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extdiff: register the configuration generated commands with a help category Otherwise, 'extdiff' shows up under file management and the rest of the commands are at the bottom under 'Uncategorized'.

    // Enforcing
    "eqeqeq"        : true,     // true: Require triple equals (===) for comparison
    "forin"         : true,     // true: Require filtering for..in loops with obj.hasOwnProperty()
    "freeze"        : true,     // true: prohibits overwriting prototypes of native objects such as Array, Date etc.
    "nonbsp"        : true,     // true: Prohibit "non-breaking whitespace" characters.
    "undef"         : true,     // true: Require all non-global variables to be declared (prevents global leaks)

    // Environments
    "browser"       : true      // Web Browser (window, document, etc)