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Implement prototype setup infrastructure.

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#ifndef xpcpublic_h
#define xpcpublic_h

#include "jsapi.h"
#include "js/MemoryMetrics.h"
#include "jsclass.h"
#include "jsfriendapi.h"
#include "jsgc.h"
#include "jspubtd.h"
#include "jsproxy.h"

#include "nsISupports.h"
#include "nsIPrincipal.h"
#include "nsWrapperCache.h"
#include "nsStringGlue.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"

class nsIPrincipal;
struct nsDOMClassInfoData;

#define BAD_TLS_INDEX ((PRUint32) -1)

xpc_CreateGlobalObject(JSContext *cx, JSClass *clasp,
                       nsIPrincipal *principal, nsISupports *ptr,
                       bool wantXrays, JSObject **global,
                       JSCompartment **compartment);

xpc_CreateMTGlobalObject(JSContext *cx, JSClass *clasp,
                         nsISupports *ptr, JSObject **global,
                         JSCompartment **compartment);

#define XPCONNECT_GLOBAL_FLAGS                                                \

TraceXPCGlobal(JSTracer *trc, JSObject *obj);

// XXX where should this live?
xpc_LocalizeContext(JSContext *cx);

xpc_MorphSlimWrapper(JSContext *cx, nsISupports *tomorph);

static inline bool IS_WRAPPER_CLASS(js::Class* clazz)
    return clazz->ext.isWrappedNative;

inline JSBool
DebugCheckWrapperClass(JSObject* obj)
                 "Forgot to check if this is a wrapper?");
    return true;

// If IS_WRAPPER_CLASS for the JSClass of an object is true, the object can be
// a slim wrapper, holding a native in its private slot, or a wrappednative
// wrapper, holding the XPCWrappedNative in its private slot. A slim wrapper
// also holds a pointer to its XPCWrappedNativeProto in a reserved slot, we can
// check that slot for a non-void value to distinguish between the two.

// Only use these macros if IS_WRAPPER_CLASS(GetObjectClass(obj)) is true.
#define IS_WN_WRAPPER_OBJECT(obj)                                             \
    (DebugCheckWrapperClass(obj) && js::GetReservedSlot(obj, 0).isUndefined())
#define IS_SLIM_WRAPPER_OBJECT(obj)                                           \
    (DebugCheckWrapperClass(obj) && !js::GetReservedSlot(obj, 0).isUndefined())

// Use these macros if IS_WRAPPER_CLASS(GetObjectClass(obj)) might be false.
// Avoid calling them if IS_WRAPPER_CLASS(GetObjectClass(obj)) can only be
// true, as we'd do a redundant call to IS_WRAPPER_CLASS.
#define IS_WN_WRAPPER(obj)                                                    \
    (IS_WRAPPER_CLASS(js::GetObjectClass(obj)) && IS_WN_WRAPPER_OBJECT(obj))
#define IS_SLIM_WRAPPER(obj)                                                  \
    (IS_WRAPPER_CLASS(js::GetObjectClass(obj)) && IS_SLIM_WRAPPER_OBJECT(obj))

inline JSObject *
xpc_GetGlobalForObject(JSObject *obj)
    while (JSObject *parent = js::GetObjectParent(obj))
        obj = parent;
    return obj;

extern bool
xpc_OkToHandOutWrapper(nsWrapperCache *cache);

inline JSObject*
xpc_FastGetCachedWrapper(nsWrapperCache *cache, JSObject *scope, jsval *vp)
    if (cache) {
        JSObject* wrapper = cache->GetWrapper();
        NS_ASSERTION(!wrapper ||
                     !cache->IsProxy() ||
                     "Should never have a slim wrapper when IsProxy()");
        if (wrapper &&
            js::GetObjectCompartment(wrapper) == js::GetObjectCompartment(scope) &&
            (IS_SLIM_WRAPPER(wrapper) ||
             xpc_OkToHandOutWrapper(cache))) {
            *vp = OBJECT_TO_JSVAL(wrapper);
            return wrapper;

    return nsnull;

inline JSObject*
xpc_FastGetCachedWrapper(nsWrapperCache *cache, JSObject *scope)
    jsval dummy;
    return xpc_FastGetCachedWrapper(cache, scope, &dummy);

// The JS GC marks objects gray that are held alive directly or
// indirectly by an XPConnect root. The cycle collector explores only
// this subset of the JS heap.  JSStaticAtoms cause this to crash,
// because they are statically allocated in the data segment and thus
// are not really GCThings.
inline JSBool
xpc_IsGrayGCThing(void *thing)
    return js_GCThingIsMarked(thing, js::gc::GRAY);

// The cycle collector only cares about JS objects and XML objects that
// are held alive directly or indirectly by an XPConnect root.  This
// version is preferred to xpc_IsGrayGCThing when it isn't known if thing
// is a JSString or not. Implemented in nsXPConnect.cpp.
extern JSBool
xpc_GCThingIsGrayCCThing(void *thing);

// Implemented in nsXPConnect.cpp.
extern void
xpc_UnmarkGrayObjectRecursive(JSObject* obj);

// Remove the gray color from the given JSObject and any other objects that can
// be reached through it.
inline void
xpc_UnmarkGrayObject(JSObject *obj)
    if (obj && xpc_IsGrayGCThing(obj))

// No JS can be on the stack when this is called. Probably only useful from
// xpcshell.

namespace xpc {

// If these functions return false, then an exception will be set on cx.
bool Base64Encode(JSContext *cx, JS::Value val, JS::Value *out);
bool Base64Decode(JSContext *cx, JS::Value val, JS::Value *out);

 * Convert an nsString to jsval, returning true on success.
 * Note, the ownership of the string buffer may be moved from str to rval.
 * If that happens, str will point to an empty string after this call.
bool StringToJsval(JSContext *cx, nsString &str, JS::Value *rval);

void *GetCompartmentName(JSContext *cx, JSCompartment *c);
void DestroyCompartmentName(void *string);
size_t JsMallocSizeOf(const void *ptr, size_t computedSize);

} // namespace xpc

class nsIMemoryMultiReporterCallback;

namespace mozilla {
namespace xpconnect {
namespace memory {

ReportJSRuntimeStats(const JS::IterateData &data, const nsACString &pathPrefix,
                     nsIMemoryMultiReporterCallback *callback,
                     nsISupports *closure);

} // namespace memory
} // namespace xpconnect

namespace dom {
namespace binding {

extern int HandlerFamily;
inline void* ProxyFamily() { return &HandlerFamily; }
inline bool instanceIsProxy(JSObject *obj)
    return js::IsProxy(obj) &&
           js::GetProxyHandler(obj)->family() == ProxyFamily();
extern JSClass ExpandoClass;
inline bool isExpandoObject(JSObject *obj)
    return js::GetObjectJSClass(obj) == &ExpandoClass;

enum {

typedef JSObject*
(*DefineInterface)(JSContext *cx, XPCWrappedNativeScope *scope, bool *enabled);

extern bool
DefineStaticJSVals(JSContext *cx);
Register(nsDOMClassInfoData *aData);
extern bool
DefineConstructor(JSContext *cx, JSObject *obj, DefineInterface aDefine,
                  nsresult *aResult);

} // namespace binding
} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla