Annotate remainder of crashtest mainfests (all but one test) with the tests that are known to assert. (Bug 472557)
authorL. David Baron <>
Thu, 06 May 2010 09:28:01 -0700
changeset 41995 b17a0b2c308ae83b2f61dd038ecee52f3de69131
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Annotate remainder of crashtest mainfests (all but one test) with the tests that are known to assert. (Bug 472557)
--- a/content/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/content/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -14,53 +14,53 @@ load 326865-1.html
 load 327694.html
 load 330925-1.xhtml
 load 336381-1.xhtml
 load 336715-1.xhtml
 load 338391-1.xhtml
 load 340733-1.html
 load 343730-1.xhtml
 load 343850-1.xhtml
-load 343889-1.html
+asserts(3) load 343889-1.html # bug 563536
 load 344434-1.xhtml
 load 348049-1.xhtml
 load 344882-1.html
 load 345837-1.xhtml
 load 349355-1.html
-load 354645-1.xul
+asserts(1) load 354645-1.xul # bug 512815
 load 360599-1.html
 load 366200-1.xhtml
 load 369216-1.html
 load 371466-1.xhtml
 load 377360-1.xhtml
 load 384663-1.html
 load 386000-1.html
 load 386794-1.html
 load 387460-1.html
 load 395469-1.xhtml
 load 395469-2.xhtml
 skip load 399712-1.html # sporadically times out (bug 473680)
 load 398088-1.xul
 load 400763-1.html
 load 401993-1.html
-load 407818.html
+asserts(1) load 407818.html # bug 336104
 load 410860-1.xml
 load 416734-1.html
 load 418928-1.html
 load 420620-1.html
-load 424276-1.html
+asserts(2) load 424276-1.html # bug 462897
 load 426987-1.html
 load 443538-1.svg
 load 450383-1.html
 load 450385-1.html
 skip load 458637-1.html # sporadically times out (bug 473680)
 load 472593-1.html
 load 474041-1.svg
 load 483818-1.html
 load 493281-1.html
 load 493281-2.html
 load 490760-1.xhtml
 load 494810-1.html
 load 529670.html
-load 554230-1.xhtml
+asserts(1) load 554230-1.xhtml # bug 336104
 load 552651.html
 load 558973.html
 load 564079-1.html 
--- a/content/html/document/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/content/html/document/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,12 +1,12 @@
 load 285166-1.html
 load 294235-1.html
 load 378993-1.xhtml
-load 388183-1.html
+asserts(1) load 388183-1.html # bug 336104
 load 395340-1.html
-load 399694-1.html
+asserts(1) load 399694-1.html # bug 336104
 load 407053.html
 load 448564.html
 load 468562-1.html
 load 468562-2.html
 load 494225.html
 load 495543.svg
--- a/content/media/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/content/media/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
 load 459439-1.html
-load 466607-1.html
+asserts-if(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT=="windows",0-1) load 466607-1.html
 load 466945-1.html
 load 468763-1.html
 load 474744-1.html
 load 493915-1.html
 load 495794-1.html
 load 492286-1.xhtml
--- a/content/xbl/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/content/xbl/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,16 +1,16 @@
 load 205735-1.xhtml
 load 223799-1.xul
 load 226744-1.xhtml
 load 232095-1.xul
 load 277523-1.xhtml
 load 277950-1.xhtml
 load 336744-1.html
-load 336960-1.html
+asserts(0-1) load 336960-1.html # maybe bug 429586
 load 342954-1.xhtml
 load 342954-2.xhtml
 load 368276-1.xhtml
 load 368641-1.xhtml
 load 378521-1.xhtml
 load 382376-1.xhtml
 load 382376-2.xhtml
 load 397596-1.xhtml
--- a/docshell/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/docshell/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
 load 40929-1.html
 load 369126-1.html
 load 403574-1.xhtml
 load 430124-1.html
 load 430628-1.html
-load 432114-1.html
-load 432114-2.html
+asserts(1-4) load 432114-1.html # bug 336104 and others
+asserts(0-1) load 432114-2.html # bug 336104
 load 436900-1.html
 load 500328-1.html
--- a/dom/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/dom/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -14,9 +14,9 @@ load 371124-2.html
 load 372554-1.html
 load 375399-1.html
 load 404869-1.xul
 load 417852-1.html
 load 462947.html
 load 439206-1.html
 load 473284.xul
 load 502617.html
-load 504224.html
+asserts(1) load 504224.html # bug 564098
--- a/editor/composer/src/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/editor/composer/src/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 load 351236-1.html
-load 407062-1.html
-skip-if(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT=="windows") load 428844-1.html # bug 471185
-load 461049-1.html
-load removing-editable-xslt.html
+asserts(2) load 407062-1.html # bug 336104
+asserts(1-2) skip-if(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT=="windows") load 428844-1.html # bug 471185; assertion bug 336104
+asserts(1) load 461049-1.html # bug 336104
+asserts(2) asserts-if(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT=="windows",0-2) load removing-editable-xslt.html # bug 336104, bug 500847
--- a/editor/libeditor/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/editor/libeditor/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-load 382527-1.html
+asserts(2) load 382527-1.html # bug 336104
 load 402172-1.html
-load 407256-1.html
+asserts(1) load 407256-1.html # bug 336104
 load 430624-1.html
 load 459613.html
--- a/editor/libeditor/html/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/editor/libeditor/html/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,16 +1,16 @@
 load 336081-1.xhtml # asserts (no bug?)
