Fix mercurial.el help.
Wed, 31 Aug 2005 11:58:15 -0700
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Fix mercurial.el help.
--- a/contrib/mercurial.el
+++ b/contrib/mercurial.el
@@ -644,30 +644,30 @@ Below is a list of many common SCM tasks
 indicates whether a key binding is global (G) to a repository or local
 (L) to a file.  Many commands take a prefix argument.
 SCM Task                              G/L  Key Binding  Command Name
 --------                              ---  -----------  ------------
 Help overview (what you are reading)  G    C-c h h      hg-help-overview
 Tell Mercurial to manage a file       G    C-c h a      hg-add
-Commit changes to current file only   L    C-x v n      hg-commit
+Commit changes to current file only   L    C-x v n      hg-commit-start
 Undo changes to file since commit     L    C-x v u      hg-revert-buffer
 Diff file vs last checkin             L    C-x v =      hg-diff
 View file change history              L    C-x v l      hg-log
 View annotated file                   L    C-x v a      hg-annotate
 Diff repo vs last checkin             G    C-c h =      hg-diff-repo
 View status of files in repo          G    C-c h s      hg-status
-Commit all changes                    G    C-c h c      hg-commit
+Commit all changes                    G    C-c h c      hg-commit-start
 Undo all changes since last commit    G    C-c h U      hg-revert
-View repo change history              G    C-c h l      hg-log
+View repo change history              G    C-c h l      hg-log-repo
 See changes that can be pulled        G    C-c h ,      hg-incoming
 Pull changes                          G    C-c h <      hg-pull
 Update working directory after pull   G    C-c h u      hg-update
 See changes that can be pushed        G    C-c h .      hg-outgoing
 Push changes                          G    C-c h >      hg-push"
   (run-hooks 'hg-mode-hook))