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Bug 1317951, part 2 - Certificate Transparency - basic support for disqualified logs. r=keeler MozReview-Commit-ID: 4y2JYFnO9Xm

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#ifndef CTLogVerifier_h
#define CTLogVerifier_h

#include "CTLog.h"
#include "pkix/Input.h"
#include "pkix/pkix.h"
#include "SignedCertificateTimestamp.h"
#include "SignedTreeHead.h"

namespace mozilla { namespace ct {

// Verifies Signed Certificate Timestamps (SCTs) provided by a specific log
// using the public key of that log. Assumes the SCT being verified
// matches the log by log key ID and signature parameters (an error is returned
// otherwise).
// The verification functions return Success if the provided SCT has passed
// verification, ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE if failed verification, or other result
// on error.
class CTLogVerifier

  // Initializes the verifier with log-specific information. Only the public
  // key is used for verification, other parameters are purely informational.
  // |subjectPublicKeyInfo| is a DER-encoded SubjectPublicKeyInfo.
  // |operatorId| The numeric ID of the log operator as assigned at
  // .
  // |logStatus| Either "Included" or "Disqualified".
  // |disqualificationTime| Disqualification timestamp (for disqualified logs).
  // An error is returned if |subjectPublicKeyInfo| refers to an unsupported
  // public key.
  pkix::Result Init(pkix::Input subjectPublicKeyInfo,
                    CTLogOperatorId operatorId,
                    CTLogStatus logStatus,
                    uint64_t disqualificationTime);

  // Returns the log's key ID, which is a SHA256 hash of its public key.
  // See RFC 6962, Section 3.2.
  const Buffer& keyId() const { return mKeyId; }

  CTLogOperatorId operatorId() const { return mOperatorId; }
  bool isDisqualified() const { return mDisqualified; }
  uint64_t disqualificationTime() const { return mDisqualificationTime; }

  // Verifies that |sct| contains a valid signature for |entry|.
  // |sct| must be signed by the verifier's log.
  pkix::Result Verify(const LogEntry& entry,
                      const SignedCertificateTimestamp& sct);

  // Verifies the signature in |sth|.
  // |sth| must be signed by the verifier's log.
  pkix::Result VerifySignedTreeHead(const SignedTreeHead& sth);

  // Returns true if the signature and hash algorithms in |signature|
  // match those of the log.
  bool SignatureParametersMatch(const DigitallySigned& signature);

  // Performs the underlying verification using the log's public key. Note
  // that |signature| contains the raw signature data (i.e. without any
  // DigitallySigned struct encoding).
  // Returns Success if passed verification, ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE if failed
  // verification, or other result on error.
  pkix::Result VerifySignature(pkix::Input data, pkix::Input signature);
  pkix::Result VerifySignature(const Buffer& data, const Buffer& signature);

  Buffer mSubjectPublicKeyInfo;
  Buffer mKeyId;
  DigitallySigned::SignatureAlgorithm mSignatureAlgorithm;
  CTLogOperatorId mOperatorId;
  bool mDisqualified;
  uint64_t mDisqualificationTime;

} } // namespace mozilla::ct

#endif // CTLogVerifier_h