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Wed Jul 18 00:43:55 2018 +0000
fcb517ff9562aae109bc3c5b007ce67f2e431068Boris Feld — debug: move extensions debug behind a dedicated flag
d79f3afb079e66305adf634f513ae65f195824bfKyle Lippincott — curses: use "text" interface if TERM=dumb
c382c19ce9bd5c335beae197e82e7cda2a213eb2Matt Harbison — windows: expand '~/' and '~\' to %USERPROFILE% when translating to cmd.exe
02b5b5c1bba858d037c6d4c91305db61a479826cMatt Harbison — windows: replace single quote with double quote when translating to cmd.exe
f9b2d996ffa50ca923e19ccde899e5871b809a52Matt Harbison — hook: only print the note about native cmd translation if it actually changes
2009d84f245a9fbf254787016f1955132ee64265Matt Harbison — hook: disable the shell to native command translation by default
dbbe45ae5ad1d80ada459bbfd7fbd59e2275e018Mike Hommey — setup: allow to run with python 3 without a mercurial checkout
d12415b8f833a1a27777b52f0877eb2f2545dbcdPaul Morelle — upgrade: enable adding or removing sparse-revlog requirement
4ad2a1ff0404dd78e6352fd5a7cc088053c6c49dPaul Morelle — upgrade: add information about sparse-revlog
f8762ea73e0d2dc2df1127c3104c735e4ed10ae8Paul Morelle — sparse-revlog: implement algorithm to write sparse delta chains (issue5480)
aa21a9ad46ea66133c2d5f31405e3abb561617a8Paul Morelle — sparse-revlog: new requirement enabled with format.sparse-revlog
c67093e81a3e52844186fd7e404d2831d3bad3f6Paul Morelle — revlog: extract `deltainfo.distance` for future conditional redefinition
905b66681004d63d53061d06e15a719cc672bb60Danny Hooper — shelve: pick the most recent shelve if none specified for --patch/--stat
abcf500d527c5f0a82a7363f9a48f4e7482f3566Danny Hooper — shelve: improve help text for --patch and --stat
27391d74aaa2b0040f8ae5cfed305901e09a1751Joerg Sonnenberger — ssh: avoid reading beyond the end of stream when using compression
70a4289896b07b0337af5812aaa2595f1d6129a6Boris Feld — revset: add larger test for heads(ancestors(…))
240ebbd328e0765140e965cebe0f86618b432e6aBoris Feld — revset-benchmark: use a generic revset to test `heads(commonancestors())`
4ac3c20785677d9de5b666d16d3caf39d2b9fb26Boris Feld — revlog: reintroduce `revlog.descendant` as deprecated
6a032a8f741b3073a59ee48de3724e17d243672bBoris Feld — context: reintroduce `ctx.descendant` as deprecated
ff1182d166a24979d4e3b06985f095e2cb00a669Yuya Nishihara — obsolete: explode if metadata contains invalid UTF-8 sequence (API)
6b5ca1d0aa1e6cc77f982146522924213d14bd92Yuya Nishihara — obsolete: store user name and note in UTF-8 (issue5754) (BC)
83d965803325c14912455d99289620d723b7c1cdYuya Nishihara — obsolete: clarify users in markerusers() never contain None
e4b270a32ba84b9287235c87df5de0e61c889ca8Yuya Nishihara — revset: special case commonancestors(none()) to be empty set
607e2a2501e69d946b2b2848e52bf7aa8c338d0eYuya Nishihara — revset: clarify heads() order doesn't matter while computing common ancestors
b93dc48e74adfcbb53fc1c9e95b42e30fd32e95eYuya Nishihara — hghave: require clang-format >= 6 due to output change
992e108212a9ea6c1c8277245f2e563a9c323764Yuya Nishihara — cext: reformat with clang-format 6.0
f016eac2a466ff9431af7aa495ba4ef591e7aa29Yuya Nishihara — py3: use bytes() to byte-stringify Abort message in handleremotechangegroup()
cfdf7bfb0ac01d8ea2e69c2a9e77ed9694b7fd85Yuya Nishihara — py3: don't str() to byte-stringify object in test-bundle2-remote-changegroup.t
72c086b1af124fe04bed86adf7b8dfba2eaa50a5Yuya Nishihara — py3: byte-stringify literals in extension in test-bundle2-remote-changegroup.t
6437e89b64d5b9c6b3b931893185550bf81c9c17Yuya Nishihara — py3: open file in binary mode in test-bundle2-remote-changegroup.t
3c569172848d329a81b1420d7cd8a5549b48f25fBoris Feld — statprof: small if cleanup
89d93dd1a22238cb1ac8462522c283f251f65fa9Boris Feld — store: assert the fncache have been loaded if dirty
2cdb82e8fb44346cdf8e9a27377a64642d0b212fBoris Feld — perffncachewrite: load fncache after lock is acquired
