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Wed Dec 12 04:35:34 2018 +0000
2f98b5143437Gregory Szorc — progress: avoid ui.configbool() lookup when progress bar is active default tip
Wed Dec 12 00:02:30 2018 +0000
c5e2395f0a2aGregory Szorc — sqlitestore: create new connections on new PIDs
76d8b20139a3Yuya Nishihara — rust: remove comment about error handling of AncestorsIterator
4e17679c336brdamazio — remotefilelog: accepting a None node to cmp
Mon Dec 10 21:46:46 2018 +0000
008f3491dc53Gregory Szorc — perf: add perfprogress command
08cfa77d7288Gregory Szorc — wireprotov2: unify file revision collection and linknode derivation
3ed77780f4a6Gregory Szorc — wireprotov2: send linknodes to emitfilerevisions()
ca6372b7e566Gregory Szorc — tests: add tests for server-side linknode adjustment with wireprotov2
afdbc9c6a333Gregory Szorc — tests: fix empty commit in test
Mon Dec 10 19:44:59 2018 +0000
5014e93a5696Gregory Szorc — tests: add sparserevlog requirement to test-sqlitestore.t
a0886a4d6dceBoris Feld — tests: remove all transitional configuration
3764330f76a6Boris Feld — sparse-revlog: enabled by default
e8cd688b2eb1Boris Feld — test: preemptively disable sparse-revlog for some of test-upgrade-repo
aeac89e78defBoris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-wireproto-content-redirects.t
e64a28e2a1f2Boris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-wireproto-command-capabilities.t
cebaaa38f8fdBoris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-wireproto-caching.t
37cc627c5959Boris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-treemanifest.t
6679ce31dfcbBoris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-stream-bundle-v2.t
8fcda0780136Boris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-ssh.t
4bb6195755b1Boris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-ssh-proto-unbundle.t
1a1b957f5f2aBoris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-ssh-proto.t
f6904d60fc21Boris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-ssh-bundle1.t
74a519c86625Boris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-sparse-requirement.t
27fa1d2bf484Boris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-revlog-v2.t
4fe18205bbdbBoris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-repo-compengines.t
b2b8afd66f78Boris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-remotefilelog-log.t
116cadf4f3e8Boris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-remotefilelog-clone-tree.t
2fd790468e43Boris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-remotefilelog-clone.t
7bdc97531490Boris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-phases.t
56fff6d7e30aBoris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-narrow-clone.t
192291ca909bBoris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-narrow-clone-stream.t
eecc7a2ebf52Boris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-narrow-clone-no-ellipsis.t
0e21db2458f4Boris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-lfs-serve.t
c35d3cb758a4Boris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-lfs-largefiles.t
ed8e4748b9daBoris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-lfconvert.t
57e4150fb15bBoris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-init.t
4062ba2deb4eBoris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-http-protocol.t
140d455ef40aBoris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-hgweb-commands.t
e646fda7be2eBoris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-debugcommands.t
5db7efa238bdBoris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-clone-uncompressed.t
abac9d186e7eBoris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-clonebundles.t
2c55fd1c1468Boris Feld — test: enable sparse-revlog for test-bundle.t
75728718257eBoris Feld — test: make sure sparse-revlog does not interfer with test-parseindex.t