 load 382778-1.html
 load 407074-1.html
-load 407277-1.html
+asserts(1) load 407277-1.html # bug 336104
 load 418923-1.html
-load 420439.html
+asserts(1) load 420439.html # bug 336104
 load 428489-1.html
 load 431086-1.xhtml
 load 448329-1.html
 load 448329-2.html
 load 448329-3.html
 load 456727-1.html
 load 456727-2.html
-load 467647-1.html
-load 503709-1.xhtml
-load 535632-1.xhtml
+asserts(1) load 467647-1.html # bug 382210
+asserts(1) load 503709-1.xhtml # bug 336104
+asserts(1) load 535632-1.xhtml # bug 336104
--- a/editor/libeditor/text/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/editor/libeditor/text/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,1 +1,1 @@
-load 403965-1.xhtml
+asserts(2) load 403965-1.xhtml # bug 336104
--- a/gfx/src/thebes/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/gfx/src/thebes/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
 load 306902-1.xml
 load 383872-1.svg
-load 423110-1.xhtml
+asserts(8) load 423110-1.xhtml
 load 445711.html
--- a/layout/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/base/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -25,29 +25,29 @@ load 191272-1.html
 load 199696-1.html
 load 217903-1.html
 load 223064-1.html
 load 234851-1.html
 load 234851-2.html
 load 241300-1.html
 load 243159-1.html
 load 243159-2.xhtml
-load 243519-1.html
+asserts(1) load 243519-1.html # bug 536692
 load 244490-1.html
 load 254367-1.html
 load 265027-1.html
 load 265736-1.html
 load 265736-2.html
 load 265899-1.html
 load 265973-1.html
-load 265986-1.html
+asserts(8) asserts-if(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT=="windows",10) load 265986-1.html
 load 265999-1.html
 load 266222-1.html
-load 266360-1.html
-load 266445-1.html
+asserts(7) load 266360-1.html
+asserts(4) load 266445-1.html
 load 268157-1.html
 load 269566-1.html
 load 272647-1.html
 load 275746-1.html
 load 276053-1.html
 load 280708-1.html
 load 280708-2.html
 load 281333-1.html
@@ -100,17 +100,17 @@ load 344057-1.xhtml
 load 344064-1.html
 load 344300-1.html
 load 344300-2.html
 load 344340-1.xul
 load 347898-1.html
 load 348126-1.html
 load 348688-1.html
 load 348708-1.xhtml
-load 348729-1.html
+asserts(2) load 348729-1.html
 load 349095-1.xhtml
 load 350128-1.xhtml
 load 350267-1.html
 load 354133-1.html
 load 354766-1.xhtml
 load 354771-1.xul
 load 355989-1.xhtml
 load 355993-1.xhtml
@@ -130,17 +130,17 @@ load 369945-1.xhtml
 load 371681-1.xhtml
 load 372237-1.html
 load 372475-1.xhtml
 load 372550-1.html
 load 374193-1.xhtml
 load 374297-1.html
 load 374297-2.html
 load 376223-1.xhtml
-load 378325-1.html
+asserts(1) load 378325-1.html
 load 379105-1.xhtml
 load 379419-1.xhtml
 load 379768-1.html
 load 379799-1.html
 load 379920-1.svg
 load 379920-2.svg
 load 380096-1.html
 load 382204-1.html
@@ -158,17 +158,17 @@ load 387195-1.html
 load 387195-2.xhtml
 load 388715-1.html
 load 390976-1.html
 load 393326-1.html
 load 393326-2.html
 load 393661-1.html
 load 393801-1.html
 load 394014-1.html
-load 394014-2.html
+asserts(0-1) load 394014-2.html # bug 429586
 load 394150-1.xhtml
 load 397011-1.xhtml
 load 398510-1.xhtml
 load 399132-1.xhtml
 load 399219-1.xhtml
 load 399365-1.html
 load 399676-1.xhtml
 load 399687-1.html
@@ -196,17 +196,17 @@ load 406675-1.html
 load 408292.html
 load 408299.html
 load 408450-1.xhtml
 load 409461-1.xhtml
 load 409513.html
