error thrown during test: test_MicroformatsAPI is not defined - got 0, expected 1; r=gavin a=orange-fix
4e66b4cb5e3a95a30bbf572c4810861dd657e511Kai Engert — bug 582759, Enable multiple new roots from NSS 3.12.8 for EV
25a981d7de7db80c416fd48a3ba1bb40182ec596ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host moz2-linux-slave18 (DONTBUILD) - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
c5becae1d0ad56e06d10f39e4f623be8b00c37a8Alexander Surkov — Bug 614563 - isolate text attribute change event test from attributes/test_text, r=marcoz, a=test
6038dc8945d82f1b67b931faf2a32f1b5e415260Alexander Surkov — Bug 614552 - fire reorder event on XUL tree when treeview is changed, r=marcoz, davidb, a=blocking
eb8d110a117aa494b073edeb50ba7383cfb218c9Jonathan Kew — bug 607160 - check text length computations. r=roc a=blocking2.0
8545045acca27b494f7eb353a8270a31d6e5092cJonathan Kew — bug 594078 - fix handling of regular vs italic during font fallback search. r=jdaggett a=benjamin
215657c24079bbb00b4008d88d761369abdfc5d6Benoit Jacob — Bug 613350 - Pass 2 more WebGL draw-test - r=vladimir a=joe
367ff816f171eb3c833e0d680dc273d92d64da83Benoit Jacob — Bug 613324 - update WebGL constants - r=vladimir
8f18f55b6767206f73b8507e4195aa4e8a627e94Benoit Jacob — Bug 613306 - fix bufferSubData quickStub - r=vladimir
73caba953b11e7740a8d181c895fbbe244c0c112Julian Seward — Bug 608526 - crash: Assertion failure: thread->data.nativeStackBase == GetNativeStackBase() - r=jimb
7662cf45a33b0f7d1c65eb7225ce5648470eb362Ms2ger — Bug 604086 - Fix signed-unsigned comparison in nsHTMLCanvasElement::ExtractData; r=khuey a=bsmedberg
d149657bc39e1a3d52b6222348d581d662aefb4bDão Gottwald — Bug 614517 - Active tab still inherits a text shadow. r=gavin
6b37a2942fa72f8db87cc734f9627261c0aae2e2Dão Gottwald — Bug 592677 - Increase space between Bookmarks bar and Navigation bar. r=gavin
36ffe0ce3a0023bac92cf2ed0c9711c45777fb25Nils Maier — Bug 611073 - Replace the inner border color with a regular padding, improving treechildren::-moz-tree-progressmeter performance. r=dao
32cd5d95a95f1d34916a49fd7044bb5b106ac098Timothy Nikkel — Bug 606432. Use reftest-wait so crashtest actually tests something. a=test
dde5e4be82c1becb378e8813678d59a7a324d16bChris Jones — Bug 612573: Make sure shadowable layers aren't destroyed in the middle of transactions. r=karlt a=2.0
34447b39697a5452ea6d15f186d1f79d207fa7c2Neil Deakin — Bug 613748 - Keyboard inputs do not work when tab-modal alerts are open in another tab. r=smaug, a=drivers for API change
b890963a137e17289bad18cf5c532996d9a3205dJustin Dolske Bug 613806 - alert(), confirm(), prompt() dont play system alert sounds. r=gavin, a=gavin
0a29ac059eb580261f1b9401161a4c095d0c1becTimothy Nikkel — Bug 593491. Load an external file instead of data URI to see if anything changes for random orange. a=test
015f5aa6ede2db5e8c376255c8686617f1668aaaTimothy Nikkel — Bug 559993. Scroll the whole selection into view, not just the focus point when finding on a page. r=roc a=blocking-final+
c6a2526886f959b6923e93aa5578945140dca1f9Timothy Nikkel — Bug 607494. Don't create frame construction items for content that has a primary frame. r=bzbarsky a=blocking-final+
a352c0afa63175292938f9392e2c5fb39ec58251Timothy Nikkel — Bug 607494. Add assertions to catch creating frames for content nodes that already have a frame. r=bzbarsky a=blocking-final+
9cc9952ecc898cc258a50ac8074dc7fa54dfa7f1Timothy Nikkel — Bug 597031. Correct comment about the docshell passed to createTaskbarTabPreview. a=comment
c198cabd2743bc3b417461e1ce0da960d02eea0aTimothy Nikkel — Bug 607857. If caret is in a frame that needs reflow we can wrongly position the caret rect. r=roc a=blocking-final
f86215099b30cd1e5a68d15a66f989aabc70dd12Timothy Nikkel — Bug 606432. Check caret content for wrong document. r=roc a=roc
3c680a3b987f43f02d57d37909ac3f9b000f6337Timothy Nikkel — Bug 539949. Keep trying to scroll content into view even if it is clipped out. r=roc a=blocking-final+
563dd73da0561004d120c3dd13fabdf6d46f2446Dave Townsend — Backing out changeset 8fff1c186b30 from bug 607653 due to reftest failures on OSX. a=bustage
50795657150eb86e7f1af47102fc516ef7c16ba3Chris Leary Bug 614323 - ARM: prevent constant pool from being dumped in the middle of MICs r=dvander a=blocking-fennec
8fc4da44d2b9847b1f6c8af02a5b7d06f6f3117bMatt Brubeck — Bug 614293 - Regression: Typing in urlbar does not replace selection. r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
a4af96fd1ce2bb1e8e8eee783cb0312d2406c431Matt Brubeck — Bug 614289 - Awesomescreen does not update while typing. r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
48202671f152cc979f407039f594eb42ceb6213eEhsan Akhgari — Test case for bug 613807 - Caret is moved at second row when undoing after committing IME text; r=roc a=blocking-final+
435a1bae2cead77cdfe8e67cea300bb6a1a568daMasayuki Nakano — Bug 613810 - Undo(ctrl+z) does not work continuously after committing IME; r=ehsan a=blocking-final+
23e28db3b63fa77f8eb2167a48eb5e7fc78ab57bMichael Wu — bug 607939 - fail to opened a URL / link from another application after launching r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
15f8aa161de53233d941536bf55b461fac60fb10Dave Townsend — Bug 412819: Allow upgrading an add-on to an add-on with a different ID. r=robstrong, a=blocks-betaN
8fff1c186b30d3985d068f84af7cfff6c695efaeOleg Romashin — Bug 607653 - avoid temporary fbos/textures on transformed layers, when possible. r=roc a=approval2.0
436ae4ff202beca009d72ea41aa913036b2ebca9Chris Jones — Bug 613338: Fix hidden-virtual warnings. r=bsmedberg a=2.0
9ff362a5b8db9dcfe81efa677e8325cb6ec9e1f7Dave Townsend — Bug 613385: No notifications are sent out for webpage attempts to install add-ons when xpinstall.enabled=false. r=gavin, r=robstrong, a=blocks-betaN
ee357cb142cb47545456dc889c4c56465ba34011Alex Pakhotin — Bug 601837 - Hide progress notification when reached 100% r=blassey a=mfinkle
a0c57346cb22fb2f1b78a0c5f8fdfb98ca498f03Dave Townsend — Bug 590206: Make the site identity UI display something sensible for about: and chrome: uris. r=gavin, a=blocks-final
d744f676a7583c67f842773935158ba331f30a92Dave Townsend — Bug 613568: InstallTrigger.install accepts null as a URL and attempts to download the current page as an extension. r=robstrong, a=blocks-beta9
f17e290f4e4f97cad3ddbbceeef6482541dbe9aeJonas Sicking — Bug 605019: Evict entries in the bfcache if they are holding open a database which is being upgraded. r=bent/smaug a=blocker
b5aa5e3dc568443dc18e35f62af77e68d2d90bc1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 613433 - Invalid caret position on facebook's status textbox (styled with min-height and overflow-x or overflow-y); r=roc a=blocking-final+
35f5ea0863906841ead9d4b0b3e1676200903251Justin Lebar — Bug 582795 - nsDocShell::LoadPage should assign a unique document identifier to its cloned SHEntry so changing charsets in view-source works. Also fixes bug 585298. r=bz a=blocking2.0
6a1c5a9da215a0e11e31968f7f56224919025e13Sid Stamm — Bug 613278 - "ASSERTION: Want to fire mutation events, but it's not safe" when CSP is considering the load of a font (test_CSP_evalscript.html / test_CSP.html); r=bzbarsky a=blocking-betaN+
a664aa828e62d6a5880308ff2190963d0e8f8916Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 611189 - Parchment IF Reader Misbehaves; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-final+
605656b6f7798199e79938098bbd5e629dd84edbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 606109 - Define the loop atom unconditionally so that we can use them in the sanitizing fragment sink even if MOZ_MEDIA is disabled; r=smaug a=bsmedberg
a6d06ecdfde141aa4692cf75f012e26dab250ee1Chris Pearce — Bug 611994 - Fire timeupdate based on time change, not timer. r=roc a=roc
53f49c89634b03a533bbe65997ce9ecc26c42d80Chris Pearce — Bug 604885 - Reftest to ensure video controls don't overflow outside of css dimensions. r=test-change a=blocking2.0
8d54b45a181e67d878bca1d22055746f304e60ecChris Pearce — Bug 604885 - Ensure video controls resize correctly when showing and hiding status overlay. r=dolske a=blocking2.0
00cabcc7d1821a7440baa82ee671a61afa07c223Chris Pearce — Bug 604885 - Don't render video controls outside of css-specified width/height. r=roc a=blocking2.0
df43d548da492c06ef1a5e379dc400e5397909a2Neil Deakin — Bug 614152, don't set popupNode when opening notification popup, otherwise page context menu won't appear, r=dao, a=blocking
1bb96fbc54f8528acd0d2eb46e2695203e1e7769Neil Deakin — Bug 610378, initialize effectAllowed properly for external drags, r=smaug,a=bsmedberg
4d4cbab267d955ab27931f64e759745b112ded1aNeil Deakin — Bug 511010, don't activate panels when clicking on one to close a menu, fixes flickering when closing menulist in bookmarks panel, r=jmathies,a=bsmedberg
3bb695b1a788146c849f242fb424a29d86bb14f1Alon Zakai — Bug 600880 - Fix screen.width and screen.height on Android. r=cjones a=blocking-fennec
871cdedc077be1980aca7c5c1f22c187b89f0192Ted Mielczarek — bug 605832 bustage fix for --disable-crashreporter builds. a=bustage
55b7f3d63b7ae004893a2f696017a675b86a114aTed Mielczarek — bug 605832 - Remote AddLibraryMapping from the child process, and use the results for child process minidump generation. r=cjones a=blocking-fennec
aa662b68d60449a73b2f8f55b92d57d0610ae292Ted Mielczarek — bug 605832 - small Breakpad fixes to allow writing minidumps from the CrashGenerationServer callback. r=cjones a=blocking-fennec
6852e7c47edf9f467aa133bd3851d6792b7b5d1dBenjamin Smedberg — Disable the new IPC tests on mac because they are hanging (introduced in bug 581335). I'll look into this a bit later, but content processes on mac are not important yet. a=orange
59144b59cd11dc99985b669e348a55a68be4fee8Michal Novotny — Bug 592422 - preallocate individual (non-block) cache files. r=jduell a=blocking-bN
2c8654b57cca8c10e9afef8dd2ac5fd05f38dd3fMark Banner — Bug 614550 - Ensure places is enabled for places related c++ tests; r=mak, a=test-only change
0ec2e68a8677c0c64c75cb9ffd1fbb6d0936df3cBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 614229 - nsHttpHandler getting the private-browsing service can cause recursive initialization of layout, and I suspect can cause incorrect behavior in Firefox because we may end up creating HTTP URIs before we're finished with XPCOM registration, r=honza+ehsan a=blocking bug 581335 which blocks Fennec b3
9a7aaa92e4b916755461fab726953fbc4ef268e1Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 581335 - Hook up crash reporting for content process by attaching a property bag to the global observer-service notification for them. r=mfinkle
78d9167f4372cc1dc56126778cf63ba1d453c33eOlli Pettay — Bug 611647 - Use stringbuffer when creating responseText for XMLHttpRequest, r=bz, a=benjamin
7f5cd850578e3b2a596432e779724ef743156db8Emmanuel Gil Peyrot — Bug 606990 - Remove CAIRO_HAS_DDRAW_SURFACE/CAIRO_DDRAW_USE_GL dead code. r=vlad,jmuizelaar a=bsmedberg
e56aa52a47fe94697f081ce82748904912ee54cdKyle Huey — Bug 613027: Make nsHTMLFieldSetElement participate in cycle collection properly. r=peterv a=blocking-final
f9939057f8a1346b00749334efcf0ee129972f59Mounir Lamouri — Bug 585020 - Remove build time option to disable svg. r=khuey a=bsmedberg
af2c1d05ce6e9d1965775baad19ccdc790778a6dMounir Lamouri — Bug 613249 - <output> should have :-moz-ui-invalid and :-moz-ui-valid applying. r=bz a=jst
f4a67c552e73c72659d76baaac730e8ae071d856Mounir Lamouri — Bug 612730 (3/3) - :-moz-ui-invalid should not apply if the element was valid on focus and :-moz-ui-valid should not apply if no style was applying on focus. r=bz a=jst
8fd7b019a2e6e78a53f17ac2143a8707c8fef4a2Mounir Lamouri — Bug 612730 (2/3) - :-moz-ui-invalid and :-moz-ui-valid apply for <select> if the user tried to submit the form in an invalid state. r=bz a=jst
e077f4fddd25c02be9cc08fc6222cf0f1b6cbcd7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 612730 (1/3) - :-moz-ui-invalid and :-moz-ui-valid apply if the selected option has been changed. r=bz a=jst
c2d742db6304d51cb9a476d487cca530aca85ae7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 605125 (5/5) - :-moz-ui-valid should not apply while typing if the element had no style when it was focused. r=bz a=jst
8761f71f04b5a0596226c9051d27412b1e1e517dMounir Lamouri — Bug 605125 (4/5) - :-moz-ui-valid applies if the user tried to submit the form in an invalid state. r=bz a=jst
b47d30240391c05348822bf108245a560b0adb8eMounir Lamouri — Bug 605125 (3/5) - :-moz-ui-valid shouldn't apply if the element hasn't been modified. r=bz a=jst
a5443d86c431c497301c3f110f4aecf8710671c7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 605125 (2/5) - Make :-moz-ui-valid follow rules for :valid. r=bz a=jst
27db143745a77ffbcaeb8acea9dd4f590d7f4fe7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 605125 (1/5) - Add :-moz-ui-valid pseudo-class. r=bz a=jst
41e7b8cbd271f7ab01a72479c84c678077127f32Mounir Lamouri — Bug 610427 - Remove aNotify in nsHTMLInputElement::SetCheckedChangedInternal. r=bz a=bsmedberg
50dda7cdd3e88588ad9b33fc367c6da6ec7ce5dcMounir Lamouri — Bug 610436 - Add an inline GetValueChanged() in nsHTMLInputElement. r=bz a=bsmedberg
a3fabf61118eb10deff968dd22cc9aa7a8399e4aMounir Lamouri — Bug 609017 - Default style for :-moz-ui-invalid. r=bz ui-r=limi a=sicking
253651b1e9c2f5baf3e2bb423994f51ec502a2e6Mounir Lamouri — Bug 605124 (5/5) - :-moz-ui-invalid should not apply while typing if it was not applied on focus. r=bz a=bsmedberg
5be85a60b133680a48ead8085bb9f7cca9c2e016Mounir Lamouri — Bug 605124 (4/5) - :-moz-ui-invalid applies if the user tried to submit the form in an invalid state. r=bz a=bsmedberg
15b5a12e17ac6e2dd3cf4829aa381b44be160ea2Mounir Lamouri — Bug 605124 (3/5) - :-moz-ui-invalid shouldn't apply if the element hasn't been modified. r=bz a=bsmedberg
f88a334e605e9aab7eda0d14d69788d4ac3c5c15Mounir Lamouri — Bug 605124 (2/5) - Make :-moz-ui-invalid follow rules for :invalid. r=bz a=bsmedberg
80c5a5c971b9889a55576d5eeb2d008d59f6c283Mounir Lamouri — Bug 605124 (1/5) - Add :-moz-ui-invalid pseudo-class. r=bz a=bsmedberg
0dccfde3b86c1e7d1aae75b0f941675c3d82412eMounir Lamouri — Bug 609016 - Remove default style for :invalid. r=bz a=bsmedberg
a26199cd24df75cd83fdce0439a77f722e0a7c0eMounir Lamouri — Bug 609162 - Do not invalidate textarea at every value change when a placeholder is set. r=bz a=bsmedberg
023f675df2a0736749c35e0ac35f8feed46d76b5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 609417 - We shouldn't always call SetValueChanged when clearing the file list. r=smaug a=bsmedberg
fa6f069c82cbb703f4a7ce260e6a20b3541d5b71Mounir Lamouri — Bug 609414 - Remove unused nsHTMLInputElemnet::SetSingleFile. r=smaug a=bsmedberg
fad69d390b23731a2f05124bf5117e22ee10d18fMarkus Stange — Bug 594002 - Use the tab's outer width when calculating the number of visible tabs for session restore prioritization. r=zpao, a=betaN
c32ed22725099c6b24835780164a4afb73f8f522Markus Stange — Bug 594002 - Make the window wide enough in session restore test browser_480148.js. r=zpao, a=test-only
a6b991eee6835067f20e7828f7c75793f808e3f6Markus Stange — Bug 594002 - Make the tab bar scrollbox deal with tab scrolling properly when it has padding set on it. r=Enn, a=betaN
4fb1f137b0f6640141ea5cdb7ca3ce07f5fce091Markus Stange — Bug 604190 - Fix build warning in nsEventStateManager.cpp:2776: warning: 'bool NodeAllowsClickThrough(nsINode*)' defined but not used. r=smaug a=bsmedberg
ef00cc458294b62b2b3a2b4edfc58737f7b6b702Markus Stange — Bug 610122 - Make the reference in these reftests use a mask, too, so that we don't compare gradient rasterization of two different cairo backends. r=roc a=testonly
ac95170006044cdb81c9295fddb0476f3f4e9e32Markus Stange — Bug 610122 - Speed up nsSVGMaskFrame::ComputeMaskAlpha by drawing into the image surface directly. r=roc, a=roc
836ab778ffc5345d4680170c24eca46827765f9bDão Gottwald — Bug 613734 - Tab-modal prompts shouldn't inherit text shadow (e.g. when using a lightweight theme). r=enn a=benjamin
b83e4f6f7207a78e4552481d54ba0d3bad498c34Dão Gottwald — Bug 611967 - Fix mirrored 'Forward' button label in RTL. r=ehsan
9fcdd4f4358184c82fc72ac96a4e7d438b33d3e9Ginn Chen — Bug 610852 Check xRGB format for XShm Image r=karlt a=benjamin
7c303ebbe4095cdebfe1115f75a149088ac63cb8Ginn Chen — Bug 612237 extra ";" after JS_DECL_USE_GUARD_OBJECT_NOTIFIER r=mrbkap a=benjamin
ef38031be209395bf30806ad03d94eeb517f7c8aKyle Huey — Merge mass backout to tip. a=me
b014423f755bd073a9ecbb3a50530ee699426b4dKyle Huey — Mass backout to fix OS X 64 Leak.
