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Sat Jun 23 18:31:31 2018 +0000
36edfbac7281c731b1aed8e73555b22c2ccb96c0Matt Harbison — relink: use context manager for lock management
e219e355e0889f6f91b2266a49b3593f71de89c9Matt Harbison — censor: use context manager for lock management
3813c6b7337c9aadac7a5ff5f03ae3ea3d61da9bYuya Nishihara — templater: remove redundant member variables from templater class
256581484c7fc93a721ee2fb0b240cb6d957f421Yuya Nishihara — templater: resurrect cache of engine instance
f79237942dec07f95b5706156084fcda142cbfc2Yuya Nishihara — templater: extract template loader to separate class
550b7d110f45e6ad89eb34f45885a315efaf838cYuya Nishihara — tests: rename and document test-command-template.t
da4508cdef37c14bf3e1743a1277fa3cce615a36Yuya Nishihara — tests: extract test-template-keywords.t from test-command-template.t
6a8ed5c7e1123ce5bd6b1bbecddc6f71eb60aa15Yuya Nishihara — tests: fold test-template-filters.t into test-template-functions.t
70f551a3f52efea4fd3d399e78de97d06f09a177Yuya Nishihara — tests: extract test-template-functions.t from test-command-template.t
ddce7bdf7f3ce849d3bc5b53659520a0aea20a8cYuya Nishihara — tests: extract test-template-map.t from test-command-template.t
05b7dd11918e925c9331e2c7414ca98a035be663Martin von Zweigbergk — cleanupnodes: preserve phase of parents of new nodes
d6686f864a707773bae6134a4beec0e6e08ccc57Sushil khanchi — rebase: delete the comment which was not following "do not eat my data"
5d9b765dbe15f76cb138e2a88f449a87c67002d2Yuya Nishihara — tags: unblock log-like template keywords and functions
8399438bc7ef7cdfcedb4a4e8ac2b834b70de69cYuya Nishihara — formatter: provide hint of context keys required by template
aa98392eb5b006b3f06d927c699adf9494d8c1cbYuya Nishihara — templatefuncs: declare resource requirements for future use
4b73f316ba0eec87d4af87fae0c6797e330b072bYuya Nishihara — templatefuncs: minimize resource requirements
00368bc0a614889c30e996d1f2fae53a49bf9e43Martin von Zweigbergk — merge with stable
1322ae04d3d71c9bab8ca6e70c77dfa867421c9bYuya Nishihara — merge: do not fill manifest of committed revision with pseudo node (issue5526) stable
4f885770c4a2ee95d7627a8ab8933167e8ca3e23Martin von Zweigbergk — split: preserve phase of commit that is being split
32fba6fe893d2303e107b534e9c121207e64577fMartin von Zweigbergk — scmutil: make cleanupnodes optionally also fix the phase
a6addfd64507d67c5cf675ad11ead52de600a8c8Martin von Zweigbergk — tests: add test of uncommit with default phase as secret
7fbb5d76c55598c8d361ce7c70482301f0887cfbSangeet Kumar Mishra — grep: add --diff flag
c1f4364f9336d3bf1166aa44b38c8043b3d97492Martin von Zweigbergk — fix: include cleanupnodes() in transaction
6dea017eb6ba434507180d107182b24c80ea54dfMartin von Zweigbergk — progress: enforce use of complete() on the helper class
b34d0a6ef936bb927dc19d1dfb4cda2175a704d5Martin von Zweigbergk — progress: extract function for closing topic
6bd9f18d31a81fd60c792537054b70cfe8f87708Martin von Zweigbergk — progress: use context manager for lock
35b50237908b65a3b50907eb254731811aaeb318Boris Feld — configitem: reorder items in the 'server' section
6fcbab5c1e6e6c195ae1a7b8b191106658a98fefMatt Harbison — test-lfs: add coverage for the binary() fileset
235d0bc11e1d9cd89b9347eff6fa2b49e8d0a793Matt Harbison — fileset: use filectx.isbinary() to filter out binaries in eol()
96871ca322705c08b56cc4e7037e9f1a6d8fa786Matti Hamalainen — crecord: re-center display in interactive curses commit on pageup/down
a0e185f104541858a0b049e1fb67c4d113930a9aKyle Lippincott — tests: in test-split.t, save a "clean" copy of pre-split repo for later use
26523316e4d076c244edd4e4d093ccdb15824dcbMartin von Zweigbergk — tests: use progress helper
1c5c4a5dd86d02670f907f12403e92cee05674fbMartin von Zweigbergk — changegroup: use progress helper
ce65c25dc1614e1d1694fbc3e327f51caab3f627Martin von Zweigbergk — synthrepo: close progress topics
6540333acb958d1c97d7548feb5f603534162cd5Martin von Zweigbergk — synthrepo: use progress helper