 load 410967.html
 load 411870-1.html
 load 412651-1.html
-load 413587-1.svg
+asserts(2) load 413587-1.svg
 load 414058-1.html
 load 414175-1.xul
 load 420031-1.html
 load 420213-1.html
 load 420219-1.html
 load 420651-1.xhtml
 load 421203-1.xul
 load 423107-1.xhtml
@@ -224,17 +224,17 @@ load 433450-1.html
 load 436982-1.html
 load 437142-1.html
 load 444863-1.html
 load 444925-1.xul
 load 444967-1.html
 load 446328.html
 load 448488-1.html
 load 450319-1.xhtml
-load 453894-1.xhtml
+asserts(3) load 453894-1.xhtml
 load 454751-1.xul
 load 455063-1.html
 load 455063-2.html
 load 455063-3.html
 load 455171-4.html
 load 457362-1.xhtml
 load 466763-1.html
 load 467881-1.html
--- a/layout/forms/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/forms/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -15,21 +15,21 @@ load 363696-1.xul
 load 363696-2.html
 load 363696-3.html
 load 366205-1.html
 load 366537-1.xhtml
 load 367587-1.html
 load 370703-1.html
 load 370940-1.html
 load 373586-1.xhtml
-load 378413-1.xhtml
+asserts(8-10) load 378413-1.xhtml
 load 380116-1.xhtml
 load 382212-1.xhtml
 load 382610-1.html
-load 383887-1.html
+asserts-if(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT=="windows",1) load 383887-1.html
 load 386554-1.html
 load 388374-1.xhtml
 load 388374-2.html
 load 393656-1.xhtml
 load 393656-2.xhtml
 load 402852-1.html
 load 403148-1.html
 load 404118-1.html
--- a/layout/generic/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/generic/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,23 +1,23 @@
 load 25888-1.html
 load 25888-2.html
 load 37757-1.html
 load 225868-1.html
 load 264937-1.html
-load 265867-1.html
+asserts(9) load 265867-1.html
 load 265867-2.html
 load 289864-1.html
 load 295292-1.html
 load 295292-2.html
 load 302260-1.html
 load 307979-1.html
 load 310556-1.xhtml
 load 322780-1.xul
-load 323386-1.html
+asserts(2) asserts-if(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT=="gtk2",12) load 323386-1.html
 load 323389-1.html
 load 323389-2.html
 load 323493-1.html
 load 323495-1.html
 load 324318-1.html
 load 328946-1.html
 load 331284-1.xhtml
 load 334105-1.xhtml
@@ -53,33 +53,33 @@ load 368461-1.xhtml
 load 368860-1.html
 load 368863-1.html
 load 369038-1.xhtml
 load 369150-1.html
 load 369150-2.html
 load 369227-1.xhtml
 load 369547-1.html
 load 370699-1.html
-load 370794-1.html
+asserts(1) load 370794-1.html
 load 370866-1.xhtml
 load 370884-1.xhtml
 load 371348-1.xhtml
 load 371561-1.html
 load 371566-1.xhtml
 load 372376-1.xhtml
 load 373859-1.html
 load 373868-1.xhtml
 load 379217-1.xhtml
-load 379217-2.xhtml
+asserts(2) load 379217-2.xhtml
 load 379917-1.xhtml
 load 380012-1.html
 load 381152-1.html
 load 381786-1.html
-load 382129-1.xhtml
-load 382131-1.html
+asserts-if(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT=="gtk2",1) load 382129-1.xhtml
+asserts-if(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT=="gtk2",1) load 382131-1.html
 load 382199-1.html
 load 382208-1.xhtml
 load 382262-1.html
 load 382396-1.xhtml
 load 382745-1.xhtml
 load 383089-1.html
 load 385265-1.xhtml
 load 385295-1.xhtml
@@ -185,17 +185,17 @@ load 416476-1.html
 load 417109-1.xhtml
 load 417902-1.html
 load 417902-2.html
 load 418532-1.html
 load 418932-1.html
 load 420000-1.html
 load 420785-1.xhtml
 load 421404-1.html
-load 421671.html
+asserts(0-1) load 421671.html