367398a8cbfe92969021d926cf0beb4d64bca337Blair McBride — Bug 601022 - Add final visual style and graphics to add-ons manager. r=dtownsend,dao a=blocking
66d88ee2623736105f7da1add40adb871fb33208Margaret Leibovic — backout d25bfdc458cf a=bustage
64c4716a72dd8d53e09b25b99c3540c8b98caaebLuke Wagner — Bug 613732 - Fix bug in f.apply(x, arguments) optimization (r=dvander, a=b8+)
9c3babe383e147c4ec8e1fb11462fd0425d49c42Brad Lassey — bug 604533 - Tearing/Shearing while panning on local pages/error console in Fennec r=cjones,roc a=blocking-fennec
4deec1586536fe0773aab091b4c259b3d0d753a7Michael Wu — bug 613603 - Don't check the manifest in the omnijar r=tglek a=blocking-fennec
2aceea4f527bfa32a2db95f7b465ef4961b24a95Brad Lassey — bug 589879 - All input fields labeled with a go button, which doesn't do anything without special handling r=roc a=blocking-fennec
052a96664eba9433af0f58a515b25f53b770a02bJason Duell — Bug 614449 - Build bustage in netwerk with --disable-ipc. a=bustage
160e6bf9752e638bd61f6c645d612d8b82d7efb3David Anderson — Fix another IC patching range check (bug 602333 part 4, r=dmandelin, a=b8+).
a6f34600b008ef3b5301584c5466fc3504c8fe60Ian Gilman — + backout merge a=bustage
e8615e856867ec4803ad0c386d1a26e019f49840Ian Gilman — Backed out changeset 5cdcba8db3a2 a=bustage
c893a1158ae4db290ed887b8e4aa2fa35eb5943dIan Gilman — + merging backout a=bustage
fff2b292876047d1da38fd1770732eaa0835aed3Ian Gilman — Backed out changeset 57e37b269291 a=bustage
b578485c389e67a274f823f0a3d269ea5e6810aeBrian Birtles — Bug 531550 - SVG SMIL: Fix assertion with indefinite duration by-animateTransform; r=dholbert; a=blocking-final
bc688a29feed7e45ba8160d0e5dd9ab67312401aBrian Birtles — Bug 611927 - SVG SMIL: Fix assertion when attempting to add to NULL base value; r=dholbert; a=roc
cf61e6916004b57f47ad001034757fe3a7df6d53Brian Birtles — Bug 606932 - SVG SMIL: Detect big delays in sampling and ignore intervening time; r=roc; a=blocking-final
33c8fcb13a996977987bc9e6f505c8fae2a5ca8cHonza Bambas — Bug 591707 - e10s: handle redirects from HTTP to a different protocol, r=jduell, a=blocking-fennec2.0b3+
3492dbd5ff507a0dbb3f318f61717ef752d6e1f4Serge Gautherie — Bug 610936 - Require SP1 of VC8 EE to build (successfully); (Av1-MC) Obsolete VC7.1 and VC8 without its SP1.
5832edda3ab371fa3faa6933b94c7d386c33e260Serge Gautherie — Bug 551724 - Disable ctypes on x86/msvc if MASM is unavailable; (Cv2a) Explicitly check that '$AS' is 'ml.exe'/'ml64.exe' (and not 'cl'), Make the error message more explicit.
57e37b269291bdd32f9c7b6217d4c3a4ed42cb92Henrik Skupin — Bug 613802 - Removal of the orange Mozmill testDefaultBookmarks test. r=jhammel, a=orange
597e4c5ded14d831c734957b71a97bd0ac0a72b5Raymond Lee — Bug 600645 - App tabs don't appear in the group app tab tray if their icon fails to load [r=ian, a=beltzner]
041430229f5ea29a136f496206d026d09f6ac348Raymond Lee — Bug 596781 - Don't allow the last group to close if there are app tabs [r=ian, a=beltzner]
b27ab9bbc12efd1584626e809955360ee35e10b7Raymond Lee — Bug 608714 - Unable to edit tab group names [r=dolske, a=beltzner]
1698f57029c4eb36a7e05b88bad716656e3a8eeaRaymond Lee — Bug 587351 - Close tabs with middle click in TabCandy [r=ian, a=beltzner]
89d20196334387aecb5ef1c67382041b38c8a7e8Raymond Lee — Bug 608637 - Panorama exit button should perhaps reflect the number of groups as well [r=dao, a=beltzner]
5cdcba8db3a2130d4b50f56177cc9f9d567b4390Raymond Lee — Bug 597248 - Make sure Panorama's thumbnail cache is solid [r=ian, a=benjamin]
88cca1740749b379494db465135b23669ed9b5d4Raymond Lee — Bug 594429 - Update the live filter search button in Panorama UI [r=dao, a=blocking2.0]
d25bfdc458cf2edd9dd590afd3dc54633095bc59Jonas Sicking — Bug 605019: Evict entries in the bfcache if they are holding open a database which is being upgraded. r=bent/smaug a=blocker
ac613052b58fe04152759956710dd49efcadf025Alon Zakai — Bug 604804 - Make nsUpdateTimerManager.js run its timer at the optimal frequency. r=rs, a=blocking-fennec
2801d173e385c0e6010098d5fa952c38af072700Josh Matthews — Merge. a=red
3dee85f9ce3a84613261de0ec83301ddf83ddf5fJosh Matthews — Backed out changeset 1d4e3afd67e7
5538d32b4faef4b751c7825f1c18582553fb759bJosh Matthews — Bug 590026 - Geolocation requests should disconnect their timer on shutdown. r=dougt a=bsmedberg
9fb7937e306d2b2c9fb35d96b1d9396acade8ddeJosh Matthews — Bug 590030 - Both success and error geolocation callbacks can be called. r=dougt a=bsmedberg
1d4e3afd67e718a036aa7ef9cb99a95284de16c8Josh Matthews — Bug 586362 - xpcshell: gczeal() doesn't work in the content process. r=bent a=bsmedberg
43a10e7fbef398cd9d629e7cb094f01a5eb175abSteven Michaud — Bug 613376 - r=josh a=blocking2.0beta8+
4973e2b9a905c183a573097f0bf369d7fbb8e50aJosh Matthews — Bug 584946 - e10s: localStorage, r=honzab, a=blocking-fennec2.0b3+
cbdf3ff3e88af95430416c0043e63ee6b0359643Ehsan Akhgari — Merge backout; a=orange-fix
c639bd049de87977f31d1b5ab3750568fe4d482fEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 86c3a0e9fa87 because of the Windows optimize reftest failure
fe7649100f19efff8bcd1e26aceb2338ecded92fAlex Pakhotin — Bug 608428 - Replace default icon in desktop notifications. r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
86f686735122d00104bf3b9e310e0dfa9d3ff8e5Arpad Borsos — commit 3b157fcde708 was for bug 588435; a=me
3b157fcde70875a7a2dbcf6102bf1c11af68a069Arpad Borsos — Use mozRequestAnimationFrame to animate autoscroll; a=bsmedberg
5f38f9a553453f24946f8457f1203aad66ff81d3Ehsan Akhgari — Remove a bogus check added in bug 572618; a=me DONTBUILD
29323301bb1717bff13fc9d0e8eb159dad8107b3Paul Biggar Bug 614264 - Fix build problem after tracemonkey merge. r=ted.mielczarek
0ffa6f6ee041894fce664586beebb4d7b622a4b5Matt Brubeck — Bug 599811 - Fix bad merge in changeset 0b2b0417c11f (bug 614223). a=blocking-fennec
284b8ed69ee3fd16eb0783375f4d5d927416fa40Mihai Sucan — Bug 597460 - Web Console scrolls to top when (at least) a filtered network event occurs; f=pwalton a=blocking2.0
ad189229497fab1e912594e106bb92438bf83713Mihai Sucan — Bug 587615 - lastTimestamp reset problems in WebConsole; f=pwalton r=sdwilsh approval2.0=beltzner
9ecae0a45ab8fc799eeb7aeba2f86237d0660a57Bas Schouten — Bug 614111: Clear and recreate VertexBuffer on device reset. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-beta8
832e6220498afe90481cfb120046afd52db03121Steven Michaud — Bug 613376 - r=josh a=blocking2.0Beta8+
8ba0c122568fdd05ac170561217a07d2b64361e5Robert Sayre — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central. a=blockers.
870bb8ee43e62221b89d2dc8d9aa9ccd41cbc3a3Paul Biggar Bug 613173 - Add comment about incorrect usage of $target vs $host (r=ted)
1532a8fcc7d31446760b06170011758aba23ce06Paul Biggar — Bug 608696 - Properly fix CROSS_COMPILE breakage from bug 605133 (r=ted)
9bb386e639e5b75a58b52f64c4216895febadfcaBrendan Eich — Enable XPC_CHECK_WRAPPER_THREADSAFETY in release builds and make it force a failure from XPCWrappedNative::FinishInit (612745, r=gal).
c8b632c50cd04078980dd85325a699e9bbd47268David Anderson — Don't allocate JIT code across compartments (bug 612717, r=dmandelin).
a230f26db792bcd2685c27e454efdd43cf74d549David Anderson — Better out-of-range checks for ICs on x64 (bug 602333 part 3, r=dmandelin).
63646e21294c6ec4fd88773b17f6de27068fa9c3David Mandelin — Bug 570385: notify iterators of dense array property deletion in DeleteArrayElement, r=igor
e020c8f1099d26cefe7b26923b80a9e5f7b55d76David Anderson — Fix reading huge array lengths in the tracer (bug 563125, r=njn).
2e440dc69d19a26310cb44a279b6d74a6547c863Jeff Walden — Fix stupid mistake. r=ψ
0c72e196383980b9f1ae15eeccab42d5708c0dd7Jeff Walden — Fix warnings compiling with gcc 4.5. rs=brendan
137433bc8c2d90294fbf2b2bd1d3b8036194615eJan de Mooij — Bug 607711 - Constant fold JSOP_MOD. r=dvander
da7fd699ddcb5db191199044adfd65de017d6219Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 613151 - TM: "Assertion failure: JSID_IS_INT(id),". r=gal.
b7ffbcf89604c59c8526c3dbe05f0d9980f80d66Brendan Eich — bz/brendan patch to hash function-local shapes in dictionary mode due to too many locals (610370, r=brendan/bz).
9bff531727b2e8faa93a34c0698f7830d70fb232David Anderson — Check for doubles that fit in ints in JSOP_GETELEM slow paths (bug 604905, r=luke).
6f7f0da1569382067e13026c691be579bba72b6dRobert Sayre — merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey
bbc8aeb55bae780cc1297e3dc5f3029ef666d06aDavid Anderson — Disable ICs that are too far away to patch (bug 602333 part 2, r=sstangl).
54fb9d61096ae7d2bbf90af66dbe05041a99d2d7David Anderson — Correctly bound code blocks when using repatch buffers (bug 602333 part 1, r=sstangl).
3abee1afa0662452c5d4d316a8efea4d31f3cddaBrian Hackett — Disable testIsAboutToBeFinalized.cpp jsapi-test, bug 613430.
3ce2cfd22078fa4d151345bee07296b30a512c03Nicholas Nethercote — Avoid compiler warning. No bug, r=dvander via IRC.
d7cb3c04b58fa8e88c2cece03ab03cad72f3a23bNicholas Nethercote — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
307fa27df667b5b02b96b04707eea75d3d105e34Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 613125 - nanojit: improve codegen for LIR_q2i in X64 back-end. r=edwsmith.
f36e539c450b2a8805027fe11b5ba1092a58409cCédric VINCENT Bug 587735 - redefine nRegisterAllocFromSet in terms of lsReg or msReg (r=edwsmith)
cf37bdb2b7947d76fab7a87ca3450e4421427dfaCédric VINCENT Bug 594296 - Fix the implementation of Assembler::asm_cmov() in the SH4 backend (r=nnethercote r=rreitmai sr=edwsmith)
32aa5d70f490f931d6220a987130d378acbc877fBrian Hackett — Compile INITPROP/INITELEM, bug 606477. r=jorendorff,dvander
14e99a29e0adb20f62ba99da593f0c34d28431d0Bill McCloskey — merge
1fa547033cec06f52553db88c7dc69dea31121eeBill McCloskey — Backed out changeset 08794e076ded to fix gmail (a=backout)
e8bd9ab117c586595ef6a7e6dc1665f8aa32b91dBill McCloskey — merge
1da3a1594a1826cd3f723169053cd734d3298772Bill McCloskey — Backed out changeset d446894bc3a6
8a888bf6d83cce3c2d904ac61694b2208a710991Brian Hackett — Don't let dynamic slots shrink below numFixedSlots(), bug 613122. r=brendan
bc98494c12d6939f12f99ece5adf77acb09587e4Luke Wagner — Backed out changeset 31e0cd11f015
31e0cd11f0156d970189c8de30c372d1a75802a8Luke Wagner — Bug 561954 - Avoid costly deep bail by aborting earlier on bad global prop access (r=jorendorff)
eea1f443ea156a871e414c621f2738945e56193fJan de Mooij — Bug 612989 - Try to convert numbers being parsed to int32 in JSON.parse. r=sayrer,jwalden
25ba554a24ac55aab6c6d31737e644afc9b4d8b2Alon Zakai — Bug 502836 - Fix 'script stack space quota is exhausted' error. r=igor a=blocking-betaN+
b12f0464da326340c65747aa4a13427bcacce7c8Alon Zakai — Bug 610046 - Let jsreftests that should silently fail do so. r=dbaron,bc a=test
12d38422c622bbef90349e243b6633d59ffc49f0Paul Biggar — Bug 611060 - Allow -r and -l to be passed to disfile (r=igor)
3e74fd36384731d6729e0fd9655b28655cfb241dJim Blandy — No bug: Add missing ampersand in non-JS_THREADSAFE case. r=red
c2316a213ef0b8b96fd3c76946868481ef497b9cPaul Biggar — Bug 608696 - Properly fix CROSS_COMPILE.
043609d1ec8b2835ffd6119612cd80211a8ba1cdJim Blandy — Revert accidental deletion of uriloader/exthandler/tests/unit_ipc/test_encoding.js in previous patch.
f9785814bdbc41a57115ee867ef0d3244fca57dcIgor Bukanov — Bug 599610 - making sure that PurgeScriptFragments collects all fragments
75d629d5bae7dbd3223940648d785599ac097d7aGinn Chen — Bug 613127 jsprobes.cpp failed to build with --enable-dtrace r=gal
d446894bc3a61fb381f6d6d5e9c4ba4605fa3a16Bill McCloskey — Bug 606890 - Allow profile to profile short loops twice (r=dmandelin)
30c864b404833da3c08199a7f703c87a7b4dadd7Jason Orendorff — Bug 609103 - jsapi-tests/testThreads.cpp should call JS_SetNativeStackQuota to avoid stack overflow. rs=gwagner.
07c209a8b9bccd0ee7757385a6db4b634522113cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 599127 - Build bustage; a=me
87c48eea3c6cdd110eec49b457ef8b39c042270fMounir Lamouri — Follow-up from bug 597809. r=me a=codingstyle
4335fe1a4f951c78b1dc25d8239d49f9e83c5dd4Philipp Wagner — Bug 613731 - nsEventStates.h uses undefined NS_ERROR; r=mounir.lamouri, a=bustage
77d32c00769c10759c1e5e23193930ff41d1a187Mounir Lamouri — Bug 613021 - Don't make an element invalid if the value length is higher than the maxlength value. r=sicking a=blocking-b9
d9a4ae0eb4e4dbc365dff26c4f4e2804ac4c1eaeMounir Lamouri — Bug 613113 - Invalid <output> should block form submission. r+a=sicking
b14f7ebae437a052adb2b841874a6cd8f5db38caRob Arnold — Bug 556524 - Taskbar tab preview crashes [@ mozilla::widget::WindowHook::Lookup(unsigned int)] in Firefox 3.6 at SetVisible; r=jmathies a=blocking-final+
fc75e982b6dd93d4a730500fec5b84233b4daaa1Michal Novotny — bug 599127 - Wyciwyg channel writes end up doing synchronous disk IO. r=jduell, a=betaN
86c3a0e9fa87a9b0967b89824c35f9b2f9355590Robert Longson — Bug 611975 - text with gradient on stroke breaks when fill of any kind exists r=roc,a=blocking-final+
ad9e2c046780a49e49e2c53bf38f1747cce416e7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 614161 - Add more comprehensive spellcheck reftests to make sure that it works correctly for input and textarea controls; r=roc a=test-only
f18b9274235c68cdc49c772b92612408ec373474Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 591175 - Intermittent failure in test_bug346485.html | [SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js, window.onerror] An error occurred - checkFormSubmission is not defined; r=mounir a=intermittent-orange-fix
51a9339e0c579f46d2b74d6d1c7b03e226c1f494Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 611549 - Web Console's input and output sections should be left-to-right in RTL mode; r=ddahl,gavin a=gavin
e6dadb378a1a7ec25079718c4cf4247d4fbb7c66Henri Sivonen — Bug 610345 - Add MathML named characters that expand to two code points to the HTML5 parser. rs=jonas, a=blocking2.0-betaN.