164306d3f4b4f50d961d6b94cd52de39178ddc67Martin von Zweigbergk — largefiles: use progress helper
65d1d7da63d14b0efc4ac1fa165fe67ab8fc244dMartin von Zweigbergk — convert: use progress helper
76a08cec029d2148932bb526065d9f06ed6a9c7fMartin von Zweigbergk — lfs: use progess helper
398716063c2dfc5ae0c17547d4d62225694f9222Martin von Zweigbergk — relink: use progress helper
8ce3f91d5f6f93718d1cdff99de7b108216bd30cMartin von Zweigbergk — patchbomb: use progress helper
457fa4056286484228e733034856e12fe1d44627Martin von Zweigbergk — patchbomb: don't close unused progress topic
5c0f06a8b49772bb10dc1b8c33cc1dba7286dcb3Martin von Zweigbergk — churn: use progess helper
2f5c622fcb739aed795c9ab51ea69c3b46436054Martin von Zweigbergk — treediscovery: use progress helper
185588cb0c4b30786352625fd22c6ad477a2dda6Martin von Zweigbergk — upgrade: use progress helper
f273b768b60f9e43f0f847e0c38c312c1db7e04dMartin von Zweigbergk — upgrade: close progress after each revlog
1249475f0bd6385b1c63577f057702ed4d3c0500Martin von Zweigbergk — verify: use progress helper
0ddbe03c5aaacd7ed7ce81aab02e4e6213861f12Martin von Zweigbergk — verify: use progress helper for subdirectory progress
59c9d3cc810f22b16dc6070c5d24399d1e594847Martin von Zweigbergk — similar: use progress helper
f0b0c853f5987890acaa7e2da8bcb3f983a830c6Martin von Zweigbergk — repair: use progress helper
5f9d436cd3b714d68ba6aeb329229b5291224483Martin von Zweigbergk — httpconnection: use progress helper
81a4be7099fafefe775123bf29d96af69f146803Yuya Nishihara — py3: byte-stringify literals in contrib/ as example
f77bbd34a1df415d60aa2ceb71935927026b4c86Yuya Nishihara — byteify-strings: remove superfluous "if True" block
47dd23e6b116fa4dec5be612169332896c936c5bYuya Nishihara — byteify-strings: try to preserve column alignment
1d68fd5f614a56a2a8df9c172c1b139b4f44f79dYuya Nishihara — byteify-strings: do not rewrite system string literals to u''
f701bc936e7f330ac707c3773bc888b6ac7c1d9aYuya Nishihara — byteify-strings: do not rewrite iteritems() and itervalues() by default
b704da9a9dda636e13c6c0a9e54b6285e46ee1afYuya Nishihara — byteify-strings: drop import-line hack
9f42e4a8367660ea287871371708d457e5fa3e1fYuya Nishihara — byteify-strings: add --inplace option to write back result
a2976c27dac4c08a82ec102ad8fe14a606f12f1cYuya Nishihara — byteify-strings: add basic command interface
1d9c97db465fc82baf3e9c380fb069dd17f4ddd2Yuya Nishihara — byteify-strings: fork py3 code transformer to make it a standalone command
23dc901cdf137f7c960866ddf893d81c7ab274e3Yuya Nishihara — highlight: get around tmpl.load() which now returns a parsed tree
daa08d45740f778e1383184b7d56b900df8831aaMartin von Zweigbergk — changegroup: use progress helper
1a2ff11e8a884688732ad7ad785bb1c50b9d40e3Martin von Zweigbergk — archival: use progress helper
63e6f5ae84bc6f1c0898cfb68b45b4b7e852cee2Martin von Zweigbergk — copystore: use progress helper
3a7c33a2cc5e8e909bc6c27fe8a31a6fc0ee8d78Martin von Zweigbergk — subrepo: use progress helper
e5d87c69bbcba2df8a97b7298f71a8cba5f2a853Martin von Zweigbergk — histedit: use progress helper
a73eab7d657570c101fbfa0d8003153ac4b99e50Martin von Zweigbergk — rebase: use progress helper
0d7ec620faef903a5f5cb76ff7623daebd9dfb03Martin von Zweigbergk — debugbuilddag: use context manager for progress, locks, transaction
fce1c17493db4d5480730fc36ac3fcf2ec22f4adMartin von Zweigbergk — debugbuilddag: use progress helper
800f5a2c869ef36a9d73c42d9cb032cf70667798Martin von Zweigbergk — progress: make the progress helper a context manager
ef692614e601e9773a4831483b82bddb683339c1Martin von Zweigbergk — progress: hide update(None) in a new complete() method
f4f1fb1cbfb42fb24b7b546f39b35f1bf5a7267cSushil khanchi — rebase: add dry-run functionality
fb4813304c5f8408a7ec123b7b22984aff8e7611Pulkit Goyal — py3: add `and None` to suppress return values of .write() calls
c7eb9bce6041c8ae953f19961dd279ed9bce56d4Pulkit Goyal — py3: slice over bytes to prevent getting ascii values
365a78daf735a5f0310bda7eac4dbeb628a78e2ePulkit Goyal — py3: use pycompat.maplist() instead of map() in hgext/
