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Bug 969164 - Replace most BUILDING_JS uses with JS_STANDALONE. r=gps Before making top-level traverse js/src files, there was a need to distinguish between top-level traversing e.g. top-level or config/ and js/src traversing them. With a single traversal of both sets, we now only need to distinguish between js standalone builds and gecko builds. There is still, however, a need to distinguish between top-level vs. js/src configure runs on gecko builds to make them subconfigure icu and libffi from top-level instead of js/src in js standalone builds, or when choosing to make js/src's config.status do something when run or not.

if [ -d "/c/PROGRA~2/MICROS~2.0" ]; then
  # /c/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0

## SDK redist ##
export WIN32_REDIST_DIR=${_VSPATH}/VC/redist/x64/Microsoft.VC100.CRT

## includes: win8 sdk includes, winrt headers for metro, msvc 10 std library, directx sdk for d3d9 ##
export INCLUDE=/c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Windows\ Kits/8.0/include/shared:/c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Windows\ Kits/8.0/include/um:/c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Windows\ Kits/8.0/include/winrt:/c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Windows\ Kits/8.0/include/winrt/wrl:/c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Windows\ Kits/8.0/include/winrt/wrl/wrappers:${_VSPATH}/vc/include:${_VSPATH}/vc/atlmfc/include:/c/tools/sdks/dx10/include

## libs: win8 sdk x64 (64-bit) libs, msvc 10 (64-bit) std library, msvc 10 atl libs, directx sdk (64-bit) for d3d9  ##
export LIBPATH=/c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Windows\ Kits/8.0/Lib/win8/um/x64:${_VSPATH}/vc/lib/amd64:${_VSPATH}/vc/atlmfc/lib/amd64:/c/tools/sdks/dx10/lib/x64
export LIB=/c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Windows\ Kits/8.0/Lib/win8/um/x64:${_VSPATH}/vc/lib/amd64:${_VSPATH}/vc/atlmfc/lib/amd64:/c/tools/sdks/dx10/lib/x64

## paths: win8 sdk x64 (64-bit) tools, msvc 10 (64-bit) build toolchain, moz tools  ##
export PATH="/c/Program Files (x86)/Windows Kits/8.0/bin/x64:${_VSPATH}/Common7/IDE:${_VSPATH}/VC/BIN/amd64:${_VSPATH}/VC/BIN/x86_amd64:${_VSPATH}/VC/BIN:${_VSPATH}/Common7/Tools:${_VSPATH}/VC/VCPackages:${PATH}"

# Use 32bit linker for PGO crash bug.
if [ -f /c/PROGRA~2/MICROS~2.0/VC/BIN/x86_amd64/link.exe ]; then
  # /c/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0
  export LD=c:/PROGRA~2/MICROS~2.0/VC/BIN/x86_amd64/link.exe
  export LD=c:/tools/msvs10/VC/BIN/x86_amd64/link.exe

. $topsrcdir/build/mozconfig.vs2010-common

mk_export_correct_style LIB
mk_export_correct_style LIBPATH
mk_export_correct_style PATH
mk_export_correct_style INCLUDE
mk_export_correct_style WIN32_REDIST_DIR