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Backout all of the bugs in the 7e12e3e16e6c pushlog because of the orange. It is not clear which one of these bugs is at fault.

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#include "Layers.h"

#ifdef MOZ_IPC
#include "mozilla/layers/ShadowLayers.h"

#ifdef XP_WIN
#include <windows.h>

 * We don't include GLDefs.h here since we don't want to drag in all defines
 * in for all our users.
typedef unsigned int GLenum;
typedef unsigned int GLbitfield;
typedef unsigned int GLuint;
typedef int GLint;
typedef int GLsizei;

#define BUFFER_OFFSET(i) ((char *)NULL + (i))

#include "gfxContext.h"
#include "gfx3DMatrix.h"
#include "nsIWidget.h"
#include "GLContext.h"

#include "LayerManagerOGLProgram.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {

class LayerOGL;
class ShadowThebesLayer;
class ShadowContainerLayer;
class ShadowImageLayer;
class ShadowCanvasLayer;
class ShadowColorLayer;

 * This is the LayerManager used for OpenGL 2.1. For now this will render on
 * the main thread.
class THEBES_API LayerManagerOGL :
#ifdef MOZ_IPC
    public ShadowLayerManager
    public LayerManager
  typedef mozilla::gl::GLContext GLContext;
  typedef mozilla::gl::ShaderProgramType ProgramType;

  LayerManagerOGL(nsIWidget *aWidget);
  virtual ~LayerManagerOGL();

  void CleanupResources();

  void Destroy();

   * Initializes the layer manager with a given GLContext. If aContext is null
   * then the layer manager will try to create one for the associated widget.
   * \param aContext an existing GL context to use. Can be created with CreateContext()
   * \return True is initialization was succesful, false when it was not.
  PRBool Initialize() {
    return Initialize(CreateContext());

  PRBool Initialize(nsRefPtr<GLContext> aContext);

   * Sets the clipping region for this layer manager. This is important on 
   * windows because using OGL we no longer have GDI's native clipping. Therefor
   * widget must tell us what part of the screen is being invalidated,
   * and we should clip to this.
   * \param aClippingRegion Region to clip to. Setting an empty region
   * will disable clipping.
  void SetClippingRegion(const nsIntRegion& aClippingRegion);

   * LayerManager implementation.
  void BeginTransaction();

  void BeginTransactionWithTarget(gfxContext* aTarget);

  void EndConstruction();

  virtual bool EndEmptyTransaction();
  virtual void EndTransaction(DrawThebesLayerCallback aCallback,
                              void* aCallbackData);

  virtual void SetRoot(Layer* aLayer) { mRoot = aLayer; }

  virtual already_AddRefed<ThebesLayer> CreateThebesLayer();

  virtual already_AddRefed<ContainerLayer> CreateContainerLayer();

  virtual already_AddRefed<ImageLayer> CreateImageLayer();

  virtual already_AddRefed<ColorLayer> CreateColorLayer();

  virtual already_AddRefed<CanvasLayer> CreateCanvasLayer();

  virtual already_AddRefed<ImageContainer> CreateImageContainer();

  virtual already_AddRefed<ShadowThebesLayer> CreateShadowThebesLayer();
  virtual already_AddRefed<ShadowContainerLayer> CreateShadowContainerLayer();
  virtual already_AddRefed<ShadowImageLayer> CreateShadowImageLayer();
  virtual already_AddRefed<ShadowColorLayer> CreateShadowColorLayer();
  virtual already_AddRefed<ShadowCanvasLayer> CreateShadowCanvasLayer();

  virtual LayersBackend GetBackendType() { return LAYERS_OPENGL; }
  virtual void GetBackendName(nsAString& name) { name.AssignLiteral("OpenGL"); }

   * Image Container management.

  /* Forget this image container.  Should be called by ImageContainerOGL
   * on its current layer manager before switching to a new one.
  void ForgetImageContainer(ImageContainer* aContainer);
  void RememberImageContainer(ImageContainer* aContainer);

   * Helper methods.
  void MakeCurrent(PRBool aForce = PR_FALSE) {
    if (mDestroyed) {
      NS_WARNING("Call on destroyed layer manager");

  ColorTextureLayerProgram *GetColorTextureLayerProgram(ProgramType type){
    return static_cast<ColorTextureLayerProgram*>(mPrograms[type]);

