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Fri Dec 08 00:11:22 2017 +0000
4f4c178773d743ae7b4d236c70fbdfdb24f79a1cGregory Szorc — rust: vendor cpython crate and all its dependencies
bc53404d09522fa85a7cb1a4179a8f7c88f9e512Gregory Szorc — exewrapper: remove support for finding Python in hg-python directory
8fbb2678d8e83a65d4874937cf3b5c3257b7b19eAugie Fackler — tests: remove {a..h} bashism from remotenames
ad0de63e1d6a1e389bd1517ea968a0822a66a077Anton Shestakov — hgweb: move common vertex code to Graph.prototype
9c99541e3d56d275bd89e9d2c80645a9385d5f60Anton Shestakov — hgweb: create Graph methods using a prototype
c2e2437f2b2e1140e00802cbb80d0e287bb375dbAnton Shestakov — hgweb: remove unused Graph.cur property
5d176979eb1331177f55523302a089c1b19df6faAugie Fackler — tests: remove shell function helper from test-largefiles-misc
91a7204631f1aba64e9d8608e32a8106922a866eAugie Fackler — contrib: ban find(1)'s -printf operator, as it is a GNU-ism
84607c8b5af824af4e04b5f60fbbd882754cb85eAugie Fackler — merge with stable
d4ad9d695a9e453b2ccd622207d14bca80550457Yuya Nishihara — repoview: include filter name in repr for debugging
c752fbe228fb5fb5338b4b90efcfed7c2046ef7bYuya Nishihara — repoview: extract a factory function of proxy class
9ce4e01f58ee04d754c9d0dc6887492d2ce37c15Yuya Nishihara — repoview: do not include filter name in name of proxy class
d73ccc63b8f9802f105f24d5c55275b23fd0200eYuya Nishihara — setup: convert version strings to unicode on Python 3
414114a7c18f62a19265688f3c74797679e59098Yuya Nishihara — thirdparty: move selectors2 module to where it should be
98f97eb2059767ce1d659cd9c929ca69b21b7450Pulkit Goyal — rewriteutil: use precheck() in uncommit and amend commands
490df753894d65f76cc638ad918712a6b24aeeb0Pulkit Goyal — rewriteutil: add a precheck function to check if revs can be rewritten
27d5c2d2db2b8a418dd3c951152cc970a8d690b5Pulkit Goyal — rewriteutil: add utility function to check if we can create new unstable cset
2a99c5bfea471f286fceaf17231a0e35c174b9b6Jun Wu — test-run-tests: do not rebuild hg in the test
2ea6e42ed15e8cbef4418cca9a695a53848f1dcaPulkit Goyal — remotenames: consider existing data while storing newer data
744d1c874a59d5ebfcd8ee83fd1275674426bfc0Pulkit Goyal — remotenames: add functions to read remotenames data from .hg/remotenames/
54bb94b715adf35c77f243e2943d333833405797Pulkit Goyal — remotenames: add test showing overwriting on remotenames data
8df8ce2cc5dd78e1efb474e9676b61b64bb55408Pulkit Goyal — remotenames: add functionality to store remotenames under .hg/hgremotenames/
5a62910948d2d4bac5defe305d0ddb22f0fda549Pulkit Goyal — remotenames: move function to pull remotenames from the remoterepo to core
4a6c51f5ae4d10d6ff301d6378addb17bb15d099Boris Feld — test: fix bad replace for fixing pure-only build
f0445eea9b934cbd4f84761b4aca55f665bda21dBoris Feld — test: fix common-pattern for pure variant
1b22d325089c9881dff3418ffc72d8c5c4ee24f5Matt Harbison — tests: add a substitution for EADDRINUSE/WSAEADDRINUSE messages
a037b6647d8c3132433f7ec8f12580c75151ab3cMatt Harbison — tests: add a substitution for ECONNRESET/WSAECONNRESET messages
b33d4cf38666a489210a666791bb683e8ccb5c8bMatt Harbison — tests: add a substitution for ENOTDIR/ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND messages
feecfefeba258b288a26e181733f63a7c44ed644Matt Harbison — tests: add a substitution for ENOENT/ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND messages
61ff0d7d56fd0c70894c94cf14beb610c8080c21Gregory Szorc — setup: only write some autogenerated files if they change
04a2820f2fca35ea563198dc67cca1a52ab54b9dAugie Fackler — python3: whitelist many more passing tests
aa905f9cdcdacfa28a5c1c001623ff6e3dd5a447Augie Fackler — tests: write and use a custom helper script to avoid find's -printf stable