8aa7879adacfBoris Feld — test: explicitly disable sparse-revlog in test-http-bad-server.t
0d62c3149fb9Boris Feld — test: explicitly disable sparse-revlog in test-generaldelta.t
a714eee1ac28Boris Feld — sparse-revlog: disable sparse-revlog if config disable general-delta
597fe8d81104Boris Feld — test: fix config typo in test-upgrade-repo.t
bcf70058af90Pulkit Goyal — tests: use $RUNTESTDIR instead of $TESTDIR in
8695fbe17f7cBoris Feld — tests: update network related errors for Debian 9
7cda0cacbbf6Yuya Nishihara — util: implement pop() on lrucachedict
0c638ff69f5cYuya Nishihara — util: add method to peek item in lrucachedict
2525faf4ecdbYuya Nishihara — commandserver: loop over selector events
9f00de4dc7cbYuya Nishihara — commandserver: remove redundant "if True" block
dc9901558e3cYuya Nishihara — commandserver: extract handler of new socket connection
e7110f44ee2dYuya Nishihara — commandserver: pass around option to hook repo instance creation
4265bfb53dd3Matt Harbison — hgweb: register web.comparisoncontext to the config table stable
348352658e4bMatt Harbison — py3: stop subscripting socket.error
44378796c5e5Boris Feld — test: update test-logtoprocess.t to not requires less
07e181ed82efMatt Harbison — py3: quote several instances of $PYTHON for Windows
1aedbf3ef3d1Matt Harbison — py3: adapt test-largefiles-wireproto.t to python3
d3d52cc91e83Matt Harbison — py3: byteify test-push-race.t
f79659e1e50fMatt Harbison — py3: convert filename to bytes in test-hardlinks.t
109a267acc1eMartin von Zweigbergk — narrow: keep bookmarks temporarily stripped for as long as commits are
0d50bfcd8f65Martin von Zweigbergk — narrow: drop obsolete support for old Mercurial
21e7c73af75fMartin von Zweigbergk — tests: test that narrow preserves bookmarks on widen
4edd427f34c1Martin von Zweigbergk — rebase: clarify that commits that become empty are skipped
09680349cc2dMartin von Zweigbergk — rebase: format commit in usual way when explaining that it became empty
443eb4bc41afYuya Nishihara — rust: propagate error of index_get_parents() properly
54a60968f0aaYuya Nishihara — rust: look up HgRevlogIndex_GetParents() from symbol table
b12700dd261fYuya Nishihara — revlog: add public CPython function to get parent revisions
18a8def6e1b5Yuya Nishihara — revlog: rename indexType to HgRevlogIndex_Type as it's a global symbol
aa76be85029bYuya Nishihara — revlog: export symbol of indexType
67d20f62fd19Yuya Nishihara — setup: fix path of rust source dependencies
2041991f1ce2Martin von Zweigbergk — rebase: remove now-unnecessary arguments to _abort()
c8eb8d1fc6cfMartin von Zweigbergk — rebase: move abort() onto rebaseruntime
b7823bd59b07Martin von Zweigbergk — cleanupnodes: trust caller when "moves" is not None
236af7cfa4c3Martin von Zweigbergk — shelve: change transaction description from "commit" to "shelve"
d7e44da4dc70Martin von Zweigbergk — shelve: drop unnecessary backup of dirstate for phase-based case
1b836cee2d91Martin von Zweigbergk — tests: split test-shelve.t in two
74e3df766052Martin von Zweigbergk — remotefilelog: rely on progress helper for keeping track of position
fcee112fb7c4Martin von Zweigbergk — remotefilelog: reduce use of "count" container
fe0b65ff00e7Martin von Zweigbergk — remotefilelog: replace a "a=[expr]; b=a[0]" by "b=expr; a = [b]"
70de33b9d328Martin von Zweigbergk — remotefilelog: remove an unnecessary update of "count" container
b34b1b865ef9Martin von Zweigbergk — remotefilelog: avoid temporarily using "count" variable as synonym for "total"
e58cd7ede1c3Martin von Zweigbergk — remotefilelog: use progress helper in fileserverclient
b6a6dc1a14bdMartin von Zweigbergk — remotefilelog: use progress helper in shallowrepo
4e08bbfc6d51Martin von Zweigbergk — remotefilelog: use progress helper in shallowbundle
b80915b52476Martin von Zweigbergk — remotefilelog: use progress helper in repack
fbd053af2edaMartin von Zweigbergk — remotefilelog: use progress helper in remotefilelogserver
