i18n-it: removed extraneous '\r' from message stable
authorWagner Bruna <wbruna@softwareexpress.com.br>
Mon, 28 Dec 2009 15:01:10 -0200
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i18n-it: removed extraneous '\r' from message
--- a/i18n/it.po
+++ b/i18n/it.po
@@ -897,17 +897,17 @@ msgid "command to display statistics abo
 msgstr "comando per mostrare alcune statistiche sulla storia delle revisioni"
 #, python-format
 msgid "Revision %d is a merge, ignoring...\n"
 msgstr "La revisione %d รจ un merge, ignoro...\n"
 #, fuzzy, python-format
 msgid "generating stats: %d%%"
-msgstr "\rsto generando le statistiche: %d%%"
+msgstr "sto generando le statistiche: %d%%"
 msgid ""
 "histogram of changes to the repository\n"
 "    This command will display a histogram representing the number\n"
 "    of changed lines or revisions, grouped according to the given\n"
 "    template. The default template will group changes by author.\n"
 "    The --dateformat option may be used to group the results by\n"