4b9ba5049e6619edba5854435c9e1a7c0033051cJonas Sicking — Bug 608669: Make chrome-document-global-created be properly dispatched on newly opened windows. r=jst a=blocker
42e9a38ecf63280ab20fa00e9c739207a1f29977Jonas Sicking — Bug 595397: Add a pref to enable XUL and XBL for file:. r=dveditz a=blocker
bd5273da526355521bca79d13fe04204a5dbd3e8Jonas Sicking — Bug 609030: Update createBlobURL/revokeBlobURL to it's final name. r=jst a=blocker
f65bef71ac100cd9ff16fec0954dab6bea5c41a0Jonas Sicking — Bug 448611: Use proper escaping in form submission names and values. Also treat textareas with an empty name the way that IE handles them and don't submit them. r=smaug a=blocker
5c0802167d09276227e0239cb38793336ca3be7bMichael Wu — Bug 612667 - C only libraries not wrapped on Android, r=ted a=blocking-fennec
0b2b0417c11f7ecdc7e0baad92a8149790696613Michael Wu — Bug 599811 - Use KeyListener to filter keyevents, r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
6ed1bf8ddeec122096e4a261dd621267a89675daMichael Wu — Bug 581596 - Create GetInputMode API, r=masayuki,roc sr=roc a=blocking-fennec
92bb7d084e2b4c91a375631bb6b0706d9a7d9851Michael Wu — Bug 581596 - Make Android use new SetInputMode API, r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
674eb3bc24a5c75d004a4f99c1050e638da4961eMichael Wu — Bug 581596 - Add new SetInputMode api, r=roc,masayuki sr=roc a=blocking-fennec
8c65bc38729a28a9e1f4d666813cd754e1451ebcMark Finkle — Bug 600300 - Save helper app downloads to downloads directory on Android and Maemo [r=blassey a=fennec-should-compile]
9ba5e353af1b586c9de4d3a9f8fc8d6b23d41b23Drew Willcoxon — Bug 606304 - Replace setOverLink's use of set/clearTimeout with set/clearInterval for great performance win. r+a=gavin
2f9f6cb3a0efd2d27b8f1d1424752508f956a9aaOleg Romashin — Bug 613853 - Qt - ASSERTION: Old pixman and rotate transform +compilation bustage. r=dougt a=b-f
ebbcdbb4bef9c1c38ab6db7af1b2ed8715d063e9Oleg Romashin — Bug 613943 - [@ nsWindow::DoPaint] crashes when trying to access MWindow::orientationAngle r=romaxa a=npodb
4dbcce638eef4fecb7c635e12d47a22a9fd2f160Oleg Romashin — Bug 612256 - On plugin invalidate only plugin layer (and not thebes layer) should be updated. r=roc a=blocking2.0
508fe9b3ecf1b2088c7f4a361bba891e233bd5c6Oleg Romashin — Bug 609206 - Can't compile JS with --disable-methodjit r=dmandelin a=approval2.0
09e869b8ff890912d47d314ce65d2375d2532527David Mandelin — Backout merge, a=backout
f6c4f42d7b28ea789b2ab88ce2717d33c9b3efe9David Mandelin — Backed out changeset c29356cef6d4 -- it was a temporary diagnostic
1a55741b7b27f1cd13da1086c5918ddbf79ad013Wesley Johnston — Bug 596370 - The maemo #define was incorrect. r=dougt a=blassey
7fa56227251a5d77f9eeeafddf0d6b2d2292bda0Doug Turner — [Bug 613982] Crash [@ ] in sa_stream_write when closing a tab playing audio. r=kinetik. a=blocking-fennec
74b4a2f97e232121f2710a3a101fe9488df68f15Dan Witte — Bug 612072 - Crash [@ nsCookieService::EnsureReadDomain(nsCString const&) ]. r=sdwilsh, a=betaN+
f021e21f74aee962917addb8194028a6ba8b9f06Alex Pakhotin — Bug 609366 - Switching from 3G to Wifi stops the nightly update download and then restarting Fennec shows you the package installer for the partial package. r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
372e38d12c5ef4c2af0f300b35d80f3dccf7b21dBrad Lassey — bug 518266 - Implement mechanism to provide haptic feed back, maemo r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
b5610f4fa3a8098a0c7f23e7db962cb2dcab694aMark Finkle — Bug 613480 - Check for a NULL docShell in browser constructor [r=gavin a=bsmedberg]
4273e6a3cd494a4557d6dab5fa77d44559144230Axel Hecht — bug 613055, update shipped-locales for beta8, DONTBUILD, a=blocking2.0:beta8
0e9ba7c029e3711412c0adf6fb24392815a38cfcKyle Huey — Bug 585011 - Invoke as a pymake native command. r=Callek, a=bsmedberg
78ad68a58de7adbdeacffe1afc2b66aed54a0287Neil Rashbrook — Bug 613725 and bug 593106 - Crashes on Windows because varargs and references don't mix, use a pointer instead. r=Mossop a=blocking2.0
924f8ac598123a3157fd570719e72c2c4f311169Frank Yan — Bug 611590 - Make "Paste & Go" consistent with "Paste" regardless of clipboard contents. r=gavin ui-r=faaborg a=betaN+gavin
3d73b386ac8e032a7a130b51a313e42bcaa7cd1eBrad Lassey — bug 518266 - Implement mechanism to provide haptic feed back, android r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
0f4b3354d42669d6749795996b42defa9e15b3c0Brad Lassey — bug 518266 - Implement mechanism to provide haptic feed back, idl r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
94bcf27e5948638f83832361cc2e7f9d7ab4d8a6Kyle Huey — Back out js-in-libxul because Bug 592960 is cropping up. a=backout
e5bb8cabb5e904a3411fdc7b6dad11e5f6e58f43Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset 53952ab4a544
852dd5b5c8b7a7d0bf435ae2d88cf3ba1e60bde2Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 613061 - test_jetpack.js (and probably code in production) crashes at IPC::Channel::set_listener because the destruction of JetpackProcessParent races with the unwinding of the stack frame which calls JetpackParent::ActorDestroy. Add an extra trip around the event loop to avoid the race. r=cjones a=myself/orange
25f3b8529fd0fe50e586ae14a7ad08b7d9306bedDão Gottwald — Bug 604941 - toolbar border is too dark/opaque. r+a=gavin
97b3ddd2c690f0c4801ea507ce2bb3a82fd21addDão Gottwald — Bug 612812 - remove text shadows from tabs. r+a=gavin
395e62c37851ece653d8df7b07e430cf76040a3dAlexander Surkov — Bug 613828 - Intermittent crash [@ nsNodeInfoManager::GetDocument] '/ a11y/accessible/name/test_markup.html | Exited with code 1 during test run', due to an assertion. (other tests affected too), r=fer, sr=neil, a=final+
4d73807bfec7b038872213ecfd8fe24df54b5704Dão Gottwald — Bug 613176 - app menu panes lack a separator when using a non-'windows-default-theme' theme. r+a=gavin
9e5f718c4b7d30c4f4e39f9dc80f8ad274d17c36Dão Gottwald — add missing semicolon
97670819ee38d34773c44db9ea6e17961444bf70Dão Gottwald — bug 612588 followup
6c4cca9bd1052ed7840b2514f743b1a42aed9aaeDão Gottwald — Bug 612588 - Toolbars outside of the toolbox should be visible while customizing, just like those inside of the toolbox. r=enn a=gavin
2867e48dec94da8d217512034f0dc91466828a52Alexander Surkov — Bug 613146 - isn't read by NVDA, r=marcoz, davidb, a=final+
d48cd30ffe9ccc17b0adf2fd877df52dd59f0ad7Edward Lee — Bug 613767 - Return in tab modal prompts doesn't trigger default action [r=dolske a=dolske]
53952ab4a5449cf7455cf63a21016e93053f6736Kyle Huey — Bug 609976: Fold js back into libxul on Windows now that PGO seems less grumpy. r=ted a=ted
4744e56a99b8bff3f7e8b169d769fd6084126e38Kyle Huey — Bug 611930: Sprinkle some Unicode pixie-dust to placate non-IPC builds.
4c7d41fe4e8fc63638f9d86d4d254a0aaae1085aKyle Huey — Merge the backout of the backout
e1216e32e4722e967fb3181167de79ba67d27de7Kyle Huey — Bug 611930: Annotate crash reports with LSP information. r=ted sr=rs a=b
4847e1cf6cf4725b9a36da1a94788374b0cab397L. David Baron — Don't propagate text-decoration in quirks-mode across inline-block, inline-table, and HTML table elements. Also, prepare quirks-mode text-decoration propagation code for use in standards mode (for bug 403524). (Bug 572713) r=roc a2.0=blocking
6b3f7a3a6a7f68d5bb630534f22c002601a0469bKarl Tomlinson — b=600452 move font FcPattern reference from Font to FontEntry r=jfkthame a=blocking
df3db4d3a0c74ac046f6c8589132546cdbd85539Karl Tomlinson — b=600452 share font entries between fonts with the same cairo_font_face_t r=jfkthame
8a5f16022cbd88de7b4a5e25463c749882323310Joe Drew — Bug 528946 - Move the iframe below the script in test_bug497665.html so we don't get checkFirst is not defined when the iframe's onload races parsing the script, a=test
179c84928c644c2d0368f915ec7bc99425b4d081Phil Ringnalda — Bug 601536 - get rid of intermittent "runTest is not defined" errors by moving the iframe down below the script that its onload calls into, r=mrbkap, a=test
1002f2452919e20ee18bd24ce777d9f9e483f710Wesley Johnston — Bug 517889 - Add referrer to PExternalHelperApp. r=dwitte,bz a=blocking-fennec
5081913b695a728f1912a76816c64b7175c95639Alon Zakai — Bug 609752 - Remove mChannel from nsProgressNotificationProxy. r=dougt,jduell a=blocking-fennec
5b540a5854b599cd21f0c4c4ec435fbc9fbb6ad7Alon Zakai — Bug 611505 - Fix 'TabParent not thread-safe' errors. r=honzab a=blocking-fennec
4572c41755267cb0af3f7c98afe90acebca2b2f6Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset c8a4b4ed9160. a=me
c8a4b4ed9160aa0693360d6ab68e79f130db3ae0Kyle Huey — Bug 611930: Annotate crash reports with LSP information. r=ted sr=rs a=b
885574b5c18c0d50a8903cfd880aed4b1afeb39aKyle Huey — Bug 600433: Build shlibsign for i386 in a Mac UB. r=ted a=b
be4b69a4babfb0a62fe0d6de850dc8df9a5ba020Patrick McManus — Bug 592284 - Accelerate TCP connection retries in HTTP. r=honzab a=blocking2.0
baa51e6d4a1540cfa4139cd4777f413d4f8bf755Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 612353 - Account for the width of the app tab tray if present in RTL mode; r=ian.gilman a=gavin
06e04efa46d61af7febc0dba12241c591f2cff5eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 612356 - Add NS_SetDllDirectory to dlldeps.cpp; r=khuey a=NPOTB
6f28a60c1c71f5f938155bdebb97b9527d50c594Gavin Sharp — Fix typo in 46edc39233b3 (bug 601909), a=me
a54bdb8efa9d204a3af9030d83dcd2bc41733e5cAlexander Surkov — Bug 613131 - role nothing should allow recursive name calculation from children, r=fer, davidb, marcoz, a=davidb
4fdda29db1f4100004511902b919014dc2de42dcAlexander Surkov — Bug 608887 - elements inserted outside the body aren't accessible, r=marcoz, davidb, a=final+
0601ba3e939572d2ea0a773ec05c2b4e72af92aeBill Gianopoulos — Bug 585370 - "Implement the Firefox button on Linux" [r=dao ui-r=faaborg a=dolske]
8af7288622ea71cf505829aaedbe588cc6e87726Drew Willcoxon — Bug 613365 - If location bar is focused, hovering a link overlays a blue area on top of the current URL. It should not change the location bar. r=dao, a=dolske
0012ca751ce10ec068e538e4e3759efcc0000398Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 599475 - Fix crash reporting on MacOS 10.5 (Leopard) by making breakpad use it's internal implementation of MD5 instead of one randomly picked from libnss or libcrypto which isn't loading properly. r=ted a=blocking-beta8+
70116ee1ea9a56be36377a6a067c73c4ffeec2afEhsan Akhgari — Bug 612447 - Part 3: Prevent the HTML editor from dying while we run a document modified handler from a script runner; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-beta8
406748270073ffdf35ccb1a203943751c38a4a37Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 612447 - Part 2: Protect the HTML editor from dying while a mutation event handler is in progress; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-beta8
64fdcad8cb1111c18e75face950d9c707b2b5673Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 612447 - Don't Recreate an editor object attached to a document in a frame if that frame is restyled; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-beta8+
91980a82eeae105a7e64d2c73fe23f9b97a3a90fMichael Wu — Bug 604712 - Followup - Make autoframes clean up unhandled exceptions. r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
ca12132a0d8c4d8bd1d6d5ace24c9134a467c1f5Doug Turner — [Bug 604712] Add device information to nsISystemInfo for use by crash reporting and feedback addon. r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
2b792c9d96b77442aca74231e2f3bba042d4e06aMihai Sucan — Bug 601177 - Errors/Warnings checkboxes are confusing; f=rcampbell r=dietrich a=blocking2.0
f373642ac372f176e783a302d5f2237fe246c097Mihai Sucan — Bug 600183 - Web Console: currentContext is always used in network logging code; f=ddahl r=sdwilsh a=blocking2.0
0fa9ae503e4b532b4f8f32e3bcf065440ddc65f8Mihai Sucan — Bug 597756 - Fx 4 Web Console fails to show javascript errors if a tab is closed and the same document is then re-opened in a new tab; f=rcampbell a=blocking2.0
46edc39233b37c1c108fc7ff77dadb2a5d7636ebMihai Sucan — Bug 601909 - Persist web console height; f=ddahl r=dietrich a=blocking2.0
ad46adf99fc3a44b276708655db0ae7c2ee6b798Mihai Sucan — Bug 597151 - The HUDConsoleObserver is never removed; rcampbell r=dtownsend, a=blocking2.0
847fe59d80955c392355ce3a1e0044398a959238Joe Walker — Bug 605419 - [Web Console] Provide a help command to list the available helper functions;
7cf596b44bafe52760e0c2758cbe5f77e3071a03Jonathan Kew — bug 603879 - reftest for opentype arabic shaping with @font-face. r=jdaggett a=blocking2.0
11ca3cd81864621a74efb90cf15398067f27e891Jonathan Kew — bug 603879 - part 2 - update harfbuzz integration to support arabic etc shaping. r=jdaggett a=blocking2.0
566c74963913f3b8792e6a334505d476b14055a7Jonathan Kew — bug 603879 - part 1.1 - work around gcc4.3/opt compile failure in harfbuzz code. a=bustage
af5a5452cda4fd6e83e9d797f484feb0e2429393Jonathan Kew — bug 603879 - part 1 - updated harfbuzz code from upstream. r=jdaggett a=blocking2.0
baa6cc2f72e48cbb22e88bd574f5ef643f926a9cStuart Parmenter — Bug 613321. Backing out bug 604712 (rev 6cfd43067a07) to fix hang on Galaxy S phones. a=blocking-fennec
37b59596c539b9fd75b18b555282664799d63faaJohnny Stenback — Bakout of fix for bug 606058 due to oranges. a=backout
3077e1c11fb6a465333df44c63ad3f14021bdd55Johnny Stenback — Backed out changeset 312bbc3ed894 due to oranges. a=backout
9892fb9d7141c3bbd215673fba3b793eb963f9caSerge Gautherie — Bug 597811 - [SeaMonkey] mochitests-1/5: "WARNING: NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv, rv) ... nsHTMLInputElement.cpp, line 436" + "test_bug592802.html | Test timed out.", caused by "test_bug548193.html / nsContentPrefService.js"; (Dv1) Revert extraneous change in patch Cv1.
5fc1f9723b56dc409ecfa45fd9da7197d4f71ae6Serge Gautherie — Bug 597811 - [SeaMonkey] mochitests-1/5: "WARNING: NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv, rv) ... nsHTMLInputElement.cpp, line 436" + "test_bug592802.html | Test timed out.", caused by "test_bug548193.html / nsContentPrefService.js"; (Cv1) Add 1 missing 'JSVersion version' in patch Bv1.