ad21fbcb1ba5Martin von Zweigbergk — remotefilelog: use progress helper in basestore
05afb32e9380Martin von Zweigbergk — remotefilelog: use progress helper when analyzing repos
dd1006874a5aMartin von Zweigbergk — fastannotate: use progress helper
901f6ef670caMartin von Zweigbergk — debugbuildannotatecache: use progress helper
64051af15596Boris Feld — upgrade: clarify "aggressivemergedelta" handling
5887973febc7Boris Feld — upgrade: test that fncache is valid after repository upgrade
a444b7eb4633Augie Fackler — tests: update `rm` invocation for new location of checklink
9cec7a36bab8idlsoft — bookflow: new extension for bookmark-based branching
9072a890e523Georges Racinet — rust: make clean takes care of rust/target
70976974c14aGeorges Racinet — rust: rename local variables in AncestorsIterator::next
59aed775610aAugie Fackler — tests: stabilize test-inherit-mode.t on FreeBSD and macOS again
23dc23897248Martin von Zweigbergk — tests: drop redundant "#if execbit" from test-rebase-inmemory.t
77173267878bMartin von Zweigbergk — narrow: don't resurrect old commits when narrowing (don't strip obsmarkers)
25e9089c7686Yuya Nishihara — commandserver: turn server debug messages into logs
d23fd01cc115Yuya Nishihara — commandserver: add config knob for various logging options
1617aa916d88Yuya Nishihara — commandserver: expand log path for convenience
eaabcb689747Yuya Nishihara — commandserver: switch logging facility to ui.log() interface
82210d88d814Yuya Nishihara — commandserver: install logger to record server events through canonical API
368ecbf734afYuya Nishihara — commandserver: enable logging when server process started
6a75363f834aYuya Nishihara — test-commandserver: change way of triggering early crash
96be0ecad648Yuya Nishihara — loggingutil: add basic logger backends
cb372d09d30aAugie Fackler — merge with stable
47719d7c581fAugie Fackler — Added signature for changeset 1c8c54cf9725 stable
ee948f23bf2eAugie Fackler — Added tag 4.8.1 for changeset 1c8c54cf9725 stable
1c8c54cf9725Martin von Zweigbergk — rebase: fix path auditing to audit path relative to repo root (issue5818) stable 4.8.1
d10b1dc13431Martin von Zweigbergk — tests: show bad path auditing in in-memory rebase stable
9b1d5eea07f9Martin von Zweigbergk — tests: add a missing "cd .." to test-rebase-inmemory.t stable
884321cd26c3Yuya Nishihara — rust: fix possible out-of-bounds read through index_get_parents() stable
9cdd525d97b2Yuya Nishihara — revlog: fix out-of-bounds access by negative parents read from revlog (SEC) stable
Tue Dec 04 20:59:11 2018 +0000
e13ab4acf555Georges Racinet — rust: peek_mut optim for lazy ancestors
0fecf70fa8d4Augie Fackler — fuzz: grep away HAVE_GETC_UNLOCKED in pyconfig.h to avoid msan badness
177b47ce0375Augie Fackler — fuzz: more correctly specify CFLAGS and LDFLAGS when building Python
c460b1643eb0Matt Harbison — tests: stabilize test-blackbox.t on Windows
f6d37e84d8f9Matt Harbison — tests: stabilize for recent wcache changes
151aec6494a8Matt Harbison — extdiff: avoid double backslashes in the displayed tool path on Windows
01c335afc997Boris Feld — contrib: add a helper script that help to build interesting repositories
bad0053efaf6Pulkit Goyal — py3: listify filter() to call len() on it
44c2e80db985Martin von Zweigbergk — rebase: fix dir/file conflict detection when using in-mem merge stable
e204d9a27528Martin von Zweigbergk — tests: show that in-mem rebase does not find path dir/file conflicts stable
97190b0bb81aMatt Harbison — extdiff: register the configuration generated commands with a help category stable
6f679f25fd4dMartin von Zweigbergk — rebase: abort in-mem rebase if there's a dirty merge state stable
f07d4f94f098Martin von Zweigbergk — rebase: preserve working copy when redoing in-mem rebase on disk stable
8ff910b21eefMartin von Zweigbergk — tests: show that in-mem rebase falling back loses state stable
