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Sat Mar 19 01:42:47 2016 +0000
080070fdcd2672e06899daa8e162fd759609c793Gregory Szorc — run-tests: expose hghave to .py tests by wrapping test file
1435a8e9b5fe38cfe900e0a75fefab046af73dd6Jun Wu — chg: do not redirect stdout to /dev/null
fa3438548b3d41a3f203f88950688d1097755c5fJun Wu — pager: skip uisetup if chg is detected
5346e9b910fcccef4b1b294d6291a08fda8c3e15Jun Wu — chgserver: add an explicit gc to trigger __del__
999e1acc61aa6d0f5d6f8418a5d0e52fc2e9849fJun Wu — blackbox: do not assume self._bb{vfs,repo,fp} are set in blackboxui.__init__
8e5312f8df30f185064db52c699451fedde1169bJun Wu — chg: downgrade "failed to read channel" from abortmsg to debugmsg
e2b9145e35d8f27a69993120fcb7a0f1d743105bJun Wu — histedit: do not close stdin
e01bd7385f4f2c99e14532a3fd27e6436fe42ca1Jun Wu — tests: reorder hg serve commands
b7a31068cc80be5b848deaa6bda9ae117fcc13c8Yuya Nishihara — templater: add debugtemplate command
73d01cba5810648c41c221062b45f5bc57bb2ac1Yuya Nishihara — templater: expand list of parsed templates to template node
1987ed32efca8e93453267852b44d92dae011c27Yuya Nishihara — templater: relax type of mapped template
1d461ee26e1bf536daa7b320e6e485005ad8a37aYuya Nishihara — templater: lift parsed and compiled templates to generic data types
4d93d73b8aecb2436bbfe9248cdfe0ef21582bafDanek Duvall — tests: python executable path should always be globbed
f7874de435c5845509860f16d245e07997101353Simon Farnsworth — crecord: use ui.interface to choose curses interface
71e12fc53b80180ca20e8192abf8ee4d70727fbeSimon Farnsworth — ui: add new config flag for interface selection
4b81487a01d4bc69cc80607d7f05a3883d79875aPierre-Yves David — extensions: also search for extension in the 'hgext3rd' package
012411b9940d7c87d2d27e866ae54e942113a59bFUJIWARA Katsunori — hgext: use templatekeyword to mark a function as template keyword
119702a8b415ad6755f5e5076e46756f9ed2658fFUJIWARA Katsunori — templatekw: use templatekeyword to mark a function as template keyword
009f58f1ea757010484154ea0d1f0f5ca7ec4abcFUJIWARA Katsunori — registrar: add templatekeyword to mark a function as template keyword (API)
881d027d39357376ff65c20f4b1115b1a3de7805Jun Wu — chgserver: do not keep repo object
a979f5b03320996d7c1119b3436af7daff59df12Jun Wu — chgserver: invalidate the server if extensions fail to load
aa082a8125da766d8509abe9338519e2d06957abJun Wu — chgserver: add an explicit "reconnect" instruction to validate
293adbaa14a76e324397517deb7e65f38138ace5Jun Wu — dispatch: flush ui before returning from dispatch
dfd5a6830ea7cd56909b6667c78ae122cc3a5aa1FUJIWARA Katsunori — tests: make tests for convert with svn portable
ed75909c4c670a7d9db4a2bef9817a0d5f0b4d9cMatt Mackall — merge with stable
fe79a5821e5a91c0ce075df277031ee8db0a9e9cAugie Fackler — test-pager: add a test for pager with color enabled
fd2acc5046f67680d7f264392c8ba070e48ab58bAugie Fackler — http: support sending hgargs via POST body instead of in GET or headers
045cdf47851a0e1ed5843909681e5316d66a78b2Augie Fackler — fsmonitor: flag msc_stdint as no-check-code
a011080fdb7bf5bcedefcd17d1ed43442077e9beSune Foldager — fsmonitor: use custom stdint.h file when compiling with Visual C
2707cce2f0e12c0b48e80a3f1821232b96f19cdfMads Kiilerich — tests: handle getaddrinfo reporting "No address associated with hostname"