312bbc3ed89462e6bcd00be43e0950e6f3a6920eJohnny Stenback — Fixing bug 606058. Given XUL overlay documents the principals of the containing document., a=blocker
076f5ea1f94a86a5079f97cf3907370dfe970490Scott Greenlay — Bug 613679 - pluginreg.dat rewritten on plugins list construction, even if there are no changes, r=josh, a=josh
b1f6e5f93eb860227f5047ae9916751618390dd0Justin Dolske — Bug 598786 - Visual design for tab-modal prompts. r=dao, a=me
1fc05b5edd027de780e55957f13196dfb659e25fJustin Dolske — Bug 59314 - Alerts should be content-modal, not window-modal (Part 2). r=jst, feedback=gavin, a=blocking+
b48b84055237eb21efcb0dde3c8d1233f49ce774Justin Dolske — Bug 59314 - Alerts should be content-modal, not window-modal. r=gavin, a=blocking+
b89d1824a762fa63c8abb02d3bedcb7844b6348bFernando Herrera — Bug 610568 - mochitest with extra whitespaces for nsIAccessibleText, r=surkov, a=test
6c2f603ae217c36304863b522731ddc09a5e49a0Alexander Surkov — Bug 613466 - crash [@ IDRefsIterator::IDRefsIterator(nsIContent*, nsIAtom*) ], r=davidb, a=beta9+
e8c6b728e90a7918a12ddc360ca6a81203e6403bAlexander Surkov — Bug 606207 - Dojo dropdown buttons are broken, r=marcoz, a=test
1c82a99070c21f64b16522315286886935e8f732Alexander Surkov — Bug 381599 - Inverse relations cache, r=marcoz, davidb, a=blockingFinal+
356c5d923a139e8cb917871acea434a9cb8335b0Daniel Holbert — Bug 613643: Reorder nsBaseChannel constructor init list to fix build warning. a=azakai r=dougt DONTBUILD
f380866f64b2538cbbf85a6c7dabf71dec84cf9cBrian Crowder — Bug 611466 - Minimal support for IME in Qt, r=dougt, a=dougt
9f934ed430c3cc3166ceb8daae9ab9c4ab02959cJustin Dolske — Bug 613444 - Refactor nsIPrompt tests. a=testsonly
bbc4273845eb1bd1c7133a5416ec0fb1450e9213Justin Dolske — Bug 613403 - Fix existing tests to work with tab-modal prompt changes. r=ehsan, a=testsonly
5c6fa4a5c3da3251baa57efe71eb4423b92aeb29Jonas Sicking — Fix build error when building with --enable-functiontimer. b=613589 r=mwu a=build bustage fix
553678fc7c03cc9b37bde7dca5f03d69d19789f5Josh Matthews — Bug 605327 - Add proper cancellation to e10s wyciwyg channels. r=dwitte a=blocking-fennec
73b2cd4fbd952473281f4c5bd205a7ba5381053bSteven Michaud — Bug 611910 - (try again with leak fixed) r=josh a=blocking2.0BetaN+
6e4659bdc601d58d277772b3a4fa93598f6e9c5dGavin Sharp — Bug 609952: move logging code into HUDService, r=ddahl, a=beltzner
4c55c33b49d32c599ebf394e08ae50bc410ddff6Gavin Sharp — Bug 608198: nsDefaultURIFixup::KeywordToURI should always strip leading "?" from keywords, r=bz, a=blocking
44bbb8e7929c2195c841ace4d16006036888d487Gavin Sharp — Bug 609950: fix code in the HUDConsoleObserver to properly handle subframes, r=ddahl, feedback=msucan, a=blocking
0830d8f979362796ce55b64f72910ec0edf1be32Daniel Holbert — merge after backout. a=orange
0f7432f2cb5d04c74f9745fef9f1b6a8cefd1560Daniel Holbert — Backed out changeset 16c2e141d418 (Bug 611910) due to crashtest leak/orange. a=orange
8714ad3e0704fe4a0cb033984b80b4f20309d08cBas Schouten — Bug 610737: Use EXTEND_PAD for drawing native themes. r=jmuizelaar a=blocking-betaN
3ae93548e27a134626dd619522d98a4d2d83ccbcBas Schouten — Bug 612123: Ensure D3D10 layer managers are not used after device changes. r=roc a=blocking-final
61fbdf66e57974ce792bea262728c0fdeae219faDaniel Holbert — re-enable crashtests for bug 612662, with s/.html/.svg/. a=tests-only
16c2e141d4182698d46ea33a020192a4153c5f8aSteven Michaud — Bug 611910 - r=josh a=blocking2.0BetaN+
cc5a70c9e1e8388069322f2748b30356914ad435Nils Maier — iBug 592052 - Add missing NSGetModule export (binary backwards compatiblity) except on OS X; r=benjamin a=bsmedberg
509c3d710e15d16d6b9b8bce94c68fa089289361Neil Deakin — Bug 611313 - Initialize with an empty datasource for template tests so that sync and async loading attempts don't conflict; r=afrosdwilsh a=orange-fix
4eeb36eb555f2d94fca2dbcbc021da23fc4c3a2eMarkus Stange — Bug 612090 - Firefox 4.0b7 crash [@ nsBaseWidget::AutoUseBasicLayerManager::AutoUseBasicLayerManager ]; r=joe a=blocking-betaN+
18864f1a6b42e0984b7a0a15574c06f29a43b97bMichael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 606827: Released and collapsing drag regions fade into... somewhere [r+a=dolske]
97dee907ffd2ee237cf18df63d254cdecd53eb10Ms2ger — Bug 612399 - Remove nsIScriptLoader; r+a=sicking
958ab0e72969eb63d0a7d5f1b8708f54a63aaa24Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 613434 - Rename the browserscope richtext suite in preparation of richtext2 integration; r=roc a=NPOTB
900c9f516d53efbf99cda45efe56a4b310132f39Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 611457 - mochitest-chrome: intermittent "test_bug607584.xul | Test timed out."; r=roc a=orange-fix
84e356d05e982a8bc88c14f031b8d69873fb40a5Daniel Holbert — Disable crashtests for bug 612662, due to "timed out waiting for onload to fire". a=orange DONTBUILD
cf9ba871de20914dc7334738dfec1d98906580b8Raymond Lee — Bug 597399 - Panorama: Typing in a digit when the search box isn't displayed produces letter in the box [r=ian, a=blocking2.0]
c5e14ccf7622c316292839b976ff98ff4eb01520Raymond Lee — Bug 599626 - After perform close group in Panorama, the browser becomes unresponsive [r=dolske, a=blocking2.0]
fd756976e52cca1b7af719c1d782f40d706f2548Sean Dunn — Bug 587231 - "[Win7] Thumbnails sometimes like an abstract painting in TabCandy" [r=dolske+ian, a=blocking]
f4fc9593ca7da62daf47914845c0a0bc61aa265eDaniel Holbert — Bug 613289: Remove unused variable 'result' from nsAudioStream::AllocateStream. r+a=dougt DONTBUILD
fe3ee697e942ab7e390702b3a035491e4fc0f30cDaniel Holbert — Bug 612662 patch 5: tests. r+a=tests
d66f56009e9bc9031230555a9e8e9e1729fa65e8Daniel Holbert — Bug 612662 patch 4: Prevent reentrant calls to VectorImage::Draw, and prevent scrollbars (even unpainted ones) in SVG-as-an-image helper documents. r=roc a=blocking-final+
eea80e8a690199843efd939ecf04189409cfbc21Daniel Holbert — Bug 612662 patch 3: Drop cairo_quartz_surface_t's "imageSurfaceEquiv" member if we fail to create it. r=roc a=blocking-final+
cb7fca54ac45a658ca575f3979195b09a2b833cbDaniel Holbert — Bug 612662 patch 2: In gfxPlatformGtk::CreateOffscreenSurface, drop our surface if it has non-OK status. r=roc a=blocking-final+
e211245e413a99bbe511514af3f3dd6919344ed5Daniel Holbert — Bug 612662 patch 1: Skip RecordMemoryUsed call in gfxImageSurface constructor if our surface is invalid. r=roc a=blocking-final
ee499eb8ad11dd8fa15ac434a055421cabe9bd91Daniel Richard G. — Bug 581628. We can end up in situations where mConnection is null due to our use of async proxies that eat error codes. r=sdwilsh, a=bzbarsky
2e2e864a29593436480c97199a4e762c69d87f55Paul Biggar — Bug 608696 - Properly fix CROSS_COMPILE.
08d030e87bb7ad6bda6838a8c85aeb4033c29f2cBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 611595 - Prevent a crash when D3D9 texture creation fails because the screen is locked. In CairoImageD3D9::SetData, save the surface as a member. Try to create the texture immediately, but also try to create the texture again when painting if it failed the first time. r=bas a=blocker-topcrash
8ec78ba9e09cce24c4f1af3c7d9c03ecf0b73126Mark Banner — Bug 610974 - Ensure places is enabled for places related tests; r=sdwilsh, a=test-only change
7e22b17199013a3bc8d20199414c84457c880911Olli Pettay — Bug 612887, Try to fix a session history crash, r=jst, a=blocking
6478c1b83d60598c5015ca74dc170340aa867b0bMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 531606 - "Gecko 1.9.x (Firefox 3.x / Seamonkey 2) truncates print job name to only 30 characters" [r=roc a=dolske]
ab4cdb935ccff5059085337664d18f3593e5b570Kai Engert — Bug 104103 - [r=rrelyea a=dolske]
6957f4aa855f8906c4534964febbe7d28908cfd8Mitchell Field — Bug 556382 - Link 32-bit Windows builds with LARGEADDRESSAWARE. r=khuey, a=blocking2.0-betaN
e3d3bcffefa7de908c6e1015ae137f5a94d51390Alexander Surkov — Bug 573469 - part3, speed up HasRelatedContent, r=davidb, sr=neil, a=final+
dc494e0db336ce376b47a56a87e6dfc19ceeeed7Doug Turner — Fixing build bustage on QT caused by JS using QT defined |slot|. r=blassey, a=npodb
54289a8057cf17ac767aef3633c23a9939c85020Ehsan Akhgari — Make it easier to run all editor crashtests in one go DONTBUILD a=NPOTB
2e35085ca7cc08badf78532dff238cecf4381a47Chris Jones — Bug 613367: Log relevant data when computing JIT-brokenness. r=dvander a=2.0
5f0d24418e7ee87d6334b06f6571b2283b197268Chris Double — Bug 612429 - Fix Maemo/Android/ARM inclusion of SSE2 code - r=doublec a=roc
302e3ea21728ddea642652f30e3d3b45fae0a454Robert Strong — Bug 611186 - [Win] Try to lock the main exe multiple times before giving up. r=dolske, a=dtownsend
7bb86e5cc3b7877a65420350bc7d11af9929a98eRobert Strong — 2. tests - Bug 466778 - [Win] Unable to update when files to be patched are in use on Windows. r=dtownsend, a=blocking2.0-BetaN
31504d26526632c2488cd4d06d1c3383922936ecRobert Strong — 1. main patch - Bug 466778 - [Win] Unable to update when files to be patched are in use on Windows. r=dolske, a=blocking2.0-BetaN
c5fb2f1485cd77942e434a87234bf4498782237fRobert Strong — Bug 602562 - [Win] Add keyboard modifier to start in safe mode for windows. r=dtownsend, ui-r=faaborg, feedback=jmathies, a=blocking2.0-BetaN
0096453a93e7d3584640441c701c92c310bd2298Bill McCloskey — Backout merge (a=backout)
80842d45466cceced04ab032c07bd85bffe5f99dBill McCloskey — Backed out changeset 08794e076ded to fix gmail (a=backout)
5a04cd531f5197078e165981b4254e9fd4d59506Ehsan Akhgari — Merge backout; a=orange-fix
7c2555c35ad2b70e9a700ea2002ee1fc9d969358Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 4fea98061fae because of the orange
dd70bf74cc00c03b0a14e476820bf095a497c245Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 364409371144 because of the orange
c29356cef6d4164447ab9a2352badc8ade1e42a7David Mandelin — Bug 605033 diagnostic: check whether we are crashing on holes, r=lw, a=betaN+
ec984bdd7e406b978ba5ad31faaa8212c02a5834Mark Finkle — Bug 613193 - Fix illegal JSON in 'softkb-change' notification [r=blassey r=roc a=blassey]
1d85ad54b112ca21d542fc724cff1232e679aebcEhsan Akhgari — Mark the test as random on Windows (bug 500141); irc-r=dbaron a=orange-fix
4fea98061faea1cdb1749cd0511dc123945410d8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 607482 - Part 2: Adjust the test so that the code doesn't need to unset the attribute asynchronously; r=dao a=gavin
364409371144791eab2a44fdb2413219aa5fec3cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 607482 - When in Private Mode, opening a new window causes FF button to flash orange and then turn purple; r=dao a=dietrich
30484d51bb7b34ec14e98bfb442b438a91944d6cBen Turner — Bug 612807 - 'IndexedDB: Transaction thread observer isn't quite safe'. r=jst, a=blocking+.
99a5d8039d3e8134afc04d00ed70dc34fc3e333cJohnny Stenback — Fixing bug 594547, crash downstream from nsTreeContentView::InsertRow().,,
1709bbd7964fbba801c94518b3bdea44adcc2fcdFelipe Gomes — Bug 596151. Fine tune tabs height for touch-enabled theme. r=dao a=gavin
a2e5d3cbf6cf275e72b9d804485c769fc90dd5c4Brad Lassey — bug 577531 - Fix non-thumb2 builds on Android, cleanup CFLAGS r=ted a=dougt
003e0d6ec5a943d71dc8dd670a0654a504dcb5dfWerner Lemberg — Fix Savannah bug #31310. r=stuart a=blocking-fennec
bef94549e955b80e8a1dd8fa99722af89f867678Werner Lemberg — [truetype] Improve error handling of `SHZ' bytecode instruction. r=stuart a=blocking-fennec
4675bda39bf2e7ab297d9bfb86a7171cb51959c4Clint Talbert — Bug 611348 - adding functionality to to handle slave rebooting r=jmaher a=NPOTB
693505bdb668ddf5851f581bda5d49fc6da208a8David Mandelin — Backout merge. a=betaN+,backout
ce22c94f3abae912e19d91bc3754281dfa8441ffDavid Mandelin — Backed out changeset 1b815a3b4250 (diagnostic)
62b716f5e267da22e4eff6e25b60786709f037b5Scott Greenlay — Bug 600901 - [clang]: cannot initialize a parameter/variable in, r=josh, a=josh
0fab20410b0ae45a8ed43a8de77099deb7407dc6Scott Greenlay — Bug 600900 - [clang]: cannot initialize a parameter of type 'NSString *' with an lvalue of type 'NSString const in, r=josh, a=josh
0e4ab404540dcdedd3f177017c59249c41869b7bScott Greenlay — Bug 583460 - [clang] nsClipboard: cannot initialize a parameter of type 'NSString *' with an lvalue of type 'NSString const *', r=josh, a=josh
ac10b874d3fabaec99bde02b7044be2154c3ea61Neil Rashbrook — Bug 613174 Stop changing refcount of nsDocument during Traverse r=surkov a=davidb
d18bdf583d87426b4cd110309518e94fe5c9d2deMatt Brubeck — Bug 612978 - GetDPI on Maemo should use the true DPI when known. r=roc,dougt a=blocking-fennec
035fcd2ac561262edabca127f061ebbafe1f6554Matt Brubeck — Bug 590777 (part 4) - Convert swipe thresholds from pixels to inches. r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
b80c7aadda8311e73658e0b8d2a500eef511634bL. David Baron — Add reftests for bug 500141. a2.0=tests+blocking
2aceaa1070b43970bb058cb589a6a37ae96e94acL. David Baron — Update Armenian list numbering test per discussion in bug 390440 and bug 604508. a2.0=tests
7e42ccaa7269cd8cf0ed30684bc4a718673710c4Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 590612 (Speed up js-wrapping in classinfo when we already have a wrapper). r=bz, a=jst.
789f0f85f75a3fa55d36c5d69a5b3bbbf3596410Benoit Jacob — Bug 612572 - Crash [@GLContext::ListHasExtension] when extensions is null - r=jseward a=joe
c391595f55618c3896e5c1611ef3bed022cceef7Simon Montagu — Update Unicode tables to Corrigendum #8. Bug 612843, r=emk, a=dbaron
48d4abb5de8fb0c59a84fd023b59deb396849d5bSimon Montagu — Test for bug 612843, a=test
d6d9cb57b170c100ea9ed8b54629d936b6a1052cHenri Sivonen — Bug 606729 - Make sure a script with the src attribute is treated as an external script even if the value of the attribute is not a valid URL. r=jonas, a=blocking2.0-final.
fe9637495f974593b4c6e706f1ddb22b57c021f6Henri Sivonen — Bug 543062 - When document.write() blocks, pre-parse the tail of the buffer for speculative loads. r=jonas, a=blocking2.0-beta8.
a74526663273be7605ba513fa1ca6a81e75ac7dcHenri Sivonen — Bug 612568 - Drop nsIContent handles when finished parsing a fragment. r=Olli.Pettay, a=jst.
f6fec8c990b1587a61843fa032e52d7fbe3627cdHenri Sivonen — Bug 607573 - Make <input type=hidden> not set frameset-ok to "not ok". r=jonas, a=blocking2.0-betaN.
579f6301792190d9e2291c15d12ab4471e42ef2fJustin Dolske — Bug 611566 - Remove Enter/LeaveModalState calls from nsGlobalWindow alert/confirm/prompt. r=jst, a=blocking+
c3c229aaf5310cfaf67188d1ae5f3e214d8cef99Alexander Surkov — Bug 573469 - part2, cache IDs pointed by relation attributes, r=marcoz, davidb, sr=neil, a=blockingFinal+
c7128de9595a8bdc160f033682213d9178d6fe7bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 608515 Painting methods should use consistent composition state between WM_DWMCOMPOSITIONCHANGED messages r=jimm, a=final+
2c5363747246cd55a2a572cc607790674d22f7e9Drew Willcoxon — Bug 612828 - Link target and current URL in location bar should transition at same non-linear rate. r=dao, a=gavin
b433764562cc063de9d5164b1cc6239b1f15096fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 612625 - intermittent orange: test_bug607584.xul continues executing after we've left the page, mostly showing up in test_bug171813.html; r=roc a=test-fix
5edec88ca944fe4aab1264f3f419adf5e01cb8dbBenjamin Smedberg — Remove browser_bug571289.js as a followup to bug 610381 and bug 608142. The test is meaningless because the condition is not allowed to happen. r=gal a=orange
94e93142bfb6912bf49c8b5e1cdf5a4c799270caBenjamin Smedberg — Android bustage from bug 602891 part A, revision dc021bc9929f. getpid() required <unistd.h>
35f8ec6fa9e632272bdb876eba8b756d240342e6Robert Sayre — Fix merge botch. a=bustage
78a42f77bb90c49b066023e740fc05f7c863ab37Robert Sayre — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-centra. a=blockers.
