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Bug 1077148 part 4 - Add and use new moz.build templates for Gecko programs and libraries. r=gps There are, sadly, many combinations of linkage in use throughout the tree. The main differentiator, though, is between program/libraries related to Gecko or not. Kind of. Some need mozglue, some don't. Some need dependent linkage, some standalone. Anyways, these new templates remove the need to manually define the right dependencies against xpcomglue, nspr, mozalloc and mozglue in most cases. Places that build programs and were resetting MOZ_GLUE_PROGRAM_LDFLAGS or that build libraries and were resetting MOZ_GLUE_LDFLAGS can now just not use those Gecko-specific templates.

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nsTAdoptingString_CharT::operator=(const self_type& str)
  // This'll violate the constness of this argument, that's just
  // the nature of this class...
  self_type* mutable_str = const_cast<self_type*>(&str);

  if (str.mFlags & F_OWNED) {
    // We want to do what Adopt() does, but without actually incrementing
    // the Adopt count.  Note that we can be a little more straightforward
    // about this than Adopt() is, because we know that str.mData is
    // non-null.  Should we be able to assert that str is not void here?
    NS_ASSERTION(str.mData, "String with null mData?");
    mData = str.mData;
    mLength = str.mLength;
    SetDataFlags(F_TERMINATED | F_OWNED);

    // Make str forget the buffer we just took ownership of.
    new (mutable_str) self_type();
  } else {


  return *this;

nsTString_CharT::Rebind(const char_type* data, size_type length)
  // If we currently own a buffer, release it.

  mData = const_cast<char_type*>(data);
  mLength = length;