  ColorTextureLayerProgram *GetRGBALayerProgram() {
    return static_cast<ColorTextureLayerProgram*>(mPrograms[gl::RGBALayerProgramType]);
  ColorTextureLayerProgram *GetBGRALayerProgram() {
    return static_cast<ColorTextureLayerProgram*>(mPrograms[gl::BGRALayerProgramType]);
  ColorTextureLayerProgram *GetRGBXLayerProgram() {
    return static_cast<ColorTextureLayerProgram*>(mPrograms[gl::RGBXLayerProgramType]);
  ColorTextureLayerProgram *GetBGRXLayerProgram() {
    return static_cast<ColorTextureLayerProgram*>(mPrograms[gl::BGRXLayerProgramType]);
  ColorTextureLayerProgram *GetBasicLayerProgram(PRBool aOpaque, PRBool aIsRGB)
    if (aIsRGB) {
      return aOpaque
        ? GetRGBXLayerProgram()
        : GetRGBALayerProgram();
    } else {
      return aOpaque
        ? GetBGRXLayerProgram()
        : GetBGRALayerProgram();

  ColorTextureLayerProgram *GetRGBARectLayerProgram() {
    return static_cast<ColorTextureLayerProgram*>(mPrograms[gl::RGBARectLayerProgramType]);
  SolidColorLayerProgram *GetColorLayerProgram() {
    return static_cast<SolidColorLayerProgram*>(mPrograms[gl::ColorLayerProgramType]);
  YCbCrTextureLayerProgram *GetYCbCrLayerProgram() {
    return static_cast<YCbCrTextureLayerProgram*>(mPrograms[gl::YCbCrLayerProgramType]);
  ComponentAlphaTextureLayerProgram *GetComponentAlphaPass1LayerProgram() {
    return static_cast<ComponentAlphaTextureLayerProgram*>
  ComponentAlphaTextureLayerProgram *GetComponentAlphaPass2LayerProgram() {
    return static_cast<ComponentAlphaTextureLayerProgram*>
  CopyProgram *GetCopy2DProgram() {
    return static_cast<CopyProgram*>(mPrograms[gl::Copy2DProgramType]);
  CopyProgram *GetCopy2DRectProgram() {
    return static_cast<CopyProgram*>(mPrograms[gl::Copy2DRectProgramType]);

  ColorTextureLayerProgram *GetFBOLayerProgram() {
      return static_cast<ColorTextureLayerProgram*>(mPrograms[gl::RGBARectLayerProgramType]);
    return static_cast<ColorTextureLayerProgram*>(mPrograms[gl::RGBALayerProgramType]);

  GLContext *gl() const { return mGLContext; }

  DrawThebesLayerCallback GetThebesLayerCallback() const
  { return mThebesLayerCallback; }

  void* GetThebesLayerCallbackData() const
  { return mThebesLayerCallbackData; }

  // This is a GLContext that can be used for resource
  // management (creation, destruction).  It is guaranteed
  // to be either the same as the gl() context, or a context
  // that is in the same share pool.
  GLContext *glForResources() const {
    if (mGLContext->GetSharedContext())
      return mGLContext->GetSharedContext();
    return mGLContext;

   * Helper functions for our layers
  void CallThebesLayerDrawCallback(ThebesLayer* aLayer,
                                   gfxContext* aContext,
                                   const nsIntRegion& aRegionToDraw)
                 "CallThebesLayerDrawCallback without callback!");
    mThebesLayerCallback(aLayer, aContext,
                         aRegionToDraw, nsIntRegion(),

  GLenum FBOTextureTarget() { return mFBOTextureTarget; }

   * Controls how to initialize the texture / FBO created by
   * CreateFBOWithTexture.
   *  - InitModeNone: No initialization, contents are undefined.
   *  - InitModeClear: Clears the FBO.
   *  - InitModeCopy: Copies the contents of the current glReadBuffer into the
   *    texture.
  enum InitMode {

  /* Create a FBO backed by a texture; will leave the FBO
   * bound.  Note that the texture target type will be
   * of the type returned by FBOTextureTarget; different
   * shaders are required to sample from the different
   * texture types.
  void CreateFBOWithTexture(const nsIntRect& aRect, InitMode aInit,
                            GLuint *aFBO, GLuint *aTexture);

  GLuint QuadVBO() { return mQuadVBO; }
  GLintptr QuadVBOVertexOffset() { return 0; }
  GLintptr QuadVBOTexCoordOffset() { return sizeof(float)*4*2; }
  GLintptr QuadVBOFlippedTexCoordOffset() { return sizeof(float)*8*2; }

  void BindQuadVBO() {
    mGLContext->fBindBuffer(LOCAL_GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, mQuadVBO);

  void QuadVBOVerticesAttrib(GLuint aAttribIndex) {
    mGLContext->fVertexAttribPointer(aAttribIndex, 2,
                                     LOCAL_GL_FLOAT, LOCAL_GL_FALSE, 0,
                                     (GLvoid*) QuadVBOVertexOffset());

