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Bug 1320752 - remove mozilla/Function.h; r=gerald We have std::function available now, which is likely to be somewhat more efficient.

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#if !defined(PDMFactory_h_)
#define PDMFactory_h_

#include "PlatformDecoderModule.h"
#include "mozilla/StaticMutex.h"

class CDMProxy;

namespace mozilla {

class DecoderDoctorDiagnostics;
class PDMFactoryImpl;
template<class T> class StaticAutoPtr;

class PDMFactory final {


  // Factory method that creates the appropriate PlatformDecoderModule for
  // the platform we're running on. Caller is responsible for deleting this
  // instance. It's expected that there will be multiple
  // PlatformDecoderModules alive at the same time.
  // This is called on the decode task queue.
  CreateDecoder(const CreateDecoderParams& aParams);

  bool SupportsMimeType(const nsACString& aMimeType,
                        DecoderDoctorDiagnostics* aDiagnostics) const;
  bool Supports(const TrackInfo& aTrackInfo,
                DecoderDoctorDiagnostics* aDiagnostics) const;

  // Creates a PlatformDecoderModule that uses a CDMProxy to decrypt or
  // decrypt-and-decode EME encrypted content. If the CDM only decrypts and
  // does not decode, we create a PDM and use that to create MediaDataDecoders
  // that we use on on aTaskQueue to decode the decrypted stream.
  // This is called on the decode task queue.
  void SetCDMProxy(CDMProxy* aProxy);

  static constexpr int kYUV400 = 0;
  static constexpr int kYUV420 = 1;
  static constexpr int kYUV422 = 2;
  static constexpr int kYUV444 = 3;

  virtual ~PDMFactory();
  void CreatePDMs();
  void CreateBlankPDM();
  // Startup the provided PDM and add it to our list if successful.
  bool StartupPDM(PlatformDecoderModule* aPDM);
  // Returns the first PDM in our list supporting the mimetype.
  GetDecoder(const TrackInfo& aTrackInfo,
             DecoderDoctorDiagnostics* aDiagnostics) const;

  CreateDecoderWithPDM(PlatformDecoderModule* aPDM,
                       const CreateDecoderParams& aParams);

  nsTArray<RefPtr<PlatformDecoderModule>> mCurrentPDMs;
  RefPtr<PlatformDecoderModule> mEMEPDM;
  RefPtr<PlatformDecoderModule> mBlankPDM;

  bool mWMFFailedToLoad = false;
  bool mFFmpegFailedToLoad = false;
  bool mGMPPDMFailedToStartup = false;

  void EnsureInit() const;
  template<class T> friend class StaticAutoPtr;
  static StaticAutoPtr<PDMFactoryImpl> sInstance;
  static StaticMutex sMonitor;

} // namespace mozilla

#endif /* PDMFactory_h_ */