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Bug 1119609 part.3 Implement converting methods from key/code value to key/code name index r=smaug

These atoms are generated from the selenium trunk. They are minified versions of what's in the trunk,
optimized to run on Firefox. To generate them, clone the repo:

    svn checkout http://selenium.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ selenium-read-only 

then run the Google closure compiler and specify which atom you'd like to get.
For example, this will generate the "get_text" atom:

    cd selenium-read-only
    ./go //javascript/webdriver/atoms:get_text:firefox

This generates the atom, which is a function. You'll need to assign that function to a variable of your choice 
which you can then import, i.e.: you'll need to modify the atom with a variable assignment:

  var myVar = <atom code>

You can now import this atom and call it with myVar(). Please note the name of the function as a comment above this line to help readability in the atoms file.

For more information on atoms, refer to http://code.google.com/p/selenium/wiki/AutomationAtoms#Atoms_Summary

Currently bundled atoms (please update as you add more):
- clearElement
- click
- getAttributeValue
- getElementText
- isElementDisplayed
- isElementEnabled
- isElementSelected
- sendKeysToElement/type