 load 422283-1.html
 load 422301-1.html
 load 423055-1.html
 load 423264-1.html
 load 425253-1.html
 load 426040-1.html
 load 426272-1.html
 load 428263-1.html
@@ -224,34 +224,34 @@ load 442860-1.xul
 load 443528-1.html
 load 444230-1.html
 load 444484-1.html
 load 444726-1.xhtml
 load 444861-1.html
 load 445288.html
 load 448903-1.html
 load 448996-1.html
-load 451315-1.html
+asserts(3) load 451315-1.html
 load 451317-1.html
 load 451334-1.html
 load 452157-1.html
 load 452157-2.html
 load 452157-3.html
 load 453762-1.html
 load 455171-1.html
 load 455171-2.html
 load 455171-3.html
 load 455643-1.xhtml
 load 457375.html
 load 457380-1.html
 load 461294-1.html
 load 463350-1.html
 load 463350-2.html
 load 463350-3.html
-load 463741-1.html
+asserts(4) load 463741-1.html
 load 465651-1.html
 load 467487-1.html
 load 467493-1.html
 load 467493-2.html
 load 467914-1.html
 load 468207-1.html
 load 468771-1.xhtml
 load 468771-2.xhtml
@@ -261,17 +261,17 @@ load 472774-1.html
 load 472776-1.html
 load 472950-1.html
 load 473278-1.xhtml
 load 476241-1.html
 load 477731-1.html
 load 477928.html
 load 478170-1.html
 load 478185-1.html
-load 479938-1.html
+asserts(1) load 479938-1.html
 load 480345-1.html
 load 489462-1.html
 load 493111-1.html
 load 493118-1.html
 load 494300-1.xul
 load 494332-1.html
 load 495875-1.html
 load 495875-2.html
@@ -280,17 +280,17 @@ load 499857-1.html
 load 501535-1.html
 load 503961-1.xhtml
 load 503961-2.html
 load 508908-1.html
 load 505912-1.html
 load 509749-1.html
 load 511482.html
 load 513394-1.html
-load 514800-1.html
+asserts(1) load 514800-1.html
 load 515811-1.html
 load 517968.html
 load 520340.html
 load 533379-1.html
 load 533379-2.html
 load 534082-1.html
 load 541277-1.html
 load 541277-2.html
--- a/layout/mathml/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/mathml/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -27,17 +27,17 @@ load 370791-1.xhtml
 load 370862-1.xhtml
 load 372483-1.xhtml
 load 373472-1.xhtml
 load 373472-2.xhtml
 load 375562-1.xhtml
 load 377824-1.xhtml
 load 379418-1.xhtml
 load 385226-1.xhtml
-load 393760-1.xhtml
+asserts(2-3) load 393760-1.xhtml
 load 397518-1.xhtml
 load 400475-1.xhtml
 load 402400-1.xhtml
 load 403156-1.xhtml
 load 404485-1.xhtml
 load 405187-1.xhtml
 load 405271-1.xml
 load 412237-1.xml
--- a/layout/style/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/style/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -12,29 +12,29 @@ load 383979-1.xhtml
 load 383979-2.html
 load 386939-1.html
 load 391034-1.xhtml
 load 397022-1.html
 load 399289-1.svg
 load 404470-1.html
 load 411603-1.html
 load 412588-1.html
-load 413274-1.xhtml
+asserts-if(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT=="windows",2) load 413274-1.xhtml
 load 416461-1.xul
 load 418007-1.xhtml
 load 431705-1.xul
 load 432561-1.html
 load 437170-1.html
 load 437532-1.html
 skip load 439184-1.html # skip until we figure out how to test this
 load 444237-1.html
 load 444848-1.html 
 load 447776-1.html
 load 447783-1.html
-load 448161-1.html
+asserts(1) load 448161-1.html
 load 448161-2.html
 load 452150-1.xhtml
 load 456196.html
 load 460217-1.html
 load 466845-1.html
 load 469432-1.xhtml
 load 472195-1.html
 load 472237-1.html # will fail, test for leak (474704)
--- a/layout/svg/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/svg/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -43,17 +43,17 @@ load 371463-1.xhtml