55101513ed9498d9e57595b933254a149e9390daBoris Feld — perf: add a 'perf.all-timing' option to display more than best time
9b6a708f226359265b95068c81f52ac873ca36e4Boris Feld — perf: document the perfmanifest command
3700564c63fee7b26ca948e75dee2ea631b1dd4eYuya Nishihara — fileset: remove fullmatchctx class
370ff3e34160563d5f00c0fc7d312e2613f65d0eYuya Nishihara — fileset: remove subset and unused filtering functions from matchctx
5d9749c598f07352c501bc0a97375a59bc240d7fYuya Nishihara — fileset: remove callexisting flag and mctx.existing() (API)
ff5b6fca1082b44234dabcbefa32775ff1bec82dYuya Nishihara — fileset: rewrite predicates to return matcher not closed to subset (API) (BC)
2570dca0f21cd58a05ae2d49946a9455696135caYuya Nishihara — highlight: use matcher API to test if file should be pygmentized
1500cbe22d53ce17093fedaf82a6bcb7a995cc5eYuya Nishihara — fileset: parse argument of size() by predicate function
131aae58a3164e6cdd2c7fbf73d3824c2b0d7623Yuya Nishihara — fileset: add "tracked()" to explicitly select files in the revision
80466fd85ac916363e671bfddebaa0f455bf5f43Yuya Nishihara — fileset: rewrite andset() to not use mctx.narrow()
07b551a4df4462c6abdd6f0f91f9e56141a9263dYuya Nishihara — fileset: add helpers to make predicatematcher and nevermatcher
ddd2165438cd30f420ffedfbb687819f3580904dYuya Nishihara — phases: micro-optimize newheads() to not create context objects
88efb7d6bcb6214079d952a90b0eb14dbfa11c71Yuya Nishihara — phases: remove excessive optimization from newheads() (issue5939)
8eeed92475d5bc34c59114e760da1787e459bc5eSushil khanchi — rebase: remove unused variable "release" and an extra blank line
70448ec995c25f4d5e5a3218d8806bb2b006834cSushil khanchi — rebase: remove unnecessary confirm block
b3d0c97a082072c570acaade18359b6b264fb535Sushil khanchi — rebase: in --confirm option just abort if hit a conflict
7e4a856a4f0583ce1e348afc957b4449acd0bcbbJoerg Sonnenberger — pullbundle: fix handling of gzip bundlespecs
2a227782e75426a3e4408273a9a4eebe79dfdceaGregory Szorc — tests: add test demonstrating phase loss when cloning (issue5939)
3b072388ca787e57f7b38c8e81f7f45b391cdff7Gregory Szorc — scmutil: rewrite docstring for filecache
35b3f686157a27db8a1a0a4ab9eab5f4583a5fdfSushil khanchi — rebase: correct misleading message in --confirm option
a50482254b0ae2106d5d3775f45dcf4621df310eSushil khanchi — rebase: make sure we don't loose the return code in --confirm option
20a30bb8f276f9b037cecd44fce49d67b0c7d5ebMartin von Zweigbergk — rebase: use revnums (not nodes) for set of extinct revisions
0f8599afb92f6ca2ce0e1fbc3e4ca76b4961d2b2Martin von Zweigbergk — rebase: avoid converting from nodes to revnums twice
99ed6e2f6606d4793c1ca45d3fa00a1f8b0aa39aMartin von Zweigbergk — rebase: reduce scope of a variable
fbec9c0b32d37b9145bce8cbc088e0c8ec860e63Martin von Zweigbergk — context: rename descendant() to isancestorof()
b5891bf8ab13f79532e025f7481b1a3438c4c57dMartin von Zweigbergk — copies: delete now-unnecessary check for "a == b" before "a.descendant(b)"
21846c94e60524cf541751e3b80aea797047f90fMartin von Zweigbergk — revlog: delete isdescendantrev() in favor of isancestorrev()
572dff5c946e05bc4743531803a5b79a6067f646Sushil khanchi — rebase: add --confirm option
a06b2b0325572535fe2c7c6f3f188c75ce91ec06Martin von Zweigbergk — revlog: introduce a isancestorrev() and use it in rebase
6afa928033bdb71bf127df123bf1eefcc7fac806Martin von Zweigbergk — revlog: make isdescendantrev(a, b) check if a < b
160da69ba1bfe55ea9dcffe8aecfd42b898a701fMartin von Zweigbergk — revlog: replace descendant(b, a) by isdescendantrev(a, b) (API)
93d9690ff2b0dab1105f20ab0250ab207b5e70f1Martin von Zweigbergk — revlog: move comment about commonancestorsheads where it's used
ad2aa4e8504720ed2d15777e3872b3b7960f6a45Kyle Lippincott — removeemptydirs: add test for `hg split` inside a disappearing directory
8ac0c9cd4c4801efdfa326993f3b223985593004Martijn Pieters — fncache: avoid loading the filename cache when not actually modifying it
b07b691d2667cd7ad7e77f00a236e26a270ee4d0Sune Foldager — tests: add diff color trailing whitespace test