  void QuadVBOTexCoordsAttrib(GLuint aAttribIndex) {
    mGLContext->fVertexAttribPointer(aAttribIndex, 2,
                                     LOCAL_GL_FLOAT, LOCAL_GL_FALSE, 0,
                                     (GLvoid*) QuadVBOTexCoordOffset());

  void QuadVBOFlippedTexCoordsAttrib(GLuint aAttribIndex) {
    mGLContext->fVertexAttribPointer(aAttribIndex, 2,
                                     LOCAL_GL_FLOAT, LOCAL_GL_FALSE, 0,
                                     (GLvoid*) QuadVBOFlippedTexCoordOffset());

  // Super common

  void BindAndDrawQuad(GLuint aVertAttribIndex,
                       GLuint aTexCoordAttribIndex,
                       bool aFlipped = false)

    if (aTexCoordAttribIndex != GLuint(-1)) {
      if (aFlipped)



    mGLContext->fDrawArrays(LOCAL_GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP, 0, 4);


    if (aTexCoordAttribIndex != GLuint(-1)) {

  void BindAndDrawQuad(LayerProgram *aProg,
                       bool aFlipped = false)

  virtual const char* Name() const { return "OGL"; }

  const nsIntSize& GetWigetSize() {
    return mWidgetSize;

   * Setup the viewport and projection matrix for rendering
   * to a window of the given dimensions.
  void SetupPipeline(int aWidth, int aHeight);

  /** Widget associated with this layer manager */
  nsIWidget *mWidget;
  nsIntSize mWidgetSize;

   * Context target, NULL when drawing directly to our swap chain.
  nsRefPtr<gfxContext> mTarget;

  nsRefPtr<GLContext> mGLContext;

  already_AddRefed<mozilla::gl::GLContext> CreateContext();

  // The image containers that this layer manager has created.
  // The destructor will tell the layer manager to remove
  // it from the list.
  nsTArray<ImageContainer*> mImageContainers;

  static ProgramType sLayerProgramTypes[];

  /** Backbuffer */
  GLuint mBackBufferFBO;
  GLuint mBackBufferTexture;
  nsIntSize mBackBufferSize;

  /** Shader Programs */
  nsTArray<LayerManagerOGLProgram*> mPrograms;

  /** Texture target to use for FBOs */
  GLenum mFBOTextureTarget;

  /** VBO that has some basics in it for a textured quad,
   *  including vertex coords and texcoords for both
   *  flipped and unflipped textures */
  GLuint mQuadVBO;

  /** Region we're clipping our current drawing to. */
  nsIntRegion mClippingRegion;

  /** Misc */
  PRPackedBool mHasBGRA;

  /** Current root layer. */
  LayerOGL *RootLayer() const;

   * Render the current layer tree to the active target.
  void Render();

   * Setup a backbuffer of the given dimensions.
  void SetupBackBuffer(int aWidth, int aHeight);

   * Copies the content of our backbuffer to the set transaction target.
  void CopyToTarget();

   * Updates all layer programs with a new projection matrix.
   * XXX we need a way to be able to delay setting this until
   * the program is actually used.  Maybe a DelayedSetUniform
   * on Program, that will delay the set until the next Activate?
   * XXX this is only called once per frame, so it's not awful.
   * If we have any more similar updates, then we should delay.
  void SetLayerProgramProjectionMatrix(const gfx3DMatrix& aMatrix);

  /* Thebes layer callbacks; valid at the end of a transaciton,
   * while rendering */
  DrawThebesLayerCallback mThebesLayerCallback;
  void *mThebesLayerCallbackData;

 * General information and tree management for OGL layers.
class LayerOGL
  LayerOGL(LayerManagerOGL *aManager)
    : mOGLManager(aManager), mDestroyed(PR_FALSE)
  { }

  virtual ~LayerOGL() { }

  virtual LayerOGL *GetFirstChildOGL() {
    return nsnull;

  /* Do NOT call this from the generic LayerOGL destructor.  Only from the
   * concrete class destructor
  virtual void Destroy() = 0;

  virtual Layer* GetLayer() = 0;

  virtual void RenderLayer(int aPreviousFrameBuffer,
                           const nsIntPoint& aOffset) = 0;

  typedef mozilla::gl::GLContext GLContext;

  LayerManagerOGL* OGLManager() const { return mOGLManager; }
  GLContext *gl() const { return mOGLManager->gl(); }

  void ApplyFilter(gfxPattern::GraphicsFilter aFilter);
  LayerManagerOGL *mOGLManager;
  PRPackedBool mDestroyed;

} /* layers */
} /* mozilla */