08794e076dedf23252ac6c7f03c2cd1f5a896d0fBill McCloskey — Bug 607539 - Allow profiler to be run from interpreter (r=dmandelin,dvander)
7a0bb2b04bbd9979eb8b6fdf1b6747579b711354Gregor Wagner — Bug 612829 - fix JS_DUMP_CONSERVATIVE_GC_ROOTS, r=igor
7aaac92a5e110efdded8ca2d5748686b8a86d524Gregor Wagner — Bug 612511 - fix testcase testVersion.cpp, r=cdleary
301b97a2004287d8792378947e1dc29511ab613dPaul Biggar — Bug 608696, bug 612809 - Revert CROSS_COMPILE breakage from bug 605133 (r=ted)
7b8898c9b54c0471a02bcf1e65b9b02149665dd5Nicholas Nethercote — Un-inline Vector::growStorageBy(); this was accidentally left out of the patch for bug 610857.
3c580750fa3863fe0035ad57405f0b0b7058e8baNicholas Nethercote — Bug 611724 - Assertion failure in TraceRecorder::emitIf(). r=dvander.
364f6695617032d53c189db4532d77b552329f27Luke Wagner — Bug 612329 - Don't use gatling gun in debug mode; temporarily assert in release that cached code ptr is valid (r=damdelin)
22273789b140291466a9d5076f954a49b498e2c8timeless — Bug 609687 - Don't call call hook with null hook data (r=lw)
c5b733682ecef38251b07cb6811f2ccbdcae522aJeff Walden — Make JSTreeContext::fun and JSTreeContext::scopeChain private (they share a union), and provide accessors that assert that the tree context is or is not in a function, as appropriate. r=dvander
9baf4ce0920b157152e6f17323ea2fb08a01d498Jeff Walden — Bug 612481 - Only do closed-name analysis for functions. r=dvander
f3cfb74fd41301d9d01d942a53aaffa30d2678f9Jason Orendorff — Bug 608171 - Make ChromeWorkers available to JSMs. r=bent.
f1a334334d13dd84a8171cf650af24a15f926c8eRobert Sayre — Merge.
53f4a2fc0abd8ce2f1a16f56d258256f9e9bdce5Robert Sayre — Bug 612642 - JS base64 code needs to be updated for removal of JS_GetStringBytesZ. Wallpaper patch for merging.
98e10bbc80d3373d82b42871d5d8076a94164dc2Robert Sayre — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
c47a52df435d316008f36e985c1f5e28682c4623Jan de Mooij — Bug 604864 - Optimize undefined, NaN and Infinity in methodjit. r=dmandelin
c1c10304f99189e148dc86815bd579a6ffd5a92aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 610582. Fix TMFLAGS=tracer for anonymous functions. r=gal
bc000c1509acf6d0aa4496235e7eee89dfab7f14Brian Hackett — Fix fixed slots invariant for slow arrays, bug 610592. r=brendan
b60ac564e39df8d1c2c94acfe18b71fa97b226b5Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 610587 - improve jsvector.h. r=lw.
9420a20e5e5b0efb7d11806d119975209f992024Chris Leary — Bug 611462: correct option-to-version propagation. (r=lw)
f394014be68ed4db7e45d28a5a6fec7cfc049871Igor Bukanov — Bug 607292 - followup to address comments 16 and 20 from the bug
d7543e6c50973881dc74005a329051e8af774e8fGregor Wagner — Bug 612015 - Put all external strings in one arena r=igor
49a90627ab3965a6591f79dac032f2ce87a92d0aChris Leary — Bug 609942: anonfunfix for eval cache comparisons. (r=brendan)
a4ed852d402ad53662719ccdb56b3f130c655b8aIgor Bukanov — Bug 607695 - followup to fix bz comments
f7171a41a816b432d2e6a5a5bc05caff019cbe97Igor Bukanov — bug 607292 - eliminating JS_GetStringBytes and friends. r=gal
f12a5024ea454b6cbfc36f770d386d6d5a56471eJeff Walden — Bug 599464 - Object.preventExtensions should be idempotent. r=brendan
d08fc0e5730e279da450a1bd4f5cecbcbfbad5f8Igor Bukanov — bug 610198 - Replacing JS_GetStringBytes usage with JS_EncodeString. r=gal
a3fa6835491670cc7fd04d43ecb7030b89ee9c93Chris Leary — Add return statement to fix build break.
fa18694814e761e875acdcd47a8e839f9325761eDavid Mandelin — Bug 605752: don't crash on OOM inside ExecutablePool, r=dvander, a=beta8+
95f3ef09d58ee2b8c146b4a7936cc2f430e1caf1David Anderson — Fix overflow when subtracting -2^31 (bug 610652, r=dmandelin).
5b757ec177b164b3f7d1d77d3b9043fec81ffbc2Luke Wagner — Bug 603193 - Set JSFRAME_HAS_PREVPC when activating generator (r=dvander)
eaa6114ee405754eef8306c02615897d0cb3c091Luke Wagner — Bug 604858 - break-to-label should endLoop(); assert that recording does not leave the original loop (r=dvander)
b45a434dbbdd889f6af24782bb7c616cf5f6709cBill McCloskey — Bug 610437 - Add equality flag syncing to JSAPI (r=lw)
15bedd8d543481dae6d81e59421a49411c0b0cdfLuke Wagner — Bug 586866 - record_JSOP_IN should call checkTraceEnd (r=dvander)
ba3f9d1c5e5e4e4693ecad1e7d442964e85e9ee6Luke Wagner — Bug 602413 - Trash them, trash them all! (r=dvander)
2e91aa1d2ff54f01d10ed94afeda5dd5986deccaLuke Wagner — Bug 602413 - Tidying (r=dvander)
cb76b2d6109678b8a7a9c3165d38a96d99c2ac3eBill McCloskey — Backed out bugs 607539, 606890, 609212 - perf regressions & test failures
96a84cd98d845d49a467bac7ca02de9e4f2349a8David Mandelin — Bug 584603: don't optimize names to JSOP_GETGLOBAL if the function contains JSOP_DEFFUN, r=dvander
9795f51f85ef95671cb3bb1b0bc25c515fc847f8Bill McCloskey — Bug 608733 - Factor switch statements into profiler's heuristics (r=dmandelin)
70458708c2b92698a485e1f117cfceb3c7badfc4Bill McCloskey — Bug 609212 - Don't blacklisting traces with few iterations; use them infrequently (r=dmandelin)
d2dd2db256ce2e9ca13575968eb9ce7256a07038Bill McCloskey — Bug 606890 - Allow profile to profile short loops twice (r=dmandelin)
d5257e1f0c8bbf356b29f00b6d529ba16aa9e66cBill McCloskey — Bug 607539 - Allow profiler to be run from interpreter (r=dmandelin,dvander)
6b22d236a218f14c2ceca8181e529eb9f1f9b679Brian Hackett — Remove bogus assert, bug 608980. r=dmandelin
638acb1aac5272a8315539d821b64555f5fb88c0Bill McCloskey — Bug 607751 - Compile JSOP_DEFCONST, JSOP_SETCONST (r=dvander)
b07a1861acf2539b81bda452854497266c89555aBen Turner — Bug 580096 - 'move the cycle collector off the main thread'. r=peterv+jst
d3f5185f03927e69dc7c29322294a00588ebc14cJeff Walden — Bug 583262 - Function.prototype.constructor should use stub getter/setter. r=mrbkap, patch independently conceived by jorendorff and me in different bugs :-)
d6dd9376a3c27a22c7390e2a6fe4c2b61da3e919Jeff Walden — Bug 611276 - JSOP_CALLEE should push undefined, not null, for this. r=jimb
557b1111ce4ec0384736d387b20c013762c82ad1Jeff Walden — Backed out changeset b6486db91e91, lots of orange
b6486db91e916bcac0a4ba5c7ac22fec933750e8David Mandelin — Bug 610480 part 3: silence a last few MSVC warnings
cbd2053aa82547798292aa64664b969785fbc4a3Chris Leary — Encapsulate RegExpStatics more. (r=gal, b=610223)
7ad090d53861db5e9e2f0d1fe3138ba495490926David Mandelin — Bug 610480 part 2: disable some useless MSVC warnings, r=jorendorff
9a17b835ec3046c3919607343d66437e942fe51dDavid Anderson — Allocate registers for formal arguments, callee, and this (bug 592976, r=luke).
3ab57a9fb7b817b70d579082599ad1c08c6438edDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset 8e119f847f97 (build busted)
8e119f847f97ba1e29da8192ca5fc93248e6c960Igor Bukanov — bug 610198 - Replacing JS_GetStringBytes usage with JS_EncodeString. r=gal
3d63107fc7881db6a31745d283b4e74643ceb719David Anderson — Disable some erroneous uses of the property cache (bug 607502, r=dmandelin).
6f9c075ee45e66725194695e372cca53947b7272David Anderson — Diagnostic patch to find out-of-range IC patches (bug 602333, r=sstangl, a=blocking).
9156ba8a843d89b4cf98a68bd0f6e1207767c10dDavid Anderson — Fix bogus assert in JIT exception handler (bug 601400, r=dmandelin).
c938c2dc5f37ae1605a32add7559a46553bf6abdDavid Anderson — Fix register allocation inside STRICTEQ (bug 610498, r=dmandelin).
b60e61a172b819ba5bbecfb3b7e440034b678f9dBrendan Eich — Add FIXME: bug 611190 for last commit (which was for bug 550391).
e0f43abe672faf3cb9ca6a386fdb59264d91d258Brendan Eich — Lots of MISMATCH_EXITS exits due to protohazardshape on voxel rendering demo (550391, r=mrbkap).
e1c038d2ed9b7060f203da967ce998aac14c8187David Mandelin — Bug 610480 nit fix: use old-style comments in jsapi.h
d6b327f772cab8252741d7e06852f9e738a7f2c0David Mandelin — Bug 609244: use entry script's compartment for VM frame stack management, r=dvander
9af757c2776a5dc11a70170c37c102775cf6d842David Mandelin — Bug 610480: fix some MSVC warnings, r=jwalden
f52f5d7feb298aa1edf851cb56c97f8ea5745de7Andreas Gal — typeof(regexp from sandbox) is "function" (bug 607799, r=brendan).
eaaae3775c0084a9e6c05d70540ac0eb0d11e0e8Nicholas Nethercote — merge
0b58fd2a1189d5646a24d8e80fedc935fa7dcfefNicholas Nethercote — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
993c90c046ffd589c4794f4c689e41e0618efdadNicholas Nethercote — Bug 609121 - nanojit: handle small immediates specially in CseFilter. r=wmaddox.
a2d93fed36714d5cd04db196f51a9290a693ae66Ginn Chen — Bug 605428 Implement NJ_EXPANDED_LOADSTORE for SPARC r=wmaddox
c94d644bd7566bd9f755360164aec2b6ddae99b4Rick Reitmaier — Bug 601724 - nanojit: Reduce indirect call overhead caused by CodeAlloc.alloc (r+wmaddox,nnethercote)
5e5e8bf3ab5674698706c84514ec3b6316bd6255Rick Reitmaier — Remove dead code introduced with nop insertion checkin
aa3e98ac97fa0cf5141d7368d621f546b65b9192Edwin Smith — CodeAlloc comment updates
0e57e014bc91b83d4bb66a6270c62b2fbdc9b8a0Rick Reitmaier — Bug 587727 - nanojit: Reduce paging traffic from calls to CodeAlloc.markExec (r+nnethercote,edwsmith)
c498f1a7eb3bc4948f5d17b3d455d357b2e84b26David Anderson — Fix call mechanism and recompilation (bug 609222, r=dmandelin,adrake,m_kato).
5d993887eca608e1defc469b7262d7912dfcf611Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 610815 - TM: print more info for guards in LIR dumps. r=bz.
67a69685dc564c8c660b844487083983dd9125c1Blake Kaplan — Bug 571849 - Fix enumerateOwn and the Iterate constructor on Xray wrappers. r=gal
bfe06159bb2f4bd75866dd60fbb0db1bc5b18caaBlake Kaplan — Bug 605760 - Deal with null a subject principal here. r=jst
8c59a5bf187ba33ddf01f756e1acf5a438fd6434Jim Blandy — Bug 553778: Don't orphan placeholder definition nodes when a real definition is found. r=brendan
6ecdb8a8a4955a999a530bf50b1f996a7b372beaLuke Wagner — Bug 592992 - hoist outerizing from js::Invoke to js::ExternalInvoke (r=mrbkap)
73886af75b65e41e1d9aa89e90255ff3cac8c777Luke Wagner — Bug 610848 - merge js::Int32ToString and js_IntToString (r=waldo)
b9eac30071aab3f931166d7caa5fc663ef17ef6eLuke Wagner — Bug 605013 - obj_keys should be cool with object ids (r=waldo)
001472f3c9af067a7f23ba4b7cbe847f33c623abLuke Wagner — Bug 610901 - need to explicitly construct/destruct JITScript (r=dvander)
e8c612257ca5a044d5828fb51312eced6d737f02Steve Fink — Bug 605330 - extend jscalls (bug 507012) tracking to cover JM and fix some mismatched calls, r=dvander, a=NPODB
2fd60328c2b0d40107aa29f09ada785a4b44d6d4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 610583. When guarding on no indexed properties on our proto chain, use a branch exit, and reduce the number of guards involved. r=brendan
805c1a5d5cc690aecad5ce81a09522ee7a34fa9aBrendan Eich — Handle extended indexes around JSOP_*BLOCKCHAIN (610026, r=billm).
e2f64f43c7e1ec2c0328b18e7644192da297a29dDaniel Holbert — Bug 610642: s/NULL/0/ to fix build warning "NULL used in arithmetic". r=dmandelin a=shaver
c146eeb9fecc942e2ed9a8513f83e37d4493fc91Brendan Eich — Lazy resolution of standard classes changes the shape of Object.prototype (610697, r=mrbkap).
4e9b098ccf87ce74adc3393473ee935df8a85b45Jim Blandy — Bug 602139: Add js_UpdateWatchpointsForShape, to correctly update watchpoints after shape changes. r=jorendorff
94543969fd6d48d57019aa3ee5a28a90048497bcJim Blandy — Bug 602139: Trivial cleanups to watchpoint implementation. r=jorendorff
c56444630bb0aaecee74700b966951f71cbca93cJim Blandy — Bug 602139: Watchpoint tests. r=jorendorff
049145d64214b6a8c16598357e46cfb3077322ebDavid Mandelin — Bug 608868 part 2: verify that scope chain start is native before IC'ing, r=dvander, a=beta8+
eab06474c89d13248203dba824dc1fb4babb31a8Brendan Eich — Prebrand standard classes with standard methods (610698, r=jorendorff).
a872a7883972e2dc9d6055d7b9ecb7d3dd7ee1f3Robert Sayre — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
f4444a398ec19777abce40eede9b1d12ca389f48Chris Leary — Back out 8ae5fce0f19b.
8ae5fce0f19b273d3b5248f5df4e177c76e2209eChris Leary — Bug 576837: Fix YARR character-class range parsing. (r=jwalden)
ebffb2a709e5e07291fad9bcdf2f51b1f1a8d506Luke Wagner — Bug 610038 - apply should not ignore indexed properties on the prototype (r=waldo)
d988fa5af84546a617558275d8a2c9b3df38af47Jeff Walden — Back out 9e5cd5815d4d, our own tests turn it orange -- paging compartments people... r=#ffa500
0f78c4619855146dd2dabc4161f41aaba1ad6157Brendan Eich — Bug 609617 - delete(eval(...)) calls indirect eval (r=jimb).
9e5cd5815d4d34e77184cb09556e2dea8d7e00a9Jeff Walden — Bug 608855 - Make compartment checks fatal in release builds. r=gal
edc26e88b2c483649a4605e28e5be2cddf2ec155Jeff Walden — Bug 609256 - With strict this, there's no longer any need to compute this when a syntactically direct eval doesn't resolve to the eval function. r=luke
c400bbbd97f3494b43d209ed5753cb46d0d8b9f0Jeff Walden — Bug 608959 - Don't call non-scripted getters with a proxy as its |this|, because that would require most non-scripted getters to unwrap and maybe do some prototype-chain walking. r=mrbkap
4b4dce1f1756d223d4028a5897cf5335d9851e85Jeff Walden — Rename a JS test from *.diff to *.js. r=iamsosmrt
30cabba0038843063f057da722b032b1f9207df3Luke Wagner — Bug 609075 - speed up JSString::flatten a bit, part 2 (r=gal)
0ba07bd00178e01fea5d381e4dd7c1eb0be1bc04Luke Wagner — Bug 609075 - speed up JSString::flatten a bit, part 1 (r=gal)
95c792930e9302b794eb946a813fd9f2c4da8c5bLuke Wagner — Bug 608120 - optimize js_ValueToString on int32s (r=waldo)
c57549b012a21fa8b303377d62325f56fe2238dcLuke Wagner — Fix strict-aliasing warning from 18d56745c3e6
5a0dffa066fcb83b9ebf1e96ae86b70dd60124e1David Mandelin — Bug 486653: fix minor warning for return value
c5b07cc4b4ca470f9f24f6776c073ee1a872745dDavid Mandelin — Bug 608868: check for non-native objects when binding in scope name ICs, r=dvander, a=beta8+
97ab2a742e8266ec25f00dc63c20befa7f6f2f75Boris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset 298e753a1726 (bug 610370) due to test orange.
