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Sun Feb 12 17:09:25 2012 +0000
b91d5bfbf6587600c194ce7c98adf945574e07ecMs2ger — Support wrapping nullable primitive types.
107a869cc8618ed6c0863b08bb49e5dd10c6aafbMs2ger — Wrap string return values.
ca2b13f5f434665d26b6ff56efc612d39ab8ee55Ms2ger — Allow wrapping a variable with a different name.
f95692cc4c97fe5f048e2196a42d956cd90d86c8Ms2ger — Ensure double is treated as primitive.
ca1591ca387f3b5da6e1e55e57414a15f68251c2Ms2ger — Update XMLHttpRequest.webidl to spec fix.
7c2ba97d094951fd75d5f1e8d474a5dcfe6c311dMs2ger — Add type.isString().