41f0529b5112Yuya Nishihara — commandserver: get around ETIMEDOUT raised by selectors2 stable
d1bda397df73Yuya Nishihara — selectors2: backport minimal fix of timeout handling from 2.0.1 stable
698477777883Yuya Nishihara — loggingutil: document openlogfile()
03127e580980Yuya Nishihara — loggingutil: extract openlogfile() and proxylogger to new module
644adf9c20fbYuya Nishihara — blackbox: pass in options to _openlogfile() as arguments
ea2688c84e4bYuya Nishihara — blackbox: just try writing to repo.vfs and update lastlogger on success
03bca908d9fbYuya Nishihara — vfs: add option to not create parent directories implicitly
e1c3a2e9df59Boris Feld — repo: add a `wcachevfs` to access the `.hg/wcache/` directory
d5622dfe4ba3Boris Feld — cache: create `wcache` directory at init time
64cdfcc73706Boris Feld — cache: create `cache` directory at init time
47e3f554df35Boris Feld — check-exec: write file in 'wcache' instead of 'cache'
74a9f428227eBoris Feld — mmapindex: set default to 1MB
875d2af8cb4eBoris Feld — mmapindex: move the 'mmapindexthreshold' option out of experimental
a0f2641ddd61Boris Feld — perf: add a --rev attribute to perfindex
e207f0d6c243Boris Feld — perf: update perfindex to be more realistic
3984409e144bMartin von Zweigbergk — match: drop unnecessary wrapping of regex in group
e115a6452b41Martin von Zweigbergk — match: use _BASE_SIZE instead of magic value 4
1e019f45fa88Martin von Zweigbergk — match: make "groupsize" include the trailing "|"
e8c992d56465Martin von Zweigbergk — match: fix an unaligned (but harmless) indent
69bd3176da7cBoris Feld — match: raise an Abort error instead of OverflowError
3c842749debcBoris Feld — match: avoid translating glob to matcher multiple times for large sets
ce401300f981Boris Feld — match: extract function that group regexps
4e02f25f31c6Boris Feld — match: test for overflow error in pattern
8306dac48061Boris Feld — match: extract a literal constant into a symbolic one
0605726179a0Matt Harbison — tests: apply binary mode to output in
5cbb74999040Boris Feld — perf: add a `--clear-caches` to `perfbranchmapupdate`
58355a1de6b3Boris Feld — perf: start from an existing branchmap if possible
b059388d976cBoris Feld — perf: rely on repoview for perfbranchmapupdate
95f35c873463Boris Feld — perf: pre-indent some code in `perfbranchmapupdate`
f723014677a5Boris Feld — perf: add a `perfbranchmapupdate` command
33d30fb1e4aeAnton Shestakov — push: config option to control behavior when pushing to a publishing server
773572e5cba2Pulkit Goyal — narrowcommands: remove an unrequired `repo.narrowpats` call
7e6834ade51dAugie Fackler — manifest: reject lines shorter than 42 bytes, not 22
d9fc51f77cc5Augie Fackler — tests: sniff for libfuzzer actually being available in test-fuzz-targets.t stable
6c01fad8de32Augie Fackler — tests: sniff for /usr/local/bin/gmake and use it in test-fuzz-targets.t stable
90e26ef4cbb1Augie Fackler — tests: stabilize test-inherit-mode.t on FreeBSD and macOS (issue6026) stable
567e164f89b8Yuya Nishihara — blackbox: initialize logger with repo instance
3ede5d1724bbYuya Nishihara — blackbox: do not nullify repo to deactivate the logger on failure
37d6ee46a965Yuya Nishihara — blackbox: extract global last logger to proxylogger class
691c68bc1222Yuya Nishihara — ui: pass in bytes opts dict to logger.log()
ffd574c144d2Yuya Nishihara — ui: pass in formatted message to logger.log()
fdc6eb1d650dYuya Nishihara — blackbox: send debug message to logger by core ui
eb5948f29c60Yuya Nishihara — blackbox: change the way of deactivating the logger on write error
15a643304728Gregory Szorc — wireprotov2peer: wait for initial object before resolving future stable
2f14d1bbc9a7Martin von Zweigbergk — match: remove obsolete catching of OverflowError
c85964d715fdBoris Feld — sparse: raise a move verbose index error from the C code