298e753a172696e6353cd246e0e8e500fb76b16bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 610370. Make sure to hash shapes in dictionary lists too, if they need it. r=brendan, a=shaver
18d56745c3e69369bf29af4138f7b5a781836e7eLuke Wagner — Bug 610306 - MarkStackRangeConservatively in jsgc.cpp marked wrong objects on big endian system (r=gal)
f048a94e5f27febb7a8f57ceecbdacba02d9e904Luke Wagner — Bug 543100 - Shrink Parser::statement stack frame size (r=waldo)
af75274bc041ef14c04295721f933e1b870fb518Luke Wagner — Bug 603045 - JM: don't optimize away JSFRAME_HAS_RVAL check in debug mode (r=bhackett)
5f6bdc7a4f5c7976f9b74dd1d6abe6b82a76ce1eLeon Sha — Bug 610309 - Increase DEFAULT_MAX_STACK_SIZE to make 'make check' happy on sparc. r=gal
08f54dfe07a34e7fb8d540727e0b1cb5d148f8f4Leon Sha — Bug 610303 - Function fpclassify in v8-dtoa/ may return random value. r=gal
636b1e5a994f379943772b2affb359ad09661bdcDavid Anderson — Fix pinned registers being clobbered while syncing under heavy pressure (bug 609970, r=dmandelin).
894e42d25be94867a5173e8a10a8c78e644a56b5David Anderson — IC for JSOP_CALLELEM, re-landed (bug 604031, r=dmandelin).
c7b08e7b7f949e9d914d7308afd66e50f06ea6e5David Anderson — Back out bug 604031 for re-landing.
d1c6cef6da3a99ea8b80cb447f6bfb83ba7c6022Igor Bukanov — bug 607695 - Avoid unnecessary JS_GetStringBytes. r=gal
5d2de219ba728a0af05049f00c3bb506017a08d3Nicholas Nethercote — merge
b38546e5b5f8fdaaa08239cd39c66982706d36c7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 605700 - TM: improve naming in LIR dumps. r=lw.
92af3359a18ffd2bd1dc259593bca527e68a0881Luke Wagner — Bug 595884 - JM: make f.apply(x, arguments) fast (r=dvander)
d9aceaabef2867a10835263c6ac6ee619a4883dcLuke Wagner — Bug 605192 - JM: make f.apply(x, obj) fast, part 4 (r=dvander)
8715628a75f886d927cfacf8a83b20692a92650aLuke Wagner — Bug 605192 - JM: make f.apply(x, obj) fast, part 3 (r=sstangl)
fd21a9d4344aa3d9f188bbb7190133172b26e487Luke Wagner — Bug 605192 - JM: make f.apply(x, obj) fast, part 2 (r=dvander)
e77069ddab0064b2e3af06e0d37b90492f1b7d79Luke Wagner — Bug 605192 - JM: make f.apply(x, obj) fast, part 1 (r=waldo)
d1bf74046ba7970addc532c8c9e9cc9a24a4a619Luke Wagner — Bug 602129 - JM: make fast, part 2 (r=dvander)
2f3a0ac5e25129ccea55b42344eb1f4e29e52801Luke Wagner — Bug 602129 - JM: make fast, part 1 (r=dvander)
19f70f8c2b88c6aca3e217cd861f6c58b243e7b3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 605858. Trace inc() for all primitive values, not just numbers. r=dvander
b55d8612e834807b0f6b2e49cdb82e47f81f472bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 606141. ArrayCompPush can deep-bail, so handle that. r=jorendorff
b1094f628602829131cdb50d7b6e454ebd87a25aPaul Biggar — Bug 605133 - Sync changes from the last two years to js/src/
71c0268fb37237ee934570e0c9f49b3a70a071caNicholas Nethercote — Bug 607242 - TM: inline js_Array_dense_setelem_hole. r=gal.
5a519584cdd3d9cb8df45043a7c8c6cf84c7f904Robert Sayre — Merge
5c41009849fe17dbdd4072ec151ec519935a4c6fBen Turner — Bug 609501 - Change nsIThreadManager for bug 580096. r=jst
258744efa972f7b56ed64f7258400adeecafcb1cDavid Mandelin — Bug 606662: Don't methodjit scripts that have sharps, r=dvander
19daf69955fa30f4b3852522f022fa2d1a2e549bRobert Sayre — Merge.
d58a451bae706c58b015ef0b653f6f6fc378f679Blake Kaplan — Bug 609141 - Compartments mismatch in jsdScript::GetFunctionSource. r=sayrer
87364777517eb194143072673cf4bd9f24338f16David Anderson — Fix recompilation under jsd and simplify frame searching (bug 609363, r=lw, a=b7+).
f50d1429af869c845ba9bb3bb9803f607de458bfChris Leary — Bug 608778: Rename JSString::MUTABLE to JSString::EXTENSIBLE. (r=jorendorff)
9fd60bb5afd5808d19bfa9e06b5328562581d4eaNicholas Nethercote — Bug 609129 - TM: fix emitIf(), re-enable implicit guard optimization (TM-specific part). r=dvander.
ef7223339a6001a234f6b6e25a9dd9f4e541cf65Nicholas Nethercote — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
635225cbcaea36ad322fa6641a6775390c86d81aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 609129 - TM: fix emitIf(), re-enable implicit guard optimization (NJ-specific part). r=dvander.
3e76412d374912f45e00f05ddaa91040870bf397Werner Sharp (wsharp — bug 601135. switch x86/x64 to use cvttsd2di. add documentation (+r nick)
104e20381ef1c09ded64ce4eeb3fcdb00d9c8796Rick Reitmaier — Fixup for lirasm Windows test failure
2b77342e96dd89e2c5b2294a682d4d5ad88355f4Rick Reitmaier — Poor winmo neglect killed the build
a23a09d2a9b6758e9ee3365e640c2afce219ebdcRick Reitmaier Bug 602786 - lirasm: fix trivial Windows test failure (r=nnethercote)
57e35d1ac950d8f082986e7903e4ba0324b6b0d6Chris Leary — Fix build warning.
09ebe83273b712ec987af01cf449b5c5a857ff73Chris Leary — Bug 596580: Fix mozJSSubScriptLoader's version finding. (r=brendan)
06f233f9259baf090850943340a9f54f7c3068aePaul Biggar — Bug 582161 - Add test case.
7ec0a71652a6f0314eb49852ef93e71d0a0649f0Robert Sayre — Merge.
1d0e006769b046fd42c2b3283a99c9a4fd09572fRobert Sayre — Bug 608763 - JSD breakpoint does not work. r=gal
279e8fdbc3468f060c0575a0fc8bfd9bced7ebdfLuke Wagner — Bug 593559 - JSFUN_CONSTRUCTOR should not use the same bit as JSPROP_READONLY (r=brendan)
04272020d87327ee9bd250a97bcf31f0fe23b41aLuke Wagner — Bug 607243 - JS_New should report error on primitive return; JSProxyHandler::construct should not call JS_New (r=brendan)
1a6993e17a93ba5c2be3597692910bea4dc2b1f6Luke Wagner — Bug 607659 - Avoid calling getters/setters from TraceRecorder::callNative (r=jorendorff)
64e76d8afd097caf86a7c9bd3b9ffe7b3db77609Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 607856 - long hang loading page (TM-specific part). r=dvander
f70a7b95d2ea0ddf5e2a805ba0b631652f18844bNicholas Nethercote — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
1ce507b5289d335c5c7dde6ad57bc0034cf7d737Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 607856 - long hang loading page. r=dvander.
322fe3e6482e13e682b28f9d84ddcc6b25e27148Edwin Smith — Bug 602387 - nanojit: make Register a non-numeric type on PPC (r=nnethercote+)
2ed0911faae3c7943620f29cf72eff5e1c32f24fRick Reitmaier — Whitespace cleanup and comment out unused parameter
3be4ae3c2b98744eb3a502384fdbc60429024c9bRick Reitmaier — Bug 595034 - nanojit: harden via random no-op instruction insertion (r+nnethercote,wmaddox,edwsmith)
da076e4b0ad85da83c8f92b5011d11b6641a8c17David Mandelin — Bug 605274: properly detect OOMs in mjit vectors, r=dvander
b71e965f40937172955630f45200235b14740efaChris Leary — Bug 597811: Make mozJSComponentLoader use JSVERSION_LATEST. (r=sayrer)
47729824b12cdbf93e3cb50dc18c2672b43a0645Brendan Eich — Property enumeration order is altered after a method has been read (601399, r=jorendorff).
9e7777fd1d197c72df1d2de0da3ca0d0d7969494Gregor Wagner — Bug 598650 - Increase JSGC_MAX_MALLOC_BYTES to 128MB, r=gal
2098bd53381e97dfdf772c9e34e7353b6e24600dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 608313 - TM: AccSet assertion failure in typed arrays. r=dvander.
ceae364726902763a621b46cbca5af868a6e74beAndreas Gal — Switch compartments when walking stacks (bug 608800, r=mrbkap).
9a16d6dfa3c43f08b02d19b2910e651bcc95dba4Blake Kaplan — Bug 596031 - 'this' is wrong in getters and setters when a proxy object is on the prototype chain. r=brendan/jorendorff/gal
52f667d7b3121376469c7de72fdde4903907a30eDavid Anderson — Fix Windows build.
85ea6b284b3058ed7f76416dc221565d006ceae0David Anderson — Refactor SETELEM into an IC (bug 607293, r=dmandelin).
7af31ff1e9f532afa4244cd552f36f3fbc0f40b8Bill McCloskey — Bug 607196 - Remove bogus atom assertion in JSOP_DOUBLE (r=lw)
def6608b28719a96a70355f57660989fa33b87e6Johnny Stenback — Remove new JS_ASSERT() that triggers during browser-chrome runs. Will investigate further. r=orange, a=orange
0768978ab6b1dce720d938d256ca1081e151a212Andreas Gal — Merge from mozilla-central.
a86f1ab3f3dba57e18c5f09b39b60f4321100103Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 610381 part B - Report thread-usage errors to the error console directly from xpconnect, so that the error console shows them even when extension authors are using asynchronous dispatch. r=jst a=blocking2.0
3862e43372ba848dc57e0d1702100ae06d0d672bBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 610381 part A - Propagate errors thrown during synchronous dispatch of nsIRunnables, r=bz
b5c6ae71b2eb913394d3e54ff852ef4f32a90776Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 609066 - nsIJetpack.registerReceiver doesn't recognize functions wrapped in a proxy, throws NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE. Don't use JS_ObjectIsFunction, instead use JS_TypeOfValue to determine whether we have a legal receiver. r?mrbkap
238d99ca6886dccc32a6599184c5dc855ed55254Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 602891 part B - Backend support for jetpack-process crashes and crash recovery, r=cjones
a450d42197b2b2c093590ffb4e4a8982645ca45aBenedict Hsieh — Bug 592768 - When using async launch, the toplevel actor doesn't have a process handle. Set the process ID with a callback function (OnChannelConnected). r=cjones
dc021bc9929f6a93abc1aac7867600d90c3ba2ccBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 602891 part A - refactor the code which notes intentional crashes for leak logging, so that it can be shared between testplugin and the jetpack. r=ted
2cd50afa5a00164d43cbabc7d7bd1e843cbaf2edVivien Nicolas — Bug 602962 - Undo close tab thumbnail disappears when rotating screen orientation [r=smaug r=roc a=blocking-fennecb3]
6cfd43067a07e1e7d818c02b6a7b1ea62e8ace02Doug Turner — [Bug 604712] Add device information to nsISystemInfo for use by crash reporting and feedback addon. r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
2eb1331a2bc42c081fde0511796195244c85e724Mounir Lamouri — Bug 604673 - <output> should be subject for constraint validation. r=smaug ui-r=limi a=bsmedberg
1b4d00d79ae61cca9f4aa94c35a36356d325a924Mounir Lamouri — Bug 612677 - Accept TEST_PATH as an environment variable for crashtest and jstestbrowser. r=khuey a=NPOTB
6d7b682a3cc45179fbc0c2e769eb4ba4d6cac325Daniel Holbert — Bug 612414: Set unsigned-int value to 0 instead of NULL. r=gal a=joe
453184e9da057f6125a0b9f365920718fe686198Daniel Holbert — Bug 611797 part 2: Shift shared code from VectorImage/RasterImage to Image superclass, and add impl for VectorImage::ShouldAnimate. r+a=joe
a65974f1daad1b2131870ee9e6613519d4527150Daniel Holbert — Bug 611797 part 1: Expand NS_DECL_IMGICONTAINER in RasterImage & VectorImage. r+a=joe
f31dab55e41a57bed39fe809a764935b830bacf9Gavin Sharp — Bug 612861: don't throw when accessing random properties off window.console, r=bz, a=blocking
0281473dbd79e0e01e52f130e96b790a0b60d416Mihai Sucan — Bug 580618: don't use weak references to hold on to hud objects, feedback=ddahl, r=gavin, a=blocking
2bd86fdd9c622611e1691e6bc3cb012a0dc39e5aChris Pearce — Bug 595009 - Ensure video controls don't show when we can't load a resource. r=dolske a=blocking2.0
8f35051eed78f69d0912afb61cecc5904d9f2306Josh Aas — Bug 573873: Fix bug in HTTP handling for plugins. r=jst a=blocking2.0
ea41c727079b2ac1193ef2f996ab3a340d9d3993Sean Dunn — Bug 588630 - "When invoking TabCandy/Panorama with many open blank tabs, Firefox hangs & then pops up "Unresponsive Script" dialog" [r=dietrich, a=blocking]
4c960203c759afff0fcfd29361c3f968e800b8b1Dão Gottwald — Bug 611827 - #titlebar-buttonbox shouldn't be stretched to fill the title bar (can cause white border under caption buttons when using a lightweight theme). r+a=gavin
ad227939db8264407c22615e5acc4b18c77b49f3Mike Hommey — Synchronize config/ and js/src/config/ after bug 611405. a=orange-fix
c08726dd68fc0da23408a312f3ff36625655a6e0Henri Sivonen — Bug 612530 - Sync html5lib tree builder tests into m-c. r=jgriffin, a=test-only.
