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Bug 707512 - Abort Windows Pymake builds with a clearer error if MOZ_OBJDIR is an MSYS style path; r=ted

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 * NB: This header must be both valid C and C++.  It must be
 * include-able by code embedding SpiderMonkey *and* Gecko.

#ifndef mozilla_Types_h_
#define mozilla_Types_h_

 * Expose the standard integer types from <stdint.h> (and the integer type
 * limit and constant macros, if the right __STDC_*_MACRO has been defined for
 * each).  These are all usable throughout mfbt code, and throughout Mozilla
 * code more generally.
#include "mozilla/StdInt.h"

 * mfbt is logically "lower level" than js/src, but needs basic
 * definitions of numerical types and macros for compiler/linker
 * directives.  js/src already goes through some pain to provide them
 * on numerous platforms, so instead of moving all that goop here,
 * this header makes use of the fact that for the foreseeable future
 * mfbt code will be part and parcel with libmozjs, static or not.
 * For now, the policy is to use jstypes definitions but add a layer
 * of indirection on top of them in case a Great Refactoring ever
 * happens.
#include "jstypes.h"

#define MOZ_EXPORT_API(type_)  JS_EXPORT_API(type_)
#define MOZ_IMPORT_API(type_)  JS_IMPORT_API(type_)

 * mfbt definitions need to see export declarations when built, but
 * other code needs to see import declarations when using mfbt.
#if defined(IMPL_MFBT)
#  define MFBT_API(type_)       MOZ_EXPORT_API(type_)
#  define MFBT_API(type_)       MOZ_IMPORT_API(type_)


#endif  /* mozilla_Types_h_ */