 load 371563-1.xhtml
 load 375775-1.svg
 load 380691-1.svg
 load 384391-1.xhtml
 load 384637-1.svg
 load 384728-1.svg
 load 385246-1.svg
 load 385246-2.svg
-load 385840-1.svg # asserts (bug 385845)
+asserts(1) load 385840-1.svg # bug 385845
 load 385852-1.svg
 load 386475-1.xhtml
 load 386566-1.svg
 load 387290-1.svg
 load 402408-1.svg
 load 404677-1.xhtml
 load 409565-1.xhtml
 load 409573-1.svg
--- a/layout/tables/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/tables/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -75,25 +75,25 @@ load 391898-1.html
 load 391901-1.html
 load 392132-1.xhtml
 load 397448-1.html
 load 398157-1.xhtml
 load 399209-1.xhtml
 load 403249-1.html
 load 403579-1.html
 load 404301-1.xhtml
-load 408753-1.xhtml
+asserts(2) load 408753-1.xhtml
 load 410426-1.html
 load 411582.xhtml
 load 413091.xhtml
 load 413180-1.html
 load 416845-1.xhtml
 load 416845-2.xhtml
 load 416845-3.html   
-load 420654-1.xhtml
+asserts(12) load 420654-1.xhtml
 load 423514-1.xhtml
 load 430374.html
 load 444431-1.html
 load 448988-1.xhtml
 load 450311-1.html
 load 456041.html
 load 457115.html
 load 467141-1.html
--- a/layout/xul/base/src/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/layout/xul/base/src/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -7,17 +7,17 @@ load 189814-1.xul
 load 237787-1.xul
 load 265161-1.xul
 load 289410-1.xul
 load 291702-1.xul
 load 291702-2.xul
 load 291702-3.xul
 load 294371-1.xul
 load 311457-1.html
-load 321056-1.xhtml
+asserts(1) load 321056-1.xhtml
 load 326834-1.html
 load 322786-1.xul
 load 326879-1.xul
 load 327776-1.xul
 load 328135-1.xul
 load 329327-1.xul
 load 329407-1.xml
 load 329477-1.xhtml
@@ -44,21 +44,21 @@ load 387080-1.xul
 load 391974-1.html
 load 394120-1.xhtml
 load 397304-1.html
 load 398326-1.xhtml
 load 400779-1.xhtml
 load 402912-1.xhtml
 load 408904-1.xul
 load 412479-1.xhtml
-load 415394-1.xhtml
+asserts(3) load 415394-1.xhtml
 load 420424-1.xul
 load 430356-1.xhtml
 load 431738.xhtml
-load 432058-1.xul
+asserts(1) load 432058-1.xul
 load 432068-1.xul
 load 432068-2.xul
 load 433296-1.xul
 load 434458-1.xul
 load 460900-1.xul
 load 464149-1.xul
 load 467481-1.xul
 load 470063-1.html
--- a/modules/libpr0n/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/modules/libpr0n/test/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -3,10 +3,10 @@ load 89341-1.gif
 # the following tests were inspired by bug 525326
 # they have image sizes of 65535x65535 which is larger than we allow
 load invalid-size.gif
 # this image has a valid size for the first frame, but the second frame is 65535x65535
 load invalid-size-second-frame.gif
 # Animated gifs with a very large canvas, but tiny actual content.
-load delaytest.html?523528-1.gif
+asserts(2) load delaytest.html?523528-1.gif
 load delaytest.html?523528-2.gif
--- a/view/crashtests/crashtests.list
+++ b/view/crashtests/crashtests.list
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
 load 38589-1.xul
 load 64049-1.html
 load 281743-1.html
 load 323497-1.html
-load 382756-1.xul
-load 387745-1.svg
+asserts-if(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT=="gtk2",2) load 382756-1.xul
+asserts-if(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT=="gtk2",2) load 387745-1.svg
 load 429315-1.html
 load 507563-1.html