e3792741e3fbPulkit Goyal — narrow: drop the bundle2 capability since we have server capabilities (BC)
34f15db81cf0Boris Feld — vfs: extract the audit path logic into a submethod
9199548525fcBoris Feld — subrepo-git: use an official origvfs when appropriate
65591a513b9cBoris Feld — revert: extract origvfs logic in a sub-function
41b6245c3fc4Boris Feld — vfs: treat 'undo.' file the same as 'journal.' file
45a0047c0ebcBoris Feld — perf: add a perfignore command
Wed Nov 28 22:39:12 2018 +0000
94b0d0f996e1Gregory Szorc — wireprotov2peer: always return a bool from _processredirect() stable
ba706e3082bdPulkit Goyal — py3: use pycompat.xrange instead of xrange
df8ed31a8ad8Pulkit Goyal — store: write fncache only once if there are both adds and removes
380a1f73830fBoris Feld — perf: disable revlogs clearing in `perftags` by default
82c189c511bdBoris Feld — perf: add a `clear-revlogs` flag to `perfbookmarks`
300f8564220fBoris Feld — tags: cache `repo.changelog` access when checking tags nodes
594e84a2e574Boris Feld — perf: add a `clear-revlogs` flag to `perftags`
415735bfcf2bBoris Feld — perf: stop creating new revlog by hand in perftags
8edca70dc951Boris Feld — revlog: update the documentation for `trim_endidx`
959130631de3Boris Feld — revlog: properly detect corrupted revlog in `index_get_length`
30d878cb102dBoris Feld — perf: rename `perfhelper-tracecopies` to `perfhelper-pathcopies`
dc3ab5e5fe64Boris Feld — perf: add a docstring to `perfpathcopies`
8947f49daaa8Boris Feld — revlog: update the docstring of `ancestors` to match reality
32a23c3f56d4Augie Fackler — remotefilelog: fix typo in docstring
0728d87a8631Pulkit Goyal — store: append to fncache if there are only new files to write
e0b485a76009Pulkit Goyal — py3: fix couple of division operator to do integer divison
5d1550b9a533Pulkit Goyal — py3: use dict.items() instead of dict.iteritems()
9446d5aa0f32Pulkit Goyal — py3: convert strings to bytes in tests/
001f27970b60Pulkit Goyal — py3: replace str() with pycompat.bytestr() or ('%d' % int)
36077a0f6f12Boris Feld — perf: add a `--timing` argument to `perfhelper-tracecopies`
55b053af7196Yuya Nishihara — ui: manage logger instances and event filtering by core ui
c93d046d4300Yuya Nishihara — extensions: add "uipopulate" hook, called per instance, not per process
2cd5f1fac788Yuya Nishihara — hgweb: load globally-enabled extensions explicitly
0800d9e6e216Matt Harbison — tests: disable remotefilelog on Windows
0adc2c0a0792Boris Feld — perf: run 'setup' function during stub run
0a3cc351d718Boris Feld — perf: fallback to subset if ondisk cache is missing in perfbranchmapload
578646b1e2b6Boris Feld — perf: prewarm the branchmap in perfbranchmapload
5bcf264bb1a0Yuya Nishihara — localrepo: correct docstring of filectx()
92c574684f75Yuya Nishihara — annotate: remove dead code to not convert path to relative path
d4c550c703d7Yuya Nishihara — annotate: start pager soon after command options are validated
e7d6a9082bdfYuya Nishihara — annotate: check and update command options first
7c25d2233d53Yuya Nishihara — annotate: format local tables in less-dense form
cfaf3843491bPulkit Goyal — perf: rename version flag of perfchangegroupchangelog to cgversion
246b61bfdc2fMatt Harbison — procutil: don't allow the main 'hg' script to be treated as the Windows exe
72d88a975655Matt Harbison — remotefilelog: drop some compatibility cruft for finding the hg exeutable
50a64c321c1ePulkit Goyal — branchmap: build the revbranchcache._namesreverse() only when required
39d29542fe40Boris Feld — sparse-revlog: put the native implementation of slicechunktodensity to use
f2342483f7a6Boris Feld — cext: increment the `parsers` module version
cc76ca9fca20Boris Feld — sparse-revlog: introduce native (C) implementation of slicechunktodensity
0650be877a37Boris Feld — sparse-revlog: add a `trim_endidx` function in C
4ec6a24029d2Boris Feld — sparse-revlog: add a `index_segment_span` function in C
