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+Android Eclipse Projects
+The build system contains alpha support for generating Android Eclipse
+project files to aid with development.
+To generate Android Eclipse project files, you'll need to have a fully
+built and packaged tree::
+   mach build && mach package
+(This is because Eclipse itself packages an APK containing
+``omni.ja``, and ``omni.ja`` is only assembled during packaging.)
+Then, simply generate the Android Eclipse build backend::
+   mach build-backend -b AndroidEclipse
+If all goes well, the path to the generated projects should be
+printed (currently, ``$OBJDIR/android_eclipse``).
+To use the generated Android Eclipse project files, you'll need to
+have a recent version of Eclipse (see `Tested Versions`_) with the
+`Eclipse ADT plugin
+installed. You can then import all the projects into Eclipse using
+*File > Import ... > General > Existing Projects into Workspace*.
+Updating Project Files
+As you pull and update the source tree, your Android Eclipse files may
+fall out of sync with the build configuration. The tree should still
+build fine from within Eclipse, but source files may be missing and in
+rare circumstances Eclipse's index may not have the proper build
+To account for this, you'll want to periodically regenerate the
+Android Eclipse project files. You can do this by running ``mach build
+&& mach package && mach build-backend -b AndroidEclipse`` from the
+command line. It's a good idea to refresh and clean build all projects
+in Eclipse after doing this.
+In future, we'd like to include an Android Eclipse run configuration
+or build target that integrates updating the project files.
+Currently, regeneration rewrites the original project files. **If
+you've made any customizations to the projects, they will likely get
+overwritten.** We would like to improve this user experience in the
+If Eclipse's builder gets confused, you should always refresh and
+clean build all projects. If Eclipse's builder is continually
+confused, you can see a log of what is happening at
+If you run into memory problems executing ``dex``, you should
+`Increase Eclipse's memory limits <>`_.
+The produced Android Eclipse project files are unfortunately not
+portable. Please don't move them around.
+Structure of Android Eclipse projects
+The Android Eclipse backend generates several projects spanning Fennec
+itself and its tests. You'll mostly interact with the *Fennec* project
+In future, we'd like to expand this documentation to include some of
+the technical details of how the Eclipse integration works, and how to
+add additional Android Eclipse projects using the ````
+Tested Versions
+============    ====================================    =================
+OS              Version                                 Working as of
+============    ====================================    =================
+Mac OS X        Luna (Build id: 20130919-0819)          February 2014
+Mac OS X        Kepler (Build id: 20131219-0014)        February 2014
+============    ====================================    =================
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+   androideclipse
 mozbuild is a Python package containing a lot of the code for the
 Mozilla build system.
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