Add cloneunified command; make some commands run without repos
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Add cloneunified command; make some commands run without repos
--- a/
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@@ -6,46 +6,75 @@
 This extension adds Mozilla-centric commands and functionality to Mercurial
 to enable contributors to Firefox and related applications to be more
 Included are commands that interface with Mozilla's automation infrastructure.
 These allow developers to quickly check the status of repositories and builds
 without having to leave the comfort of the terminal.
+Repository Aliases
+This extension installs aliases for common repository and tree names. Any time
+a command is looking for a tree or repository name, you can specify the
+canonical repository name, the common name, or any number of aliases.
+To view the list of known repository aliases, run `hg moztrees`.
+Unified Repositories
+Gecko code is developed in parallel across a number of repositories that are
+cloned from the canonical repository, mozilla-central. Seasoned developers
+typically interact with multiple repositories.
+This extension provides mechanisms to create and maintain a single Mercurial
+repository that contains changesets from multiple "upstream" repositories.
+The recommended method to create a unified repository is to run `hg
+Once you have a unified repository, you can pull changesets from repositories
+by running `hg pulltree`. e.g. `hg pulltree central fx-team` will pull from
+mozilla-central and fx-team.
 import os
 import sys
+import mercurial.commands as commands
 from mercurial.i18n import _
 from mercurial.commands import (
 from mercurial import (
+commands.norepo += ' cloneunified moztrees treestatus'
 cmdtable = {}
 command = cmdutil.command(cmdtable)
 colortable = {
     'buildstatus.success': 'green',
     'buildstatus.failed': 'red',
     'buildstatus.testfailed': 'cyan',
 @command('moztrees', [], _('hg moztrees'))
-def moztrees(ui, repo, **opts):
+def moztrees(ui, **opts):
     """Show information about Mozilla source trees."""
     from mozautomation.repository import TREE_ALIASES, REPOS
     longest = max(len(tree) for tree in REPOS.keys())
     ui.write('%s  %s\n' % (_('Repo').rjust(longest), _('Aliases')))
     for name in sorted(REPOS):
         aliases = []
@@ -54,18 +83,43 @@ def moztrees(ui, repo, **opts):
             if targets[0] == name:
         ui.write('%s: %s\n' % (name.rjust(longest), ', '.join(sorted(aliases))))
+@command('cloneunified', [], _('hg cloneunified [DEST]'))
+def cloneunified(ui, dest='gecko', **opts):
+    """Clone main Mozilla repositories into a unified local repository.
+    This command will clone the most common Mozilla repositories and will
+    add changesets and remote tracking markers into a common repository.
+    If the destination path is not given, 'gecko' will be used.
+    This command is effectively an alias for a number of other commands.
+    However, due to the way Mercurial internally stores data, it is recommended
+    to run this command to ensure optimal storage of data.
+    """
+    from mozautomation.repository import resolve_trees_to_uris
+    repo = hg.repository(ui, ui.expandpath(dest), create=True)
+    for r in ('esr17', 'release', 'beta', 'aurora', 'central', 'inbound'):
+        tree, uri = resolve_trees_to_uris([r])[0]
+        ui.warn('Pulling changesets from %s\n' % uri)
+        peer = hg.peer(ui, {}, uri)
+        result = repo.pull(peer, heads=[peer.lookup('default')])
+        ui.write('%s\n' % result)
 @command('treestatus', [], _('hg treestatus [TREE] ...'))
-def treestatus(ui, repo, *trees, **opts):
+def treestatus(ui, *trees, **opts):
     """Show the status of the Mozilla repositories.
     If trees are open, it is OK to land code on them.
     If trees require approval, you'll need to obtain approval from
     release management to land changes.
     If trees are closed, you shouldn't push unless you are fixing the reason