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Bug 519972 part.11 nsEvent.h should have forward declarations of classes and structs in nsGUIEvent.h r=roc

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#ifndef nsEvent_h__
#define nsEvent_h__

 * This is in a separate header file because it needs to be included
 * in many places where including nsGUIEvent.h would bring in many
 * header files that are totally unnecessary.

enum UIStateChangeType {

 * Return status for event processors.

enum nsEventStatus {  
    /// The event is ignored, do default processing
    /// The event is consumed, don't do default processing
    /// The event is consumed, but do default processing

 * sizemode is an adjunct to widget size
enum nsSizeMode {
  nsSizeMode_Normal = 0,

struct nsAlternativeCharCode;
struct nsTextRangeStyle;
struct nsTextRange;

class nsEvent;
class nsGUIEvent;
class nsScriptErrorEvent;
class nsSizeEvent;
class nsSizeModeEvent;
class nsZLevelEvent;
class nsPaintEvent;
class nsScrollbarEvent;
class nsScrollPortEvent;
class nsScrollAreaEvent;
class nsInputEvent;
class nsMouseEvent_base;
class nsMouseEvent;
class nsDragEvent;
class nsAccessibleEvent;
class nsKeyEvent;
class nsTextEvent;
class nsCompositionEvent;
class nsMouseScrollEvent;
class nsGestureNotifyEvent;
class nsQueryContentEvent;
class nsFocusEvent;
class nsSelectionEvent;
class nsContentCommandEvent;
class nsMozTouchEvent;
class nsFormEvent;
class nsCommandEvent;
class nsUIEvent;
class nsSimpleGestureEvent;
class nsTransitionEvent;
class nsAnimationEvent;
class nsUIStateChangeEvent;
class nsPluginEvent;

#endif // nsEvent_h__