47b0cee25e88ff04a1f048b925d5ee0b260cbd37Martin von Zweigbergk — httpconnection: remove obsolete comment about open()
dfb21c34e07dfeeccb9be6197ad15733ee53a48eGregory Szorc — sslutil: allow multiple fingerprints per host
ce1160ae21507d7a8c444c41b19689dea5809587Gregory Szorc — help: add empty lines to hostfingerprints section
045fe7042510666f444a3fd64528504c6ec5028aGregory Szorc — help: document requirements
f2fe7b199bb46de89569d2796a615fb334233dddPulkit Goyal — showstack: use absolute_import
c3ed14344cd9d71589757e2d0617c4f3869d1499Pulkit Goyal — contrib: use absolute_import in win32/
84cc72c5771ecc26104d1207e775d2f50cbc2d6fYuya Nishihara — dispatch: catch KeyboardInterrupt more broadly
518a5030acba98a4e267ca364929474063ba834dMateusz Kwapich — histedit: have dropmissing abort on empty plan
aa440c3d7c5d2baafeb632ee35db4d917ed9cf83Mads Kiilerich — streamclone: fix error when store files grow while stream cloning stable
95163ababeb86d6ca889e5e57a0c4eadb77b53d8Mads Kiilerich — tests: add test of stream clone of repo that is changing stable
3bf2892f685f3e240768e2f3b109f4a61a7839d3Jun Wu — chgserver: handle ParseError during validate
491eabd0df79ac5f9a0719cd1c26e480212457baJun Wu — dispatch: extract common logic for handling ParseError
0747ef2c4ab25e6f0928143217588ad4f6698d9cJun Wu — chgserver: resolve relative path before sending via system channel
859af6e78368600f724ccc26397ec30b145bffdbGregory Szorc — mercurial: use pure Python module policy on Python 3
b957b4c6cad8f67f4a68935fe1c9300ec45b3755Yuya Nishihara — chg: provide early exception to user
ff5f923fca3cce6c11edf3e48a9878f52959daccYuya Nishihara — cmdserver: write early exception to 'e' channel in 'unix' mode
ade330deb39a4d2b0bfe044196c87fc4c5fd69b2Pulkit Goyal — contrib: make use absolute_import
9e3ecb6f499537225f4871ceb3ffce812e9c65b0Pulkit Goyal — check-code: use absolute_import and print_function
3c6e94d0811ce186094f8da72a297707bdc0426aGregory Szorc — encoding: use range() instead of xrange()
9bcbd941222561ae3abf3a40a484d2da7d8dccf0Gregory Szorc — encoding: make HFS+ ignore code Python 3 compatible
10252652c6e4f6861b5ea921adf3b5cb275ba4c2Pierre-Yves David — extensions: factor import error reporting out
d5512a0a8ad6ed260cb8eab84843d47d3048d500Pierre-Yves David — extensions: extract the 'importh' closure as normal function
3c90090320ad1c9017a9f14019a19f05442f8866Martin von Zweigbergk — zeroconf: remove leftover camelcase identifier
138ec8835e63006158ba0b87e457dc4a50892546FUJIWARA Katsunori — hg: acquire wlock while updating the working directory via updatetotally
e0d19d95560888a742a47a6956b7438acee26476FUJIWARA Katsunori — commands: add postincoming docstring for explanation of arguments
66513f6ca038aec840b91febcb2f40f627562cfdFUJIWARA Katsunori — commands: centralize code to update with extra care for non-file components
2e1bceeea5204ef59e785093b8e5b6706ed146f4FUJIWARA Katsunori — update: omit redundant activating message for already active bookmark
8b90367c4cf3892fd4bd092a320f77134beedc85Martin von Zweigbergk — tests: make not run by default
d09be0b8a3c6844ebbba034516995e0115d0a8dctimeless — ui: log devel warnings
906fece80cfad1328c0f6ce0630a88c2dcccfb5dtimeless — util: refactor getstackframes
b592564a803c0430183ac7784756a01cdbdb14d5timeless — util: reword debugstacktrace comment