7da3729d4b45Boris Feld — sparse-revlog: add a `index_get_length` function in C
d5b300ec2e89Boris Feld — sparse-revlog: add a `index_get_start` function in C
4240a1da4188Boris Feld — perf: add --clear-revlog flag to branchmapload
e4ea63855d5aBoris Feld — perf: introduce a function to fully "unload" a changelog
30f443d34a7dBoris Feld — perf: use an explicit function in perfbranchmapload
94d76ddac40aBoris Feld — perf: update function name to match `perfbranchmapload` command
3c98c339c6eaBoris Feld — perf: fix a minor typo in perfbranchmapload
d98fb3f42f33Boris Feld — context: floor adjustlinkrev graph walk during copy tracing
69206452a2acBoris Feld — context: small refactoring of `isintroducedafter`
9fa0d6dd1617Boris Feld — context: split `introrev` logic in a sub function
8a0136f69027Boris Feld — context: introduce an `isintroducedafter` method and use it in copies
aee94f0a36cdBoris Feld — context: take advantage of `_descendantrev` in introrev if available
f3f4d8537b11Boris Feld — context: spell out the logic around linkrev adjustement starting point
a65fe13de84fBoris Feld — perf: add a new `perfhelper-tracecopies` command
efd0f79246e3Martin von Zweigbergk — narrow: extract helper for parsing narrowspec file
475921a3028cYuya Nishihara — py3: cast attribute name to sysstr in clearcachedproperty()
0d8425311f2fPulkit Goyal — py3: whitelist three more passing test caught by buildbot
dd028bca9221Valentin Gatien-Baron — tests: make test-check-module-imports more robust
9b8d1ad851f8Anton Shestakov — push: add --publish flag to change phase of pushed changesets
e41f6c2e69c4Boris Feld — match: reformat `syntaxes` dictionary for better maintainability
e6c9ef5e11a0Boris Feld — match: provide and use a quick way to escape a single byte
d7936a9dad47Boris Feld — perf: make `clearfilecache` helper work with any object
4369c00a8ee1Boris Feld — perf: move some of the perftags benchmark to the setup function
c0a1686d9391Boris Feld — perf: use the new setup function in "perfbookmarks"
9d88ae5c635bBoris Feld — perf: add a `setup` argument to run code outside of the timed section
20d2fd6036edBoris Feld — perf: explicitly pass title as a keyword argument in `perfdiffwd`
c72a81bc2e82Yuya Nishihara — ui: unify argument name of ui.log()
2b859742ea15Yuya Nishihara — logtoprocess: extract logger class from ui wrapper
1a6bb5a85e30Yuya Nishihara — merge with stable
9fcf8084ada8Pulkit Goyal — py3: use node.hex(m.digest()) instead of m.hexdigest()
25b7c4cb5de1Matt Harbison — tests: stabilize the recent checkexec changes on Windows stable
337a38995336Boris Feld — tests: add Balto configuration file
557d3509da55Valentin Gatien-Baron — tests: make test-alias.t pass with re2
1423ff45c322Martin von Zweigbergk — context: remove seemingly impossible code branch
d6a13f6db69cPulkit Goyal — py3: use pycompat.byteskwargs() to covert keys of kwargs to bytes
feae4d1f5e01Pulkit Goyal — py3: use '%d' for integers instead of '%s'
02318e0810acPulkit Goyal — py3: add 9 new passing tests caught by buildbot
bd0874977a5eBoris Feld — checkexec: create destination directory if necessary stable
69268a13ffa5Anton Shestakov — branch: allow changing branch of merge commits with --rev
fb379b78b93eMatt Harbison — lfs: ensure that the return of is closed
dba590f27c7aKyle Lippincott — changegroup: avoid instantiating storage if we are not using it
c53f0ead5781Matt Harbison — http: allow 'auth.prefix' to have a username consistent with the URI
93e5d18251d6Matt Harbison — lfs: make the exception messages consistent
380f5131ee7bMatt Harbison — lfs: handle URLErrors to add additional information
9f78d10742afMatt Harbison — lfs: improve the hints for common errors in the Batch API
8863f08c1630Matt Harbison — lfs: provide more Batch API error info via a hint in the raised exception
4ec8bee15930Matt Harbison — scmutil: display the optional hint when handling StorageError in catchall()
