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remotefilelog: accepting a None node to cmp In, basefilectx.cmp explicitly calls it with None, so it has to be supported. Specifically, this breaks "hg absorb -i" currently. Differential Revision:

# - dispatching for pushing and pulling keys
# Copyright 2010 Matt Mackall <>
# This software may be used and distributed according to the terms of the
# GNU General Public License version 2 or any later version.

from __future__ import absolute_import

from . import (

def _nslist(repo):
    n = {}
    for k in _namespaces:
        n[k] = ""
    if not obsolete.isenabled(repo, obsolete.exchangeopt):
    return n

_namespaces = {"namespaces": (lambda *x: False, _nslist),
               "bookmarks": (bookmarks.pushbookmark, bookmarks.listbookmarks),
               "phases": (phases.pushphase, phases.listphases),
               "obsolete": (obsolete.pushmarker, obsolete.listmarkers),

def register(namespace, pushkey, listkeys):
    _namespaces[namespace] = (pushkey, listkeys)

def _get(namespace):
    return _namespaces.get(namespace, (lambda *x: False, lambda *x: {}))

def push(repo, namespace, key, old, new):
    '''should succeed iff value was old'''
    pk = _get(namespace)[0]
    return pk(repo, key, old, new)

def list(repo, namespace):
    '''return a dict'''
    lk = _get(namespace)[1]
    return lk(repo)

encode = encoding.fromlocal

decode = encoding.tolocal

def encodekeys(keys):
    """encode the content of a pushkey namespace for exchange over the wire"""
    return '\n'.join(['%s\t%s' % (encode(k), encode(v)) for k, v in keys])

def decodekeys(data):
    """decode the content of a pushkey namespace from exchange over the wire"""
    result = {}
    for l in data.splitlines():
        k, v = l.split('\t')
        result[decode(k)] = decode(v)
    return result