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wallpaper part 2 for bug 390451 - Remembered passwords lost when changing Master Password. r=vlad, a=damons.

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#include "nsTextEditRules.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsIDOMNode.h"
#include "nsIContent.h"
#include "nsIPresShell.h"
#include "nsPresContext.h"
#include "nsIFrame.h"
#include "nsISelectionPrivate.h"
#include "nsFrameSelection.h"

// Test for distance between caret and text that will be deleted
nsTextEditRules::CheckBidiLevelForDeletion(nsISelection         *aSelection,
                                           nsIDOMNode           *aSelNode, 
                                           PRInt32               aSelOffset, 
                                           nsIEditor::EDirection aAction,
                                           PRBool               *aCancel)
  *aCancel = PR_FALSE;

  nsCOMPtr<nsIPresShell> shell;
  nsresult res = mEditor->GetPresShell(getter_AddRefs(shell));
  if (NS_FAILED(res))
    return res;
  if (!shell)
  nsPresContext *context = shell->GetPresContext();
  if (!context)
  if (!context->BidiEnabled())
    return NS_OK;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIContent> content = do_QueryInterface(aSelNode);
  if (!content)

  PRUint8 levelBefore;
  PRUint8 levelAfter;

  nsCOMPtr<nsISelectionPrivate> privateSelection(do_QueryInterface(aSelection));
  if (!privateSelection)
  nsCOMPtr<nsFrameSelection> frameSelection;
  if (!frameSelection)
  nsPrevNextBidiLevels levels = frameSelection->
    GetPrevNextBidiLevels(content, aSelOffset, PR_TRUE);
  levelBefore = levels.mLevelBefore;
  levelAfter = levels.mLevelAfter;

  PRUint8 currentCaretLevel = frameSelection->GetCaretBidiLevel();

  PRUint8 levelOfDeletion;
  levelOfDeletion = (nsIEditor::eNext==aAction) ? levelAfter : levelBefore;

  if (currentCaretLevel == levelOfDeletion)
    ; // perform the deletion
    if (mDeleteBidiImmediately || levelBefore == levelAfter)
      ; // perform the deletion
      *aCancel = PR_TRUE;

    // Set the bidi level of the caret to that of the
    // character that will be (or would have been) deleted
  return NS_OK;