a7f3ef6ac23a6efbb19bf52cf259686f92d6fb89Mike Hommey — Bug 611405 part 2 - Avoid crash in nsMemoryReporterManager when jemalloc_stats is not available at runtime. r=bsmedberg,a=clegnitto
46a51d427820594ffd77236d4ff7a8b80cada2adMike Hommey — Bug 611405 part 1 - Export jemalloc symbols when linking with the xpcom standalone glue. r=bsmedberg,a=clegnitto
150c89c9132689b7d9a42659350989405ec0051bMakoto Kato — Bug 592551 - dist\include\nsTArray.h(416) : warning C4244: 'return' : conversion from '__int64' to 'nsTArray_base::index_type', possible loss of data. r=bsmedberg a=bsmedberg
21fa0a3a8c5a9b116d59f9a768641f6aab43ee4bMakoto Kato — Bug 611389 - Minefield 64-bit crash of NVIDIA driver [@ nvwgf2umx.dll@0x56f71a ]. r=bsmedberg a=blocking-beta8+
ce47d24af7931a7eed4071e0deba10ad84c3e37cVladimir Vukicevic — b=612756; fix EGL TextureImage upload code; r=jrmuizel, a=b
69844c0f4fd1401982a3fe60ee47395c4eb89ea8Vladimir Vukicevic — b=598328; clean up nv console spam; r=joe, a=b
56876e7bd59006ba7a2d0a50ce608cf470b898aaVladimir Vukicevic — b=612334; update in-tree webgl tests from svn; npotb
53999baefb65d1880b9d9e6f76ab27879edfb35eVladimir Vukicevic — b=612334; fix webgl read-pixels test; r=bjacob
c00572802887a2047d4c53fd51d1ecc40a7ae465Vladimir Vukicevic — b=612334; fix webgl tex-image-invalid-data test; r=bjacob
9d379645288791c6362235ab8698bd52ca5b260aVladimir Vukicevic — b=612334; fix webgl program-test test; r=bjacob
929ce36f005b860fb411d84cf9d13b2d30665e7dVladimir Vukicevic — b=612334; fix webgl invalid-passed-params test; r=bjacob
25faa99c8fbeb5e1196adc8e6da3975b6aff0883Vladimir Vukicevic — b=612334; fix webgl context type; r=bz
775225b133b3ba7665b84f91b3b2d05f90e4c184Vladimir Vukicevic — b=612334; fix webgl bind-uniform-location test; r=bjacob
84776327a1037d807614aa08e26a39924020211fVladimir Vukicevic — b=612334; fix webgl depth-clear-value getter type; r=bjacob
e5a34d3081b7da80a6769d0dd00505f5efa670deVladimir Vukicevic — b=528042; add missing toDataURL support for webgl canvases; r=bjacob
941c3d14e14d11a7b2f4160d5190471a11f8b820Vladimir Vukicevic — b=539771; Add support for context attribs to canvas; r=jmuizelaar
0f43632752fe99e5f04aeb6ad31c06e8b609bbe6Doug Turner — [Bug 605370] Add Pref to disable desktop notifications r=jonas a=approval2.0
b8024b9802483e049c628f5903c072bdad371566Doug Turner — [Bug 608818] nsFilePicker::Show uninitialised use of mAllowURLs. r=roc/dholbert a=approval2.0
6dd7e2f976395e1b863cf9da376c6e23bf424ebcDoug Turner — Bug 612479 - Sydney audio Android Issues. r=kinetik a=blocking-fennec
908443327ad31bd8cb22f5e6a8f44eab83b65db6Doug Turner — Bug 599089 - Remote Audio to parent process. r=kinetik a=blocking-fennec
384f1f7127dfb7245c881eb2ce066ea0bbf59cd9Alexander Surkov — Bug 573469 - part1, add iterator for IDRefs elements, r=fherrera, sr=neil, a=blockingFinal+
dab3886f5e70ebd02101f992936525d76a3133d0Mats Palmgren — Bug 536061 - Broken rendering of box-shadow and outline when used with -moz-transform. r=roc a=blocking2.0:final
fe92d201e2c45d4c506b19657352adf9ef7ef184Jacob Bramley — bug 603624 - Don't blacklist i9000 unless it's running 2.6.29. r=gal a=blocking-fennec
82930764023434b846a772f03a918e26c2512a55Brad Lassey — backing out c708054e1f65, due to build bustage a=bustage
dff259d7b189549e92f5083cd0717b4c9d58e3e2Mounir Lamouri — Bug 597809 - Makes nsScriptNameSpaceManager being aware of new category entries after Init(). r=peterv a=blocking-betaN
6f47bd55ca9e7eb51deeaf3744102549a3c6724bMounir Lamouri — Bug 596311 - Include whatwg specs in dom/interfaces/html/ idl comments where needed. r=smaug a=NPOTB
433b919425d6cc473aa3dc3859bd11cda3d9f078Mounir Lamouri — Bug 596511 (3/3 - <select> can be invalid if no option is selected or all of them have empty value. r=sicking a=blocking-betaN
ccc6520fee81946a711e6770ea5e579f7fa68bdeMounir Lamouri — Bug 596511 (2/3) - Have :required apply on <select> when appropriate. r=sicking a=blocking-betaN
96df198710281a5e07cda083716bde54dc19fb60Mounir Lamouri — Bug 596511 (1/3) - Add the required attribute to the select element. r=smaug a=blocking-betaN
f03f50294d9c38e1bb63fa976b1058bd8a3d27e9Brad Lassey — bug 600957 - Have a way to provide mobile-browser-specific resources r=mwu a=blocking-fennec
2ee5b0622489ab0f3e82211e2ff69e18bb0bebb5Alex Pakhotin — Bug 597579 - Investigate downloading updates to sd card r=rstrong,blassey a=blocking-fennec
2646f83e3d80ca95d1fccd354241a10ad545383cTatiana Meshkova — bug 606730 - Remote thebesLayer BG color rendering always, even if it's not visible, Part 2: MarkLeafLayersCoveredByOpaque() for BasicLayers r=roc a=roc
133ad6c082881d8f7bcbd0245266c5faaa89f3d6Tatiana Meshkova — bug 606730 - Remote thebesLayer BG color rendering always, even if it's not visible, Part 1: Add mLastChild to all ContainerLayer r=roc a=roc
ffe3abb582609db25afd62cd5aced8013193c4b0Brad Lassey — bug 595919 - Implement PDF printing for "Save As PDF" on Android r=vlad a=blocking-fennec
b60a960a76be07edd23b38a9f3f17f28d6a75c4fBrian Birtles — Bug 606399 - SVG SMIL: Animating rect rx or ry only should animate corresponding attribute; r=roc; a=roc
19fed1c0bd27cbb125dd982f92d2adfe3ba0a31fDaniel Holbert — Bug 606722 followup: Remove now-unused variable "tfunc" from nsStyleAnimation::ComputeDistance. r+a=dbaron
36905ac2cef2238597885079a25dbd5d05f810a8Daniel Holbert — Bug 610796 followup: Fix non-libxul build issue from main patch, by using a virtual function call to a helper method. (Revert this changeset once we drop support for non-libxul builds). r=roc a=blocking-final+
1a816f05746db5c15869f80a041b2ed06f41c11fDaniel Holbert — Bug 610796: In SVG-as-an-image helper-documents, clear rendering observer lists at xpcom shutdown time. r=roc a=blocking-final+
a5401aa629bae5a3de08b409e83b22bac5a4ef20Drew Willcoxon — Bug 597581 - Switching tabs should update location bar immediately, even if a link is hovered. r=dao, a=blocking2.0-final
f295e68ed58e0c4b32aff6dfed98e842da978eeeFabrice Desré — Bug 611110 - BringToFront() doesn't deactivate the old toplevel window, r=mwu a=blocking-fennec
e4be53fa74aa48e5f5d1d13b2039a586b759b45dAlex Pakhotin — Bug 610151 - Firefox 4b2 (Android) Locale auto-detection does not work, r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
a0121e631a2835bf03fdd85b2b85ee7c48bf9ad2Michael Wu — Bug 611899 - SetFullscreen called with wrong JNI method, r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
c708054e1f65aa76838faa19e4be2afdde22ca69Michael Wu — Bug 608498 - Turn on fakelibs on Android, r=khuey a=blassey
19e98c7319093eaa7f930fe745e49b5c90b55f45Gavin Sharp — Revert accidental change included in aafeff43ea25, a=mistake
898ef162e026304a9fa624dadb2243087ce4a36dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 610688: Style buttons for popup notifications without secondary actions on Mac, r=dao, a=dolske
aafeff43ea2582d6d6d2a8d55a4a0c2e81d57129David Dahl — Bug 587734: enable the lazy console API added in bug 568629, and hook it up to the Web Console, r=gavin, a=blocking
65c2eb504227b1ebaa7a1e98a59ed176111989c7tbirdbld — Added tag THUNDERBIRD_3_3a1_RELEASE for changeset da98fe199be0. CLOSED TREE COMM2000_20101116_RELBRANCH
aba0489d6ab76378cd8b6e47d32608aea5508b4atbirdbld — Added tag THUNDERBIRD_3_3a1_BUILD1 for changeset da98fe199be0. CLOSED TREE COMM2000_20101116_RELBRANCH
ef83567ee8d8ce284a513c640dab55e0c366c27eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 612018 followup - Remove the extra document check, r=mats a=cleanup
a80edd37a40a0029896fcc9bb1b30f365c537050Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 612565 - Don't recurse into document modification listeners for editable documents if the modification to the document is made on the bogus BR node; r=roc a=blocking-beta8+
1b815a3b4250c99f643befc06d74a83b1a9f8a36David Mandelin — Bug 605033 diagnostic: look for holes being returned via GETELEM, r=lw, a=betaN+
3d846420a9077b61d28dd3cb4960da8aa8cdc957Dave Townsend — Bug 602895: When the window gets too small for the deck we need to show a horizontal scrollbar. r=Unfocused, a=blocks-final
da98fe199be07789f077b6902014a95c93198195Daniel Holbert — (no bug) fix end-of-line whitespace so I can add a changeset with an a=bustage annotation THUNDERBIRD_3_3a1_BUILD1 THUNDERBIRD_3_3a1_RELEASE
c4a3a81c7f5f100829ef2543499fa8ae50b5fa7dDaniel Holbert — merge after backing out changeset 5a5ead36d721 / bug 610796
6963912691590c1cd0da331448efc279ca882a60Daniel Holbert — Backed out changeset 5a5ead36d721 (bug 610796) due to non-libxul-build bustage
b0d1532292908180f818be63dc1c4a8f9bd58d19Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 612018 - "ASSERTION: frame must not be dirty" and non-blinking caret; r,a=roc
fdb62b0ef6993d2d85a2bf0a084b19a48d8e70c1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 609632 followup: Make dropping arbitrary image files on editable areas actually work; r=roc a=blocking-beta8+
e119bd85d4ad115b8f6c8e08b83b866a05855ed1Daniel Holbert — Bug 604816 followup: Remove now-unused variable "stretch" from CheckFontCallback in nsRuleNode.cpp. r=dbaron a=dbaron
5a5ead36d721620e5ea1fd3c60a61e88350bdf54Daniel Holbert — Bug 610796: In SVG-as-an-image helper-documents, clear rendering observer lists at xpcom shutdown time. r=roc a=blocking-final+
953916da7942d2fd1eecf01ec66cc4c892095f40Daniel Holbert — Bug 610491: Preemptively stop SVG animations in SVG-as-an-image in OnStartRequest. r=roc a=roc
9fb566e5fa3a5d75789c988f083221a86274f429Cameron McCormack — Bug 610945 - Make reftests/svg/filters/feSpecularLighting-1.svg pass on all platforms r=roc a=tests
4a224009eab510b719fa68ec5a7f56e6f3b55220Chris Leary — Bug 605754 - regexp topcrash diagnostics. r=dmandelin, a=dmandelin
f0458767cf4b2d8f37eabb8feb9475fbccf43f18Chris Leary — Encapsulate RegExpStatics more. (r=gal, b=610223)
860d55aec420a96d0535d39c9a68b50099fb697cL. David Baron — Animate skew in angle space rather than tangent space for interop and to avoid issues with infinite tangents. (Bug 606722) r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking
0b5df68704ad59ace22682b40b1b30843af9e05dL. David Baron — Remove spammy warning announcing that we haven't fixed bug 455338. (Bug 611686) r=bzbarsky a2.0=DEBUG-only
46dbf72e386fc094f001e28edb2d66caa0a9e6a5L. David Baron — Make the reftest image comparison tests have a more informative message so they're easier to distinguish from the rest. (Bug 611702) r=ted a2.0=tests
a5cf7be988577c5e0dc08fae53102b4a99fd4cfdL. David Baron — Fix assertion (that should have turned the tree orange). (Bug 608458) r=roc a2.0=blocking(on 500141)
9013327d4a59a277b7724e3f21d745aa85dfc281Dan Witte — Bug 599253 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser_586068-cascaded_restore.js | Test timed out. Possible fix for intermittent orange. r=zpao, a=test-only
bc41cecec7bd30771f6f7b909f8f909f068be59eMarco Bonardo — Bug 612235 - "Forget about this site" makes Library a zombie.
622d3a8f8ab11e4c7447097aace1f03948fdc6e5mano — Bug 612230 - The bookmarks toolbar is empty in RTL Firefox if even one bookmark overflows the width of the toolbar [FOLLOWUP] (r=mak77, a=blocking)
a1e24da8518f24c18c48222d4e7429cabfd45d8dDietrich Ayala — Bug 612230 - The bookmarks toolbar is empty in RTL Firefox if even one bookmark overflows the width of the toolbar (r=mak77, a=blocking)
410c9f17f0fc4edba06909012cbe4db38d0d8eeaJohnny Stenback — Fixing bug 585787. Compare compartments instead of global objects in quickstubs when deteremining whether we need to wrap the return value or not., a=bzbarsky
f9e32506519f880bf8f548cd285f813da12d1d8cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 610956. Don't set up loadListener as a shutdown observer or set our mChannel to the new channel until we're sure we're doing a load. r=roc
6b25735eebd08801845e958e0f88ee5c1d57f79aDietrich Ayala — Bug 598923 - add-on bar should be made visible if there are any add-ons installed (r=dao, a=blocking)
2bcf34fc37a76cb179447839bfb30e30f1f1efb0Dietrich Ayala — Bug 599325 - Addon bar should be shown when customizing (r=mano, a=blocking)
a42e9b001bc86834134c57d15f519a3b67eb8fcfRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 578546 - Fix more MSVC warning spam by removing unneeded declarations. r=cjones a=benjamin
539b6dd6ded6fb9712536622a92a1bc4058dd9f6Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 578546 - Fix MSVC warning spam by adjusting ifdef to include MSVC. r=cjones a=benjamin
b0ef3f1aabb2a7340ee845d8b6411430674da73fDão Gottwald — Bug 612305 - tabbrowser.xml is only interested in resize events for the chrome window, should ignore those for content windows. r=gavin
ecd854d4b939686100e7d86e86fa4ceddaf29e59Dão Gottwald — Bug 608984 - Minimize, maximize/restore, close buttons shouldn't have a hover effect. r=jimm
db24505d74e9fcedb413c2bf0f674b00ab8513c5Jonathan Kew — bug 605043 followup - fix --with-system-cairo build breakage. r=karlt a=bustage
fedc658ef505386cc09e24e05b15181452ab7bfdJonathan Kew — bug 611855 - work around incorrect font traits for helvetica light oblique on 10.6.5. r=jdaggett approval2.0=dbaron
2951546c734a5d4b919af1cd0b31d9c72051c5c6Ginn Chen — Bug 609418 double vs const double for nsGeoPositionCoords::nsGeoPositionCoords(...) r=doug.turner a=doug.turner
e4beaf7236362210e2d85d9a60b2884655c40fb0Ginn Chen — Bug 609427 extra ";" after NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS in nsContentPermissionHelper.h r=doug.turner a=doug.turner
0efe3900a38444dd70e57aca33268f73fea2a479Henri Sivonen — Undo damage from rebasing. a=red.
8f5e0944335d02e89ac906fd80fc4c67b26fc5acHenri Sivonen — Bug 608373 - Do not call document.close() when stopping a script-created document load; flush tree ops when the parser exhausts the stream in the script-created case. r=bzbarsky, a=blocking2.0-betaN.
9ce8d67eaccbc819e53adab462a93a844566e431Henri Sivonen — Bug 599588 addendum - Revert change to nsIParser and introduce a new abstract class instead to avoid changing the interface during an interface freeze. r=jonas, a=blocking2.0-final.
562ceec9a27cb93493d331fcc360438c41723874Gavin Sharp — Backed out changeset 759b21bbb64b (bug 610223) due to Windows build bustage, a=red
2e61a36853f0d097773509d7d0630141a5311cdeGavin Sharp — Backed out changeset 031e9ea92ed1 (bug 605754) due to Windows build bustage, a=red
031e9ea92ed1f803131e9c4c42577dca45c66c1cChris Leary — Bug 605754 - regexp topcrash diagnostics. r=dmandelin, a=dmandelin
759b21bbb64bbb1a5b06fa666f28c7158e0d2c4fChris Leary — Encapsulate RegExpStatics more. (r=gal, b=610223)
2192654e75c511c17a5bb6d32f409d7b1d65c113Ben Turner — Bug 608170 - 'ChromeWorkers should have atob, btoa'. r=jst, a=blocking+
91465c3b341b6697b248bb28c6a4276953e59c80Raymond Lee — Bug 595395 - Add pin events to AllTabs.jsm [r=dolske, a=dolske]
9b8ee895f234a4a7226f2b8a75e8e399d8ce7777Raymond Lee — Bug 589324 - Switch-to-Tab after Session Restore does not respect Tab Candy grouping [r=dietrich, a=blocking2.0]
ba45d6b7fce254287f3b5fe0c6e01b1145d25b64Benoit Jacob — Bug 612171 - Regression: severe scrolling glitches with GL layers - r=joe, a=blocking-beta8
d81f20da03b841fd540b4fdaf7d2a60fc5fb8df9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 609632 - More embarrassments, shame on me; a=shameful-ehsan
9ca8a80bd900e28941aea8d89eb4c365631bd6e1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 609632 - Build bustage fix; a=bustage
344597f66c3ef020d722bf98b4a1cfb411ef4476Mounir Lamouri — Bug 605277 - Do not show the form validation error message in the tooltip if title is set. r+a=sicking
68df5bb6da6c009aa0d656cbecbdff7ce7879d8cMounir Lamouri — Bug 595062 - Trying to fix intermittent mochitest-ipcplugins failureas in test_cocoa_focus.html. r=jst a=tests
f576b6e16d462b1872dadb3322d0b8560a3e7353Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 609632 - Insert image files dropped onto editable areas as data: URI images; r=roc a=blocking-beta8+
0f66d961d5329c1e092c28ad2fd2c0ba147021ccScott Greenlay — Bug 611197 - Force pluginreg.dat refresh to propagate fix for Quicktime pdf display bug, r=josh, a=beta8+
00a2180e037115ff88591fff00097878aa227078Scott Greenlay — Bug 611136 - Support WebPluginTypeEnabled key in, r=josh, a=betaN+
16b51dc62bbd3716a991c3547daeed7cb74fd73dMarkus Stange — Bug 593342 - Use double buffering on Mac instead of flushing, for greater performance. r=vlad,roc,joe a=b
326225ef1cab3c1ca818020e2666ec84b97dabd9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 612381 - Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central. a=blocking-beta8
4bc2c08b44b04e32081932d6807f73819c8d26a8Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 600993 - Tab sync has no reason to ever touch disk [r=mconnor]
0bd3f5510fbaea3758ce89f200ed236423fccdddPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 610923 - Allow engines to bypass the tracker for certain or all changed items [r=mconnor]
03632b58255d53a4edd0d5778480c7ac9666ecdbPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 610375 - Make bookmark folders not sync last [r=mconnor]
3594e3cc6077ad326e67634a1538df7120d42bc7Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 609398 - Get rid of partial sync [r=mconnor]
2475105f3ba29b8d5e65eb6244e30826d1393295Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 584927 - Use async queries to set page annotations in the history engine [r=mconnor,sdwilsh]
abf2d2b2dd58725dd8e02c228021e0f978dd51f0Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 584927 - Use an async query to get page annotations in the history engine [r=mconnor,sdwilsh]
0f8d41fc0085c88cc4ef11a3ebd37b9b13a3e206Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 584927 - Factor GUIDForUri and setGUID into HistoryStore [r=mconnor]
6213894c588a9edd8cfa0c20d929c20fc883be99Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 608324 - test_utils_stackTrace fails after JM changes [r=mconnor]
553160335eccfffaaf98ca4c041732df083474e0Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 607457 - services.sync.log.appender.debugLog.enabled should exist by default [r=mconnor]
146cf61f11633b7faa74a506a8c8418dafc6164aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 603301 - Tests for async resource API [r=mconnor]
d5799add4384fc6b81a0c158fb3ee93c6dde06d7Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 603301 - Add async resource API. [r=mconnor]
c69e2357abd2273b0210dbd2c1506f62890a8fefPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 606695 - De-Sync.js-ify history store test [r=mconnor]
1d3201e9f41806555b52f8227e18c39d37e8d650Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 606695 - Helper for chaining async functions [r=mconnor]
d62eda4e41376046c8f0948fa65faad1151a2a09Ben Turner — Bug 608186 - 'IndexedDB: Transactions should expire when we return to the event loop'. r=sicking, a=blocking+
ac5a1cd933e3337e6b1c91c6c9a95bf4bebd7f16Steven Michaud — Bug 601182 - Mochitest for this bug. r=josh a=test
515b7489c559b2a0ce257145e7ff1d628351aeeaDavid Mandelin — Backout merge, a=backout beta8+ diagnostic
cbd8dd229b36964163ea4a8e8e804526e2cb2c10David Mandelin — Backed out changeset 6eef4ea21123 -- it was a temporary diagnostic.
