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#include "nsQAppInstance.h"
#include <QApplication>
#include <MComponentData>
#include <MApplicationService>
#include "prenv.h"
#include <stdlib.h>

QApplication *nsQAppInstance::sQAppInstance = NULL;
MComponentData* nsQAppInstance::sMComponentData = NULL;
int nsQAppInstance::sQAppRefCount = 0;

void nsQAppInstance::AddRef(int& aArgc, char** aArgv, bool aDefaultProcess) {
  if (qApp)
  if (!sQAppInstance) {
    const char *graphicsSystem = getenv("MOZ_QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM");
    if (graphicsSystem) {
    // Should create simple windows style for non chrome process
    // otherwise meegotouch style initialize and crash happen
    // because we don't initialize MComponent for child process
    if (!aDefaultProcess) {
    if (!aArgc) {
      aArgv[aArgc] = strdup("nsQAppInstance");
    sQAppInstance = new QApplication(aArgc, aArgv);
    if (aDefaultProcess) {
      // GLContext created by meegotouch will be under meego graphics
      // system control, and will drop GL context automatically in background mode
      // In order to use that GLContext we need to implement
      // LayerManager switch in runtime from SW<->HW
      // That not yet implemented so we need to control GL context,
      // force software mode for, and create our own QGLWidget
      gArgv[gArgc] = strdup("-software");
      sMComponentData = new MComponentData(aArgc, aArgv, "", new MApplicationService(""));

void nsQAppInstance::Release(void) {
  if (sQAppInstance && !--sQAppRefCount) {
    delete sMComponentData;
    sMComponentData = NULL;
    delete sQAppInstance;
    sQAppInstance = NULL;