author Julian Descottes <>
Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:24:51 +0100
changeset 325354 b9b90a3362eaed6b77720905182ad4153d8b1dab
parent 259966 ae64d16898395607093db2e2dd667b6544cb1f55
permissions -rw-r--r--
Bug 1321509 - use devtools-local-toolbox to load the inspector in content;r=bgrins,tromey Add package.json to devtools/client/inspector Integration with devtools-local-toolbox: - provides development server - default webpack config - landing page to select a tab In this patch: - bin/dev-server-js contains the inspector specific routes - webpack/*-sham.js : inspector dependencies that had to be mocked ideally, decoupling work should continue and the inspector client should only ever require files that require no chrome priviledged APIs. - toolbox.js contains the interface with devtools-local-toolbox bootstrap and the inspector panel initialization - configs/development.json is the inspector config for the devtools-local-toolbox MozReview-Commit-ID: 7YQLUlgSyDX

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