1950375b2ec2dc553db3a7c3225dbfdcc5d7bc69Steven Michaud — Bug 601182 - Spurious focus events sent to NPAPI plugins on OS X in Cocoa event mode. Patch partly by enndeakin. r=josh,smaug a=blocking2.0BetaN+
feb768bc0cb9a816bebe7be8e36e38a19bb62baeDavid Mandelin — Backout merge, a=backout beta8+ diagnostic
4dff0cc28f4849bf62b0bdde85396b1aadec9dcbDavid Mandelin — Backed out changeset 1ccf7b6e0eb7 -- it was a temporary diagnostic.
491b922beb057f21fc8aaf50a57d2cd78d14fd5cSerge Gautherie — Bug 611540 - [SeaMonkey] mochitest-plain-5: intermittent test_alerts.html failure "Observer is notified within 15 seconds", leaking to test_alerts_noobserve.html or test_Microformats.html; (Av3a) Add executeSoon(), Remove in-test timeout, Remove cookie in "noobserve" case, Have more (explicit) check messages.
92b95ca3183be975614402ba6740be8da87738ebDavid Bolter — Bug 610362 - Map HTML5:aside landmark element like we do for role="note". r=marcoz,surkov,neil a=davidb
f1392194154cd10d7a1fc2d8924b8b95ca73c569David Bolter — Bug 607219 - dynamic role attribute change on body doesn't affect on document role. r=surkov,marcoz a=blocking2.0
54bc059a6ecc7fbec384cc8bba9e14873bf1e4deBenjamin Smedberg — Disable test_positioning.html from bug 611206 because even though it passes locally, something about the test setup is different on tinderbox: perhaps the outer mochitest window is moving, causing the coordinates to be incorrect. a=bustage
23dcbd0c286c9fc1caf014bc89751eba21352504Marco Bonardo — Bug 612255 - Don't handle duplicate batches in nsPlacesDBFlush.
3cba2bc69c51f5b8edca08a92176c7c20035fa9aBenjamin Smedberg — Bustage fix from typo in merge fixup from bug 611652, revision fc492fc14c67 a=bustage
5d354b6ed62502fafe5f26653c258af6adc536edBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 611593 - Topcrash @ PluginInstanceChild::AnswerNPP_Destroy because we were failing to clear mCurrentInvalidateTask in InvalidateRectDelayed. r=smaug a=blocking2.0
0c09f8e62feb1e34975d4097497625c18bd7864dBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 611033 - Don't retain the plugin surface beyond the lifetime of the PluginInstanceParent: we only guarantee that the plugin X socket will kept alive until PluginModuleParent::ActorDestroy, r=karlt
fc492fc14c67cdfc120ba98d74b9aafce0567f32Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 611652 - NPN_Construct doesn't work on JS functions, only on plugin-provided objects. Fix this by using JS_New to set up the construction class and prototype correctly, r=jst
106efcaa0590c478c9ea9c2e2900b854402b29c2Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 611206 - Send the plugin information about mouse position changes when we scroll, even when we don't need to repaint the plugin, r=karlt
04a2ce3c9d2fdfcf077cb6673498992e2d0f81ccRob Campbell — Bug 608627 - Drop jsWorkspaceTitle from, r+a=mossop
4b11b59eefe22e462bcdf0c851b78f2971377f01Jacek Caban — Bug 612258 - xulrunner compilation failure after landing bug 603679 r=khuey a=NPOTB
523e1142a120b554324fbc48ddd6221713de01afMarco Bonardo — Bug 595100 - Intermittent timeout in test_bug369306.html; try using waitForFocus.
a4a6371c90c56495e1b59f4e3ea346531e2e244eKyle Huey — Backing out Bug 597460. a=afrosdwilsh
8e0d3f4d1e71f49a9617a88ed74b86fa164f9cdaKyle Huey — Backed out changeset 3281b4385e72
d7cdb6ff6945bea27b21570ca585b3f4afc5fb9cKyle Huey — Bug 612198: The other half. r=me a=npotb
572b87ce4245bc90f7b568ece9e5a13bfb43175dKyle Huey — Bug 602482: Update XHR forbidden headers to latest spec. r=sicking a=b:betaN
253c29def2c7de07a1a20f9504809981f72b252aKyle Huey — Bug 612198: Fix XULRunner after Bug 603679 and Bug 610556. r=me a=npotb
3281b4385e727a43e6f10d36a8d030ccad61e124Mihai Sucan — Bug 597460: WebConsole scrolls to the top when a filtered network event occurs. r=gavin a=b:betaN
bc33b57acf78e5113ae9a314a30f179d92ba3bb7Mihai Sucan — Bug 592442: WebConsole completion throws if more brackets are closed than opened. r=sdwilsh f=ddahl a=b:final
edf41ff32f08c95e8a01cbe583f37f88485f1419Olli Pettay — Bug 596870 - ASSERTION: Detaching editor when it is already detached with iframes and contenteditable, r=bz, a=blocking
90ee071c963eb8e33f6c4dc3cd57e76039f79226Mounir Lamouri — Bug 602117 - Tests. r=sicking a=tests
1d6823f0c00fc3a66967c20ce1441fa631ea4d79Mounir Lamouri — Bug 597791 (2/2) - Always define nsGkAtoms::progress even if MOZ_MEDIA isn't set. r=smaug a=bustage
8774ecf70aa398be8b7bffc4dc5e5a6ebdabb9ccVivien Nicolas — Bug 597791 (1/2) - Do not use NS_MOZAUDIOAVAILABLE in nsEventListenerManager.cpp if MOZ_MEDIA isn't set. r=smaug a=bustage
41673a86c79cfd75e94e2e599df07bb996171de5Justin Dolske — Add MORE test debugging for bug 608206. a=afrosdwilsh
2c7111d00bfa67f80685ce3ba9184c3ea2176f50Olli Pettay — Bug 609626 - Investigate max native stack limit differences, r=mrbkap, a=blocking
cd3babdf6a5ec5796b7b3602fed5df888c73ef77Justin Dolske — Add more test debugging for bug 608206. a=afrosdwilsh
be27bc8097886bfcee892e2931a6cc4b0a6e3fb5Matthew Gregan — Bug 569163 - Fix a race in nsWaveDecoder's ended state handling. r=cpearce a=roc
d35ddd8a05a2bbf247bd71aa54530de55b3418d6Matthew Gregan — merge backout a=bustage
2b08079f0ecd3c29eb9f8f341fff761f0c09efc7Matthew Gregan — Backed out changeset c3a14297dff8
4988b81e8474e31586839c6c618eeaac462144a3Matthew Gregan — merge backout a=bustage
f5865a11a2786c853ea8deecbb98c28bce273fa7Matthew Gregan — Backed out changeset c1351e1799b8
c3a14297dff8c5d54e51c76c6dd90288d2500998Boris Zbarsky — Bug 610956. Don't set up loadListener as a shutdown observer until we're sure we're doing a load. r=roc a=roc
ba950e2f4066b65ff168a2a291f75a78b8f1abb2Alex Vincent — b=601756 Tests for TreeWalker.nextSibling, previousSibling, as suggested by Traversal spec r=smaug a=test
5feb5e6da8e8ccb1c5e1148e4e3bfab21bc9af3eBrian Crowder — b=599878 restore showAlertNotification and disable unit_ipc tests for MacOS r=joshmatthews a=test
72cd1af86528cb8a3b8538d0b15989191f6d423fKarl Tomlinson — subpixel-lineheight reftest now passes b=610330
8066a37cd0c95c06b109061c61794dc64d761446Matthew Gregan — Bug 600776 - Update in-tree libvorbis to 1.3.2. rs=doublec a=blocking2.0:final+
c1351e1799b8f0aa39c55263755367b452312217Matthew Gregan — Bug 569163 - Fix a race in nsWaveDecoder's ended state handling. r=cpearce a=roc
98b0ae8881953f47aa601acbc7fa95ada11b0124Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 611182 - Part 7: Don't notify the edit rules object for document modifications outside of the editable area; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-beta8+
8c4b1c2924833701e31be35f4c93cc53c9a32803Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 611182 - Part 6: Actually allow the bogus node to be deleted from the document, and check if the parent is modifiable when inserting an element to prevent a bogus node being inserted under a contenteditable="false" element; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-beta8+
66a04ae3d1cd817bfd133b13832bb6d0d783efe5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 611182 - Part 5: Adjust the assertion annotation for an assertion which now gets triggered more because we're doing things correctly; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-beta8+
553642bc2cfacead753059b8da9951c24acc3da3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 611182 - Part 4: Add some more tests; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-beta8+
54d00e3411ab46ca27d20bfe9528aebcc10bcb32Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 611182 - Part 3: Handle dynamic changes to the editable documents and create/remove the bogus node if needed; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-beta8+
a9f682f84cab0340bf96ca0f04003fa8531586c2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 611182 - Part 2: Correct the definition of EndOfDocument for the HTML editor in order to fix some tests which have been relying on the bogus node existing in non-empty editable documents; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-beta8+
ff35e522f880a6bb6c08b7b9e36747c157e7fcceEhsan Akhgari — Bug 611182 - Backspace key does not work without typing something first (test cases); r=bzbarsky a=blocking-beta8+
e091e8999c1d2c6979139ea260f02fe6db6c5d81Brian Carpenter — b=502974 add commas in correct locations ui-r=faaborg a=bsmedberg
8b1208b3ddef80a1f9139c92a37bbc2785b62b4aKarl Tomlinson — test pixel-snapping of glyphs b=605043 a=blocking
38480a41a8e8908305d7f389a3d60f601eac17e9Karl Tomlinson — b=605043 round inter-glyph spacing to pixels when glyphs will be pixel snapped r=jfkthame
ff0819c81933b155036a6dee091987adc25f7c1bKarl Tomlinson — b=611254 followup to f106f44c297b: add pangocairo with Qt (as well as GTK+) r=romaxa a=joe
b062f63a98fb263371d7ce697fa3cb34c69ec5b7Karl Tomlinson — Bug 610646 - Fix typo that caused 100% CPU hang running crashtest 598862.html in non-OOPP builds. a=test
b91e7cab0613a394205b2085abafb459032b503eBernd — Test for bug 595758. a=test
c2e13e39c486f75c6afb3d036c6dd20534e41ef4Martijn Wargers — Test for bug 595758. a=test
f8e81c8196d2ad41e498550c6ee1cad243951bd5Mats Palmgren — Bug 595758 - Crash [@ nsTableFrame::MarkIntrinsicWidthsDirty] on print preview. r=dbaron a=blocking2.0:betaN
05a80026d34752726c4ce7c3e27e0aac8c0fe716Jim Mathies — Bug 611693 - Fix for Txul, Ts regression on XP after landing bug 610201. r=vlad, a=regression.
7dc151ce96f242451f5e99c623f68b1f96a47d9cBenoit Jacob — Bug 610435 - WebGL crash in drawElements - r=vladimir, a=blocking-betaN
7034c271ebd2d39a6df3f7a9f749601f03ffd3bbSimon Montagu — Make the 'More Encodings' submenus non-localizable. Bug 610638, r=emk, a=bsmedberg
174f235f76ed07519eb580d334a3f26a8a7d9e21Simon Montagu — Don't propagate error getting a Unicode decoder to caller. Bug 603423, r=hsivonen, a=bsmedberg
2213446a018b4e943363a0e5180a1b477b98adfaSimon Montagu — Test for bug 603423, a=test
674f2ed15cea35d849f5e72f33abd00cb89175a9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 587248 - Part 16: Don't resize the groups if we explicitly request their size to remain constant while dragging; r=ian a=blocking-betaN+
3e275c148e5dbe5ccebc3a9c9a4f06b7f3401c03Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 587248 - Part 15: Use the correct minimum dimensions for groups; r=ian a=blocking-betaN+
cfcd17257d001d61806c1e8d4fd2000229742a24Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 587248 - Part 14: Observe the group box right margin when arranging tab items in RTL mode; r=ian a=blocking-betaN+
7310d5f75b7e363aecb8d11d5d6bc48cfbf74c42Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 587248 - Part 13: Correct the welcome box positioning on first run in RTL mode; r=ian a=blocking-betaN+
3c140d56fd3e6a7038bbe0746696aaec89f72462Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 587248 - Part 12: Replace UI.rtl with a static property to make sure that we don't incur any DOM performance penalty when checking it; r=ian a=blocking-betaN+
e716f4ca4f7a0a184af64f62d132959cd57d5f9dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 587248 - Part 11: Rotate the collapsed tab items towards top right in RTL mode; r=ian a=blocking-betaN+
059ffd92444bb7a6192d879549faf2584371dacbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 587248 - Part 10: Arrange tabs from right to left in RTL mode; r=ian a=blocking-betaN+
bca076d3a6a72c1e8e7481c6f995c6d4cc05875fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 587248 - Part 9: Correct group title style calculations in RTL mode (well, and some LTR corrections as well!); r=ian a=blocking-betaN+
d67887a20f717c40131f652f9f6c328c42f680a7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 587248 - Part 8: Fix resizing and drag and drop in RTL mode; r=ian a=blocking-betaN+
238b879aec66c2fb491cbefe38a7e98406b67c99Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 587248 - Part 7: Correct some direction dependent CSS code in tabitems.js; r=ian a=blocking-betaN+
e902872c33b08353285455fcec134b0f0450bce8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 587248 - Part 6: Add RTL support to the TabView functionality implemented in ui.js; r=ian a=blocking-betaN+
51bcf78f8c5901eefe001f41921c976f3bc05502Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 587248 - Part 5: Add RTL support to theme CSS for TabView on Linux; r=dao a=blocking-betaN+
a1803da455615c0c730ab0e1c6b8cabbeca3ff9bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 587248 - Part 4: Add RTL support to theme CSS for TabView on Windows; r=dao a=blocking-betaN+
52a7905f4cc48c3b6a70319368fb749688101bc4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 587248 - Part 3: Add RTL support to theme CSS for TabView on Mac; r=dao a=blocking-betaN+
dbb425ab070e7ea6c4f543f4617338e2a6c860edEhsan Akhgari — Bug 587248 - Part 2: Add RTL support to content CSS for TabView; r=dao a=blocking-betaN+
9a7e34883f86a90d9dc023da1bd882cfb6c1f34eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 587248 - Part 1: Set the correct direction for the TabView document upon being displayed; r=gavin a=blocking-betaN+
d293acc7a273cee5155a7c0be6e8d0bed37ee860Frank Yan — Bug 582702 - Move Undo Close Tab option on tab context menu. r=dao ui-r=faaborg a=blocking2.0:final+
e030f7ac043bc2abd0349aba9002a6c200eeabebAlexander Surkov — Bug 606125 - develop a way to handle visibility style, r=marcoz, davidb, sr=bz, a=blocking
b8a0c34bb9f70e8e36e39581b17f0a1977baa07cMakoto Kato — Bug 611960 - bustage on Win64 after bug 583138 is landed. r=roc, a=roc
65a5f743eaaba7bff2fa05ac488f70ef79f897aePatrick Walton — Bug 597136 - Use the new nsIScriptError2 interface instead of window.onerror to determine the Web Console to which messages should be routed. r=gavin a=blocking2.0:beta8+.
a0351ac4eb4535310d68c1c49bc57c3e359a90c8Ben Turner — Bug 586216 - Don't use one timer per animated widget. r=roc a=b
e162ecf5bf4e3fd1572ec2d14123379f05de424dRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 578540 - Fix MSVC warning spam by removing unneeded define from Chromium code. r=cjones
28c05f0c2f68ab3428b700b91f0ebadd834a9ef9Dão Gottwald — Bug 611803 - Caption buttons should only be pressed when they're also hovered. r=jimm
f774fdd362e928e27489091e196943a8db2ec425Margaret Leibovic — Bug 595201 - popup notification menuitem highlight is broken (black on blue) in winstripe and pinstripe themes. r=neil a=b
9663e1ed132a27b2a063d6c4a773420ce8617cc3Dão Gottwald — Bug 611804 - Fix RTL styling of the app menu. r=gavin
7fe27fecda73b3e90db9e1b4eacdd3ee367d8125Wes Kocher — Bug 605850. Top outside corners of Personal toolbar need border radius when tabs are not on top. r=dao a=bsmedberg
db825cadce94fa8cfd4ca77b25eb146e297c02d5Felipe Gomes — Bug 606061. The border on the download manager doesn't wrap all the way around. r=jimm a=blocking-final
a871bd60be99e7e360306bf1c0b7f4d4394bb251Chris Leary — Add return statement to fix build break, a=bustage
95e9c2e8708d3e089183a751fe2c7e2eb11d0065David Mandelin — Bug 605752: don't crash on OOM inside ExecutablePool, r=dvander, a=beta8+
255ec74f08b40cef03d88ae50e9e7f3d2364d089Matt Brubeck — Bug 575351 - Long-press on Android system keys does not work. r=mwu,smaug
32fad78c84fa61ad908bce68306c351450a70098Joe Drew — Bug 611498 - Add a test for transparent areas overdrawing when repeatedly drawn. r=jrmuizel a=b
74fe0c57e581203ffdfd7ccfafe3c9827be71aa1Joe Drew — Bug 611498 - Clear transparent surfaces before we draw into them. r=jrmuizel a=b
343ca3179e989bac4853755b419ce2280b6b5b88Mounir Lamouri — Bug 610290 - Let pass TEST_PATH as an environment variable for `make reftest`. r=khuey a=NPOTB
a959c8223466ab8579d458b3eb130730b8c4a8adMounir Lamouri — Bug 611352 - Create a HTMLElement when createElement('isindex') is called and the html5 parser is enabled. r+a=sicking
0c22e26c4fd590437033f31d4130731d27784ae2Fernando Herrera — Bug 4527