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wallpaper part 2 for bug 390451 - Remembered passwords lost when changing Master Password. r=vlad, a=damons.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

%{ C++
#include <PMApplication.h>

 * Native types
native nsPMPageFormat(PMPageFormat);
native nsPMPrintSettings(PMPrintSettings);
native nsPMPrintSession(PMPrintSession);

 * Simplified PrintSettings for OSX interface 
 * @status UNDER_REVIEW
[scriptable, uuid(CD2A0A4F-0DE9-4c51-9232-42668F559F94)]

interface nsIPrintSettingsX : nsISupports
   * nativePrintSession attribute
   * Convenience method which gets the nsIPrintSession
   * and returns its native session object
   * Does NOT do PMRetain() on result.
  [noscript] readonly attribute nsPMPrintSession nativePrintSession;

   * PMPageFormat and PMPrintSettings attributes
   * Getter does NOT do PMRetain() on result.
   * Setter does PMRetain() on parameter.
  [noscript] attribute nsPMPageFormat pMPageFormat;

  [noscript] attribute nsPMPrintSettings pMPrintSettings;

   * readPageFormatFromPrefs and writePageFormatToPrefs
   * Read and write a flattened PMPageFormat to/from prefs.
   * This also contains any custom data we appended to the dialog
  [noscript] void readPageFormatFromPrefs();
  [noscript] void writePageFormatToPrefs();