author Tyler Maklebust <maklebus@msu.edu>
Mon, 19 Dec 2016 21:10:54 -0500
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Bug 1309935 - Add ability to find within select dropdown when over 40 elements. r?jaws, mconley, enndeakin Search implemented for select dropdown options. List navigation takes keyboard input as before, until search field is focused. Pref added to enable search (dom.forms.selectSearch). Task added to test search functionality. MozReview-Commit-ID: BiKRvNbQnxx

FROM          ubuntu:16.04
MAINTAINER    Joel Maher <joel.maher@gmail.com>

RUN useradd -d /home/worker -s /bin/bash -m worker
WORKDIR /home/worker

# %include testing/docker/recipes/tooltool.py
ADD topsrcdir/testing/docker/recipes/tooltool.py /setup/tooltool.py

# %include testing/mozharness/external_tools/robustcheckout.py
ADD topsrcdir/testing/mozharness/external_tools/robustcheckout.py /usr/local/mercurial/robustcheckout.py

# %include testing/docker/recipes/common.sh
ADD topsrcdir/testing/docker/recipes/common.sh /setup/common.sh

# %include testing/docker/recipes/install-mercurial.sh
ADD topsrcdir/testing/docker/recipes/install-mercurial.sh /setup/install-mercurial.sh

# Add the tooltool manifest containing the minidump_stackwalk binary.
# %include testing/config/tooltool-manifests/linux64/releng.manifest
ADD topsrcdir/testing/config/tooltool-manifests/linux64/releng.manifest /tmp/minidump_stackwalk.manifest

# %include testing/docker/recipes/ubuntu1604-test-system-setup.sh
ADD topsrcdir/testing/docker/recipes/ubuntu1604-test-system-setup.sh /setup/system-setup.sh
RUN           bash /setup/system-setup.sh

# Add wrapper scripts for xvfb allowing tasks to easily retry starting up xvfb
# %include testing/docker/recipes/xvfb.sh
ADD topsrcdir/testing/docker/recipes/xvfb.sh /home/worker/scripts/xvfb.sh

# %include testing/docker/recipes/run-task
ADD topsrcdir/testing/docker/recipes/run-task /home/worker/bin/run-task

# %include taskcluster/scripts/tester/test-ubuntu.sh
ADD topsrcdir/taskcluster/scripts/tester/test-ubuntu.sh /home/worker/bin/test-linux.sh

# This will create a host mounted filesystem when the cache is stripped
# on Try. This cancels out some of the performance losses of aufs. See
# bug 1291940.
VOLUME /home/worker/checkouts
VOLUME /home/worker/workspace

# Set variable normally configured at login, by the shells parent process, these
# are taken from GNU su manual
ENV           HOME          /home/worker
ENV           SHELL         /bin/bash
ENV           USER          worker
ENV           LOGNAME       worker
ENV           HOSTNAME      taskcluster-worker
ENV           LANG          en_US.UTF-8
ENV           LC_ALL        en_US.UTF-8

# Add utilities and configuration
COPY           dot-files/config              /home/worker/.config
COPY           dot-files/pulse               /home/worker/.pulse
RUN            chmod +x bin/*
# TODO: remove this when buildbot is gone
COPY           buildprops.json               /home/worker/buildprops.json
COPY           tc-vcs-config.yml /etc/taskcluster-vcs.yml

# TODO: remove
ADD            https://raw.githubusercontent.com/taskcluster/buildbot-step/master/buildbot_step /home/worker/bin/buildbot_step
RUN chmod u+x /home/worker/bin/buildbot_step

# allow the worker user to access video devices
RUN usermod -a -G video worker

RUN mkdir Documents; mkdir Pictures; mkdir Music; mkdir Videos; mkdir artifacts

# install tc-vcs and tc-npm-cache
RUN npm install -g taskcluster-vcs@2.3.12 \
 && npm install -g taskcluster-npm-cache@1.1.14 \
 && rm -rf ~/.npm
ENV PATH $PATH:/home/worker/bin

# TODO Re-enable worker when bug 1093833 lands
#USER          worker

# clean up
RUN rm -Rf .cache && mkdir -p .cache

# Disable Ubuntu update prompt
# http://askubuntu.com/questions/515161/ubuntu-12-04-disable-release-notification-of-14-04-in-update-manager
ADD release-upgrades /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades

# Disable tools with on-login popups that interfere with tests; see bug 1240084 and bug 984944.
ADD jockey-gtk.desktop deja-dup-monitor.desktop /etc/xdg/autostart/

# In test.sh we accept START_VNC to start a vnc daemon.
# Exposing this port allows it to work.

# This helps not forgetting setting DISPLAY=:0 when running
# tests outside of test.sh

# Disable apport (Ubuntu app crash reporter) to avoid stealing focus from test runs
ADD apport /etc/default/apport

# Disable font antialiasing for now to match releng's setup
ADD fonts.conf /home/worker/.fonts.conf

# Set up first-run experience for interactive mode
ADD motd /etc/taskcluster-motd
ADD taskcluster-interactive-shell /bin/taskcluster-interactive-shell
RUN chmod +x /bin/taskcluster-interactive-shell

RUN chown -R worker:worker /home/worker

# Set a default command useful for debugging
CMD ["/bin/bash", "--login"]