96ee5276340a967c07ded7dd579adaa6a9c09329Pulkit Goyal — py3: add 4 new passing tests to whitelist
e033fd788bf8dc5f82911f0869cbc11300ce2250Pulkit Goyal — py3: make tests/test-impexp-branch.t compatible with Python 3
4a6d01b49d91c8a6265af95bec5f79265c987897Pulkit Goyal — py3: convert error instances to bytes using pycompat.bytestr()
bf953d218a91ba7aa4c5484a61165bd8a2221febPulkit Goyal — py3: encode sys.argv to bytes using .encode()
06c85cbd682490189814d5f1b186bc45af5c5351Pulkit Goyal — py3: use '%d' for os.stat_result.st_nlink instead of '%s'
a6426dd3210d577c8a86f9c703cba30859920899Pulkit Goyal — py3: suppress the output of .write() calls in tests/test-revlog-v2.t
e53879421ecdd1636ae3fd319a1ecb91dc7ad532Pulkit Goyal — py3: add couple of missing b'' prefixes in tests/test-pager-legacy.t
2ceea1554d1ee4c52646e00d9beb3b3ea81b4c6dMartin von Zweigbergk — import: use context manager for lock, dirstateguard, transaction
c1fca51c26f36ce0d3bf4273ab0e783f44892b01Augie Fackler — streamclone: update progress later to avoid passing None to util.bytecount
876352ea831ee633332bd3a5f3d2360c4d4c54a7Augie Fackler — highlight: adjust to attribute being private
57dc72b56b6c4262c9f4e484078a7cd9980f15d3Yuya Nishihara — annotate: automatically populate fields referenced from template
31ed65f9c5adf1e00c7d794585eed0fed334c33dYuya Nishihara — annotate: reverse mapping between option name and field name
8221df64317649aace611bd37ac0aed644aa6130Yuya Nishihara — formatter: provide hint of referenced field names
d4fae9a0ab1f5c28e7146fcbbb030b7027868744Yuya Nishihara — templater: add function to look up symbols used in template
e637dc0b3b1f9fb53562772969cfe7e3981441a8Yuya Nishihara — templater: parse template string to tree by templater class
48289eafb37d43d92f77f3b50dfe2e6180ae4ae9Yuya Nishihara — templater: drop extension point of engine classes (API)
e9cb13c54d633a2a0151e6c079be0726c6323b33Yuya Nishihara — templater: make it clearer that parsing doesn't cause recursion
de089e3eb3288f33947fa8341d2854e41491508bYuya Nishihara — templater: mark most attributes as private
9e70690a21ac6c62eb337bc7edc8dad151344abdMartin von Zweigbergk — setdiscovery: use progress helper
e59eaf51cc0dba6ad40e8c561879485fa94be0c2Martin von Zweigbergk — streamclone: use progress helper
cd196be26cb7065e3fd3d09aa8a6df30b34ff092Martin von Zweigbergk — similar: use progress helper
89db59e5cf3ee068e1c9a5f3abf1655b3ca539a4Martin von Zweigbergk — remove: use progress helper
83534c4ec58b259a9e57ea028fb786a57026dfc2Martin von Zweigbergk — changegroup: use progress helper in apply() (API)
bec1212eceaa1b218cf86352ce01cf2af5383b1eMartin von Zweigbergk — progress: create helper class for incrementing progress
c6f82a18a63de52c95f0e6ee362ffd0fd4154ccdYuya Nishihara — extensions: use context manger for open()
2c1d983872f6049c73be18d5d9da938b1d61f8fdYuya Nishihara — py3: open extension source in binary mode to read docstring as bytes
b8f45fc27370dc7df283c47f71927c10462197fbSangeet Kumar Mishra — grep: adds allfiles mode
50f5fc232c161ba1e38067411afd96af1e0e9296Pulkit Goyal — morestatus: remove some extra spaces
9abe91a503da92ee7fafb344dbc15e8303e4b61dJohn Stiles — graph: improve graph output by using Unicode characters
03aa222ca28efb0c6d46b5b212db93f118c04f9eAugie Fackler — py3: whitelist another 5 passing tests thanks to the ratchet
2313a3599e410999738b368b5af842fc338f896fBoris Feld — shelve: wider check for successful abort in test
756a7682837f2b4ae862a11511eb26ece4c6cda5Boris Feld — shelve: use full hash in tests
bb7e3c6ef5922bd0a1bfda6b638dfdd3f180c5e8Matt Harbison — phabricator: preserve the phase when amending in the Differential fields
ae7f27867c2acb0345f3d2101185b807ced07aabYuya Nishihara — manifest: fix possible SEGV caused by uninitialized lazymanifest fields stable
2baf79933b4584e7a4418632ee205ebb63efd7e3Augie Fackler — tests: replace `echo -n` with `printf` per check-code stable
03350f5234a48daa3cdaf62f9c534c62b4bb46edJun Wu — crecord: fix line number in hunk header (issue5917) stable