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Add b2g26 as a release tree

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

from __future__ import unicode_literals

import json
import urllib2

    'mozilla-central': ('central',),
    'mc': ('central',),
    'm-c': ('central',),
    'mozilla-inbound': ('inbound',),
    'm-i': ('inbound',),
    'mi': ('inbound',),
    'inbound': ('inbound',),
    'in': ('inbound',),
    'fx': ('fx-team',),
    'mozilla-services': ('services',),
    's-c': ('services',),
    'sc': ('services',),
    'bs': ('build',),
    'b-s': ('build',),
    'build-system': ('build',),
    'gfx': ('graphics',),
    'mozilla-release': ('release',),
    'mozilla-aurora': ('aurora',),
    'mozilla-beta': ('beta',),
    'mozilla-b2g18': ('b2g18',),
    'b2g-inbound': ('b2ginbound',),
    'comm-central': ('comm',),
    'c-c': ('comm',),

    'releases': ('esr17', 'b2g18', 'esr24', 'b2g26', 'release', 'beta', 'aurora', 'central'),
    'integration': ('inbound', 'fx-team', 'services', 'build', 'b2ginbound'),
    'twigs': ('alder', 'ash', 'birch', 'cedar', 'cypress', 'date', 'elm',
        'fig', 'gum', 'holly', 'jamun', 'larch', 'maple', 'oak', 'pine'),

BASE_WRITE_URI = 'ssh://'

    # Release repositories.
    'central': 'mozilla-central',
    'aurora': 'releases/mozilla-aurora',
    'beta': 'releases/mozilla-beta',
    'release': 'releases/mozilla-release',
    'esr10': 'releases/mozilla-esr10',
    'esr17': 'releases/mozilla-esr17',
    'esr24': 'releases/mozilla-esr24',
    'b2g18': 'releases/mozilla-b2g18',
    'b2g26': 'releases/mozilla-b2g26_v1_2',

    # Integration repositories.
    'b2ginbound': 'integration/b2g-inbound',
    'build': 'projects/build-system',
    'fx-team': 'integration/fx-team',
    'graphics': 'projects/graphics',
    'inbound': 'integration/mozilla-inbound',
    'places': 'projects/places',
    'services': 'services/services-central',

    # Twigs
    'alder': 'projects/alder',
    'ash': 'projects/ash',
    'birch': 'projects/birch',
    'cedar': 'projects/cedar',
    'cypress': 'projects/cypress',
    'date': 'projects/date',
    'elm': 'projects/elm',
    'fig': 'projects/fig',
    'gum': 'projects/gum',
    'holly': 'projects/holly',
    'jamun': 'projects/jamun',
    'larch': 'projects/larch',
    'maple': 'projects/maple',
    'oak': 'projects/oak',
    'pine': 'projects/pine',

    # Misc
    'try': 'try',
    'comm': 'comm-central',

    'central': 'mozilla-central',
    'inbound': 'mozilla-inbound',
    'services': 'services-central',
    'release': 'mozilla-release',
    'aurora': 'mozilla-aurora',
    'beta': 'mozilla-beta',
    'build': 'build-system',
    'esr17': 'mozilla-esr17',


def resolve_trees_to_official(trees):
    mapped = []
    for tree in trees:
        mapped.extend(TREE_ALIASES.get(tree, [tree]))
    mapped = [OFFICIAL_MAP.get(tree, tree) for tree in mapped]

    return mapped

def resolve_trees_to_uris(trees, write_access=False):
    """Resolve tree names to repositories URIs.

    The caller passes in an iterable of tree names. These can be common names,
    aliases, or official names.

    A list of 2-tuples is returned. If a repository could be resolved to a URI,
    the tuple is (common_name, uri). If a repository could not be resolved to a
    URI, the tuple is (specified_name, None).
    mapped = []
    for tree in trees:
        mapped.extend(TREE_ALIASES.get(tree, [tree]))
    repos = [REPOS.get(tree, None) for tree in mapped]

    base = BASE_WRITE_URI if write_access else BASE_READ_URI

    uris = []
    for i, tree in enumerate(repos):
        if tree is None:
            uris.append((trees[i], None))
            uris.append((mapped[i], '%s%s' % (base, tree)))

    return uris

def resolve_uri_to_tree(uri):
    """Try to resolve a URI back to a known tree."""

    for tree, path in REPOS.items():
        if uri.startswith('%s%s' % (BASE_READ_URI, path)):
            return tree

        if uri.startswith('%s%s' % (BASE_WRITE_URI, path)):
            return tree

    return None

def tbpl_tree_name(tree):
    """Obtain the TBPL tree name of a tree.

    Returns None if the tree isn't known.

    tree = resolve_trees_to_official([tree])[0]

    if not tree:
        return None

    return '-'.join(s.title() for s in tree.split('-'))

def tbpl_url(tree, rev):
    """Obtain the TBPL url for a push."""
    tree = tbpl_tree_name(tree)

    if not tree:
        return None

    return '' % (tree, rev)

class PushInfo(object):
    """Represents an entry from the repository pushlog."""

    def __init__(self, push_id, d):
        self.push_id = push_id = d['date']
        self.changesets = []

        for changeset in d['changesets']:
            entry = changeset
            entry['tags'] = set(entry['tags']) if entry['tags'] else set()

    def nodes(self):
        """All the changesets pushed in this push."""
        return [c['node'] for c in self.changesets]

    def first_node(self):
        return self.nodes[0]

    def last_node(self):
        return self.nodes[-1]

class MercurialRepository(object):
    """Interface with a Mozilla Mercurial repository."""

    def __init__(self, url):
        self.url = url
        self._opener = urllib2.build_opener()

    def push_info_for_changeset(self, changeset):
        """Obtain the push information for a single changeset.

        Returns a PushInfo on success or None if no push info is available.
        request = urllib2.Request('%s/json-pushes?full=1&changeset=%s' % ( self.url,

        response =
        o = json.load(response)

        if not o:
            return None

        push_id = o.keys()[0]
        return PushInfo(push_id, o[push_id])

    def push_info(self, full=False, start_id=0):
        """Obtain all pushlog info for a repository."""

        url = '%s/json-pushes?startID=%d' % (self.url, start_id)
        if full:
            url += '&full=1'
        request = urllib2.Request(url)

        response =
        pushes = json.load(response)

        for push_id in sorted(int(k) for k in pushes):
            yield push_id, pushes[str(push_id)]