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sepsis-inspector 0.6 (set version string: 0.6pre)

About sepsis-inspector

The Inspector is an extension that aims to be compatible with Mozilla toolkit
applications (e.g., Firefox) for inspecting the Web and the host applications themselves.

See the [Owner's Manual]( for info about using the Inspector.

Canonical repo

The canonical repo for the sepsis-inspector project is
<>.  The
mirror on GitLab is just a mirror.  (However, I wouldn't reject a contribution
solely because it came in the form of a GitLab merge request. --crussell)


The [issue tracker for sepsis-inspector on GitLab]
is the canonical bug tracker.

There are details on the GitLab-hosted wiki about [bug triage]


The "JavaScript Console" viewer is developed separately.  See the canonical
[sepsis-console repo]
or the [sepsis-console mirror on GitLab]

Other information

sepsis-inspector is on the Mozilla Wiki at <>.

I've tried to make sure the Inspector codebase is extremely well-commented and
approachable.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, I'm
Colby, and you should feel free to email me at  (Note: that
isn't code for "Use the address".  Mail to that address
will go nowhere.)  AMA.

[Patches wanted](