2eb48aa0acceBoris Feld — sparse-revlog: align endrevidx usages in the _slicechunktosize
3bc2e550f2bdYuya Nishihara — graft: do not try to skip rev derived from ancestor more than once (issue6024) stable
69d4c8c5c25eMatt Harbison — subrepo: print the status line before creating the peer for better diagnostics stable
fd1d41ccbe38Boris Feld — sparse-revlog: use `span` variable as intended
Fri Nov 16 18:31:53 2018 +0000
e540a1d0622eGregory Szorc — commands: add commands.annotate.default.skip option
6d0fdeda43f7Matt Harbison — tests: stabilize test-commandserver.t on Windows
291080871f50Matt Harbison — histedit: conditionalize the imports of 'fcntl' and 'termios'
1243295fcc3aBoris Feld — logtoprocess: update commandfinish options arguments
ea84c2b286a2Kyle Lippincott — rebase: fix two ui.logs to actually have text when using default blackbox log
f83cea7f54d7Martin von Zweigbergk — wireprotov2server: let repo.narrowmatch(match) do matcher intersection
85372dc0cca3Yuya Nishihara — blackbox: extract function to test if log event is tracked
6d9a87fb8c89Yuya Nishihara — blackbox: initialize inlog flag properly
179c02baaa8cYuya Nishihara — blackbox: initialize repo attribute properly
fff3e213ace9Yuya Nishihara — blackbox: unindent "if True" block
a9393d7600f3Yuya Nishihara — blackbox: extract logger class from ui wrapper
56694b4d41b0Yuya Nishihara — blackbox: rename variables to prepare extracting core logic from ui wrapper
9c3c697267dbBoris Feld — sparse-revlog: rework the way we enforce chunk size limit
85b14f0dc334Boris Feld — doctest: add a `issnapshot` method to _testrevlog
a3183ca7ce8fBoris Feld — tests: add `revlogutils.deltas` module to doctests
437520219e0cYuya Nishihara — merge with stable
a182dc714afajoco — mergetools: adjust Beyond Compare config on Mac/Linux
4790732559adAugie Fackler — tests: allow for 100% of profiled time in sleep in test-profile.t stable
8c6329fa6038Anton Shestakov — rewriteutil: move publicrevs closer to where it's used
e5f54c4ec075Anton Shestakov — copystore: provide unit to ui.makeprogress() stable
d2ff0af6e959Anton Shestakov — verify: provide unit to ui.makeprogress() stable
acd17caa699aMartin von Zweigbergk — requires: use atomictemp=True when writing .hg/requires
c9876c00d292Yuya Nishihara — blackbox: extract _log() function which is called after lastui is resolved
4a38a67d0e96Yuya Nishihara — blackbox: inline temporary variables which are referenced only once
da3bc2f54b02Yuya Nishihara — blackbox: simply update global lastui variable at once
345cdb93851bYuya Nishihara — blackbox: consolidate conditions for early return
5bd3d6b264c1Yuya Nishihara — blackbox: remove redundant check for unassigned repo
ab59cc71f80cAugie Fackler — tests: fix bytes/str issue I introduced when adding this test
29e4a77b5305Kyle Lippincott — shelve: use matcher to restrict prefetch to just the modified files
e9293c5f8bb9Gregory Szorc — revlog: automatically read from opened file handles
87a872555e90Gregory Szorc — revlog: detect incomplete revlog reads
39369475445cGregory Szorc — revlog: use single file handle when de-inlining revlog
66adfd58cb77Pulkit Goyal — store: raise ProgrammingError if unable to decode a storage path
7c5a922be068Matt Harbison — tests: document a known failing interaction between narrow and lfs
d2c997b8001fYuya Nishihara — logtoprocess: drop support for ui.log() call with invalid msg arguments (BC)
175b590b1f51Yuya Nishihara — py3: byte-stringify inline extension in test-logtoprocess.t
b2e5a554bc7bYuya Nishihara — logtoprocess: rewrite dict building in py3-compatible way
fbac323eb625Yuya Nishihara — logtoprocess: leverage procutil.shellenviron() to stringify variables (BC)
ff8b2886c492Yuya Nishihara — templater: check invalid use of list expression properly (issue5920)
7589f2c9c3c7Augie Fackler — tests: fix wireproto redirection test on systems without tls1.2 stable