hgweb: simplify hgweb.cgi, add help pointer
authorMatt Mackall <mpm@selenic.com>
Mon, 26 Apr 2010 11:03:40 -0500
changeset 11000 3381677351243e1de05f840a9341fe92bf607e4a
parent 10999 38182ed043b7a2c2560fa99ab609c77d034427fe
child 11001 264f69315002ea6fb8919918a9b345499e89e536
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push usergszorc@mozilla.com
push dateWed, 18 Mar 2015 16:34:57 +0000
hgweb: simplify hgweb.cgi, add help pointer - move important config to the top - add help pointer - drop encoding hack comment (use web.encoding) - simplify imports - use unified hgweb interface
--- a/hgweb.cgi
+++ b/hgweb.cgi
@@ -1,28 +1,17 @@
 #!/usr/bin/env python
-# An example CGI script to use hgweb, edit as necessary
+# An example hgweb CGI script, edit as necessary
-# adjust python path if not a system-wide install:
-#import sys
-#sys.path.insert(0, "/path/to/python/lib")
+# Path to repo or hgweb config to serve (see 'hg help hgweb')
+config = "/path/to/repo/or/config"
-# enable importing on demand to reduce startup time
-from mercurial import demandimport; demandimport.enable()
+# Uncomment and adjust if Mercurial is not installed system-wide:
+#import sys; sys.path.insert(0, "/path/to/python/lib")
 # Uncomment to send python tracebacks to the browser if an error occurs:
-#import cgitb
+#import cgitb; cgitb.enable()
-# If you'd like to serve pages with UTF-8 instead of your default
-# locale charset, you can do so by uncommenting the following lines.
-# Note that this will cause your .hgrc files to be interpreted in
-# UTF-8 and all your repo files to be displayed using UTF-8.
-#import os
-#os.environ["HGENCODING"] = "UTF-8"
-from mercurial.hgweb.hgweb_mod import hgweb
-import mercurial.hgweb.wsgicgi as wsgicgi
-application = hgweb("/path/to/repo", "repository name")
+from mercurial import demandimport; demandimport.enable()
+from mercurial.hgweb import hgweb, wsgicgi
+application = hgweb(config)